My Little Sister’s Sexual Escapades; Part III; Restricted Access

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Later I awoke with a start. I realised that my soft cock was still inside my sister sister’s pussy, and that immediately started a reaction! Her finger was still inside Jacky’s pussy and that added to my rapidly developing hard-on, and Jacky’s beautiful nipple was still inside my mouth! Well all that only took a few seconds and I was instantly hard and throbbing once again. What a journey and I was ready to start all over again but instead gently woke them up and reluctantly urged them to go back to their room quietly. I suspect that they did not even notice my condition otherwise things could have been a lot different. The following week found my little sister in my bed every night between midnight and 4h00. She had discovered the real use of my cock and wanted to devour it as often as possible. I wallowed in all this attention! For the first two nights she tiptoed in through my bathroom door (we shared the same bathroom) and lay next to me totally naked. She rolled me onto my back and deftly removed my sleep shorts, had a quick hard suck which always stimulated me fully, and inserted my erection directly into her beautifully soft, wet pussy. She rode me like a professional, slowly working up and down, into a perfect canter. Her rhythm was amazing. She was a pro already. She was in her element with only one objective: to ride into ecstasy with each orgasm, unhurried and purposeful. Each thrust was deeper and stronger than the previous one and got better each time. şişli escort Her orgasms were becoming more frequent and longer. This made it even more difficult for me to try to control myself. We were becoming perfect lovers. This was repeated about five times each night collapsing into a short deep sleep. She often slept on top of me with my cock safely tucked deep inside her velvety pussy. We truly were enjoying the best sex that any honeymooners would die for! Too soon we were awakened by her cellphone alarm. Ten minutes to four and time for a quickie – a ride into ecstasy to welcome the new day. What a life. Here I was, only a teenager, sleeping with a beautiful young woman, in my own home every night. I was indeed speechless as the reality of the situation made me walk around smiling all day long even with the daunting thought of finals in three weeks time. My friends could not grasp my cool, composed behaviour. It even puzzled my parents. By the end of the week my sister and I had established a very special relationship with all our intimacy. I could not penetrate her deeply enough and she could not get enough of me inside of her. She actually wanted all of me and not only my penis and my balls. She always stretched her legs wider than a ballerina’s, opening her pussy so much that even her inner lips were erect. At times I could see right into her love canal and her clit had grown hugely from all my stimulating and sucking. It was also starting to mecidiyeköy escort adopt the characteristics of a miniature penis. I savoured every second we spent together. It was indescribable. But mother in her wisdom soon had a chat to her and begged Cathy to stay away from me at all times. Her heart started to race. Had Mom detected something? She explained, “Your brother is looking very tired and quite drained at times so he needs all his energy and sleep for these important exams. Please let’s all give him the space and quietness he deserves?”. But Cathy’s newly found passion did not calm her mischievous mind. She was scheming already. Being a brilliant Fine Arts student who usually achieved A’s in all her subjects she had a highly creative mind. This coupled with her maturity added fuel to fire. Mother’s stern request made her resort to simple things like notes in my sleep shorts, “Wish I was in here with you”, “You must all be very lonely!” and “My pussy really is missing you all. Cum quickly!” Half way through my finals I received another note under my bathroom door whilst showering; DARE: No Underpants or Panties to be worn tomorrow! I scoffed at the idea thinking that as I do it often enough especially on very hot days this was no “dare”. I actually enjoyed ‘hanging free’. So she had to be up to something. The next day, being Saturday, I did not where any briefs, but just a pair of casual shorts. I was lying on the lounge floor relaxing mecidiyeköy eskort and listening to one of my favourite CD”s when my sister waltzed in. She was dressed in one of her shortest mini-skirts, high heels, and a clingy top that emphasised her beautifully developing breasts. Her nipples were fully erect, hard and pouting so clearly visible. She was also wearing the brightest lip-stick, just to get my attention I am sure. “Wow, where are you off to in your ‘tart’ outfit?” I teasingly asked. She did not reply but came and stood over my head, legs purposely wide apart. I looked up because I thought this to be strange. There completely exposed was the most incredible unobstructed view of her juicy pussy smiling down on me. The lips were already pouting with expectation. Even her clit was peeping out the top. That view sent a ‘Tsunami’ through my entire body. Everything froze except my cock. It shot up like a flag pole under my shorts – the reaction she was hoping for. Her carefully orchestrated scheme was being played out to perfection. Then I could not believe what happened next. This magnificent view started to descend right down onto my face. She actually squatted over me! I was overcome. The view was mind blowing becoming clearer and more detailed ever second. Her puffy lips looked puffier than ever and slowly parted as she lowered herself. Her inner lips were fully extended and her clit became awesomely erect as her legs parted over my head. What an awesome site, right into my face. My cock was throbbing in anticipation of devouring her womanhood in my mouth. My tongue stretched up as far as possible to welcome her sacred sanctuary and licked her lips with shear gusto. I was out of control and in complete oblivion.

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