My lovely room mate Part 2

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My lovely room mate Part 2We had much fun over the next several days, she moved out of her bedroom into mine and for about two weeks we fucked like monkeys. The bedroom, the shower, the kitchen counter, the floor, the balcony. It was hot fevered lust at the highest pitch of greed and need.My daily routine continued as usual and each day that I road the bus he wasn’t there I grew disappointed. I often wondered about him, but as always time took the edge of the heat I had felt. I worked, came home to cook a meal with my new partner and we fucked. I usually ate her taking immense pleasure from pleasing her in any way she desired.The weeks flew by and it just happened one day when I least expected it. A usual Texas thunderstorm erupted on a late Tuesday afternoon. I can attest that there is nothing that sucks more than waiting in the rain for the bus. Even though I had an umbrella my top was soaked, my hair falling out of my neat bun and tendrils sneaked out and hung loosely around my face and onto my chest.Wet wouldn’t have been such an issue but my top was white, and I have noticed that when I wear shear clothing the bus driver turns the air conditioner up making my nipples stick out like warheads.That particular day I had also wore my 4 inch heels that are typical hooker heels. Me being tall anyway I stood at about 6 feet with these babies on: all of it ass and legs. I knew I looked good and it had been my full intention to be a distraction. I’m in advertising so the more a man pays attention to me the less he cares about what we are talking about. I had on a tight knee length skirt, my usual thigh high sheer black stockings. Other than that I usually wore slight make-up feeling little need to wear anything other than mascara and lipstick.In the end the client was happy istanbul escort and once again my life was peaches and cream. The rain didn’t bother me much because of how fantastic my day had went. I stood there until I heard the familiar squill of the buses breaks, the whoosh of the door opening and I entered fully aware that the dick driving the bus was completely enthralled with my tits. As I walked passed him I heard the whirl of the air conditioner resume. As to my surprise there was the black guy again. He actually stood up blocking the path behind him allowing me access to the inside seat. A little startled I sat as his slide in next to me. He pressed up against me and he’s heat was extremely welcoming. I was cold, covered with goose bumps. He then leaned his head towards me and spoke. A husky voice, deep and macho. “I didn’t get your name the last time. Mine is Tony.”“Liliana,” I said in a shaky voice. He offered me his coat; which I gladly took and we talked. He’s face very close to mine. “How was your day, what do you do, How long have you done it, blah blah blah.”I was freakin’ going crazy. I wanted to ask him if he was single or married, but resisted the temptation. I wanted to touch his face and plant a heated kiss on his honey colored lips.My stop came up and as I rose to get out he stayed seated. I knew why. I slide past him my ass mere inches from his face and his hand sneaked up and felt the inside of my thigh. I gasped as it lingered. After what seemed minutes but was actually on seconds he let me pass. Stepping down into a puddle I looked up and saw his face, lips parted teeth showing. I just stood there as the doors closed and he went past. The walk home was a blur my thoughts incohesive. avcılar escort So, enamored by his presence I failed to realize until I walked inside that I hadn’t even bothered to use the umbrella. Sandy came to me in a rush. “Damn girl, you’re gonna catch a cold what the hell is a matter with you.”Sandy proceeded to chatter not paying attention that I hadn’t moved from the spot she had left standing in. I saw her in her cut off t-shirt and panties. Not feeling as if I even owned my body I kicked off my heels walked into the kitchen grabbed her by the hair of her head and yanked her head hard enough she gasped. Starting to curse me I planted a kiss on her mouth that stopped her in her tracks. I reached down to her panties and messaged her clit until she moaned with delight.Once she was juicy I dropped to my knees, lowering her panties to the floor, I proceeded to devour her hotness. My tongue moving up and down over her clit, my fingers inside her. I was so hot for Tony. So consumed with the thought of him being inside me that when he was speaking to me I was thinking of Sandy.When she came I let her shaking subside and cleaned her gently. As I stood I smacked her ass and told her I was getting in the shower. “When I get out.. I want your pussy where my plate is supposed to be. I’m gonna fuck you good.”The great thing about Sandy…. She always knew when to be boss and when to let me be boss. We took turns in the role and everything worked wonderfully.I showered slowly; fully aware it would drive her crazy. Soap curled around my breasts down my stomach, across my pubic hair and pooled at my feet. As I finished drying myself I wiped steam from the mirror and saw my eyes. My blue eyes were smoky. They often changed color with my mood. Sometimes şirinevler escort they were green, sometimes a little yellow or grey. It just really depended. My lips were a little swollen because I had devoured her so savagely.Finally returning to her I found her basking in candle light, her pussy open and ready for me. I finally reached out and trailed my fingers down her nipples across her flat stomach pausing just above her beautiful cunt I slightly opened her pussy lips.Leaning forward I blew on it gently and she moaned. I spit on it and she quivered. I took the spoon off the table and with deliberation I slowly patted her pussy with the cupped end. She wiggled. I knew her now, I saw her tongue move across her lips, her eyes were closed and I ordered her to open them and look at me. As her gaze fell across my face I dropped the towel. I clamored onto the table with her. There we lay me pressing my pussy into her thigh and her thigh into her pussy. We kissed passionately as I played with her nipples and she ran her fingers through my hair. I ground into her until I felt I was gonna cum. Stopping, I lifted myself up and moved slightly up and over her face. Lowering my pussy to her she made slurping noises. I massaged my breasts and thought of Tony. As she was parting my lips it was his pink tongue inside me, his hands around me and I came. Over and over until I disengaged from her and returned to her side and we cuddled on the dinning room table.Quietly for minutes she said nothing. Finally, in a bruised voice she asked me the question I dreaded. “What’s his name?”I never lied to her and the truth just seemed simple. “Tony,” I replied.“Do you want him?”“I want him for us.”She was surprised. “Really you think you can?”“I think the better question would be if we think he can.” Then she laughed.“Do you really think he wouldn’t turn you down?” We laughed again. “I don’t know I replied but we can always see.”It became our plan. Our desire, our need to bring this man back to our house and have our way with him, seduce him.Little did we know it would be us would be seduced.

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