My Mother’s Lovers Part 2

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My Mother’s Lovers Part 2During dinner in the dining room mom kept silent and will not give a straight eye to her son. Brian tries to get his mom’s attention by starting conversations but still not a word from her. The silence went on for a while and then dad gets up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. At this time Brian sneaks underneath the table crawling to his mom, and as he closes in on her he slowly sticks his head in between her legs. Mom is curious at what he was doing and tells him to get out of the table and that he is not a k** anymore. He puts his mouth on her pussy and starts sucking it through her panties. Her whole body shakes as her son sucks on her pussy. She is still upset from what happened in the kitchen earlier she tells him to stop and tries to push his head away from her pussy. Brian puts a strong force to keep his mouth at her pussy and continues his deed. At this time dad comes back to the table from the kitchen and sees Brian is missing from the table, he is curious and asks mom his where about. As mom tries to use her hand to push her son away from her pussy as his head sticks out from under the table, her body shivers with pleasure and tells dad that he went back to his room. And with the long table cloth covering the table, dad has no idea that his son is sucking on his mom’s pussy from under the table and so he continues with his dinner. Mom’s pussy juice starts to seep through her panties, and she no longer tries to resist. Brian begins to suck on her pussy more passionately. She manages not to moan out any sound of pleasure, but was unable to control her face from showing expression of pleasure and her shivering body. Dad gets curious at her and asks if she is alright. Mom tells him that she is feeling a little headache and asks him to bring her a glass of water. As dad leaves to kitchen, Brian pulls his mom’s wet panties to the side and sticks his tongue deep into her wet pussy and starts licking her pussy juice. Mom almost went crazy like her head is about to explode she cum all over her son’s mouth. Mom tells Brian that he made her so horny for him again and if he goes back to his room now so they won’t get caught isveçbahis yeni giriş by dad she promises to fuck him in his bed tonight when dad is asleep. Brian happily agrees and leaves from under the table to his room. Dad comes back to the table again with mom’s glass of water, mom thanks dad and they both continue their dinner as though nothing has happened.After dinner, mom and dad went to bed, while Brian is anxiously waiting for his mom in his room. Mom made sure that dad is asleep and she sneaks out of her room and goes to Brian’s room. Mom enters his room with her see-thru black robe and bra with matching panties underneath. Brian notices that she is now wearing the see-thru robe that he likes and out of that thick bathrobe she was wearing during dinner. Mom walks closer to his bed, throws a condom to him and tells him to put it on. He tells mom that he wants to feel her pussy with his flesh and not through a rubber. Mom drops down her see-thru robe and tells him that if he wants her he will have to put on that condom. Mom continues telling him that she doesn’t need to get pregnant from her own son. Mom then undoes her bra and tosses it on the floor. He is unable to resist his mom’s gorgeous body slowly getting naked before him he quickly tears open the condom seal and rolls it down his aching hard dick. As mom slowly pulls down her panties, Brian tells her that he wants to undo them for her, so she pulls them back up and jumps in bed next to her son. He gently pulls down her panties and puts them to his nose. He sniffs her panties and then sling shot it on the floor. He rolls his mom slowly on her side to face the opposite direction of him and starts to lay kisses on her naked back. But mom is already so horny and wet she tells him to fuck her right now. He guides his hard dick and shoves it right up her pussy fucking her doggy style lying on their side. His arms are wrapped around her breasts and he squeezes them as he pounds her deep and hard. She went wild and her sounds of pleasure filled the room as she reaches her climax. But he is not about to finish yet and tells his mom that he wanted to fuck her on top of her like isveçbahis giriş they did in the afternoon. Mom happily agrees and moves out of his dick and lies on her back for her son to get on top. He enters her pussy again with his hard dick. Mom tells him to do her nice and slow. And they kiss while looking in each other’s eyes passionately as he slowly fucks her pussy making love to his mom. As he feels he is about to blow, he pounds her faster and deeper until he blows his load in his condom. He collapses on top of his mom and they are both gasping for air. Mom cuddles to her son telling him that he is such a good boy for helping with her needs, and kisses him on his forehead. After some more cuddling, she tells him that it is getting late and she should go back to her room. Mom kisses him like a lover saying goodbye, gets out of bed, picks up her robe and bra, and then leaves his room. To his surprise, Brian notices his mom forgot to pick up her panties, and so he gets out of bed to pick up her panties from the floor. He puts them to his nose and sniffs on her scent to sleep.In the morning, Brian is awakened by the sound of footsteps in his room. He opens his eyes to see his mom in her see-thru robe with bra under and naked pussy looking around his room. The sight of his mom walking in his room with a naked pussy gives him such an unspeakable pleasure. Mom notices that Brian is awake and tells him that she forgot her panties in his room after they did their business last night. He opens up the bed sheet to reveal her panties in his hand and his hard dick pointing up the ceiling. Mom is so turned on she feels gushes of her juice oozing in her pussy. She walks over to sit on the bed and tells him that he has got a morning wood. Still not fully conscious from his sleep he notices his mom is playing with his hard dick. She tells him that she bet he is very fertile right now and continues to play with his dick while fingering her pussy as well. And as she heats up and gets so horny, she jumps right on his dick into her pussy and starts riding him on top. Although he is still a bit wheezy the pleasure from his mom was amazing. As mom humps isveçbahis güvenilirmi up and down on Brian’s hard dick she tells him that she will fuck him so hard that she will chop that wood right off. Mom wasn’t k**ding about what she said and she is fucking his brains out as he lies on his back breathless from this morning excitement. She grinds him harder and harder until he couldn’t take it anymore he blows his load inside her pussy. Mom stops as she felt his cum in her pussy and slowly pulls out of him. A mixture of his cum and her pussy juice is dripping down on his dick from her pussy. His orgasm didn’t make him weak as the pleasure of seeing his cum dripping down on his dick from his mom’s pussy is so dreamingly naughty it got his dick harder. Meanwhile mom isn’t upset that Brian cum in her pussy unexpectedly without a condom on, but she is now more accepting of her son as her lover which makes it exciting for her son to cum in her. Complete 360 degrees attitudes change from yesterday afternoon in the kitchen. She tells him with a naughty tone that if he gets her pregnant from this it could be your brother and your son. After that mom gets some tissues and tries to clean her pussy and his dick. She notices that Brian’s dick is still wooden. She tells him that she is still so horny she wants to fuck his wood again but she has to go out with her friends right now. Mom kisses Brian’s hard dick and apologizes for having to leave him hanging and tells him that she promised to make it up for him tonight, and then she leaves his room with her panties in her hand and a satisfied smile on her face.From then on, Brian and his mom would fuck every night while dad is asleep, and some of the times Brian fucks her without a condom. Mom still fucks around with her younger brother occasionally, but she will make him wear a condom every time they do it. However, during mom and her younger brother’s long affair, he never seems to be able to make get her pregnant and same case with his wife. But months later Brian finally got his mom pregnant with his c***d. Mom was very upset about the news at first, but did later on accept the fact that she is having her son’s c***d and they both look forward to their love c***d. Brian of course is the happiest one of all, since his dream came true and now he is finally his mother’s lover. Dad on the other hand still has no idea of what goes on behind his back and is happily waiting for his new baby.

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