My new boss fucked my brains out pt 1

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My new boss fucked my brains out pt 1This is a recollection of an experience of mine in the 1970s. I used to work in a freight firm near London Airport, where there were several nice looking men, one of whom I used to suck off regularly round his house, after work. He used to fuck me occasionally afterwards when his wife was away and/orhe wasn’t getting any from her. His name was Jim, and he was lovely in and out of bed, tall, hairy, sinewy and manly with about 8 inches of love between his sexy thighs. One day he told me his wife was leaving him for another man, and he could fuck me all night long now. I was only too happy to let him! My physique wasn’t quite as good as Jim’s but not bad, and my cock is 7.5 inches long with a big head. On the first night I stayed at Jim’s he let me screw him, and loved it, and to my surprise said he loved being fucked and regularly fingered his hole when he was showering or sleeping alone, or out cruising.One Monday morning I went to work with Jim jizz still clinging to my nether regions, not worried too much about personal hygiene as I knew I’d be all alone in the office I shared with my boss, who was reaching retirement age, no great shakes to look at and often unwell. So in I went, got my papers tempobet giriş sorted for the day and in walked my boss’s boss and a man I had never seen before. My boss’s boss, Kevin, was one of my fantasy men at work – he always smiled at me and Jim reckoned he had been blown by him late one night in a local cottage. Jim said he recalled that he had not long shot but the mouth the other side of the glory hole was that of a cocksucking maestro and drained him off. Kevin, six foot of godlike slaphead, introduced the new man as Dave, a tall, nicely built man immaculately dressed in a charcoal grey suit and a light blue shirt. “This is your new boss” Kevin said, “Charles has stepped down”. Dave shook my hand and I almost came in Jim’s pants (we liked to swap underwear after sex if we were going to work the next day). Dave said “I understand you will be showing me the ropes round here, given your experience” and I almost fainted. I certainly blushed and Kevin smiled. Then Kevin said “We can go out for lunch today, my treat, on Dave;s first day”. Then Kevin and Dave left, and I had to ring Jim in his office to tell him the news. Jim said “I know, and I have seen his prick – it’s fucking massive. I saw it when he stood next tempobet yeni giriş to me in the transport office bog and made sure he saw me wanking, pulling my skin right back. He got hard and then got self conscious and left.” “We are going to a pub somewhere for lunch, me and Dave and Kevin” I said and Jim said “When you know where let me know. I want to have sex with all three of you.”I did not see Kevin and Dave much during the morning, and then Kevin walked in to the office on his own about 11 o/c and closed the office door. He was rock hard in his tight dark blue trousers, his manhood tenting amazingly when he sat down. He did not seem to care that I could see it. he said “I know you’re a poof, and you and Jim fuck each other.” My fake shock reaction failed to deflect him from his blunt approach. “I sucked Jim off in a cottage about a month ago, one night. His spunk is fucking delicious.” I’d never heard him swear before, so this was a real turn on, this excruciatingly wonderful man being dirty. “I fuck men too, but not locally. When Charles told me he was leaving I had to find a replacement so I advertised and Dave won, not because he was the most suitable candidate but because he made me stiffen up as soon tempobet güvenilirmi as I saw him… and he knew it. I interviewed him in my office and left me with no spunk in my balls and a really sore arse. And as I have wanted you for ages it is about time I did something about it. Grab your coat. Dave is in the car and Jim is driving. There is another surprise for you. Dave saw Jim wanking in front of him this morning and told me he nearly shot his wad when he saw Jim’s massive bellend get rock hard.” He then put his right hand on my trousers to feel me up and then unzipped me and put his big hairy hand inside Jim’s pants and squeezed my balls until I wailed in pain. “Do the same to me, but a lot harder. I love ball pain and it stops me from cumming too soon.” He was my boss’s boss so I did as he told me – talk about big balls! His plums were huge and I felt I could not ever hurt such wonderful nuts. I said so and he gave my balls a squeeze, twist and a tug all at the same time, so crushingly I would have yelled out had he not been holding me. I clenched my right hand round his left ball first and really let him have it and he squealed with pain and then I did his left and he squealed again and then he put both hands in pants and rubbed his hands back and forth with my balls in betweenn and told me to do it to him. After only about ten seconds we were both really floppy cock-wise. “Are you still horny?” he asked and kissed me and rammed his tongue all to briefly in to my mouth…More to follow…

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