My New Place Ch. 11

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I was so excited that Caroline was finally coming to visit my new place. I had been living in my home for well over a year now and yet one of my best friends still had not found time to come see it. When I finally got the phone call that she had booked a plane ticket for the following weekend and planned on staying for an entire week I almost jumped off the couch.

Caroline and I had been friends since we were in middle school and shared almost everything growing up. We often traded cloths, music, movies and a few times in college we even shared the same guy. Neither of us ever planned on being in a threesome together but I guess we has grown so comfortable with one another and so used to seeing each other naked growing up that fooling around with a guy we both found attractive didn’t really seem that odd. If it weren’t for the fact that Caroline was constantly off and on again with her boyfriend back then it probably would have happened a lot more often than it did.

Anyway, getting back to the story. After preparing for my friends visit she finally arrived late Friday night. We exchanged a big hug at the baggage area when I picked her up and the ride back to my place flew by as we spent the whole ride talking and reminiscing on old stories.

When we finally arrived home I gave her a quick tour of my house and asked if she wanted to have a glass of wine and catch up a little more. To my disappointment Caroline was too tired from her flight to stay up much longer and said she would rather get some rest and pick up where we left off tomorrow. She started to lie down on the couch and I asked her what she was doing. I told her there was no way I was letting her sleep on the couch after flying all the way to see me and that my bed was plenty big enough for the both of us. We used to do it all the time when we would have sleep overs in high school and my bed was half the size back then. She said that would be great as long as I was sure that I was ok with sharing my bed. I told her that the company would be greatly appreciated since it had been a while since I had shared my bed with anyone. By the look on her face I know she didn’t believe that but the truth was that I had been on a bit of a dry spell lately.

Anyway, I went to the bathroom and to get ready for bed and Caroline used my spare one in the hall to do the same. Once I finished all my nightly routines I slipped on a pair of cotton shorts and an old t-shirt and climbed into bed. A minute or two later I heard Caroline finishing up and making her way down the hall. When she entered the room I was kind of shocked to see her in just a pair of panties and a sports bra. I was always a little jealous of her boobs; they weren’t a lot bigger than mine but compared to my small B cups her full C’s looked amazing. She climbed into bed complaining about how cold she was; it’s no wonder since she was basically naked. She immediately dove under the covers and snuggled up close to me trying to get warm. Her body was so soft and she smelled amazing. Despite a few drunken threesomes back in college though, Caroline and I never actually fooled around with one another. We always focused most of our attention to the luck y guy that we were ravishing but tonight I found myself feeling warmth growing between my legs. I starting feeling butterflies in my stomach as I considered whether or not to make a move, but my fears outweighed my desires and soon I fell asleep next to my nearly naked best friend.

In the morning Caroline and I got up bright and early and decided to go out and do some shopping. We hit a few of my favorite shops around the area and then grabbed some lunch before heading back home. It was getting a little cold that afternoon so I decided to do something I don’t have to do much here in the southwest and I turned on my heat.

It was about an hour later that I noticed the temperature hadn’t changed much; if at all so I put my hand up to the vents to make sure things were working properly. Unfortunately, all I felt was cool air blowing out. I was not happy about having to call a repairman to come out and charge me an arm and a leg to fix my heat, especially since the longer it took the more Caroline and I would be stuck waiting for the repair to get done before we could go back out. So I did what I always do first, before calling anyone for a repair; I called my neighbor John. John was my next door neighbor who was my own Mr. Fix-it. He’s almost 50, and married but that doesn’t stop him from letting his eyes wonder. Every time he would come over to my place I’d feel like he spent as much time trying to look down my short or up my shorts and skirts than he would spend actually fixing whatever he was supposed to be working on. There were even a few times that I left my house to run errands while he stayed and worked and I swear some of my panties went missing. He always seemed to get things fixed though so I guess in the end it was still worth it considering how much money I probably saved thanks to him. So I decided to bite kartal escort the bullet and call him over to take a look at my issue and he said he’d be right over. I warned Caroline about what to expect but rather than getting weirded out by the possibility she decided that we should make a game out of teasing him to see who could be the first to give him a hard on. I wasn’t exactly in on the idea but it’s hard to stop Caroline once she has her mind set on something. The first thing she did was go into the bedroom and adjust the blinds so they were open just enough to see in from the outside but closed enough that someone in the bedroom could think they had privacy. Then she put on the tightest pair of yoga pants I have ever seen and matching black sports bra and came back into the living room just in time for John to knock on the front door. I opened the door and welcomed John in and his eyes immediately turned to Caroline. Noticing his gaze I introduced her and told him she was visiting for a few days. She gaze him a little smile and thanked him for coming over so quickly. She told him how cold we were getting and that she was about to take a shower in an attempt to warm up a bit. She gaze me a quick wink and headed to the master bedroom.

I led John outside and to the back of my house. I guess since so few homes have basements out here most heating systems and hot water heaters are kept in a small room attached to the house but only accessible from outside. I don’t know anything about this stuff other than where it is so I let John into the storage area and let him get to work.

When I got back inside I went to the bedroom to check on Caroline and she was putting her hair up into a pony tail in the mirror. She told me that she could see the movement outside the window and that John was looking in right now. She turned to me and asked if I was ready to start the show. She pulled her sports bra over her head and started walking towards me. She grabbed me by the waist, pulling my body into hers and planted her lips against mine. Her tongue began probing my mouth as I found my body responding to her touch. My tongue twisted around hers and my hands reached around her and began running down her back to her ass which was still help firmly in place by her skin tight pants. She broke her kiss with me and whispered into my ear.

“He’s still looking in the window. I know his dick has to be rock hard right now. Go out and see if you can catch him trying to hide it!”

It took me a minute to compose myself. I was so turned on having Caroline’s body pressed against me that I wanted to grab her and throw her on the bed. Realizing that the only reason she just kissed me was to get a reaction from John though stopped me from making a fool of myself by trying to have a lesbian encounter with my friend and making things awkward. Instead I headed out the bedroom and outside to check on John. As soon as I opened the back door I could hear his footsteps as he hurried around the side of the house to where I left him.

“How’s it coming John? It’s not too hard is it?”

“What?! What do you mean?!” he replied with a red face

I looked at John who was on his knees in front of the heater and could see the bulge sticking out of his pants; I looked away quickly so he wouldn’t see that I noticed.

“The heater! Is the repair too hard?”

“Oh! No, it just looks like you needed to have your pilot light relit. You should be all set.”

“That’s awesome! Why don’t come in and have a drink for your troubles?”

“Sure! Just give me a second and I’ll be right in.”

I went back inside and looked for Caroline and heard the shower running in the master bedroom. I walked in pretending to look for something and could see that she left the door into the bathroom open. From where I was standing I was able to see right into my glass shower through the reflection in my dresser mirror. I watched her as she ran her hands up and down her soapy body cleaning herself. Her body was so amazing that between watching her and the kiss we shared a few minutes earlier I could feel my panties getting damp. I was so transfixed on Caroline that I forgot about John until I heard the back door shutting. I quickly run out of the bedroom and shut the door behind me making my way to the living room.

“Hey John, have a seat. I was just about to grab a couple beers from the fridge.”

John took a seat on the couch and I went to the kitchen to get him a drink. I grabbed 2 bottles from the fridge and made my way back to where John was sitting. Handing him a beer I sat down across from him on my love seat. We began making small talk and chatting about the neighborhood when I saw Caroline enter the room from the hallway behind John. She had her hair up in one towel with another wrapped around her body. When I say it was wrapped around her body I mean it barely covered her. My towels aren’t very wide so all that was covered was an area halfway down her kaynarca escort breasts to about two inches below her ass. John noticed my attention being drawn behind and turned to see my friend as she walked past us and into the kitchen without saying a word. She got a beer from the kitchen but the door to the fridge blocked any chance John had to watch her bend over in that towel. She came back into the living room and sat down next to me, tucking her legs behind her ass as she sat. I’m sure from where John sat her feet and legs probably blocked any view he may have had up her skirt but the position she was sitting in still caused her towel to ride up her entire hip leaving most of an ass cheek exposed.

“What are you guys talking about?” She asked

“Oh you know, just this and that” I responded

John didn’t really say anything, and his eyes seemed locked on Caroline.

“So John, I hope that repair wasn’t too tough on you; your face is pretty red.” Caroline said chuckling to herself knowing exactly what she was doing to him.

“You’re right. I should probably get home and take a cold shower to cool off a bit.” He responded.

“But John, Andrea and I haven’t gotten to thank you yet.” She said pouting her bottom lip.

She stood up and started walking towards where John was seated and dropped her towel to the floor. I watched my friend front behind and she got on her knees in front of John and began messaging his dick through his pants. His hands went immediately to her chest and he began squeezing and rubbing her juicy tits. She reached his waist and unbuckled his pants. She slide down the zipper as John raised his ass off the couch to help her pull his jeans down and around his ankles along with his underwear. As he sat back down I could see his dick standing at attention, and I could also see Caroline’s pussy from behind as she bend over to further examine John’s dick. Turning her head back to me, Caroline called out to me

“Andrea, don’t just sit there. I’m going to need some help with this!”

John looked at me with hopeful eyes as my friend began running her tongue up the length of John’s shaft. I stood up and slowly walked over to where Caroline was kneeling. I got down on the floor beside her and started to reach my hand toward my neighbors’ hard cock. I was stopped by Caroline before I could reach my goal however. I looked at her confused as she grabbed my wrists and raised them over my head. She then reached down to the hem of my shirt and pulled it off. Realizing her objective I reached back and unhooked my bra, letting it fall off my shoulders and expose my chest. Caroline reached out and put both hands on my tits squeezing them lightly. Her hands were so soft as she caressed them softly, pinching my nipples as she played.

“John, I know you’ve been wanting to get your hands on these almost as long as I have. Why don’t you get your hands on these things?”

His hands were immediately on my body groping and fondling my tits in his hands. They weren’t nearly as soft as Caroline’s but feeling his strong hands on my body was still a turn on. I looked over at Caroline as she dropped her head down onto John’s dick and began bobbing up and down on the stiff meat. As John’s hands continued fondling my tits I reached out and cupped his balls in my left hand, messaging his balls softly as Caroline sucked away. She pulled off momentarily looking at me. She said it was my turn. I was so fucking horny at this point I didn’t hesitate and buried John’s cock down my throat. I was giving my old neighbor the best blowjob I knew how and the moans I heard from above my head let me know I was doing a good job of it. As I sucked him I watched Caroline climb up onto the couch. Facing John she lifted her left leg and placed it on the back of the couch on the other side of John’s head presenting her pussy to him at eye level. I looked up with a mouth full of cock and watched as John leaned forward and started licking and sucking on her cunt. I had a perfect view of John’s tongue and the work it was doing on my friends’ pussy as I sucked him harder and faster. As I watched what John was doing to Caroline’s pussy and listened to her moans I couldn’t tell who I was more jealous of. I wanted to feel John’s experienced tongue between my legs and fell the pleasure he was giving her but I also wanted to taste my friends’ pussy. I couldn’t believe I wanted that so much but I did.

Caroline climbed down from the couch and told John she wanted him to fuck her. I moved back and watched her straddle him and lower herself onto his cock. She started bouncing up and down on his dick causing her plump tits to bounce up and down as she rode him. John reached down gripping her hips and pulled himself deeper into her as she began grinding her clit against him. I stood up behind Caroline, sliding down my pants and panties to match the nakedness of my best friend. I moved in behind her pressing my chest into her naked back. I kozyatağı escort reached around her body and began running my hands up and down her chest and firm stomach. Then I traveled further down her body, just above the dick that was penetrating her tight snatch and I started to run her clit as she fucked John. Her moans got louder as my fingers moved faster over her clit. I kissed her neck and continued running my free hand over the rest of her body. She tensed up suddenly as she came hard on John’s cock. She raised herself off his dick because it was too much to take as she came. Rolling off John she fell to his side on the couch still panting heavily.

“I guess it’s your turn now Andrea” John said with a smile.

He got up off the couch and got behind me. Facing the couch John guided my knees onto the cushions and I braced myself on the back of the couch as I prepared for my fucking. With one hand on my ass spreading my cheeks apart I felt his dick rubbing up and down my slit covering it in my juices. As he began pressing into me my body shuddered as inch by inch my wanting womb was invaded by the cock it’s been craving for the last few months.

After John finally managed to get the full length inside me he started slowly guiding his dick in and out in long smooth strokes. As I began to loosen up however his stroked became shorter, deeper, and faster and were much more aggressive. Soon John was pounding away at me from behind and all I could was scream and moan.

“Fuck me John! God Damn it I needed this dick so fucking bad!”

“I always knew you wanted this dick you little slut. From now on you’re going to give me this tight little pussy anytime I want it aren’t you?”


“Say it! I want you to tell me that you’re going to be my little whore from now on and that this pussy is mine whenever I want it!”


“Caroline, you look like you are ready for more. Why don’t you sit up on the couch here and let Andrea taste your pussy for a while. Knowing the horny little girl she is I bet she would love to lick your sweet pussy.” John directed

Oh God, was he reading my mind? I looked to my side at Caroline and she sat with her legs spread playing with herself while she watched John fucking me. At John’s command she got up and sat in front of me on the back of the couch and opened her legs in front of me. I leaned down and reached my tongue towards my best friends’ pussy. When I finally reached my target I was rewarded with the sweet taste I had been wanting to try for a long time. Sensing I was a little tentative Caroline put her hand on the back of my head and pressed my face into her pussy harder. She gyrated her hips around as I flicked my tongue around on her pussy. I think she was doing as much of the work as I was but with the rate at which John was fucking me it was hard to balance myself let alone perform cunnilingus for the first time.

“You like the way that tastes don’t you Andrea?” I heard John ask me from behind

“Mmmmhmmm” Was the best I could get out with my mouth pressed against Caroline’s pussy.

I felt like such a slut right now. I was being fucked by my older neighbor and telling him that was going to let him fuck me whenever he wanted while my face was buried in my best friends’ pussy. My body responded with one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had. As the pleasure rushed over my body I could feel myself starting to shake. I felt like my entire body was vibrating as I screamed out in pleasure. I collapsed onto the couch and felt light headed as every nerve in my body felt like it had just been stimulated.

The next few minutes are kind of a blur but I remember John laying Caroline down on the floor and fucking her. He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide as he pumped. Then he placed them on his shoulders and began to pound her hard into the carpet. I heard him start to moan and say he was going to cum but instead of making him pull out Caroline wrapped her ankles behind John’s head and let him spill his cum into her. He collapsed onto her as his orgasm subsided and they both laid there for a few moments as he kept his dick inside her. When he pulled out his cum began to leak out of Caroline’s pussy and I couldn’t help but climb down to the floor and crawl between her legs. She held her legs apart for me as I began to lick her freshly fucked pussy. As sweet as she tasted a few minutes ago the addition of John’s cum made it even better. I sucked on her pussy trying to get as much out as I could, swallowing it down as it hit my tongue. Caroline pulled my head into her again as she began breathing heavy. I was about to make my best friend cum! I stopped focusing on sucking the cum from inside her and started focusing more on stimulating her clit. Her hips rose off the floor.

“I’m cumming Andrea! Fuck that feels so good!” Caroline cried out

I licked and sucked her clit through her climax and after a few seconds her body slowly lowered back down to the floor. I rolled onto my back next to Caroline and we shared a passionate kiss. I looked up to see John sitting on the couch with his phone out recording a video of Caroline and I.

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