My new sister-Part 3

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My new sister-Part 3When I awoke to the sun coming through the bedroom window, I couldn’t help wondering if everything that happened last night had been a dream. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and looked around and discovered I was alone, so maybe I had been dreaming. I really had morning wood and had to pee badly, so I made my way to the bathroom to get some relief. I had to sit and pee because my cock wouldn’t bend enough to do it standing up. As I pissed and relieved myself, the bathroom door flew open and caught me totally by surprise. I couldn’t fucking believe my eyes, but there he was facing me with morning wood and a stupid grin on his face. Scruffy Rick stood staring at me in all his glory in my fucking bathroom, and all I could think to say was “get the fuck out of here”. I needed time to figure this out, so stayed in the bathroom to clean up and brush my teeth. That morning taste in your mouth before you brush is usually pretty gross, but this morning was different. The unmistakable taste of pussy told me that last night really did happen, and wasn’t a dream, but what the fuck is Rick doing here.Rick didn’t come back to the bathroom, so he must have gone downstairs to use the one on the main floor. I left the bathroom and started looking around for Joanne and Debbie, but there was no sign of them. I made my way downstairs and heard voices in the rec room, so I went on down to see what was going on. I was greeted by the sight of them watching the big screen TV, displaying the video of Rick and Debbie. I was really pissed that Rick was in our house, but felt a little defensive because they had discovered that I taped them. I said to Rick “when did you come back”? He said that Debbie had called him last night and told him to come back to make out again. Now I was really miffed, because Debbie obviously wasn’t satisfied with my cock, and had to call Rick back. I decided that it was too uncomfortable, so I turned and headed back upstairs. Rick yelled for me to stop and listen to what he had to say. The girls also asked me to stay.Rick said to me “listen dude; I only got to come back here because you had Debbie so horny, that she finally decided to give it up to me. It was the greatest fuck of my life, so I owe you man”. I guess I felt a little more forgiving now so I joined them on the sofa. Joanne was sitting next to me and put her hand on mine and then kissed me and said that she would like her and I to make a video too. My cock seemed in favor, judging by the elongation and throbbing, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the others. digitalbahis yeni giriş Joanne smiled and squeezed my hand, while Rick and Debbie continued watching themselves on the TV.As I looked at the screen, the tape showed Rick and Debbie in the bedroom in the missionary position fucking wildly, but then another body appeared. When the face appeared on the screen I recognized that it was Joanne, and watched in shock as she came up behind Rick and licked at his balls during his upstrokes. Rick slowed to almost a standstill, to allow Joanne more access to his balls, so once she had them in her mouth, he started pumping again. I let go of Joanne’s hand, since I felt betrayed, and felt disgusted at what she was doing. Debbie sensed my disgust, so she got up and knelt in front of me, and pulled at the waistband of my boxers. I didn’t know where this was going, but felt like it might be sweet revenge on Joanne for her betrayal. I raised my ass off the sofa, and Debbie pulled off my boxers and threw them aside. She moved slowly towards my cock, as it throbbed and leaked precum, in anticipation of what was coming. When her moist lips touched my cock head, I felt her tongue swirling, and her hot breath blowing on me. She sank deeper on my cock shaft until I was fully engulfed in her mouth, and as I reached for her head to prepare to face fuck her, Joanne started kissing me again. I was still pissed at her, but it did feel good, so I kissed her back and started pumping my cock in Debbie’s mouth.Rick got up from the sofa and pulled Debbie’s mouth off of my cock, and just as I started to think that everything was ending, I got a pleasant surprise. Rick reversed Debbie around and sat her back to impale her on my cock, while he worked his cock into her mouth. As Joanne licked and sucked on my neck, I thrusted up into Debbie’s pussy, while Rick slammed his cock into her mouth. I got into a rhythm, and was ready to blow my load, when suddenly Rick pulled Debbie off of my cock. He threw her to the floor and face fucked her until cum started shooting out the corners of her mouth. Joanne moved her mouth to my cock, since she sensed that I was ready to erupt. I grabbed her face and fucked her mouth hard, until I spewed streams of cum into her throat. She hungrily swallowed it all, and then continued sucking very gently to see if there was any cum left in my balls.As the sun came through the bedroom window and woke me up, I suddenly realized that I had just experienced the weirdest fucking dream ever. I had to pee badly digitalbahis giriş and when I went to roll out of bed, I was trapped between Joanne and Debbie, so I crawled over them and headed to the bathroom. I went to sit on the toilet, because my cock was too hard to piss standing up, and it occurred to me that this was just like my dream. As the piss streamed out of my cock, I kept looking at the door, expecting Rick to blast in. The door did blast open, only it wasn’t Rick, but standing there waiting to pee was Joanne and Debbie, smiling at me. They said they didn’t know that boys sat down to pee, so I explained what happens with morning wood.When we all were back in my room, my cock was anxious to resume stuff from last night, so I asked the girls if they would mind giving my cock some loving. Joanne straddled my face and started licking at my throbbing cock, while Debbie took up a position between my legs. As my balls were slowly sucked into Debbie’s mouth, Joanne began bobbing furiously up and down on my cock. I grabbed her ass to get her pussy lips further into my mouth, and I could feel her trembling, and could hear muffled moans. I tried to reach her head to slow down her bobbing, because I didn’t want to cum too quickly. It didn’t work because just as I grabbed her head, she moved deep on my shaft and held the position, causing me to cum into her throat. My balls had been emptied, so now I concentrated on Joanne’s pussy and turned my attention to her clit. Debbie kept sucking on my balls, so that was added motivation to do a good job getting Joanne to cum on my face. I sucked Joanne’s clit into my mouth and with a combination of sucking and licking; Joanne screamed that she was cumming. She mashed her pussy into my face, and as she was in the midst of her orgasm, Debbie released my balls and kissed Joanne passionately. It must have enhanced her orgasm, because my face was starting to hurt as Joanne gyrated and shook.It was only fair that Debbie now be pleasured, so I lay her back on the bed, and began kissing and licking my way down her body. Joanne moved between Debbie’s legs and the first flick of her tongue got Debbie moaning and squirming. I concentrated on her erect nipples, licking and then sucking them into my mouth. The slurping sounds of Joanne’s mouth in Debbie’s pussy was really getting me turned on, so I moved to straddle Debbie’s face, and got my cock into her mouth. I wasn’t fully hard, but between the slurping sounds, and Debbie’s tongue lapping the underside of my cock head, I was digitalbahis güvenilirmi almost fully engorged. I could tell from Debbie’s movements that she was nearing an orgasm, and I wasn’t sure if I should pull out of her mouth or not. My answer came from Debbie, when she removed my cock and said “cum in mouth when I orgasm”. I watched closely as Joanne slurped away at Debbie’s clit, and when I felt her start to shudder and shake, I began short stroking her mouth. We came at the same time, and as Joanne watched the two of us, she rubbed her own clit and came with us. We were all totally spent and fell into a heap of naked bodies trying to catch our breath.We must have fallen asleep, because we awoke to the doorbell downstairs, and scrambled to find clothes to throw on. I went to the window but couldn’t see who was down there, so I figured that I had better go downstairs to check. I opened the door to find two adults that I didn’t recognize, but who soon introduced themselves as Debbie’s parents. I stood frozen in shock and couldn’t move or speak. They asked if Debbie was ready to be driven home, and also asked to come in. When the shock started to wear off, I asked them to come in and sit down and said that I would go and get Debbie. Before I could make it upstairs, they asked if they could meet my parents. As I froze again, Joanne came down the stairs, and asked me if our parents were back from grocery shopping yet. Debbie followed next and greeted her parents, and told them that she had a wonderful sleepover, except for Joanne’s annoying brother. She glared at me, so I played along and walked to the rec room, as if I was disgusted with her. I heard Debbie telling her parents that she had been invited to stay over another night, and even though Joanne’s brother was annoying, she would like to stay over. Joanne told them that her parents had suggested it before they went shopping, and that she would really like Debbie to stay another night. Surprisingly her parents agreed, and said their goodbyes and left, so I headed upstairs to celebrate. When I got there, Debbie said she was sorry for insulting me, but she did it to give her parents assurance that nothing would go on. I told her that I knew what she was doing, and I was happy that she had pulled it off. I also told her that I was hoping that Rick wasn’t going to get another invitation, and my cock sprang up hard, as she said “I like your cock a lot better, so It’s just going to be the three of us, and tonight my pussy wants to feel your cock buried up to your balls”. My cock throbbed as I thought about popping another cherry tonight, but because I would need all my energy and stamina, he would have to settle down. The girls offered to suck me off to take care of the swelling in my cock, but I politely refused and asked them to wait for the main course tonight.The end.

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