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My Next ExperienceWeeks had passed since my first experience with Stephanie and her boys and I had been craving that feeling that I had. I needed to have that feeling again, but as much as I tried to achieve it on my own, I could never get that same orgasm. I had tried using my fingers, my hair brush, anything I could get my hands on I would. It wasn’t something I could just ask Stephanie, not sure how I could go about asking if her husband could fuck me.They would act like nothing ever happened. Sure, Jason would still give me that look, but no words were ever spoken about it. To top it off, I would still come home almost daily to find that somebody had gone through my panties and were using them to jerk off into. I didn’t mind, still gave me something to get off to, but I NEEDED MORE. Mom was leaving for a business trip for a few weeks and I thought surely this was going to be the opportunity. Little did I know what that opportunity would be..The first few days she was gone, I hardly even saw Stephanie or Jason. Really they were only there during the night. I spent most of my time hanging out with Ryan, my step dad, but even he kept to himself for the most part. I started noticing that I was waking up with weird stains in my bed, some of them even wet. Really Jason? I thought. You don’t have to wait until Im sleeping to come jerk off, wake me up and FUCK ME.That night, I decided to play a little game. I went to sleep with just a shirt and my panties on and decided to wait up for him. I waited canlı bahis until almost midnight until finally I heard a knock on my door. With my back to the door, I pretended like I was asleep. I heard the door open and him walk in quietly. I heard him walk over to wear my dirty clothes were and could here him moving stuff around until he found what he was looking for. I heard him take a deep whiff of my panties and could hear him stroking his cock. As a tease, I moved my leg out from under the covers so he could see my bare ass. I heard him move closer to me, and within a few minutes I could feel his hand brush inbetween my cheeks. I was getting very wet. I let him continue stroking his cock for a few seconds and decided this was my chance. I rolled over, and as I looked up, to my amazement it was RYAN.I quickly pulled the covers over myself. “What the FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?”, I yelled at him. Realizing I had woken up, he quickly pulled his sweat pants up and said, “Im sorry, I heard a strange noise in here on my way to take a shower and just wanted to check and make sure everything was okay.” I could clearly see the large bulge coming from his pants. He walked out, embarrassed. I laid there, completely shocked. I literally could not believe it had been him this whole time that has been doing this. I felt bad for the way I scared him, I didn’t want him to feel embarrassed. And the poor guy didn’t even get to finish. I laid there for a little longer, my pussy was still wet, I needed to cum but bahis siteleri my fingers weren’t cutting it.I could hear him in the bathroom, pacing back and forth, and then finally I heard the water turn on for his shower. I got up out of bed and walked to the bathroom, I knew what I was about to get myself into but I couldn’t help myself. I opened the door as he stood there waiting for his water to get hot, dick still rock hard and he was stroking it, still holding on to the panties he stole from me. Again, he was shocked, and just stood there not knowing what to say. I walked in and closed the door, locking it behind me. As I walked up to him, I said, “I believe those are mine”, as I grabbed my panties from my hand. He begged me not to tell my mother. I told him I wouldn’t, but that he was going to need to do something for me. I proceeded to take off the panties that I was wearing and handed them to him. “These are fresh. Now you need to finish.” I sat on top of the counter and watched him as he smelled the juices on my panties, tasting them and then proceeding to jerk his dick. I was incredibly turned on watching him. I started playing with myself as I watched him, and I could tell it was helping him. He finally let out a grunt as I could see a blast of his cum go all over the wadded up panties in his hand. I got down off of the counter top and walked back over to him, grabbing the panties and tasting his cum from them. I stuck my fingers in his mouth and asked him if it tasted good and he bahis şirketleri nodded his head. I pulled my fingers out and began to walk away but I stopped. I still hadn’t gotten MINE. I turned back around and took my shirt off and told him, this will never happen again. He understood. I walked toward him and got on my knees, putting his dick down my throat. It was much larger than Jasons was.He took full control of my head, thrusting his cock down my throat as I could feel it getting harder with every thrust. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and we walked back over to the counter. I sat up on it and told him to fuck me. Before he did, he put his head between my legs, tasting my young little pussy. It felt absolutely amazing, and I was craving more. He finally stood back up and shoved himself inside of me. I moaned louder with every thrust he gave me, until finally my body shook and my cum squirted all over him. He was in awe. I got down and tasted his dick again and he bent me over. He proceeded to shove his dick inside of my ass. The force that he was giving me truly felt like he was going to break me. I could tell he was about to cum, his body was starting to tense up. He pulled out of me and I got on my knees again, his cum shooting out like a cannon into my mouth and all over my face. I cleaned myself up and him too.I got dressed as he got in the shower, I pulled the curtain back and reassured him nobody needed to find out about what happened but that it could not ever happen again. He told me he understood. I walked back to my room and laid back down in bed, ashamed of myself for what I just did, but it felt SO GOOD. That was the best night of sleep I had gotten in a while, but soon enough, I needed it again…

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