My path from Bisexual middle. To being a complete

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My path from Bisexual middle. To being a completeI’ve always been what you could call gay. I’ve lost my virginity to a guy. Most of my sexually partners have been guys. Most of my relationships have been with guys. There’s been a few women here and there over the years, but easily 90% have been male. And of those guys most of the time I’ve been a bottom. Not a bottom in the sissy girly way (I really am happy I was born a boy) More I’m just more comfortable and able to be the bottom. Of course, there’s been quite a few times I’ve topped, or been the more masculine of the two in the relationship.

Of course, that all changed when I met “Melissa” I put her name in quotes because she was born a boy also. But she has spent most of her life living as a girl. And is actually on hormone replacement therapy. And what you could call a transsexual. We met and hit it off pretty well. A shapely sexually confident woman. With a cock. What more could you ask for? Anyway. As our relationship grew and we started to get more comfortable with each other, she started to confess she was at first attracted to me physically, because she thought I would look good as a woman. I will admit though I am a guy. And happy to be one. I do have a more feminine body than masculine. I ride a bicycle and swim for exercise. So, I have a pretty thin waste, and a not unsubstantial butt. But I knew what she was getting at. She wanted me to dress in women’s clothing in bed. And I really had no problem with that. I’ll admit I’ve worn more than a few pairs of thigh highs to bed. And have been a school girl, or something like that for almost every Halloween. Since I’ve been out on my own. But with her it was different. She has been a girl a lot longer than she was a boy (her parents were very supportive and basically let her dress how she wished starting in middle school) So with her not only did I have a willing partner. But I had a coaching and supportive partner to show me how to sit. How to walk. How to be basically. She never really pushed me to be feminine. But I both enjoyed how I felt, how I looked, and basically had a confidence I didn’t have before. Most of our sex was now with both of us dressed. And it was mostly gentle love making. Yeah of course there was a few wild nights of just fucking. But mostly it was beautiful.There was one night in particular that I brought home one of my female friends. The three of us spend a few hours talking about stuff. Until the she (my friend) asked about us. I basically blatted out about my new found femininity.My friend right away, instantly asked me to get dressed. I guess I forgot to mention me and her had kinda dated in the past. She knew I was gay, but didn’t really care. But anyway, I left the room to get dressed and show her. And her and Melissa sat and talked. When I returned, she just gasped? The first sarıyer escort words out of her mouth were. Why didn’t you dress like that for me? I just kinda stammered something off hand about not knowing she would like it. Then Melissa went out of her way to embarrass me (not really embarrass. More tease) Look how beautiful he is. Look at the curve of his ass in that dress. Etc. Then she came up and started caressing me and kissing me and rubbing up against me. It had two effects on me. It 1. Made me blush instantly. And 2. Become instantly hard. The dress I was wearing was pretty tight, so that erection was very obvious. She kept this up for a bit till I eventually said, hey come on. My friends over, and this is a little embarrassing. That’s when my friend spoke up and said. Oh, don’t stop for me. I get to see my old friend acting how I always thought he should. I barely got, what do you mean how I should you though I should. When Melissa basically tried to swallow my face. She is seldom very aggressive sexually. So when she is I tend to take advantage of it. And I could tell she was really into this. And my friend is a woman I’ve been to bed with before. So it wasn’t that weird. Before I knew it Mel had pulled down my panties and was rubbing my cock on her face. Kissing it from top to base. Aggressively stroking it while she was licking my balls. I then (gently) grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up to my lips. We kissed deep and hard while I rolled off her yoga pants and panties. And started to stroke her now very hard cock.I looked over her shoulder at my friend and said. Well this is as much for you as it is for us. What do you want to see? She just said. I want to see you with that cock in your mouth. Gave her a nod and a smile. Looked at Mel and said, your lucky day. Then slowly pushed/ picked up Mel and placed her on a tall stool we use for our breakfast bar. My friend kinda sat up on the couch to get a better look. And I helped by turning the stool a little so she could get a good view.Now me and Mel are most times gentle when it comes to starting sex. We both enjoy long foreplay before. But I ignored that this time.I was fondling and stroking her cock when I just went for it. I plunged down on Mel’s wonderful cock, and took the whole thing in, in one stroke. I’m not sure who let out more of a moan. Mel or my friend.But that noise had such an effect on me. I sucked Mel’s cock like my life depended on it. I pulled out all my tricks. I stroked with both hands. I rubbed her cock all over my face. All the time my friend was giving me words of encouragement. If by encouragement you mean suck that dick. Look at that little whore sucking dick, etc.And then I had an idea. I stopped sucking (but kept stroking) and ask Mel if I should get Mr. Stanley and Mr. Marcus. She mumbled yes as she was esenyurt escort wiping sweat from her eyes. I should take time to say Mr. Stanley and Mr. Marcus are the names of our dildos. Mr. Stanley is a “normal” size (7″) Mr. Marcus is our monster (Double ended 25″ and about as fat as my wrist) neither of us could ever take my Marcus in our boy parts. I could get about half of it in my mouth (I apparently was born with little to no gag reflex) But neither of us could ever get it in us. So I came back with both and the lube, and started to open her up with my fingers, while I resumed sucking her.After a bit I started toying with Mr. Stanley. And much to my surprise it slid up inside her pretty easy. After a few minutes of this Mel started pressing her thighs onto my head and her legs started shaking.Which means she’s getting close to orgasm. And rather surprisingly she pushed me back. Stood up. Braced the dildo on the stools edge, so she could keep pushing it in. Grabbed my hair and pulled my head down. And just blew the biggest load I have ever seen anyone blow (until that moment that is) all over my face. I will admit that being with someone as feminine as Mel meant I seldom got to experience man handling anymore. But so is the price of love.I heard and saw the lust and release on Mel’s face. I heard her scream of pleasure. But what I heard more was my friend orgasming.Much to our surprise (not that we were offended. We were just surprised we didn’t notice her taking off her clothing, and rubbing one off with the tip of Mr. Marcus.While I was busy whipping Mel’s cum off of my face. I asked her if she had ever eaten a woman out. Her reply was, of course not. I’ve watched a few lesbian porns. But I’ve never done it. Well would you like to try. As I looked at my friend for her approval.Mel barley got yeah it might be fun, before my friend grabbed me by the back of my head and directed my face to her very wet (and very well groomed) pussy.Like Mel I didn’t start gentle. I just went in. She kept telling me to look at her as she kept steady pressure on my head. It was clear she was enjoying what was happening, and didn’t want me to stop. Judging from the shower of pussy juice running down my neck and chest. She came three times before she let me come up for air.Then I asked Mel to take a look. I was explaining what parts to what to on her pussy. Then after a bit of coaxing, Mel started exploring. And with my friend’s encouragement, Mel was doing great for a first timer.I spread my friends legs a little more and pushed them up on her chest. And me and Mel were taking turns licking her. I was rubbing Mr. Marcus on her and me and Mel were kissing when my friend just started quivering and gasping. And let loose the most bellows and guttural scream I had ever heard.As she lie semi concise on our couch, the make out session continued avrupa yakası escort with me and Mel.After a while I guided Mel’s boy pussy over my cock and slid in. Now we mostly wait till we’ve both exhausted ourselves sexually before we break out my Stanley. But this time it was different. I’d never gotten inside her this easy. And felt amazing. Mel is shorter than me. But very strong (think gymnast not body builder) so she has no problem bracing herself above me and riding my cock. And riding she was. She knew exactly how high up to lift, without me falling out. Before slamming down to the base again. You could say she was fucking me balls deep. But using my cock. If that makes sense. The look of exactly and aggression or her face was both appealing and a little scary. But hey the woman I love is fuck my brains out. She’s enjoying herself. What’s wrong with that.At some point my friend woke up and holding Mr. Stanley asked if we need help. Mel and me both said yes together. Mel kind stopped straddling me, and put her knees on the ground. So, I could raise my ass up a little. My friend put a fresh coat of lube on my Stanley and slowly inserted it into my boy parts. After a few small strokes she slid it all the way up to the end. I gasped a little. Let out a small whimper. And she and Mel both said. Yeah, I think he likes it. Then they both started fucking me again. I could try to explain what this felt like. But to be honest I kinda lost touch with reality slightly. I do remember at one point Mel kinda hovered over me a little, and my friend wasn’t being so aggressive with pumping Mr. Stanley. And I kinda went back and forth myself. Thrust into Mel and then thrust my ass back onto the toy. Back and forth as hard and as fast as I could. This lasted for a while (sorry I really don’t remember) until of course I was ready to cum myself. I told I’m going to cum inside her. I’m going to fill her little pussy up with my cum. I remember grabbing her waist and just slamming as hard as I could. Then I exploded. And I don’t mean I came. I mean I exploded. I put every ounce of my strength and endurance into those last frantic minutes. And the release I felt was without a doubt, the most ecstatic moment I had ever felt. I felt like every fiber of my being was being pumped into Mel. I emptied what I was at that time into her. Then my friend buried Mr. Stanley all the way up into me. And the process repeated again. Then Mel came again all over my chest this time. Then my friend came again. But what we didn’t notice (we were a little preoccupied) She had about half (that’s over a foot) of Mr. Marcus shoved up inside her pussy. Me and Mel kinda collapsed on each other, kissed for a bit. Then passed out.When we finally came too. My friend was gone. She left her number and email on a note. Telling us to keep in touch. She didn’t want to wake us, because we both obviously were pretty worn out We were a little bummed she left without saying goodbye in person. But she did clean up the cum puddles we all left at various places. And she cleaned Mr. Stanley and Mr. Marcus. So that was nice.Me and Mel staggered to the shower. Took a very hot shower together, and both passed out naked in bed.

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