My Philippines Adventure Chapter 17

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 17I approached the door and all I could hear was moaning. Maybe it was coming from the stairwell so I looked inside to find two guys, so I carefully closed the door. I opened the door with my card key and walked in to see two more guys fucking the Fiance’ and the Mom while the Dad was eating the pussy of the young girl while she was eating out the Toy. I called the Toy over to help set up the food. The Toy looked at me and said, “you just had sex didn’t you”. Yes, I answered in the stairwell there was a woman there with her husband and he was encouraging men to fuck her. Both young girls laughed and said t that the woman is there every once and a while trying to fuck everyone. They had to throw her out of a room once before and nobody knows how she gets in. The two women fucking switched partners and started kissing while the men fucked away on them. The Dad was still eating the young girl. My Sex Toy was still asking me if anything happened downstairs> Patiently I told her that I went down there and the lady there was very busy so I helped her with her work and she gave me an extra snack. The Toy laughed and said if it was anyone other than Miss L then they would have been the snack. The Toy continued to tell me that Miss L is the favorite of all the staff and that she knows about the stairwell and even cover’s for them if they are not back in time. The younger agreed while enjoying the Dad’s licking. They both said that they knew that she was very horny but loyal to her crappy husband and have seen her do masturbation in the stockroom. My Toy told me that she was an incredible body and she would love to eat her out. I played it cool and said that she was all business with me. They said that they were sad for her and I just nodded. The two guys were ready to cum bornova escort so they were instructed to shoot there loads on the fiance’. She was the Cum Dumpster for the night. It seems that the Dad had fucked her pussy and ass and some other hotel workers had done her as well. The two guy really plastered her good and I had to keep the Mom off of her trying to get at the cum. The Dad now had gotten hard and was going to fuck the young girl when the Mom stepped in and said it was her turn. So he mounted his wife missionary style and carefully fucked her well used cunt. They were actually quite loving to each other and enjoyed their time. I went in the bathroom to wash and when I came back the two guy were gone and the mom and dad were fucking away. The two girls were playing with each other and the Fiance’ was falling a sleep. I took of my clothes and decided that I wanted to fuck her again. I stuck my cock in her mouth to wake her and she sucked me hard again telling me how good I tasted. The two girls wanted a taste so they came over and sampled some and all agreed that it was some tasty pussy. I laughed and got between the legs of the Fiance’ for one more fuck. By this time she was limp and sore so I stopped when I saw that she needed a longer break. We covered her with a sheet so she stayed warm and turned my attention to the Mom. I had promised her that I would fuck her if she visited the room. I told my Toy to fuck the Dad and the young girl to sit on the Mom’s face. With everyone in place we all fucked again this time I had the time and ability to slide it into the Mom’s ass. She moaned as I got the lube out and carefully rubbed in and around her hole. The younger girl was now getting more comfortable and was telling the Mom to eat her pussy. I slowly pushed it escort bornova in and it felt really good. The Dad was to busy getting ridden by the Toy and she saw me fucking the asshole of the Mom. The Mom squirmed while I put it all the way in and at one point begged for more as I slowly started to fuck her. It was only in a few minutes that the Mom came hard and squirted all over my legs. I pulled out still hard and pushed the young girl back enough for the mom to clean my cock in ass to mouth fashion. I got up washed again and grabbed the young girl by the hair to lead her to the desk. I placed her on the desk and pushed my cock deep into her. I asked her how she liked spying on the Room Service Manager as I fucked her hard. She could barley answer as my cock rapidly rammed her tiny pussy. I asked her again how did she like it. This time she answered, “ I love it. I love watching her beautiful body and her face when she cums”, was her answer. I picked her up like the Room Service Manager and really rammed her hard making her bounce hard. She was moaning and crying in pleasure as I slipped one hand of and whacked her tiny ass. All of this was too much for her as she came and came. I finally laid her on the bed next to where the dad was fucking Toy and told them to switch places. I grabbed My Toy even rougher and put her on the desk. This time it was pussy I was after. I asked her the same question and got the same answer and without lube I plunged it right into her asshole. She moaned and begged for more. So I pulled out and slammed it in again, “yes daddy yes, slam me again I have been a bad slut fucking these men and licking these pussies and I so want to like Miss..” she said before I slammed her before she could finish. I fucked her long and hard and even after the bornova escort bayan Mom and Dad went back to there room and the young girl fell asleep on the bed next to the Fiance’ I was still in her tight ass. “Fuck me. Fuck my ass, I want it I want it all, fuck it fuck it” she moaned. It seemed that My Toy was now an ass slut. I pulled out and took her our of the room into the stairwell and fucked her ass there as well. She kept begging for more and I gave it to her. She told me that she had dreams about me fucking her ass and dreams about eating the Room Service manager. I told her that this was no dream that I was going to fuck her ass until she could not walk. She moaned yes through the pounding.I then brought back into the room only to see the Fiance’ and young girl in a lazy sixty nine. I d**g her over and placed her above the Fiance who was on the bottom and continued my ass assault on the young slut. I was getting close to cumming and had lost track of how many times My Toy had came so within a few more pumps I felt the cum riser. When I was about to shoot I told the young girl to move forward thus exposing the Fiances glazed face and I shot my load right on the face of the Fiance and stuck my cock right into her nasty cunt mouth. It was then I finally collapsed as the sun was rising on the day. I woke later in the morning alone with numerous notes on the desk and one slid under the door. One note was from the Fiance’ thanking me for the best bachelorette party ever and one she will never forget. Another one from the Toy thanking me for finally fucking her ass and making her feel like a true woman and one from the younger asking if she can come back with just me alone sometime with her cell number. The note from under the door was from the Room Service manager thanking me for taking the time to help her with her work last night and making her feel alive again and that included her phone number and a standing invitation to help anytime I wanted. With that I looked at the mess and went back to sleep. Hopefully, the maid won’t want to fuck because I am getting tired!

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