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My secretary 3 homeHome You can tell John is angry the moment you come in through the living room door. ‘You’re late’, he snaps, barely glancing at me over his glass of whiskey. He is wearing the baggy corduroys which allow his cock to stand fully erect without restriction.’I’m sorry …’, You tell him, throwing off your coat. ‘Gerry let me finish some dictation’ ‘Don’t lie to me! … is staring at you now, and his eyes are hard. You feel your nipples stiffen against the silk of your blouse. ‘Gerry is the laziest bastard in the firm, and the randiest. He only keeps a secretary for one reason’ ‘That’s not true’, you frown. ‘Gerry is a friend, that’s all. And we were working. I promise’ ‘Come here!’ John thumps down his glass You hesitate only a moment before, slowly walking across to him. ‘Lift your dress’ he snarls, ‘now!’ Sighing, you reach down to the hem of your skirt and hoist it to the waist. You see his eyes widen as he sees no knickers at the tops of your suspendered stockings. ‘Closer’ he hisses. You move to within a foot of him. Looking into your eyes he reaches down. You draw your breath as his fingers tough your tummy, slide down and follow the garters down to your cunt. canlı bahis You swallow as his fingers sift through your nicely trimmed pubic hair. Then you shudder quietly as a single finger finds the slit of your cunt and moves gently up and down, teasing your lips and your clit ‘You’re wet’, …. accuses you. ‘That’s because you’re touching me’, you whisper. ‘Nonsense’ he says coldly. ‘He fucked you’ ‘Never’ you say. ‘I never got that far with him’ ‘Ah, how far would you go, you dirty slut? John fingers your clit again. ‘I can’t help it if he fancies me’, you murmur. ‘You might wear a decent bra to your work’, John snaps, and runs his finger the length of your slit, prising your cuntlips apart. You gasp and stumble. ‘He ordered me to undress, and wanted me to …’ ‘So you fucked him!’ ‘No!’ your legs are shaking, you can’t hardly stand. ‘Gerry was so turned on. So, I helped him….’ ‘What, you wanked him?’ You groan and clutch his shoulder to keep your balance, but he jerks back, forcing you to stay upright. His finger is steady pumping in and out of your cunt. ‘you know I love dicks and I was horny, so I sucked him…..’ You grunt as he abruptly withdraws his finger. Your thighs bahis siteleri are running with your juices. John glares at you. ‘I had to… you moan I couldn’t help it..’ His face is a mask.’To the chair!’ he rasps. Sighing you move to the armchair in the middle of the room. You kneel in front of it, rest your hands on the seat and lean forward over it. ‘Get your bottom higher’ …. John snaps. You move your knees back, arching your back so that your bottom sticks out. ‘Please, darling,’ you say. I’ve…’ ‘Shut up’ You hear him grunt as he stands behind you. ‘Pull up your skirt’ he orders. You reach back with both hands and draw the skirt over your waist. …. John walks around you and opens your shirt. With a swift violent movement he yanks your tits out of your bra. ‘You flaunt yourself in front of another man without my permission’, he hisses. ‘You le t him shoot off his sperm in your mouth, you filthy slut – did you think I’d let that go unpunished?’ ‘Please..’ You whisper. His sudden intake of breath is the only warning. Then the flat of his hand smacks into your bared cheeks with a slap. You shriek of surprise and pain. ‘You don’t suck any man’s cock without me saying so’ bahis şirketleri he gasps. His hand descends again, harder than before. You feel a sort of sting and a warm glow is spreading across your upraised buttocks. You jerk suddenly as … finger slides abruptly up your exposed pussy crack. You are damp and swollen. ‘Thinking about Gerry’s thick spurting cock?’ he rasps, as his free hand slaps you again, first on one cheek then on the other. Then he strokes you once more. Your body squirms helplessly. As each slap alternates with a probing finger-fuck, you clutch at the chair. Then suddenly he stops for a moment and as you gasp for breath, another slap comes, but this time softer, warmer. Red faced you twist your head and look. …. John’s face is red too. Then you see his trousers are about his knees. His cock, stiffly erect, is grasped in his hand. As you watch, he thwacks it against your exposed cheek. ‘Yes..’ You whisper. ‘Yes-do it-punish me- Give your cock to me!’. ‘On your knees slut!’ John commands On your knees, moaning while frigging your wet cunt, you reach fot the bloated bulb of John’s erection. Now its tip butts the wet lips of your mouth. John pushes his dick into your mouth, sliding and fucking your mouth with a fierce energy until he spurts deep in your throat. The sperm is dripping out of your mouth when you climax too wailing. His sperm drips on your naked tits and thighs…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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