my sister and the Wii game

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Amy Lee

My Sister and the Wii game,

Let me tell you about a true story, im 36 and my sister is
35 , ever since we were children we have always been close .
Im 6ft2 medium build and just got out of a divorce. My sister is 5ft 5/6, slim with nice figure , even though she is 35 I would say that her tits are 36/38 D and
has a very nice arse.
She has been single since she was 30 when she found her
hubby cheating on her with her mate, she always said I was only male
she would ever trust again.
But back to the story , we have our own flats but live about
30 miles apart , if I go out with her I stop at her flat even though its a
one bed flat we just share the bed and the same if she comes to mine,
we just stick a few pillows down the middle .
A few weeks ago I got a call from her asking if she could
stay at mine for about a week or so, as her flat was getting new heating
and kitchen and other stuff done to it. There was no problem with her
stopping so arranged time to pick her and her stuff up.
It was the first time I had her stop over for longer than
a day , I picked her up along with 2 or 3 bags ,joked she was only stopping
for a week not moving in, reply was im a woman and need all these things.
As we had in the past said pillows down the middle when we
go to bed . I was thinking back to when we last lived together at our
parents house and more than once she had walked in on me in the shower,
stood and watched me before I knew she was there , sure she was looking
at my cock , which im not massive but 8 inchs seems to please the women
I have been with . She quickly dissapeared into her room , red faced and
did not come back out for a while.
The first few nights went past no problem , but friday we
went out to the local pub , remembering the old days and things we had
done in the past as kids. We were always competetive and played pool
loser got the drinks in , let her win 1 or 2 but she must of bought 10
plus rounds , we got back to the flat and forgot about the pillows as we
were fairly drunk.
I woke up about 7am kocaeli escort bayan with a mouth like a sewer and the normal
morning hard on blokes wake up with, but as I came around i relised I was spooned into my
sisters back and hand was resting on her tit on outside of her top, more to my horror my rock
hard cock had found its way out the hole in my boxers and was about a inch inside her arse cheeks.I quickly tried to move away but my sister just held my hand
on her tit and budged her arse back onto my cock, I think she was asleep,
but wasn’t sure .
As I manged to get my hand free it suddenly dawn on me
how far could I go ?. Do I try and get my hand inside and have a
quick feel , I moved my hand down and brushed the top of her thigh
only to find out she had no knickers on, my cock was a inch from her arsehole , and nothing
She moved a bit and I quickly jumped out of bed to
go have a wank in the shower , could I have just imadgined that
I could of tried to feel my sister up.
I went to work and put it out my mind , later that day
I got a text of her saying she had bought me a Wii as thanks for
putting her up. I got home about 5 and was handed a can of cider
and she said drink and food was on her , about 3 hours later and good amount of drink , we
set up the Wii, being a bit pissed and cocky I said loser does forfit drink, she replyied nope just
a forfit but winner picks .
Six games later I had her drinking vodka with jam, doing
handstand whilst saying I was best, didnt think the handstand 1 out
properly as the skirt she had on fell over her head and I got full view of
red lacey thong, and she was very smooth as I could see no hairs.
Trying not to think of my sisters smooth cunt I lost next
3 games . Her first forfit was for me to go put one of her bras on ,
which I did , her second was for me to dance if I was a male stripper
but keep clothes on , her third was to tell her about the last time I had sex, nearly
kocaeli sınırsız escort said this morning but quickly told her about old gf last month.
I won the next game and said I will write down 3 dares
and she could pick the dare , 1, was to run about in underware in garden
2 ,was to perform same stripper dance but keep clothes on 3, was to play
strip tennis , she picked 1 up then put it down picked another up and
opened it , number 3 it was , she said your dirty perv but I said look at
other 2 and it was her choice, Not thinking she would go through with it
till she put the tennis game on , 4 games in and she had lost her top ,her
socks , her shoes and was in middle of taking her skirt off, lets just say
her bra was matching her thong and was very nice sight. Ok I said
thats enough and went to turn game off as I didnt think she would
go any further , a shoe off my arse as she said no you dont I dont
chicken out , next game I think I let her win, so I took off my socks
next game I won so , she went to take bra off but I stopped her,
you dont have to , I said , lets just say I won, a bra in the face and
first time I had seen her tits told me she wanted to play on.
If I win you will be naked mind I told her , bet your naked
before me was the reply, she won next to games and I was down to my
boxers , I won the last game and without evening thinking she took off
her thong, there was my sister naked in frony of me and I was only
in my boxers , ok I win I said , throwing her clothes back to her ,
no you havn’t she said , if you win next game you can feel my tits
and if I win you take boxers off, only just won next game and she came
over and stood infront of me and placed my hand on her breast , for 35
they were very firm and had no sag even though there was no bra on.
Feeling brave I said what if I win next game , feel my arse
was reply, next game she didnt stand a chance , there was my sister
wiggling her arse for me to feel , she noticed my hard-on and said
my big brother ,which made me blush , I lost the next game izmit anal yapan escort deleberate
to see what she would do, off came my boxers and all 8 inchs bounced
up and down , ok she said next game you win you feel me , I win I feel
I let her win next game and she soon had a hand around
my cock moving up and down, trying to stop her I clicked next game
think she let me win as she kept staring at my cock , I found her quite tight but fairly wet
as 2 fingers slipped in , that was it she threw down the controller and sank to her knees
with my cock inchs away from
her mouth, opened and swallowed it all the way in upto my balls, never
tought about my sister giving blow-jobs before but I could tell she was
more than good at it , after 5 mins she pulled away and said she had
wanted to do that for years, I wanted to taste her and pushed her onto
sofa , on my knees and her pussy smely devine and looked so smooth
lent forward and slipped my tounge inside her wet hole , I licked and
sucked her pussy till all her juices were all over my face , I wanted to
be inside her and quickly lined my cock up , looking into her eyes she
grabbed my hips and forced my cock into her , she held me there so
I could feel her hot pussy gripping my cock, after a while she let me
go and I slowly banged my cock into her soaking pussy , she begged
me to fuck her as hard as I could, this I did as hard as I could , my balls
slapped her arse so hard you could hear it echo in the room.
The more I fucked her the closer to comimg I was ,
I went to pull out and she said she wanted it inside her but I said no,
she went put it up my arse and fuck me there till you cum, this was
unreal my sister asking me to fuck her arse and I did without thinking
her arse was quite tight , tighter than her pussy and she said no body
had fucked her arse before , I was taking my sisters arsehole virginity.
After 5 mins I shot my load deep into her arse and she
must have had massive orgasm as she screamed and clawed my back
with her legs wrapped around me , after 5 mins slumpted to the
floor and hugged , I need a shower and she joined me , I havnt had
sex with her since but she says santa will have a very nice present
for me this year ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cant wait

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