My sister in law her friends and Me

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My sister in law her friends and MeMany years ago in 1968 when I was newly married, I was passing thru Pueblo Colorado one morning on my way home from visiting relatives in New Mexico and since I was well ahead of schedule I thought I would stop off at my brother-in-law’s house. I pulled into the driveway and noticed a strange car with Texas plates but my brother-in-law’s car wasn’t there. As usual, I just walked in without knocking and heard music playing quite loud down in the family room. I went down the stairs and as I walked into the room I was startled to see four gorgeous gals totally naked and obviously enjoying themselves! In the middle of the group was my wife’s cousin Pat. She was busy licking a big blond’s ass and pussy and the other two were fucking each other with dildos! Rather than cause a fuss, that I might not be able to straighten out, I decided to back my ass out and quietly sneak out, jump in my truck and get the hell out of there! As I started to back up I felt a sharp sting in my back and a hand roughly grab my shoulder and loudly announce “Hey girls look what I found watching you playing!” They immediately all got up and surrounded me and the next thing I knew I felt a sharp pain in my balls! One of them had kicked me very hard and I was down! As I regained my senses, I discovered that I was naked and tied up1 They were busy discussing what to do with me. Pat had recognized me and was telling the others that they better leave me alone and wait until Kathy got back from shopping’ While I was laying there the big blonde was playing with my penis and announced she might as well have fun and started sucking me! It didn’t take long for my little dick to get hard… and with her sucking I blew a large creamy load in her mouth! As soon as they saw that I was conscious they started to taunt me and ask what I was doing there. Pat grabbed my nuts and twisted and shouted, “You really complicated things …how are we going to straighten this out?”. About that time Kathy walked in wanted to know what the hell happened.She had them all go upstairs and she told me I needed to tell her what happened. I explained that I had walked in as usual and came down to say hi and when I saw what was going on , I tried to leave. I was caught, kicked in the nuts tied up and sucked off! Other than that it seemed to be a normal visit to her house! bahis siteleri With that I reached out, smiled and gave her a kiss. She smiled and hugged me then undressed. She untied the telephone wire that they had used to restrain me. She led me to the couch and we talked about how her husband and my wife never find out what happened. Once we agreed, we laid down and made love with absolute surrender. We talked and she said this would not end and that she owed me big time! She left me there and went upstairs. She loudly announced…”Hey guys.. We have to get this mess fixed! First we have to introduce everyone, then let Lou tell you what happened and then we need to explain that we are all lesbians here and we were having a reunion from college!” At that point Kathy sent the big blonde down. Her name was Hope. She introduced herself and told me she was Kathy’s sisters girlfriend. She was almost thirty and really enjoyed sucking me off earlier and that she would like to play a little but did not want it in her pussy. I gave her a big hug and laid her down and ate her big bald pussy until she had a beautiful orgasm. She kissed me all over and apologized for kicking me in the nuts and gave my penis a sweet little suck and said she would send Josie down after I took a shower.After my shower I was really refreshed and when I went back in the family room I found Josie who had brought me a big sandwich and sat and talked while I ate. Josie was Kathy’s sister who I had never met and that she was Hope’s girl friend. Josie was 35, very small and had massive tits that were beautiful. When I finished my sandwich and beer she grabbed me by the hand and had me lay down on the floor She explained that she would not fuck me but she was going to do things to my asshole that I couldn’t dream of! I was concerned because at that point in my life I had not ever had anything up my ass and I told her so! She laughed and had me roll over on my back, lubed her finger bent over my face with her massive tits and let me suck her beautiful nipples while she fingered my asshole gently then a little more rough. She slipped a strap on dildo with a fairly large curved dildo and as I looked at the size of it she said that she used it on Hope all of the time and it had turned into Hope’s best friend! She had me get on all fours got behind me and rode me like a bitch canlı bahis hound! When she was finished I had her lay down on the floor and began to eat her pussy. As I ate her pussy I reached over and got the dildo she had used on me. I slipped it in her ass and began to do what she had done to me and ate her pussy like a crazy man! In a short time Josie had a fabulous orgasm and before she went up , she said that was the best orgasm she had ever had with a man! She also wanted to get together before she went back to Texas.Within a few minutes Vicki came down. She was a stunning girl! Bright red hair in a pony tail very lightly freckled smooth skin without a trace of body hair. We talked and she told me that she was a dental tech and that she was recently split from her lesbian lover and came to Colorado with Josie to get her head straight. At that point she burst into tears and when I got her settled she admitted that she had never had sex with a man! Not wanting to cause a problem I told her that was OK with me and that we could just hug and she could go on up. Vera, the lady who had caught me came down a few minutes later. She was a big girl, not unattractive but by no means stimulating. She had earned a scholarship to the university of Texas women’s track team as a shot putt specialist! She had been a lesbian since highschool and was a coach in Arlington Texas. She said that she was sorry for roughing me up and during the discussion I got the idea that even though we were at peace, she would rather break me in two than have my penis near her! No hugs from Vera, we parted with a stiff handshake and I wished her well. She looked over her shoulder and said she would send Pat down and I better be nice to her because Pat was nervous about meeting with me!A few minutes later Pat came down with a sheepish grin on her face. We exchanged the usual pleasantries about family. Pat had become a nurse and had a not so great basketball career at UT. She was 6’3′ tall, in good shape and a former lover of Vera’s. Pat had graduated moved back to Pueblo and married a guy that her parents had pusher to! They had moved to Colorado Springs and lived only blocks from us! A we talked Pat loosened up a bit but then began to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she blurted out… We went o grade school and high school together and you never even noticed me! güvenilir bahis I loved you for yours… I leaned towards her put my arm around her and kissed her cheek! She responded eagerly. we made sweet love. We stimulated each other orally and then we made love eagerly! Our climax was unbelievable! As we lay spent together on the couch my cum dribbled out of her and we both tasted it. She went upstairs and Kathy came down. She said that she had called Rose, my wife, and told her that I looked so tired that she wa making me stay the night! I asked what about her husband and she said that Bob, was at a 3 day soft-ball tournament and not to be concerned.Everyone had a bedroom Josie and Hope were in one room Vicki and Vera were in another and Pat and Kathy were in the Master and I was on the couch! We had all spent the evening visiting and I turned in early because I was a tired puppy!By midnight Kathy was down laying in a 69 position sucking my penis! I woke up not knowing who it was and she pulled my penis out of her mouth long enough to answer. After a few minutes we began another bout of furious lovemaking and ended up cumming together violently. Before she went back to bed she winked and said that was just a little payback and that Pat would be down in a couple hours. When I asked how she knew she smiled and said they flipped a coin as to who went first!About 2 am Pat came down, turned on the lights, knelt down in front of me and began to suck my penis. She knows how to suck a dick and I let her go on for awhile.I made her exchange positions and I proceeded to eat her pussy and really got her going. We then got on the floor and fucked like a couple of fools. We repeated tasting my cum as it dribbled out of her pussy and then she went to bed.The next morning I awoke to the smell os sausage and eggs and we all had a great naked breakfast. I left after a round of naked hugs and kisses and drove home to spend a weekend of naked lovemaking with my wife. None of the seven of us ever breathed a word about the daylong fuckfest, but over the years I was able to have reunions with Pat and Kathy on many occasions.Some years later at a big Memorial day family reunion following my sons high school graduation, the traditional family picture taking was going on in earnest. Three grandsons had graduated from high school that year and were posed together for photos when my mother-in-law exclaimed…Look they all look like brothers! No one paid attention to her ramblings but it caught my attention as well as Pat and Kathy! I wonder if… nah couldn’t have, or could it?

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