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Subject: My Son Jimmy 1 Wind whistled through the old garage. It was a bitter cold Saturday morning in Indiana, and without the gas heater I had going at full blast, my ten-year-old son, Jimmy and I might have been frozen solid. He was there, under my old truck “helping” by handing me tools and asking way too many questions. It had been a year since his mother left us. I was finally starting to get back to things I enjoyed doing, like working with my hands. I can’t say I miss her, though on cold nights like these someone to snuggle up with would have been really nice. Jimmy looked nothing like her. A lanky red head with a pale white complexion, he always stood in sharp contrast to his mom, who was round, short and very brown with black hair and brown eyes. Maybe that’s why the two never really seemed to bond. On cold nights like these, Jimmy ended up in my bed. Lately, as my libido seemed to be returning, I had been embarrassed to wake up with my hard cock up against his soft, white little ass. Once or twice, I had woken up from a wet dream, thankful not to have drenched him and so glad not to have to explain myself to him. I didn’t think too much about incidents like that or how my eyes I seemed to linger on his round ass every time we showered together, or I saw him naked changing clothes. That is, until this fateful day in the old garage. The questions were relentless. I had developed the habit of half listening and responding with one-word answers, focusing on the work at hand. But when little Jimmy started asking me about his body, something clicked deep inside me. It was like the whole picture came together. “Does your penis ever get hard for no reason, Dad?” “Yes, son,” I answered. “That happens to every man and every boy. Those are called spontaneous erections. It’s just our body’s way of preparing you for when you are older.” “You mean puberty.” “Yes.” “My biology teacher showed us a film. I am going to get hairy under my arms and around my penis and I will sweat a lot more.” “Yes, son. Those are some of the changes.” “And I will shoot sperms.” I couldn’t help myself. I laughed out loud at that one. “Yes, son, I suppose you will.” “But that’s to get a girl pregnant, and I don’t want to do that until I am a grown up so I will wear a condom.” “Right.” “But I can’t shoot sperms until then, right?” Jimmy was confused. He thought sperm production had to do with being with a woman. I clarified and explained that men make sperm all the time and it had nothing to do with being around a girl or a woman. The new knowledge seemed to be a great relief. “So you make sperms now?” “It’s just sperm. Or if you like, “cum” but yeah. I do.” “When?” “Well, has your biology teacher taught you about masturbation?” “No…. Well, wait. He said that the sperms, or uh…sperm come out either when you are having sex or when you masturbate through ejaculation. Bu the never explained `masturbate.’ Scott told izmit escort bayan me after class that it meant the same thing as jacking off. Is that right?” “Yes, that’s true. Sometimes a man or even a woman can pleasure themselves to make them have an orgasm. Men’s penises shoot sperm when this happens.” “Is that what you do at night sometimes?” “What? What are you talking about?” Despite the cold, I could feel my face starting to turn hot and red. “Sometimes I wake up and my back is wet or there is wet stuff on you.” I guess maybe my wet dreams had not gone un-noticed. “Well, no, I wasn’t masturbating, really.” I then explained the wet dream concept and Jimmy seemed to understand right away. “Dad, will you teach me how to masturbate?” The question electrified me. I was mortified by it, but strangely excited by it at the same time. I instantly pictured me jacking off with my boy and the image that flashed into my mind started making my cock rock hard. “Well, that’s not…usually dads and sons don’t do that together,” I managed. My mind raced. I didn’t know what to say next. Fortunately, Jimmy helped me out a little. “True, but we already do a lot that most dads and sons don’t do together. I know you wouldn’t want anyone to know, but I wouldn’t tell anyone if you wanted to show me.” My cock was starting to throb. I could not get the image of showing my boy my big dick and then I started picturing that hot, round butt of his. I guess I had been into him a lot longer than I had let myself realize. I reached down and rubbed my throbbing cock through my jeans. “Hey, we’ve been at this quite a while, it’s pretty cold out here. Why don’t we go in and get warm by the fireplace and talk about all of this there?” “Sure, Dad.” I stood up and tried to hard my hard on, but it betrayed me. My crotch bulging, and Jimmy noticed. I reached down and adjusted myself as I put the tools away, trying to play it off. Out of the corner of my eyes, I thought I saw Jimmy touching his crotch, which appeared to be about twice its normal size, too. We made it into the house, got the fire going and settled in with some hot chocolate. Jimmy cuddled with me under a blanket watching cartoons on the big screen TV over the fireplace. I started thinking about our earlier conversation and sitting there in just my long underwear, started to get hard all over again. I reached over to Jimmy and drew him near me. I held his little body next to me and he rested his head on my chest. I had a nice view of that sweet little, round ass. He was wearing some lounge pants, but the fabric was stretched perfectly to give me a clear outline. I can’t believe what I did next. Slowly, I stretched and pretended to yawn. As I brought my arm down, I let my hand rest casually on Jimmy’s hot little butt. It was the oldest move in the book, but it worked on him. He didn’t move. I was holding his hot buns in my hand. My large, Daddy hand covered izmit eve gelen escort both of them and my middle finger was perfectly positioned to explore his little crack, which I dared not do at this point. Jimmy reacted to me holding his butt by wiggling it contentedly under my grasp. This let me know the boy liked me touching him that way. He also caressed my flat stomach and ran his hand up my chest. At one point, he even played with my beard a little. As the cartoon ended. I switched the TV off and made my move. “So, you want to talk more about learning how to masturbate?” Jimmy spring up from my chest and looked me right in the eyes. “Now? You want to show me? Okay, Dad!” He was so excited. I gently peeled the covers back and let him feast his little eyes on the bulge in my long underwear. My cock was like a tent pole between my legs, stretching the fabric tight. At the tip, a little wet spot was beginning to form. “Man, your penis is hard, Dad!” “How about yours?” I said playfully. Jimmy reached down and felt himself. “Not yet, but I am getting there. Want to see?” “Yeah, let’s show each other.” We each removed our pants. I watched with wonder as my boy stood up and showed off his three-inch, hairless member, which was clearly starting to grow. He rubbed it a little. When he saw my 7″ adult cock, his eyes got wide. “Dang…It’s so big, and hairy.” I laughed. “Yours will be too, son. Take your shirt off, too?” Jimmy complied and was standing naked in front of me. I followed suit and pulled off my underwear shirt to reveal my hairy chest and pecks. My nipples were rock hard. From there, I took full control, doing what I wanted to the boy. First, I grabbed him and brought him over right between my legs. I turned him around. I felt his smooth body from his shoulders to his soft, round belly to his sweet little ass. This time I let my fingers explore his hairless crack. My dick almost exploded as I fondled him. I caressed his now rock hard little cock and cupped his balls. Jimmy complied, and just let out a few, wimpering sighs of pleasure. “Feel good?” “Oh, yes, Daddy, I love when you touch me all over.” “Your turn,” I said, lying back on the couch. “Touch me anywhere you want.” Jimmy ran his small hands up my muscled thighs. Then he gently caressed my low hanging balls and grabbed the base of my cock with both hands, swinging my tree-like boner back and forth feeling its weight. A little droplet of pre-cum oozed out of me. “Are you peeing, Dad?” “No, son. Remember sperm? That’s gonna happen later. But before that happens, there is something called `pre-cum.’ It means I am very excited and fully erect.” “Oh, he said. You are excited to be doing this with me.” “Yes, yes I am, son.” “I like it too, dad.” And with that he tugged on his hairless cock. I caressed his sweet ass as the boy leaned over my cock and looked into my piss slit, fascinated izmit otele gelen escort by the little drop of pre-cum. I was so horny, I didn’t stop myself from anything I wanted to do. I gently pushed his little face toward my cock. But, he resisted, I caught myself, and stopped pushing on him. Then I got an idea. “Let me show you something,” I said. Then I reached down and scooped up the droplet of precum and brought it to my tongue. He watched in utter fascination as I tasted my own juice. “Does it taste good? Is that okay to do, I mean is it dirty?” “No, it’s not dirty at all. Nothing that comes from your healthy cock is dirty. Some men and women like to eat pre-cum and cum during sex. And many men taste their juices when they masturbate.” The boy’s grip on my hard cock tightened and more of the clear pre-cum oozed out. This time, he leaned forward and licked it right off. His hot, wet little tongue touched my cock head for just an instant, but it sent sparks of hot pleasure through my whole body. “Mmmm…” Jimmy said. “It tastes salty, but also kinda sweet. I like knowing I tasted your Daddy juice.” Those words from my boy set me on fire. I grabbed his head and eased it toward my swollen meat hoping that on his own he would get the idea to suck me. “Suck it and lick it, Jimmy” I said gently. Without hesitation, my boy opened his mouth and began licking the head of my cock like it was a big lollipop. The sensation was amazing. I guided him to take more of the meat in his mouth and showed him how to jack my shaft. His little mouth couldn’t open wide enough to get all of the head in, but his sweet, ruby red lips looked so sexy on my purple end. His little tongue explored me and sent shivers up my spine. Within minutes, I was getting a pretty good blowjob-hand job combo from my little boy and I could feel myself easing toward an orgasm. “That’s it, son. Lick your Daddy’s cock.” I said. The filthiness of those words from my mouth only fueled my lust even more. I squeezed his sweet ass. Before we were through, I knew I’d be fucking my boy and getting head from him on a regular basis. This was too perfect! The cum in my balls was boiling. “Jimmy, you are gonna make Daddy cum.” “What?” “You are going to make me shoot sperms,” I said, using his word for it. “Oh, yes, Daddy. I want to do that.” I adjusted his grip on my cock and had him lick my cock and balls all over, making them as wet as possible. Then I spit on my cock and he did, too. Our father-son lube was going to bring me home to my first orgasm with my boy. I looked him right in the eyes and watched as he pumped my cock just as I had shown him. Now and then, I asked him to lick me and he did just exactly as I said. I pushed his little face back just as I was feeling a monstrous load rise up from my nuts. Then, I blasted several ropes of thick, white cum. I flew straight up in the air about two feet and landed on my stomach and chest, but some of it hit Jimmy on the back, too. “Wow!” is all he said as he watched me bust my nuts. I laid there with a big pool of cream on my belly and my dirty little boy between my legs still holding my cock by the base. “I can’t wait to learn how to do that!” was all he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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