My Summer with Cindy

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After my freshman year of college, I spent the summer back home working for my uncle who was an accountant. Living at home was horrible after the freedom of college life, but it had its perks. I didn’t pay rent, I ate for free, and I had an absolutely gorgeous neighbor.

Cindy moved into the house next door to mine at the end of my junior year. With all the partying of my last summer of high school and the crazy schedule of senior year, I never really got to know Cindy. But the fact that she was an absolute knockout never escaped my notice. Cindy was tall and leggy at 5’10”. Her legs had wonderful curves and she had the cutest round bottom that she regularly showed off with shorts that were a little too tight. She had the most seductive strawberry blond hair that burned with a light red color in the sunlight and always seemed silky and smooth. Her beautiful face was highlighted by two very dark blue eyes and a set of soft, lush lips. Her most prominent feature was a set of very large, firm breasts that stuck out proudly in front of her. Her impressive rack seemed out of place on her long, thin frame, and she brazenly displayed them with very tight T-shirts or dangerously low necklines that exposed much of her ample cleavage.

Cindy and I talked to each other occasionally when we happened to meet out in front of our houses or when we saw each other around the neighborhood, but we never really became close friends. She was a year younger and most of her time was spent involved in her playing soccer, so we never had much time to get to know each other. I did catch regular glimpses of her practicing her soccer skills in her backyard or just laying out reading a book, because the fence separating our two backyards was rather low and I could see into her property from my back steps. But I never said much to her.

When I came home for the summer, my mom had a lot to say about Cindy. My mother had never liked the clothes that Cindy chose to wear over her young body, but my mother went further to say that Cindy was earning herself a reputation as a bit of a slut at high school. I had no idea how my mom would have found this information, so I dismissed it as gossip until an event later in the summer.

I had arrived home and started work in mid-May, so I was home when Cindy graduated from high school. I didn’t realize her momentous occasion was upon her until one day I was lying out in the sun next to my backyard pool. I heard the back door open and close next door and someone shuffled out into the yard. I was about to fall asleep, so I paid no mind until someone started kicking a soccer ball into the fence. The loud thumping was impossible to ignore, so I stood up and walked over.

Standing on tiptoe, I was just able to peek over the fence. Cindy stood there, dressed in her cap and gown, and launched the soccer ball into the fence in front of me.

“Hey neighbor,” I called. “What the heck are you doing?”

Cindy visibly blushed with a little embarrassment when she saw me and walked closer to the fence. We had really only talked this way once or twice before.

“Sorry, am I bothering you?” she asked.

“Not really,” I lied, “but I am wondering what you’re doing playing soccer in that get-up.” She actually laughed.

“Oh well,” she said, a serious look quickly darkening her face, “just thinking about things. I’m graduating today.”

“Congratulations,” I said with a smile.

“Thanks,” she replied with a very sweet smile of her own.

“So what are you thinking about?” I asked.

“Well,” she paused for a moment before looking back up into my eyes. “I haven’t made too many friends since I moved here. It kind of sucks that I’m graduating but I don’t have anyone really close that I can celebrate with.”

There was a short, very silent pause after her statement.

“Do you think I’m a loser?” she asked, looking back up at me.

I laughed so loud and hard I think I honestly scared her. “Of course not,” I quickly replied when I saw the apprehension in her face. “I know you’re very smart, you’ve always been very nice when we talk, you’re a very sweet girl, and you’re drop dead gorgeous,” I replied. The red color rushed to her cheeks and she looked down at her feet even though I could see a smile light her face.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel less stupid,” she said, sill not looking at me.

“Not at all,” I said, catching her eyes as she looked up at me. “I just regret that we never really got to know each other because I’m sure I would have been lucky to be your friend.” Her smile grew very wide.

We paused again for a moment and she shuffled around, long blond hair falling over her face as she looked back down at her feet.

“Cindy?!” her mother called from the house. She looked back up at me and smiled as she began to walk towards her door.

“Thanks,” she said, looking into my eyes, “I really appreciate what you said.”

“Anytime,” I replied, “I really meant it.” How could anyone think this sweet and innocent girl adiosbet yeni giriş was a slut?

Two weeks later, on a humid mid-June evening, I was laying out next to my pool trying to beat the summer heat. My parents were out of town for two weeks on one of those European cruises, and I was enjoying having the summer to myself. I was drifting through the afternoon heat, floating somewhere between sleep and relaxed consciousness, when I heard something rustling against the side fence.

“Hey,” came a soft call, instantly stirring me from my listlessness. I opened my eyes to see Cindy peeking over the fence.

“Hey,” I called back in greeting.

“It’s hot,” she said matter-of-factly. I could only see the top of her head and her eyes, but it seemed like she was smiling.

“Yes it is,” I replied, almost in question.

“Think I can come for a swim in your pool?” she asked. “I won’t make a mess.” Now I was sure she was smiling.

“Sure,” I said in reply.

The head disappeared without warning, and I sat up waiting curiously. From the side of the house, Cindy came strolling into the back yard. The sight of her young body would have been enough to kill a fragile man. Her silky blond hair was held back in a ponytail, and her dark blue eyes seemed full of mischief. Her large, firm breasts were encased tightly in a small pink string bikini top, and her flat midriff was visible all the way down to her pink bikini bottom. Her toned ass was visible, and led my eyes all the way down her long, curvy legs to her painted pink toenails. She carried a white towel casually over her shoulder, but what mesmerized me was the way her huge tits jiggled gently up and down as she walked.

Suddenly I was very conscious of the fact that I was getting an instant hard on and was also wearing nothing more than swim shorts. I had to find a distraction.

“How did you get in?” I asked in honest curiosity.

“Through the side gate,” she replied, “your parents used to let me in that way all this past Spring.”

She gave me a quizzical look, and then with the flash of a smile she tossed her towel towards me and took two quick steps before leaping into the pool. I marveled at how the thin triangles of fabric that made up her top could manage to remain over her smooth breasts as they bobbed violently during her jump. Cindy splashed around gleefully in the water for a bit, and watching the water cascade over her amazing figure rapidly started inflating my uncooperative dick. I decided to lie back and attempt to return to my slumber before I embarrassed myself.

“Aren’t you coming in?” asked Cindy curiously.

I responded without opening my eyes, “Maybe later.”

Cindy continued to swim and occasionally splash around out large pool, but after a few minutes the sounds stopped. I didn’t really notice it at first, but after a bit I opened my eyes and began to sit up to see what had happened to Cindy.

I moved just in time to see her standing over me with one of the buckets we used in maintaining the pool, and a second later an enormous cascade of frighteningly cold water was crashing down all over me. The shock to my body was tremendous.

Cindy squealed and began to run away laughing as I instinctively leapt to my feet. She was heading back for the water, and almost without thinking I reached out to grab her. From behind, just as she took her final step and jumped, I somehow grabbed a hold of the string from her bikini that was tied around her back. I felt the string pull free and snap undone as Cindy leapt into the air. Realizing my mistake, I let go and she shot up and then came crashing down into the water. The two triangles of the pink top remained floating in the water as she submerged, and she instantly popped back up through the bubbles foaming on the surface.

Her face was comical, in a child-like look of confusion, as she surface. My shocked look must have been just as funny as I was suddenly greeted by two huge, beautiful, bare breasts. Her pink nipples stood out proudly and openly and the water cascaded down her chest. Cindy looked down, saw herself exposed, and instantly covered her tits with her hands.

“Ooooo, you awful boy,” she spat at me, full of indignant anger.

I reached down for the top floating in the water and plucked it off the surface. I extended the top to her, stammering my apology, “Cindy… I’m sorry… I mean… I didn’t mean to… that is, it was a mistake…”

My words were cut off when she shocked me once again by reaching out with one hand, firmly grasping mine, and yanked me into the water. I toppled over head first, fully unprepared, and think I must have slid down her smooth leg as I plummeted towards the bottom. By the time I resurfaced and managed to clear the water away from my eyes, Cindy had already worked the top back over her chest and was retying the string in the back.

“I’m sorry,” I managed to say.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Cindy replied with a bright smile, “it was really my fault anyway.”

I adiosbet giriş splashed her playfully, and got a mouth full of water splashed back in response. I made my way towards the steps at the shallow end, and sat down in the water to catch my breath.

“No hard feelings?” Cindy asked with a sympathetic smile.

“Of course not, if anyone should be mad it’s you,” I replied.

“Oh, that was a accident,” Cindy responded, moving a little closer towards me.

We paused for a bit. I was admiring her incredible figure and perky tits floating on the surface of the water, but she looked at me with an appreciative eye as if she were sizing me up.

“Kevin, can we talk?” she asked.

I was caught a little of guard by the question, but she had been surprising me all afternoon. “Sure,” I replied.

“I really appreciate the things you said when I graduated,” she said. She was looking down into the water, absently playing with the end of her hair. “You’ve always been very nice to me, and you especially always talked to me like an adult, not like a little kid,” she continued. She looked up at me now, staring straight into my eyes, “I’m… curious about some things, and I was wondering if we could talk.”

“Sure,” I replied again.

She looked at me very seriously, “You have to promise me that what we say stays between us.”

I hesitated just for a brief moment, mostly because her insistence bewildered me. “Of course,” I replied.

She began looking back into the water and playing with her hair. I was almost too distracted by the wet flesh of her large breasts to hear her say, “Have you ever had sex before?”

I was speechless just for a second. “Uh, what?” was all I managed to say.

“Have you ever had sex before,” she said again softly, this time peeking up at me.

“I don’t know if we should be talking about this when your parents could be listening on the other side of that fence,” I said somewhat seriously.

“They’re gone for the day today,” Cindy replied, “why won’t you answer? Are you uncomfortable talking about this with me?” she asked, looking more than a little hurt.

“No,” I replied, “Um, I mean, no I don’t feel uncomfortable. Yes, I have had sex before.” I was unsure where this conversation was leading.

“I haven’t,” replied Cindy, “but I kind of want to. Is that bad?”

“No,” I replied a little to quickly. “It’s natural,” I tried to cover, “but why do you want to?”

At first I felt like I had asked a stupid question, but her frank answer caught me off guard yet again. “I’m going away to college, and I feel like sex is something I’m supposed to know,” she began. “I mean, I’ll probably meet someone at some party and we’ll get into it and end up doing it.” If only she knew how true that probably was, but I was still surprised at her boldness. “So I figured I should learn about sex and that way my first time will be good and then it’ll go well when I do it in college.”

I was a little taken aback by her explanation. “So what have you done?” I asked, almost without realizing it.

“Well, I’ve fooled around a lot,” she began, edging her way closer to me and dropping her voice into a near whisper. “I mean, I figure everyone has.” She sat down on the step next to me. “I was going out with this boy for a while, and I let him feel me up. He sucked on my boobs a couple of times, and he even fucked my tits once. I gave him a couple of blowjobs, and I gave this other guy a blowjob after prom. But we never had sex. The guy I was seeing tried to finger me once, but it wasn’t going well so I made him stop.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” I asked.

“Well, I feel like we can talk,” she replied, “and I want to learn from you.”

“What?!” I replied in astonishment. “Do you mean you want to talk about sex?”

“No,” she said very softly, “I want you to show me. I trust you.”

“Wow,” was all I could manage.

“Don’t you want to?” she said quickly, “I mean I saw you getting hard earlier so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem.” Her hand brushed against my thigh under the water and I jumped just a bit. “How many times have you done it?”

“Well,” I began very uncertainly, “I’ve had sex maybe four times.” I decided to be honest since Cindy was being so open with me. “I had sex with this girl the first week of college and that was my first time. It never really turned into anything, but I was seeing this girl for a couple of months and we did it about three times.”

“Did she ever go down on you?” Cindy asked, a hand placed firmly on my leg.

“Yeah, she gave me a blowjob a few times,” I replied.

“Did you ever go down on her?” she asked. Between her questions and the hand on my leg, my cock was well on its way to being fully erect. I just hoped she didn’t notice.

“Yeah, I did once,” I replied.

“Just once?” she asked.

“Well, she didn’t like it. I mean, she REALLY enjoyed me going down on her, but she didn’t like the idea of me and my tongue messing around down adiosbet güvenilirmi there.”

Cindy laughed. She looked at me for a second until I finally returned her gaze. “Will you teach me about sex?” she asked, “will you show me?”

“Listen, Cindy, I don’t think you understand what you’re saying,” I tried to begin.

“I really want to,” she replied quickly. “I don’t want you to say that I don’t understand, you always treat me alike an adult.” Again she looked more than a little hurt. “And don’t I turn you on?” she began a different approach. “Don’t you want to do it with me? I saw that I made you hard earlier when I first got here, and you’re hard right now.” She softly gripped my fully engorged cock through the fabric of my swim trunks.

I grunted softly. “All right,” I said.

“Great,” she replied, “I’m all yours.”

I stared down into those deep blue eyes and couldn’t believe how honestly innocent she looked. She had the face of an angel, and she was looking at me as if I were about to show her how to change a tire or teach her basic math. I cupped her soft face and kissed her, pressing my lips softly into hers. She returned my affection instantly, brushing her lips against mine. I parted my lips slightly and probed at her lips with the tip of my tongue. She opened her mouth and probed hesitantly with her own tongue at first, but as our lip lock deepened and I brushed aside a few strands of wet hair from her face, her tongue eagerly sought mine and we danced in each other’s mouths.

I pulled away. The visual and physical stimulation had been too much for me, and I had lost my senses. But I couldn’t continue. I pulled back and looked deep into those beautiful blue eyes so full of confusion.

“I don’t know,” I stalled, “are you sure about this?”

“I’m very sure,” Cindy said, turning to place a light kiss on my hand that rested against her cheek. “You’re being very sweet, and that’s why I want to learn from you.”

She leaned into me and kissed me again, full on the lips. Our tongues reached out for each other once more, and her large breasts pressed into my chest. Very aware of her firm melons smashing into me, I reached up with my free hand and cupped one lightly. Cindy actually cooed into my mouth.

I broke away again. “So what do you want to know?” I asked.

“Everything,” she replied.

“Can you be more specific?” I teased.

“Well, let’s start at the basics. I’ve never done a hand job.” I was very aware of the subtle up and down motions she was making on my stiff cock through my shorts.

“Well, you’re not doing too bad a job right now,” I said.

She reached into my trunks, wrapped her hands around my thick meat, and pulled my dick free. She looked down at the blurry image of my cock under the water and felt its girth and length with her small, thin hand.

“It’s nice,” she said as she lightly gripped my pole and stroked up and then down on my shaft. “It’s bigger than my boyfriends, and definitely thicker. What do I have to know to give a good hand job?”

I was lost for a moment in the feeling of her soft hand smoothly sliding up and down the length of my slick cock, and it took me a second to formulate a response.

“Well,” I said, completely distracted by the sight of her hand jacking me under the water, “um, you have to make sure there’s plenty of lubricant.”

She looked at me like I was crazy, “But it’s underwater.”

“Um, yeah, that’s for future reference,” I replied hastily.

“All right,” she said with a grin, “we’ve got the lubricant covered.” She continued to stroke me slowly and lightly.

“Alright, you want to tighten your grip a little, but be REALLY careful because a skin burn down there would be terrible,” I suggested.

Her hand gripped a little firmer, a little tentatively at first, and then nicely firm. I moaned softly at her touch, lost in the feeling of her soft hand massaging my cock. I couldn’t believe the sight of her incredible body before me, her hand jacking my cock, her smooth, wet breasts sitting inches away and barely encased by her small bikini top, and the smile that lit her face and lighted her blue eyes. I could feel my arousal building rapidly, the familiar tingling in my groin and wonderful pleasure spreading from my cock to the rest of my body.

“Am I doing it right?” Cindy asked, curious by my reactions.

“Ohhh, yes Cindy, it’s very good,” I replied. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to close my eyes like I usually did to revel in the wonderful sexual sensation, or continue to stare at Cindy’s sweet body and firm tits. As I stared at her chest, the thought of sucking or fucking those wonderful fleshy mounds of hers began to drive me rapidly towards orgasm.

“Ohh Cindy, stop for a second,” I warned.

“But why?” Cindy asked, continuing to stroke me. “Don’t you like it?”

“Oh yeah, it feels good,” my voice shook slightly with excitement, “but I’m going to cum soon.”

“Well, I want to see it,” Cindy replied, stroking me slightly faster.

“No Cindy,” I attempted weakly.

“Yes, I want to see you cum. I want you to cum for me,” she whispered the last bit in my ear. It was pretty hard to argue with someone while your most sensitive body part was held firmly in their hand.

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