My Teacher and My Panties

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This story was written for my friend Jay who I met through here and have been emailing back and forth with for a couple months now. He brings out the dirty side in me!

**all people in this story are of age and this is purely fiction… though i wish this could happen with me and jay ;P**


I’m searching through my locker but can’t seem to find them anywhere again. I let out a huff and close the door. It is the second time this week my panties have gone missing from my locker in the girl’s locker room at school.

I don’t know who could have taken them because school was over, I just stayed to swim some laps in the pool and put all my clothes in my locker when I put my swim suit on like I always do.

I hear a noise come from the right. “Hello?”

When I hear the noise again, I pull my towel up more to make sure I am covered and follow the direction of the sound. I hear it come from your office but I thought you had left earlier when school let out.

When I push open your office door, my eyes go wide, my nipples become hard and my pussy gushes.

You are sitting behind your desk with your shorts around your ankles, your hand is rubbing up and down your cock with a pink fabric wrapped around it while you hold another blue fabric to your face as you sniff and lick it.

I hear you moan out and your hand comes away from your face but the fabric stays because you suck part of the fabric into your mouth. I realize the two items you have are my missing panties.

I moan out as my pussy throbs.

You look over at me.

You don’t stop stroking.

You don’t stop sucking on my panties.

You smile and then take the panties from your mouth.

My mouth goes dry.

“Hello, Bella” you moan.

I open and close my mouth. I don’t know what to say.

You continue to stroke your cock with my panties while I watch.

“I… I didn’t know you were still here…” I stammer.

“Mmm…” you moan.

“I wa… I was just swimming”

“Oh…fuck… mm I saw” you groan.

My pussy throbs and my body is glued still. I don’t know why I’m running away.

“Mr. Jay… are those my panties?” I ask softly.

You nod. “They feel so good on my cock.”

I bite my lip to keep from whimpering.

“And your pussy juice tastes so good out of them.”

I flush. “Really?”

You moan and stroke faster. “Oh yeah, baby. I love sucking on your panties. Did you like watching me suck on your panties?”

I nod and you tell me to come closer.

“You turned 18 this Escort Bayan weekend didn’t you, Baby Bell?”

I nod.

Your left hand moves up my thigh. When you reach my wet pussy I close my eyes and moan.

“Mmm, there’s my dirty girl I heard all about. You want to show your teacher what a real whore you are?”

My eyes snap open but before I could protest you shoot up and bend me over the desk. You rip my towel off and when I start to struggle you smack me so hard on the ass, tears come to my eyes.

“Don’t try to deny it, baby. I’ve watched you for years now. How you blow all the guys in the boiler room. How you fuck your boyfriend in his car before school. The hand jobs you give during school assemblies,” you moan as you lick up my spine.

I grip onto your desk and pray that you let me cum soon.

You get up to the back of my head and whisper in my ear, “You’re nothing but a dirty, filthy whore… and do you know what I like to do to whores?”

I whimper and shake my head.

You laugh and lick my ear. “I fuck them.”

Oh thank god.

I hold my breath and close my eyes and I wait to feel your huge cock enter my pussy, but instead, my eyes snap open in shear pain and your hand comes around to cover my mouth as I scream.

“Fuck” you groan. “Guess I should have specified where, huh, whore?” you laugh. “Dirty, filthy whores like you get fucked in the ass!”

You continue to pound my virgin asshole as tears fall from my eyes. It oddly feels painful and pleasurable at the same time.

“Ohhh your ass feels so fucking good around my cock, slut. You like that? Huh? You like that big, fat cock in your slutty little asshole?”

You let go of my mouth and I slump forward on the desk in pain and continue to cry while a big part of me wants to put my hand down to start rubbing my clit.

You lean down and whisper in my ear, “Does it hurt, baby?”

I nod.

You laugh and fuck me harder. “Do you want me to stop, baby? Tell me to stop!”

I open my mouth to tell you to stop but can’t because your cock actually feels amazing in my tiny little asshole.

“Tell me to stop!” You yell.

I can tell my crying turns you on.

“Please stop, Mr. Jay. Your big cock is hurting me!”

You groan and grab my hips to fuck me harder. I scream out in pain and pleasure which only makes you fuck me more and I can’t help but start to love it. But I want to make it good for you. I continue to cry and beg you to stop which only makes your cock swell even more in my ass. When I Bayan Escort try to struggle you pant and thrust into me so deep, your balls feel like they are entering my pussy.

My pussy is dripping from how turned on you are getting by my struggling.

But after a while, I start to moan and my hips move back in time to meet yours. You crack your hand down on my ass.

“That’s it you fucking whore; fuck my cock with that slutty asshole.”

“Oh fuck!” I moan out and slam my hips back harder.

I feel your hand tangle into my hair before you grip it and yank my head back hard. I cry out in pain.

“You like your teachers cock in your ass? I knew you would… a dirty fuck pig like you likes a cock any way she can take it”

“I fucking love it” I moan out as I try to move my hand to my pussy.

Just before I come in contact with my clit, you pull your cock out of my ass and tell me to turn around. You lift me up on the desk, lay me down, and put my legs up on your shoulders. I cry out as I feel your cock enter my asshole again and immediately start to finger my cunt with my left hand while my right hand rubs my clit.

“Fuck yes,” you groan as you grab my tits. “Show you teacher how you like to play with your slutty cunt, you fucking whore”

“Treat me like a whore, Mr. Jay! Treat me the way I need to be treated!” I moan.

You laugh and pinch my nipples. I arch my back in pain.

“That hurt?”

I nod.

You continue to slam your cock up my ass and tell me to look up at you.

“You’re nothing but a dirty fucking whore. A cum slut… A fuck pig… A piece of fucking ass for me to fuck whenever I want. Do you understand me? I’m going to use you whenever I want and do whatever I want to you… and you’re going to love every second of it… why? Because you’re nothing but a cum bucket that loves a hard cock up her ass, fucking stupid slut bitch.”

You spit in my face and I cum instantly. I have never come so hard in my life, my cum is gushing out of me, down to the crack of my ass and onto your cock and my head feels dizzy. I only come to my senses when you pull your cock out of my ass. I look up to see you walking away.

“Mr. Jay?” I call out; your back is to me.

“Get on your knees, bitch!” you call from over your shoulder and I quickly listen.

When you turn back around I can see my blue panties now wrapped around your cock as you stroked it while you held the crotch of the pink ones right at your tip. You walk right in front of me so that your cock is right in front Escort of my face and I lick my lips.

You laugh.

“You wanna lick your ass off of your teacher’s cock, slut?”

I nod fast and quickly take your cock in my mouth when you move your hands away. I move my lips over my panties that are wrapped around, wetting them in the process and moan at my own musky taste.

“Mmmm,” you move my hair out of my face “Taste your ass, fuck pig… You like the way your ass tastes?”

I look up at you with your cock in my mouth and nod. I whimper in frustration when you pull me off and resume your stroking with the crotch of my pink panties in front of you.

“Don’t worry, baby. Teacher has a nice little gift for you.”

I lick my lips and stare at your cock.

“Watch your teacher baby. Watch me shoot my load into your panties! Are you watching, whore? Fuck, here it comes! I’m going to shoot right into your fucking panties!” You groan out right before your cock erupts.

Strand after strand over beautiful hot, white, gooey, cum explodes from your cock tip and lands right into the crotch of my panties when I had really wanted it to be all over my face or down my throat. You stop cumming and let out a long breath. I watch as you move your arm to toss the panties and I can’t help the sound that escapes my mouth.

You look down at me with your eyebrow raised. “Do you want my cum, you little slut?”

I bite my lip. I really do.

“If you want me cum, you have to ask.”

“Please can I have your cum, Mr. Jay?”

“You want to eat my cum from your panties?”

I moan and begin to rub my pussy and nod my head.

You groan and tell me “Finger fuck yourself while you do it, you fucking cum slut” before you yank my head back by my hair and slam my panties onto my mouth.

I open my lips and your cum starts to fall into my mouth. I stick my tongue out and lick every glob off as I fuck myself with three fingers. All the while you’re standing over me calling me names and telling me how dirty I am.

“Look at what a dirty fucking cum slut you are…. You want my cum so bad you eat it from your dirty underwear… You’re going to make yourself cum from eating my cum out of your underwear aren’t you, you little fucking whore… that’s it… fucking cum… make that pussy nice and wet so when I fuck it my cock will be nice and wet for your asshole again baby.”

I moan loudly as I suck on my panties when I cum. I slump forward as you let go of me hair and let the panties drop from the ground. My heart is pounding and my pussy is still throbbing.

“Tell me something Bella…”

I’m still panting when I look up to see you standing in front of me stroking your once again hard cock.

“How are you at eating assholes?”

To Be Continued…

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