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my teenage loverSo after my little scence with ashtyn my babysitter, I waited few days and invited her out for some coffee she looked cute as all hell when i saw her already waiting for me at the coffee shop. She was wearing a cute white button up longsleeve shirt and a pair of tight jeans with great looking pair of boots. I thought wow she really dressed up not to mention she wore her make up just the way i like which looking back on it it was kind of a dead giveaway she was into me. I sat and we talked and drank coffee when i brought up what happened between us and out of the blue she leans over and kisses me slowly almost desperately, now im not one to turn down a free shot so i kissed her back softly and she quickly eased up and we sat in front of a window in a slowly sensuous kiss which im sure anyone walking by or sitting inside the shop wouldnt mind our little public lesbian display.Anyway we kissed for what seemed like forever till she broke off and said ” I love you, i cant stop thinking about what happened and i want you so so badly”. Here my keen readers is a reason why i dont go for teens they can get to attached especially if you poped their cherry though i suspect shes had the hots for me for awhile anyway moving on after tuzla escort she dropped that bombshell i was backed in a corner i could be the adult and refuse her or i could see where this goes and indulge her atleast for a while. So i kissed softly and looked her in the eye and said i love you too which is a half truth i love her like a little sister but not in the way she took it but eventually ill talk to her proper about her confused view of our little encounter but ill cross that bridge when i come to it. She looked so innocent sitting there tears welling up teenage emotions i really hate that, so i took her by the hand and we went to my car.I was planning on dropping her off at her house since i know she doesn’t drive but as i started driving she put her hand on mine and she kissed me again this time she caressed my breast softly and was working her hand down my pants. I wasnt going to stop her afterall she was ready to go and im not turning down a free meal. her finger tips were slowly rubbing my clit as i could feel myself getting more and more turned on by my little teenage lover then she slipped her middle finger inside me and my god i was past point of no return this little girl was going to get it when i get her in bed, she pendik escort starting working her finger slowly pressing up and rubbing hard and the way i was sitting her finger was hitting my gspot on every press i was soaking wet and closed my legs tight as she pressed harder. I knew i was going to cum soon so i pulled over next to the side walk and oh my god that was the hardest orgasm ive had in awhile after i calmed down a bit i pulled her hand out and licked and sucked her finger furiously i undid my pants and took them off ‘I drive a ranger rover by the way if case you were wondering now back to the story’ i grabbed her by the hair and told her to go down on me and not to stop till we get to my house. I love road head both giving and receiving ashtyns pussy eat skills are terrible but shes a newbie and i was to turned on to care at this point.Her blonde head in my lap looked so perfect as i tried to give her easier access but road head for women is kinda like an magical trick because the angel at which you have to tilt your head kinda hurts but she did admirably as she brought me to another orgasm with my guidance. We reached my place where she leaned up her hair matted and little damp i kissed her and we went inside where aydınlı escort i can say we never made it to the bedroom. I ripped her shirt open and just pounced on her cute little breasts i picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me as we sort fell on the couch and i start humping my hips into her as we kissed furiously i wish i had words to describe it but god it was hot. i pulled her jeans down to her thighs as i made her get on her knees and bent her over the couch i love eating pussy from the back just something about it just feels so right anyway i drove my tongue inside her amazingly tight pussy and ate her to two orgasms she was out of breath and slumped over my couch when i got 1 of my strap ons out. I choose a small 6 inch one i didnt want to hurt her after all she was practically a virgin almost.Before she could turn her head i slide the head inside her and thrusted hard sinking all of it in that tight pussy she screamed and tears started welling up i let it sit and just held it letting her get accustom to it after she calmed down i slowly fucked her from behind i ran my fingernails down her back as i kissed back of her neck sensually her whimper soon turned to moans and she was thrusting back against me i grabbed her hips and began giving it to her harder and she came so hard i made her scream after i pulled out slowly and held her tight against me as we lay there on the couch covered in sweat i nestled her head on my breast and we both kinda passed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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