My true story Part 3

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My true story Part 3″Does that feel good, Nisha?” Lynn asked with a sly grin.”Oh God baby, don’t stop. Mmmm, you’re great baby, you’re the best!” Tonisha moaned loudly.Lynn was becoming very turned on. Though Tonisha was sitting on HER face, she felt like she was in total control. She and she alone could pleasure this beautiful ebony princess. Her own white pussy was so aroused she knew she was about to cum.”Uhmm, you little white bitch, I want your tongue deep, deep into my black pussy” she growled. “Do it now!”Lynn’s cunt exploded! Those words excited her to the limit. She writhed in orgasmic bliss! But she still had to serve Tonisha’s demanding pussy. She thrust her tongue up inside the horny black girl’s torrid twat, french kissing her from the other end!Tonisha rammed her cunt down hard on Lynn’s face! Her tongue went so deep! She screamed as the breath rushed out of her completely.”Oh my God,” Lynn! she shrieked. “I’m gonna cum baby! I can’t believe this is happening! Oh fuck, baby!”Tonisha’s pussy was like a volcano as she came like never before, her cum spewing from her pussy like lava from a volcano.Lynn felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. Oh my God! She didn’t know women came like that! She swallowed as Tonisha really hit her stride.”Oh my God Lynn, I’m cumming in your mouth baby! All over your face! Lick it baby! Ooohhh eat me out!” Her pussy was spurting its cum all over Lynn. She bucked wildly on her friend’s face, her fingers tangled in Lynn’s blonde hair!”Oh fuck, girl!” Tonisha grunted. “You like this black pussy, baby? Hhhmmm? This black pussy luvs you baby!”Lynn swallowed the sweet sticky juices in gulps! She was cumming again herself. The more Tonisha talked the harder Lynn came.Tonisha pounded up and down on Lynn’s helpless face as she experienced a total release. “Suck me Lynn, suck it all out baby!” she squealed in delight. With a loud groan she spurted the last of her reward into Lynn’s grateful mouth. Once again she looked into the mirror. It made her feel so sexy and powerful as she could see her bottom moving smoothly over Lynn’s face. Oh God, she loved this! She could hear Lynn moaning beneath her. She could feel her tongue licking deep inside her.”Oh Goddam Lynn you were great baby. Mmmm, don’t leave a drop hun” she instructed. She was in no hurry to leave her seat on Lynn’s sweet face. She continued to feed her sweet nectar to the insatiable white girl below her.Lynn worked diligently to please her dominant black princess, tonguing deep inside her, then licking her soaking lips till finally her work was done.Tonisha lay down beside Lynn. They looked at each other and Tonisha exploded in laughter.Lynn’s face was a sticky mess! Not only did her lips glisten with Tonisha’s lust, it seemed to be everywhere! On her nose, in her eyebrows, on her forehead, in her hair, even dripping down to her ear!Tonisha jumped up and hurried to the bathroom. She came back with a wet washcloth.”What’s wrong, Nisha?” Lynn asked curiously.”I’m so sorry Lynn. Let me clean you up a little, girl.” She started to wipe away all the sticky juice that covered her friend’s face. “Where did you learn to do that, girl? Fuck! I can’t believe I did all this!” she exclaimed.”Oh, you did more than this, you horny girl. A lot of its in my tummy!” Lynn said with a giggle. “If only you were a better shot my face wouldn’t be such a mess.””You were swallowing, Lynn?” she asked incredulously. Then she chuckled, “Guess I got myself a little white cum slut.””What, are you trying to turn me on again, girl?” Lynn asked, smilingly.”Just keep that up and you will.””Nasty talk turns you on, girl?””I came twice just watching and listening to you.” Lynn said. “You could have been in a video I saw.””What video?” Tonisha asked suspiciously.Lynn picked up the remote and started the tape. “I found this still in the VCR. Someone must have forgotten it. I started watching grandbetting yeni giriş this and it made me so damned horny.”The two girls watched as the black actress got her satisfaction on top of the white actress. Lynn squeezed Tonisha’s firm breasts as Tonisha stroked her blonde hair. They could feel themselves getting aroused once again.”So that’s how you knew what to do” Tonisha said accusingly. “Why didn’t you show me this before?””I didn’t know if you would like this kinda thing” As they continued to watch Lynn asked “Do you think that white girl’s licking her better than I licked you?””Hhmm, I don’t know. The sista is screaming pretty loud. She probably does it better than you, its hard to tell.””Oh yeah?” Lynn slid her hand down to Tonisha’s pussy, slipping a finger inside. “I can make you forget all about that white bitch” Lynn boasted. “And by the way, you can’t hold a candle to that sista for nasty talk.”Tonisha rolled over and put her hand on Lynn’s chest, pushing her onto her back. “You just lay your little white ass down and we’ll see about that!” She threw her leg across Lynn’s prone body and moved astride her face. “I’m gonna fuck your white face with this black pussy and make you like it, slut.””Bring it on, nigga!” barked the fiesty little blonde.They both exploded in laughter. Tonisha reached down between her thighs and slapped Lynn lightly on the forehead. “I’m trying to be serious, you honky bitch!”Lynn responded with a hard slap on Tonisha’s ample backside. “What you gonna do about it nigga?””I’ll give you nigga, you pussy licking white slut. You my bitch baby.””Now you’re talking baby” Lynn said in a thrilled voice.Tonisha ordered Lynn to stick out her tongue. When Lynn obeyed, Tonisha wasn’t satisfied. “That ain’t enough bitch! Come on whitey, stick that tongue out. Only reason you are on this earth is for black sistas to cum in yo mouth! Thats all any of you white bitches is good fo!”Tonisha now knew what this little southern white girl wanted and she was more than willing to give it to her. She was in complete control and she was going to enjoy this thoroughly.”Suck it baby! If you want me to fuck your face you better eat me good, bitch!” she commanded.Lynn moaned loudly. She was in heaven! Tonisha was really getting ghetto with her and she loved it! She stretched her tongue to the limit as her finger slipped inside her own soggy panties. She rubbed her clit as Tonisha kept up the nasty talk.Turning her head, Tonisha could see Lynn masterbating. “Un un, bitch!” She swatted Lynn’s hand and scolded her, “You concentrate on this black pussy, honkey. I’ll kick yo white ass if I have to!” Lynn once again devoted her tongue and her full attention to her black mistress.Tonisha looked into the mirror. This was like a fairy tale. There she was, just a black girl from the hood riding a pretty white girl’s face, make that a beautiful white girl’s face! And she thinks SHE’S getting the better end of the deal. Incredible! She’s just as eager to please me as I am to fuck her.”Mmmm whitey, thats the spot” she said with a powerful thrust. “Who’s the boss baby?” as she humped Lynn’s face.”You are master. You ARE the boss!” Lynn circled her big hard black clit with her sexy lips and began to suck. Lynn was cumming in her panties again. She moaned loudly but kept sucking at the ebony clit.”Is that tight white pussy cumming again?” Lynn mumbled it was. “Dayum, that is so cool!” Tonisha squealed. “Let me cum with you, bitch. You want me to cum on that pretty white face baby? Hhmm? Let me hear you say it, bitch.””I want you to cum on my pretty white face, please. Please fuck my face so good. Ride your nigga pussy on my mouth! Its sooo good. Please cum in my mouth, Nisha!””A sista’s work is never done” she sighed. She rammed her pussy down hard on the white girl’s face. Reaching down, she scooped Lynn’s head into her hands, grandbetting giriş pulling her face up tight to her cunt. She humped Lynn’s face faster and faster.Lynn reached up and squeezed Tonisha’s bouncing black boobs. She marveled at the rhythm the black girl used to bring pleasure to them both.Tonisha screamed with delight! “Open that mouth, whitey! Here I cum!” The mighty orgasm shook her athletic body. Her aim was better this time as cum spurted across Lynn’s lips and into her mouth.Lynn struggled to keep pace with the horny young black girl. She couldn’t believe the powerful force of the cum spurts, blasting into her mouth! She swallowed as quickly and as often as she could to keep from drowning!”That’s it baby, swallow my cum baby! Eat my black pussy, you white ho.” This was so cool! Not only was Lynn eating her pussy, she WAS LOVING IT! In her wildest dreams, Tonisha never thought it could be this good. Everytime she looked down at the blonde head between were legs, she came harder. It was so fucking erotic!Lynn was screaming with her own wild orgasm! “I’m just a nasty little white ho” she thought to herself. “Letting this black girl fuck my face. I should be ashamed. She is so superior to me, to my race.” Lynn,s cum was streaming out of her panties and on to the bed. “Yup! Just a white ho for black pussy. Thats me! If our friends could only see us now.”Tonisha shuddered, shaking her ass to deliver the last of her love juice to her friend’s waiting mouth. Her orgasm finally subsided.Both girls were blown away! “Girl you should be in the record books” Lynn said as she licked the remaining cum into her greedy mouth.”I admit, I have never, ever came like this before!” Tonisha proclaimed. “Its all your fault, you know. If you weren’t such a cum slut!” She crawled off of Lynn’s face. “I still haven’t got to see that little white pussy” she said.Lynn pulled off her panties, heavy with her own cum revealing her tiny pussy.”Such a pretty pussy” said Tonisha. “I bet its sooo tight.” She ran her finger over a tiny patch of blonde hair a couple of inches above Lynn’s clit hood. “A REAL BLONDE!” she exclaimed.Tonisha mounted Lynn in the 69 position, setting her black cunt down for more licking. She squeezed her finger slowly inside Lynn’s tight white pussy. “Dayum that’s tight! Are you a virgin, Lynn?”When Lynn said she wasn’t, Tonisha wondered how a pussy could be THAT tight after having a cock in it. She had no trouble getting two and three fingers inside her own pussy. She continued to finger fuck the little white cunt as Lynn licked at her love box.Lynn’s white pussy clamped tighter around Tonisha’s black finger. She sucked at the black clit pressing down on her mouth. She told Tonisha she was about to cum.Tonisha grabbed Lynn’s ankles and sat upright on her face, pulling Lynn’s butt into the air, her exposed cunt facing the ceiling. “Cum for me Lynn! Let me see that little white pussy cum. Show me what you got bitch!” she ordered as she rubbed her own horny pussy across Lynn’s face.”You like this position, Lynn?” she asked.”Yes baby! My pussy feels so open! And I LUV your black cunt on my face!” Lynn said with joy.Tonisha spanked Lynn’s upturned butt. “I love spanking white girls’ asses” she bragged, “as much as I like fucking their faces.”With that, Lynn began to scream, her voice muffled by Tonisha’s thrusting pussy. She was cumming and it was quite a sight! It was bubbling out between her tight lips and running down the crack of her sweet ass.Watching Lynn’s little pussy leaking it’s cum excited Tonisha even more. She caressed Lynn’s soft, smooth ass. She looked into the mirror. The position they were in was so erotic! Lynn was upside down, her head beneath Tonisha. Her body, vertical, with her legs squeezing around Tonisha’s upper body.”Oh Lynn, that was beautiful” as Tonisha began to cum too. It wasn’t like before. Instead of grandbetting güvenilirmi hurricane force, it was more of a spring rain. Her cum flowed like a stream down into Lynn’s waiting mouth.”You’re unbelievable, Nisha. You taste so good” as her tongue swam happily in the love stream.This time she wasn’t fucking Lynn, Lynn was making sweet love to her pussy. She layed Lynn’s bottom down on the bed, resting her head on Lynn’s flat tummy. Lynn’s tongue traveled every inch of Tonisha’s contented pussy. It even traveled up the crack of her ass and back down into her oozing cunt.Tonisha was exhausted. She drifted in and out of consciousness, the sweet pleasure still radiating from her pussy. Lynn’s body was so warm and soft beneath her. She felt as though she could stay there forever. Was she dreaming, she wasn’t sure.Suddenly she was snapped out of her dream state. She felt something tugging at the lips of her labia. “Lynn! What are you doing, girl?” she asked groggily.”Just playing” she said mischieviously.She felt Lynn squeezing her lips between her own gorgeous lips and tugging at them. Tonisha looked around for the clock.It was 4:30 AM! They had to be at breakfast at 6:00! It had been almost eight hours since this whole crazy affair started.”Have you been at it all night, girlfriend? Tonisha asked. When she said she had taken a little “catnap” Tonisha said “well why didn’t you make me get off of you?””It was so warm and cozy under here, I didn’t want you to move!” she said playfully.”Well I’m taking a shower so I can go to breakfast” she said, pulling out of Lynn’s grasp.Tonisha stood in the warm shower. She was so exhausted she could barely move. The warm suds streamed over her body. She wondered if she had created a monster. For someone who had never considered sex with a girl, Lynn had completely gotten into it! She had no idea how many times she came. Her legs were so weak. How could she play volleyball in just a few hours.Tonisha stumbled out of the shower, not bothering to dress and walked into the bedroom. She motioned to Lynn, the shower was open.”I’m not going to breakfast” Lynn informed her friend. Walking up behind her she whispered, “I want to be served breakfast in bed.” Her hand slid between Tonisha’s silky thighs and rubbed gently at her clit.Tonisha moaned “Not again, baby. Nisha’s tired.” She watched in the mirror as Lynn walked to the bed, her shapely ass wiggling seductively. She lay back, smiling wickedly. “Are all white girls like you? Well I guess you gotta eat something, baby.” She climbed onto the bed and straddled Lynn’s happy blonde face.”Is this all you can eat buffett?” Lynn asked as she snaked her tongue along Tonisha’s freshly scrubbed pussy.Tonisha rocked her cunt lazily on Lynn’s face. “All you care to eat, Lynn.” She propped herself on the headboard and prepared Lynn’s meal. “You got to get the heat to the proper temperature, baby and you got to keep stirring it.” She gasped as Lynn’s tongue swirled wildly inside her hot box. “Mmmm that’s right baby, stir it up good.””Then you have to spread the melted butter without missing a spot.” Tonisha rubbed her wet pussy all over Lynn’s face, giggling with pleasure. “Then you have to shake well.”Tonisha began to shake her sexy ass, her hot ebony pussy playing on Lynn’s face. Though she was exhausted, Tonisha wanted to satisfy her teammate even if it meant cumming again.Lynn grabbed her bouncing ass just as Tonisha started to blend the ingredients. She ground her pussy hard against Lynn’s face, her body shaking fiercely.Tonisha looked down into Lynn’s eyes, her orgasm building inside. Her hips moving rhythmically, her soaking wet cunt riding quicker and quicker on Lynn’s face. She felt lightheaded from the warm sensations shooting up through her body. “God, this couldn’t be anymore perfect” she murmured. She felt Lynn’s tongue sliding incredibly deep inside her. It was time to show Lynn her appreciation for her efforts.”Breakfast is served!” she groaned loudly.Lynn could feel hot cum splashing into her mouth. She drank it in lustily.Tonisha was still grinding slowly on her young friend’s face when she informed her,”make sure you clean your plate, dear.”To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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