My Wife and a My Pal

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Double Penetration

My Wife and a My PalMy girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I began talking about involving others in our sex life fairly early on in our relationship. We did include a couple of females in threesomes and enjoyed it. I then began to read stories about wife sharing and it really sounded hot to me. Not sure exactly why. Maybe the “wrongness” of it, or seeing her being naughty or slutty (in a good way), but whatever it was it was hot to think of. So I started to talk to her of the idea and we began to use it during sex to role play about me being someone else. This all evolved over time and we both enjoyed it. I even wrote a story that I made up called my wife and a friend. We used that in our role playing too, except instead of the guy being Kevin, whom I made up, we used a friend of mine Casey, whom is a guy she (her name is Kim) said was attractive.Kim always enjoyed our role playing sessions and it definitely got her hot and wet. But whenever we would talk about really doing it she would hold to the fact that even though she enjoyed the role playing, she didn’t want to be with anyone else but me. That maybe she would try it, but it wouldn’t happen as soon as I wanted. So I would bring it up here and there and she would leave it at maybe, but nothing would ever happen. It went on this way for a while.Finally one night, I asked Casey to go to a strip club with me. Mostly cause him and his girl had just split up and I figured he could use to get out. Kim has no problem with going to strip clubs with me so I invited her also. It also seemed a good way to get all of us in a situation where alcohol was involved and sexual energy was created. It was agreed and a time was set for Casey to meet us at our house.Of course like always I put the idea out there to Kim that tonight could be the night and she gave me her normal maybe. The time came to get ready to go and I talked her into at least wearing some sexy clothes so that if nothing happened at least Casey would get an eyeful and I would be turned on knowing that. Kim is 5’7 and 150lbs. She has a little tiny belly that she says makes her fat, but she is a definite hottie. She always turns heads. And she is one of the few white girls that has an ass like a black girl. That’s not a racist comment, I just like my ladies with a little meat on their bones and something to hold on to. Not someone you throw out of bed, that’s for sure. She put on a black blouse that showed off some cleavage, and the shortest jean skirt in the world. I loved it when she bought it but never thought she would be daring enough to wear it in public. It barely covers her bottom when she is standing. And of course she had on a black bra and see thru black panties. I mean they are like net material where you can see exactly what’s under them. This definitely had me excited about the evening.Casey showed up and I met him on the porch and as we smoked a cigarette, I started talking about the things me and Kim talk about. I told him that we talk about including another guy and that tonight might be the night.He said ” you want me to fuck Kim?””Yeah if it’s cool with her,” I replied. We walked inside and awaited Kim to be finished getting ready.When we got to the strip club it was rather uneventful for me. I was not into looking at the strippers, all I could think of was that this might be the night. I had Kim sit in between us right at the stage and started a tab so they could get to drinking. And that’s exactly what they did. They drank and talked and I kinda watched the girls dance but more often watched the Sunday night football game that was on. It was pretty good actually, New England at Denver. I talked them into doing a couple of shots to try and speed up the process. I was hoping to get Kim drunk or at least a little tipsy so she would have more chance of going thru with our fantasy. I glanced over their way every now and then or got in their conversation for a minute, and when I glanced over I saw that Kim’s skirt had bunched up as she sat and she had gotten a little careless about what was hanging out. I guess the drinks were starting to have their effect. Her see thru panties were in view and you could see her pussy lips right thru them. I was really starting to get turned on. I smoked another cigarette and told them to finish their drinks cause it was time to go.Kim and I had role played a few different situations that would be hot, and one of them was that when we came out bahis siteleri of the club, she would just get in the backseat with Casey and start fooling around on the way back to our house. Well I was hoping she would do this, as it would be a sign that things were a go, but she climbed in right next to me up front. This was a let down and I thought well maybe that was just too forward for her. So we drove back to our house and invited Casey in for a while.I was trying to find some way to ease into things cause I know Kim would not be the aggressor. I decided to get out the cards and start up poker with hopes I could turn it into strip poker. Kim was sitting next to Casey on the couch and I was across the coffee table from them. We played a few hands and they each had another drink. I thought for sure Kim would be at a point where she would go along with the fantasy, but when I brought up strip poker, she said she would play but she would have to be allowed to quit at anytime she wanted to stop. I thought great, she is going to back out when it gets interesting. So we played a couple hands and Casey and I were winning. Kim was down to her bra and see thru panties in no time. Then we decided to make it a little more fair and both losers had to take off something. The next hand came my way and I thought for sure Kim would back out instead of taking off another article. She sat there for a minute and watched Casey take his pants off, leaving him in only boxers, then she blew my mind when she left her bra on and stood up and dropped her panties.This was so hot. Here she was sitting next to my buddy with just a bra on. I tried to see if he stole a glance at her but he seemed to be a gentleman and didn’t look her way. Casey won the next hand and now i was down to my boxers and I wondered again if she would go any further or call it all off. She took another sip of her drink and undid her bra and let it slide off. I was getting hard now. I asked her to go refresh hers and Casey’s drinks. She gave me a look that said I was pushing my luck, but I think she didn’t want to back down from a sort of dare since I had said it out loud. So she stood up and grabbed their glassed and walked into the kitchen. Casey wasn’t shy about checking her out this time and got a great view of her ass as she walked by him. He kinda gave me a look that said “holy shit” about how good she looked. While she was out of the room he asked if I was still ok with everything and I said I was fine. He got another good look of her when she came back in with their full glasses and we dealt another hand. I won this one and Kim had nothing left to take off but I wasn’t worried about it cause I was way too excited that Casey would be taking off his boxers. He slid them down and I saw Kim take a peak at his half hard dick. From what I saw he was about the same size as me, but I was too busy watching her face to really pay much attention. I was getting harder by the minute. I still didn’t know how far she would let it go, but it was so hot knowing the possibilities with her and my buddy sitting naked next to each other on the couch.I figured it was now or never so I said that there were no more clothes to lose so we needed to write down forfeits. I went and got a pen and paper and we each wrote two forfeits down and put them in a hat. I tried not to be too bold in mine, but figured I had to put something on there to get things started. Kim was kinda huddled in her corner of the couch so I put on one that the loser had to get up and walk slowly around the room without covering up. Sorta lame, but I didn’t want to push her too hard and have her back out. For the other one I put the loser had to give oral sex to a person of the opposite sex. I couldn’t figure out a way to word it without having the guys ending up doing something to each other and neither of us wanted that, but unfortunately this gave her the chance of picking me instead of Casey.I took off my boxers so that we were all even and the hand was dealt. Kim lost it and it was time for her to choose a forfeit. Of course I was anxious to see which one she would get and if she would go for it. She picked and read it out loud. It was to walk around the room naked. She was saying she didn’t want to do it cause it was stupid. But she got up and walked around parading in front of Casey. There was no mistake if he was checking her out, as all eyes were on her. She sat back down and another canlı bahis hand was dealt. I was keeping the hat with the forfeits and I decided to take the walk around the room one out. I was trying to get to the good stuff. Kim lost this hand too and I was anxious to see what would happen. She drew her forfeit and read it. It said to sit on the lap of and make out with person of the opposite sex. She walked over and sat in my lap and started kissing me. Of course I wanted her to kiss Casey, but I figured I could use this to my advantage. For one I figured if I touched her it would get her juices going and hopefully make her want to continue. For two, it would, with any luck, give Casey ideas in case she ended up on his lap. Plus it was just hot to have him watching me feel her titties.After a couple minutes she took her seat again and we dealt another hand. The cards were not going Kim’s way and she lost again. I had put the make-out forfeit back in cause I was hoping that would be an easy one for her to get started on. Sure enough she drew that one again and read it to us.I said “hmm, wonder where you are going,” very sarcastically cause I knew she was going to come sit on my lap again. Then she did something that blew my mind.She said “well just cause you said that” and went and sat on Casey’s lap. I was stunned. They started making out and I was about to burst. I was hoping to see some roaming hands but he just touched her neck and back. Still it was hot to see them making out. I was amazed that she even did that. And knowing her ass was on his hard dick was awesome. I didn’t know how much more I could take.After what seemed like way too quick, she took her seat and we dealt another hand. I put the make out forfeit right back in cause that was awesome. Kim lost again and drew the same forfeit. She looked at me and I just raised my eyebrows to her like “yeah, and what are you going to do?” Well she sat back down on Casey’s lap and started making out again. This time his hands started to roam. He started squeezing her titties and he reached down and felt her ass. I thought I was gonna cum right there. It was so hot watching him feel her up. He even broke off from the kiss and started sucking her titties near the end. I could see between the alcohol and the attention to her body, it was having an effect on her. She was getting flushed and I could see she was losing control of what her brain thought and her body was taking over.She sat back down and another hand was dealt. This is where things took a turn and Casey started losing hands. He lost this one and it was his turn to draw a forfeit. He drew and read it and it said that he had to give oral to a member of the opposite sex. This was great. That meant it had to be Kim and I was thinking that with how hot and bothered she looked she might actually go thru with it. I thought if this happened, then it is definitely a possibility of the fantasy happening tonight. She sat there for a minute, what seemed like an eternity. I was like dear you kinda have to get in position for Casey to do his forfeit.She gave me a dirty look and said “I know,” but with that she laid down on the couch. She let Casey spread her legs and his head moved in. I was kinda rubbing my dick now watching this. I could tell even thru the alcohol that she was kinda nervous cause it took almost the whole two minutes or so that he did it for her to even give any response to it. But near the end of it, she started to feel it. I just couldn’t wait to get another hand dealt and see more.She sat back up very flushed now and we dealt again. The next four hands went exactly the same way. Casey lost all four of them and drew to lick her pussy each time. Every time she got a little more into it and I thought on the last one she was gonna cum. I wanted to see that so bad. But alas it ended before she did. I just kept dealing another hand hoping to see her lose and pick the same forfeit. I wanted to see her with my buddy’s cock in her mouth. We picked up our next hand and finally she lost. I was pretty sure she would get that forfeit cause I had taken most of the other ones out to fix the results a little. Sure enough she drew that and the moment of truth had arrived. She had always told me she would let just about anyone eat her pussy since it felt good. If she was willing to go thru with giving head tho, than the deal was sealed. Casey sat back on the couch and she took her time getting güvenilir bahis on her knees in front of him. I just sat and watched. From my viewpoint tho I couldn’t see anything. Kim was directly between Casey and me. But I saw her head start to move around and his head rolled back. I knew exactly what he was feeling. She has definitely put in enough work sucking dick that she knows what she is doing. I touched my rock hard dick again and realized if I didn’t do something soon there wasn’t going to be anything for me to do. So I moved the coffee table out of the way and got behind her. I started rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. This just made her work even harder on Casey’s cock.Finally I could take no more and I stuck my dick in her. She moaned around his dick and that just did it for me. I got about three strokes in and I pulled out and came on the floor. I was just so excited that this was actually happening. I fingered her a little more but I wanted her to suck me back to life.So I pulled her off of Casey and I sat down and said “let’s switch.”She got on her knees in front of me and started working on my dick which was still half hard anyway. Casey got up and got behind her and pointed down to her making the motion of asking if that was what I wanted him to do. I nodded my yes to him, but I think he was still worried about it cause he laid down and put his face under her pussy and starting licking her clit again. This got her into the blowjob she was giving me and it felt great. After what seemed like forever, since I had been waiting for him to do it, he finally got up on his knees behind her in the doggystyle position. I was wondering if anyone was gonna mention a condom, but obviously rational thought had left Kim. When she felt him behind her she just arched her back a little and spread her legs a little more. Then I saw her face and her suck in a breath and I knew he had entered her. That got me totally hard in a hurry.When we would role play I would always get her to call me by Casey’s name and say “oh Casey” and things like that. It was hard to get her to do it during role playing so I never expected her shy self to actually do it during the real thing. But as he started getting into a rhythm behind her, she totally gave up on sucking my dick to concentrate on what he was filling her with. She just laid her head on my lap and got fucked. She was so lost in enjoying every minute of it and I thought it was hot so I just sat there and watched.Then out of nowhere she moaned “oh Casey.”He looked at me like he was sorry as if he had done something wrong but I gave him a look that everything was ok and encouraging him to keep going. So he just went back to fucking her bare pussy.Then another moan came out of her and she said “ooohhhh fuck me Casey.”This really got him going and he started pounding away at her from behind. After a couple of minutes he was looking like he needed a break and I was hard as ever watching him fuck her, so we switched again. He went back to getting head and I got behind her again. I put it in her slightly stretched pussy(I guess he was a little wider than me, no wonder she liked it so much) and started going slow. I didn’t last much longer than last time tho and I pulled out and came on the floor again. I played with her pussy for a couple more minutes while I heard Casey moaning from her dick sucking. I finally decided that I needed a break for a minute and I walked outside to smoke a cigarette. I finally got a good view of her lips all over his cock as I was walking out the door. I stood out there and smoked wondering what was happening inside. Maybe they had stopped when I left thinking I was upset or just done. I was hoping not, but I figured that would be the case.When I opened the door and walked back in I heard her moaning and as I looked over she had climbed on top of him on the couch and was bouncing up and down on his cock. I could tell she was close to cumming so I just stood back and watched as he alternated between holding grabbing her ass to slam her down on his dick and sucking on her titties. A few more strokes and she orgasmed hard, which tightened her up on his dick and made him cum. Of course he couldn’t get out from under her so he came deep inside her pussy. She is on birth control so I wasn’t worried about it, but it was definitely hot.After that we all kinda got our clothes on and said our goodbyes. Kim and I went upstairs and played talking about what had just happened and I came four more times and her a few too before we went to sleep. I couldn’t wait to do it again and by the way she acted during it I thought that just might be a possibility.

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