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My Wife is Your WifeDouble dates can be a little weird sometimes, but if you’re good friends with the other couple, it can actually be better. My wife, Angela, and I were really good friends with Stephen and Emily, so we went on dates–and even vacations–with them all the time.This story is about a trip we took with them to a small town on the coast. We were staying in a fancy boutique hotel, where we spent a few days hiking and exploring the surrounding wilderness. On our last day there, we decided to go for a particularly long and grueling hike. It took all day, and involved a lot of intense climbing. We were sore and exhausted when we came back, but we decided to celebrate our accomplishment with a couple bottles of champagne down on the beach.As we downed the last glass, we were caught in a sudden rain storm. We were instantly soaked, even though we sprinted back to our rooms. When we got back, Stephen and Emily discovered they had left their massive French doors open. Their room and everything in it was soaked. They couldn’t even turn on the lights for fear of getting electrocuted. The four of us gathered in our room, tipsy from the champagne, and contemplated our next move. Angela wanted to take a soak in our big spa tub. “My back is killing me,” she said.We all agreed that sounded great.”Well, it’s pretty big,” I said. “We could probably all fit in there…””But, we don’t have bathing suits or anything,” said Stephen.”C’mon,” Angela replied. “What’s a little nudity among friends?”So we slipped out of our wet clothes and filled the tub with hot water. Getting us all in was a little like a game of twister. But the tub had padded walls, and there were big, fluffy towels for our heads, so it wasn’t that bad. First, Stephen and I settled in. We had to scissor our legs together to make it fit. Then each of our wives sat down on our respective nevşehir escort laps. We were very close.The jets and warm water felt great on my back, but I was quickly becoming more interested in all the slippery body parts rubbing together under the water. Stephen slid his body further down into the water, bringing both he and Emily closer to me and Angela. I felt his cock and balls press into my own. My dick stiffened immediately, and I realized it was sandwiched in between both Emily’s and Angela’s pussies. I felt Stephen’s cock grow hard next to mine.Without thinking, I reached up and began to caress my wife’s tits. She was so close to Emily that the backs of my hands brushed against her nipples as well. I pulled Emily toward us, pressing her wet breasts against my wife’s chest. I could feel their nipples rubbing together. My wife leaned in further and kissed Emily deeply.Under water I could feel hands on my thighs and cock. I reached up and squeezed Emily’s tits gently. Then, feeling suddenly bold, I took Stephen’s hands and put them on my wife’s tits. We played with their nipples while they kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues.”Angela baby,” I said. “I want you to stroke Stephen’s cock. Touch it like you touch mine.”Angela did as she was told, and ran her hands up and down Stephen’s shaft as he reached around his wife and played with my wife’s boobs. I could feel her knuckles on my cock as she stroked him. Angela pulled away from Emily and whispered into her ear.”Touch my husband’s cock while I play with Stephen…”Now Stephen and I were each caressing the other man’s wife, while they stroked our dicks under the hot water. Then they shifted and began to play with each other’s tits. I felt my cock slide up against Stephen’s as they both got pressed between our wives’ wet pussies.”Stephen,” I said. “Can niğde escort you feel your cock rubbing on my wife’s hairy cunt?””Yeah,” he said. “Do you feel Emily’s wet pussy on yours?””Yeah – and I feel our cocks rubbing together too. It’s feels amazing!”We stayed like this for awhile, everyone rubbing their dicks and pussies together. But soon it got to be too much. I lifted Angela by the hips and in one motion, slid her down onto my stiff cock.”Oh god,” she moaned. “Yes, fuck me with your big, hard dick!”Stephen must have pulled the same move, because soon Emily and Angela were moving up and down in unison. They held each other in a tight embrace as Stephen and I fucked them from below.Emily said in a deep, breathy voice, “Oh god Angela, we’re so close. I can feel our clits rubbing together as Stephen fucks me. Oh, his dick feels so good in my wet cunt!””Yes,” Angela cooed in response. “Rub your pussy on mine while we fuck. I want to feel his cock sliding into you while I fuck my husband.”The motion was starting to pick up as we pressed our four bodies together in the tub. We had sloshed most of the water out at this point, and the room was hot and steamy. Suddenly Angela and Emily lifted themselves up and Stephen and I both popped out in mid thrust. We found our hard cocks, covered in slick pussy juice rubbing together.”Oh wow, ” Emily said. “Your husband has a nice cock. Does it feel good when he fucks you?”This gave me an idea. I reached around my wife and grabbed Stephen’s long, hard cock. I angled him toward me and lifted Angela’s hips.”Stephen buddy, ” I said. “Let’s fuck each other’s wives.”Without waiting for a response, I guided his dick into my wife’s waiting pussy. I then crossed swords with him, and slide my cock into Emily’s cunt. Where his cock had been just moments before, my cock went right in.This ordu escort was incredibly hot for all of us. The shaft of my cock rubbed against Stephen’s as he slid into my wife, and I simultaneously fucked his. The women squealed with delight, and grabbed onto one another to get us even closer.”Oh yeah!” Emily cried. “Fuck my husband’s hard cock. Fuck him until you cum all over his cock!”I pushed further into Emily’s snatch as she said this, and she gasped with pleasure.”Angela, your husband dick is in my pussy while my husband fucks you. This is so hot!”It felt fucking amazing. I could feel Stephen’s cock and balls pressed against mine while we fucked each other’s wives at the same time. I knew I wasn’t gonna last long.”Oh shit!” I cried. “I’m gonna cum!””Yeah baby,” Angela replied. “Fill Emily’s pussy with your hot cum! Fuck her until the cum pours out of her cunt and onto Stephen’s cock!” She moaned in pleasure, approaching her own orgasm. “Oh yes! Fuck me Stephen! Fuck me! I’m gonna cum on your cock!”Hearing my wife talking about my friend’s cock put me over the edge. I came in hot waves, deep in Emily’s snatch. My cum dripped out of her pussy and onto Stephen’s cock while he fucked my wife.”Oh fuck!” Stephen moaned. “I’m cumming too!”His cum poured into my wife’s waiting cunt and ran down to join the sloppy wet mess where our crotches all pressed together. My wife reached down into it and began to rub Emily’s clit furiously. Emily screamed out in pleasure.”Yes! Yes! Rub my clit Angela! Oh yes…I’m cumming too!”My cock popped out of her dripping pussy and lay against Stephen’s softening cock. Angela, scissored between Emily’s legs, drew closer and rubber her wet, cummy pussy on Emily’s snatch. They moved together slowly, whispering to each other.”Yes, baby.””That’s it. That feels good.””Rub your wet cunt on mine. Press our pussies together.””Oh…I can feel your husband’s cum leaking out of my cunt.””Yes, keep doing that.””Oh god, I’m cumming again.””Me too!””Oh, fuck my pussy! Yes!””Yes!””Yes.”They collapsed in each other’s arms. We lay there quietly, breathing deep.Outside it started to rain again.

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