My Wife’s Charity Striptease – Part 3

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My Wife’s Charity Striptease – Part 3(Read parts 1 and 2 first. Honest, it’s worth it!)Those of you have been following this story will know that my wife, Sue, works for a charity and had agreed, much to my amazement, to perform a striptease for a group of our (male) friends. This was in return for very generous donations to Sue’s charity and in guarantee of anonymity and that everyone kept it secret, e.g. from their wives who are also our friends! Sue had subsequently agreed to a further session where the guys took nude photos of her wearing a mask. This too brought in lots of money and the effect of both events had helped Sue rise within her charity hierarchy. It also did wonders for our sex-life. The second session had got a little out of hand, with Sue being persuaded to allow one of my friends, Andy, to insert his dick into her for a series of stills shots. However, it had proved to be a turn-on for both of us, although Sue said that any further hardcore sessions would have to be just myself and her taking part.Now, six months later, I was getting pressure for a further evening’s “entertainment” from my friends, who had saved up enough money to donate to Sue’s charity. They had done a good job of keeping the events quiet from their wives and had managed potentially difficult social situations when Sue was present, very well, just the occasional nudge or wink.Sue had confided in me how much she had begun to enjoy showing her body, and her most private and intimate of places, to the group. She always made sure that she was masked so that, in case any photos leaked out, she would not be identified, and she said that this just heightened the eroticism for her. In fact I was also getting pressure from Sue to arrange another session!So, a night had been organised and we were due to return to the same out-of-town hotel we had used before. We had the usual guarantees from the lads about secrecy and had spent quite some time planning what Sue would wear and what she would do this time. We would have to offer a little something extra; something the guys would not expect. We agreed that we had to make sure the men were satisfied, so it couldn’t be just straightforward stripping any more; they had to be prepared to stump up serious cash and hopefully keep doing so in the future. In the last few weeks we had bought items for Sue’s wardrobe, and some “accessories,” of which more later, and planned a nice erotic evening that we knew would go down well. We had thought through a few scenarios and felt we were pretty well prepared for our third event. I knew the lads were gasping for a sight of Sue naked again. This was going to be fun!We turned up at the hotel and the guys were all there waiting. There was the usual air of anticipation. Bill, as usual, was taking charge, and the room was set up as before with the bed at one end and a low table next to it. Again Andy had set up lights so that no-one would have to use flash on their cameras. With my help and advice, and mindful of what we expected to take place, Sue had changed before we set out – she was wearing two distinct layers of underwear; on top a pair of shiny, flesh-coloured tights were held up by a heavy, thick, white nylon panty-girdle, which emphasised her curves and accentuated her bottom, while cinching in nicely at the waist. This was teamed with a white-cotton, antique, long-line bra that further held her waist in and lifted her breasts wonderfully to give a very impressive cleavage. Now, for the lower layer – under the tights she was wearing black stockings, a black suspender belt and a little black pair of nylon knickers! Under her long-line bra she wore a small black quarter-cup one that didn’t cover her nipples but lifted her breasts upwards and forwards. Not that the guys would know that…yet! My wife had many layers on tonight – her crotch had three layers of nylon covering it! Over it all she wore a forties-style flowered dress that emphasised her hour-glass figure, teamed with black high-heeled court shoes. Her hair was rolled up in a bun on the top of her head. She looked mouth-wateringly fantastic!As she entered the hotel room all eyes were on her. At this stage no-one knew what Sue had on underneath, but the expressions on the guys faces were priceless.“Sue has got a show prepared for you all tonight” I began, “and I’ll be videoing most of it, when I’m not…er, “assisting” Sue in her show! You are all welcome to take photos, as last time, subject to the rules. You’ll notice that Sue is wearing a different mask tonight, one that doesn’t cover her mouth – you’ll see why later…” There were a number of grins at this; I think my mates were ahead of me.We got started pretty quickly – everyone there was clearly excited about what lay ahead. Sue reached into our accessories bag and produced a CD-rom of tunes that we had put together for the evening, mainly slow and sensuous jazz and blues numbers, just right for sleaze… One of the lads took it from her and put it into the player that was waiting in the corner. Andy switched on the lights; Sue and the “show” end of the room were set into sharp focus.All the men sat down in a semi-circle around the “stage” area that had been formed by the bed and the table, and Sue began to move around suggestively, running her hands over her dress, behind her neck, bending forwards and rubbing her legs and teasingly raising her skirt hem, all in time to the music. Guys began to cross their legs to accommodate their growing erections. Then Sue went over to one of the guys and sat on his knee, moving her bottom gently along his leg and putting an arm around his neck. He hadn’t expected that, and looked across at me as if seeking reassurance that this was OK. I was happy if Sue was happy and just smiled back at him. At that point Sue got hold of one of his hands and placed it on her knee, and looked him in the face directly, through her mask of course. Seconds passed, then, emboldened, he moved his hand along Sue’s leg, slowly up her thigh. His hand was moving her dress upwards and we could all see that she was wearing tights, but also the stocking tops began to show through underneath. His hand went further up her leg, and he put his other arm around Sue’s waist, beginning to move it downwards over her belly. At this point Sue seemed to think that little scene had gone far enough and sprang free from him and stood up, wagging a friendly finger at him. Then she went to our accessories bag and took out a handful of masks like the one she wore and offered them around the guys. The message was clear; the guys photos will get taken tonight – best to get anonymous! Everyone took one and got masked up.Sue then went to stand in front of Andy, who you will remember from the last encounter. She stood upright with her arms behind her back and thrusting her tits and belly forward, her weight on her toes. Then she canlı bahis nodded down at her dress buttons and mouthed “open up” to him. He didn’t need telling twice – he reached forward to the hem of her dress and put his hand on the bottom of her dress to hold it still as he proceeded to undo the buttons that held it together up the front. He took his time as the cameras clicked, slowly opening her dress and exposing more and more underwear until he got to her waist and we could see the panty-girdle tightly holding her in. Then he continued upwards, spending a lot of time opening the last few buttons covering her white bra, and getting as many surreptitious feels in as he could. Sue coquettishly shimmied her tits as he did so.Then, when her dress was completely open, she turned around and stooped a little while Andy lifted the dress off her shoulders. Sue’s curvy body, encased in white underwear, was now on show! Much intake of breath…Less encumbered now, Sue slid across to, I think, Bill. My memory is hazy after this point. Bill was sitting there looking very pleased. Facing him, she put a hand on each of his shoulders and bent forward, giving him an intensely personal view down the front of her bra. Bill put his hands forward and held Sue’s waist, and the two of them moved in time with the music for a few seconds, before Bill got adventurous and started to move his hands upwards. Sue didn’t stop him. Bill continued. One moment he had his hands alongside her bra, his palms pressing the cups from the side, the next he had slipped them round so that he was cupping them both from the front. Bill’s grin reached right across his face as he fondled my wife’s chest, then Sue moved out of his reach, turned round and sat down on his lap, facing outwards, and looked at Bill over her shoulder, at the same time putting her arms up behind her head. Bill immediately put his arms around her and cupped her bra from behind. Most of the guys were on their feet snapping away and giving Bill directions. At one point he attempted to put his hand into Sue’s bra, but she wasn’t ready for that yet; moving his hand away, she rose from his lap to a general round of applause.There were a number of positive comments from the lads along the lines of “we hadn’t expected this!” and “cor!”Sue’s strip continued for some time now. The routine was to pick a new guy each time, let him have a nice feel of her tits, bum, waist etc. through her underwear, stopping as soon as anyone went a little too far, i.e. trying to get under the undies! Actually at this stage the strip didn’t include much stripping, but everyone seemed happy – there was plenty of time. Sue moved things on when she sat on, I think, Mike’s knee. He got the usual opportunity to massage my wife’s breasts and run a hand up her leg, but this time, as he did so, she allowed her legs to part. Everyone noticed this as soon as she did it, not least Mike, who took advantage by sliding his hand down over her crotch. He met no resistance whatsoever, and began a slow rubbing of Sue’s pudenda. She didn’t just stay passive while he ran the palm of his hand between her legs, but began to respond by moving in time to him, opening and closing her legs and breathing heavily as if on the point of orgasm. Mike had one arm across her chest, fondling her bra, while the other worked away on Sue’s gusset; he was trying to move his groin too, but had no room to move. Obviously very excited! His time was up – Sue rose from his lap and went over to someone else.This time, everyone was obviously even more highly charged. Sue’s next “victim” was offered Sue’s bottom in his face as she turned her back to him, bent down and touched her toes! Knowing what was now allowed, she was comprehensively felt up between her legs, over her bum cheeks and up her tummy from a hand between her open thighs. Then, to my astonishment, he (I think it was Joe) stood up behind her and thrust his crotch against her proffered bum and made thrusting moves of his erect dick, inside his pants, against her rounded posterior! It was as if he was having her standing up, from behind! Sue thrust backwards to meet his every move. It was disgusting… And fantastic! Sue was flying… she hadn’t told me she planned all this, though I did have some suspicions – she has become so sexually adventurous since the earlier sessions, wanting to try all sorts of positions in bed: anal, oral, lots of fingers inserted, toys and plugs – wow, my life had changed recently! And it looked like that was going to continue…I suspect Joe was now close to cumming and Sue broke it off and moved on. I’m fairly certain she was with Terry by now, but as she passed me by she whispered “enjoying it, Alan?” to me and I nodded back.Terry got a little treat; not only was he allowed a fondle and a feel between Sue’s legs, but he got to open her bra from behind. He then sneakily put his hands under it to push it off, discovering at the same time that she had another bra on underneath, and that it didn’t cover her breasts very much. “Oh wow!” he exclaimed as his hands found Sue’s bare nipples and fondled her D-cups greedily.I began to consider how the evening was going. At the last event the guys had seen all that Sue has: her arse and pussy fully open and dripping. She had had a butt-plug up her arse and had a vibrator and Andy’s dick inside her pussy, while I had fingered her bum-hole and everyone had spunked off over her naked body. But, apart from Andy, and that had been a bit of an accident (you could say…), no-one had had a feel of her, either through her clothes (they all had now!) or on her skin. Sue had told me that she was going to offer some feeling-up, but this was shaping up to be rather more than I had expected, and Terry was getting a really good examination of Sue’s breasts, while the cameras went mad.Things began to get slightly out of hand in the next few minutes as other guys reached in to touch Sue’s glorious globes. They really are very firm in their own right, but with the quarter-cup bra lifting them even more, they really were magnificent and highly enticing. There was a bit of jostling for position until Sue said firmly “OK guys, calm down a bit, you’ll all get a chance – now, Bill, how about pulling down my nice big white tight panties for me?”The others sat down and watched as Bill walked up to Sue and held the waist of her panty-girdle on each side of her body. “They’re very tight, Bill” she said, “you’ll have to work them down slowly; don’t ladder my tights will you?”“I’ll do my best,” gulped Bill and he began to pull the waist-band down over Sue’s hips, exposing the top of her tights as they inched down. He stood behind her and eased them further from there, gradually unrolling them over her bum, then moving his arms round to the front and pulling them further. Sue wriggled slowly as the panty-girdle came down, showing bahis siteleri the complete reinforced panty section of her tights, and the darker outline of the suspender belt and little black panties she wore beneath.“Interesting” said Bill as the panties fell away and onto the floor, leaving Sue standing there with her exposed, supported tits erect and her long legs encased in shiny nylon; she placed one leg slightly in front of the other and, with her high heels, this emphasised her shapely figure. Bill stood back to admire the view and to join the others taking pictures. I was capturing it all on video.“Andy – tights off now I think,” commanded Sue and she sat down on the low table and lay back, knees bent slightly upwards. Andy came forward and ran his hands over Sue’s legs and crotch, so much more accessible now that the panty-girdle had gone, his finger met less resistance now as he stroked between her legs, the line of her outer vaginal lips becoming clear as he applied pressure. Sue let her legs splay open at the knees, though her feet were together, as Andy kept a frigging motion going on her crotch. “Tights off Andy, please” she said hoarsely. Andy got the message and stopped wanking her, got hold of the top of her tights and began to remove them. Sue raised her bum off the table while he slipped the tights down and unrolled them down her legs, exposing her suspenders, little black knickers and her black stockings. When he reached her feet he removed her shoes and flung the tights onto the floor, then replaced her high heels. Sue lay flat on her back, breasts pointing ceiling-wards, her knees now flat and her legs tightly together, while Andy and a couple of others approached her and began feeling her legs, stomach and tits.Sue now had very little covering her business parts, just the little black nylon panties. The level of excitement and anticipation rose dramatically as most of the guys were feeling her up. Sue had a hand on the front of her knickers so that no-one could get their fingers inside, but she was under attack all right. “Enough for now, guys” she said, “get some pictures before we do anything more interesting! Want some nice gusset shots?”Oh yes they did. Everyone stood back a little, grabbing cameras as Sue writhed about on the table top, posing lasciviously for each in turn. Up went her legs, then she splayed them wide so that her panty gusset was nicely visible. She teased a finger down her crotch pushing panty nylon into her vaginal lips, then she put a hand inside her panties and slowly frigged herself. At one point she raised her legs back against her chest and traced the line of her pussy over her panties, then, finding her arse-hole, she pushed a finger onto it, slightly pushing the panties a little inside.“You liked the insert shots with Andy last time didn’t you?” she asked. “Well now my husband will do the honours – but with a difference… Get focusing. Ready, Alan?” she nodded at me. I handed the video camera to Andy and told him to make sure he got this on film, since we’d all got shots of him entering my wife’s vagina last time. He smiled back. I undid my jeans and took them off. I stood there in my boxers; my erection, rock-hard now, and having pushed its way through the fly opening, was on view to all. Sue reached under herself and pulled off her little knickers, opening up fully so we could all admire her glistening arsehole and her sopping wet pussy again – it had been months since the lads had seen this and they were well fired up now. I reached into our little bag and brought out a large black dildo and a tube of KY jelly. As my friends watched closely, I squeezed some of the jelly onto the dildo and introduced the knobbed end of it just into the entrance of Sue’s twat which I held open with my other hand. I held it there for a few moments so that everyone could get shots of the scene. Then I pushed it inside her bit by bit, stopping every couple of inches for more pictures. Eventually it could go no further and I began to slowly move it in and out of Sue, rotating it a little as I did so. Pussy juice poured out of her and dribbled onto her perineum. As I frigged her with the dildo I then began to stroke her clitoris with the index finger of my other hand, and to put my middle finger, below the dildo, just into her bum-hole. The guys jostled against me, wanting to see as much as possible, and also putting their hands on Sue’s tits and stomach. I got two of the lads to hold Sue’s legs up and apart, while I put a little KY on my dick. Removing the dildo I placed my cock at the entrance to her arse-hole and held position for pictures. Then I pushed against Sue’s sphincter and went up. Sue gasped. I was having anal sex with my wife in front of half a dozen guys. How had we got here?!I kept up a steady rhythm in and out of her arse, almost withdrawing each time, then going in up to the hilt for maximum photo impact. The guys holding Sue’s legs began to take further liberties and I could feel their hands coming up her thighs, fingers approaching her vaginal lips and, let’s face it, her arse-hole, and my dick entering it!I was in heaven though. Sue seemed to be too. Certainly she did nothing to resist the prying digits. I was aware of someone digging into our bag and saying “Ah condoms – looks like we’re encouraged to use these!” before pulling his prick out of his flies, rolling a durex over it and advancing on Sue’s face. He waved his erection in front of her and Sue, to my shock, turned her face towards it and took the end of his knob into her mouth! Fuck! What the hell had got into her – apart from my cock up her arse and his in her mouth that is!The scene was amazing. I was pumping into my wife’s arse like there was no tomorrow, two blokes were fingering her pussy and trying to get a finger alongside my cock up her bum-hole, while another guy was in her mouth fucking away at her throat, while she gobbled greedily. This was a gangbang, and my wife was the grateful recipient. I could not believe it. Those with free hands were taking photos or videoing. I came out of Sue’s arse at that point; I didn’t want to cum yet and I was very keen on watching the action. Sue pulled her face away from the guy she was fellating and said “OK lads, you can finger me if you want – not too many at a time though”. Blokes advanced on her and she went back to sucking the dick.Joe was the first to really go for it, he had got the tube of KY jelly out of our bag and squeezed some on Sue’s vaginal lips, then worked it around with his fingers and slipped three or four of them up her. He began frigging her smoothly, her pussy making fantastic squelching and sucking sounds. One of the other guys put his hand underneath Joe’s and, using lubrication that was pouring out of her, slipped a finger into Sue’s arse, nicely open after I’d fucked her there. Other guys were massaging bahis şirketleri her tits and her inner thighs. “Let’s have a go at that, Joe” said one of them and there was a changing of position. Everyone wanted to get as many fingers in my wife’s pussy as they could it seemed. I had to get in on the act, just not observe and video, and I managed to almost get my whole fist up her she was so dilated. She rocked with orgasm as I put a finger in her bum at the same time I had three fingers in her pussy.Then my wife made an announcement I’ll never forget. “Let’s move around” she called, getting her mouth off someone’s dick, “I want a DP!”Fuck me! Sue didn’t even know what double penetration was a few weeks ago, but had watched a few porn films with me since she’d started this stripping for charity business. Now she seemed to want to be a porn star herself. I was too dazed and sexed-up to care. “Bill, you can do me up the pussy. Only Alan is allowed up my arse. Let’s get to it boys!” she screamed, getting off the table. “On your back on the floor, Bill” she commanded and Bill lay down, his dick poking through his flies. Sue got a condom from our bag and unfurled it over Bill’s cock, then she straddled him and lowered herself onto it, first off making sure the head was just inside her pussy hole, then suddenly impaling herself on it with a gasp. Bill just went “phew” as his shaft sank into my wife to its full extent. Bill looked at me, or at least his mask did: “Bloody Hell, Alan, I have to say this – I’m right up your wife’s pussy, you’re watching me fuck her and it’s just glorious! This is SO good. She is wonderfully tight and wet, a real dream; I can’t really believe this is happening to me. Oh God! Wonderful! You are a lucky man Alan, this pussy is so lovely and tight and warm, just like Andy said, it’s really gripping all my shaft. Oh fucking hell this is good!”At that point Sue leaned forward, splaying her legs wider and raising her bumhole towards me as her tits fell against Bill’s chest. I placed my legs either side of Bill’s and moved forwards to bring my cock up to the entrance to her arse, which was glistening wet with the remains of the KY jelly and my pre-cum. I looked down at Bill’s cock pumping in and out of my wife and pushed my prick against her arse. I could feel the movement from Bill’s cock making Sue’s anal ring open and close slightly. She was still well-lubricated down there and I pushed forward in time with Bill’s next thrust. Immediately the head of my cock went into Sue’s bum again. As I slipped up her I could feel Bill through the membrane between Sue’s openings. I began to pump in unison with Bill. Sue was pushed back and forth in time with our movements.“Oh shit this is good,” she panted “I can feel you both hard up inside me – fucking wonderful! Oh it’s unbelievable – two cocks inside me, all nice and tight and smooth. I feel so fucking dirty. I never dreamed it could be like this. Oh fucking wonderful!”“Let’s make it three” said Mike, who had slipped on a condom and knelt at Sue’s head. “I think they call it ‘airtight’” he said, and with that he pushed his dick into Sue’s readily opened mouth. She took him in fully. The others snapped away catching this debauchery for posterity.After a couple of minutes of this, Sue signalled that she wanted a change. The three of us got out of her holes and the three others were edging closer for their turn. Sue went to our bag and got the butt-plug out. Without further ado she opened up widely and pushed it up her arse: “that stays in there now” she said to everyone, “only my husband and that plastic go up my arse! Now, who wants to do me next?”Over the next thirty minutes she took everyone up her pussy at least once more. Most of the condoms that we had brought with us (anticipating some possible oral opportunities if Sue was in the right mood – ha!) had been used fucking her. They had her every way we could think of, and we caught it all on camera. In addition to fucking her standing up, bending forward, being held aloft by two blokes while a third entered her, doing a hand-stand etc, the guys made sure they had plenty of shots of her in the most suggestive and explicit poses they could imagine, with fingers and hands inside her, cocks in her face, or wanking on her breasts, two or three dicks in her mouth at the same time, you name it, they tried it. A personal favourite for me was seeing her held by two guys with her legs up and bent, so that her pussy and arse (with butt-plug in place) were down-most, as they lowered her onto a third guys face so he could lick her from below as they held her just on his tongue. Fucking ace!One nice element that really turned me on was when a guy fucking her described to us how it felt for him to be up her. I got immensely turned on by their descriptions of how my wife’s pussy held them in, sucked them up her, grasped them and so on; how lovely and tight it is, how wet and dripping, how they love reaming her out and impaling her. The dirtier their descriptions the more I liked it – Sue told me later that she felt exactly the same; it heightened the sense of dirtiness for her. Wow!As last time we finished with a nice bukkake session and everyone came off on her face or tits. There was a general agreement that Sue now needed to be “cleaned up” so we all trooped off into the en-suite bathroom and Sue crouched in the bath as we all peed over her, washing the cum away. Sue was happy for the guys to piss on her face and she held her hands open to catch the golden liquid and splash it over her tits. As a finale she stood up in the bath, bent forward asked me to hold her bum cheeks apart for her. The guys clustered around as she let out a good strong flow of her own steaming pee which splashed noisily against the bath tiles. At last it was all over.There were no complaints. Sue was glowing with pleasure and satisfaction. She told me later that she had cum about four times during the evening and didn’t know what was coming over her (!) but that she got as horny as hell just thinking about what happened. I think my wife is becoming a nymphomaniac! She admitted to me that she would want to do it with or without the charitable donations; they were now just a bonus. She likes the relatively safe environment and the fact that we keep it secret amongst ourselves. She did say that she had some reservations about how I feel about it; she can’t understand how I can enjoy seeing her defiled by all these guys. I said I had no worries as long as it was all done so I can see it – nothing is done behind my back. She’s fine with that and so am I. But there is further excitement ahead for us – as we were tidying up the hotel room before we all departed, Sue made a little announcement to the room:“Well I’m up for it again if you lot are – usual terms and donations,” this was met by lots of nodding, “but I worry for Alan, so I think we need to organise it so another woman can join us next time and share the honours with me – over to you guys…”(Enjoying this? Part 4 will follow shortly – please comment and encourage… or not!)

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