My wife’s maid of honor Part 2

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My wife’s maid of honor Part 2While we lay there enjoying the feeling I said “Contessa, you have just made my dreams come true”. “I have ??” she said. I added “you do not know how long I have been dreaming of have sex with you”. Then she said “I’ve been thinking the same thing. I hope it was it worth the wait.” “No … you were worth the wait” I said. “It has been a long time since I’ve been fuck like that. Di does not know what she is missing” she said.As daylight came through the window we were both laying in the bed. When Contessa turned, got on top of me so that I could eat some morning pussy. She was facing my feet, this frees up her hands to wrap my rod with her hair then jerk my rod into total submission while I was ate at Contessa’s table. This was my morning treat (if last night was not enough).After breakfast we went to see about her car. She was all business dealing with the car insurances and car rental people. While we were waiting for the loaner car. She turn and gave me a hug and said “thank you for making me feel extra special yesterday”. I said, “it was my pleasure to rescue a foxy lady who was in distress in her time of need” as I lightly kissed her lips. She continued, “I’ll have to tell Di that you showed this southern girl klasbahis yeni giriş your northern charm”. Just then fear ran through my body, is Contessa going to tell the my wife about last night in the bedroom? I said “don’t tell her everything. Some things we need to keep to ourselves!!” “That is so true” she added. “Be sure to let me know when Di is going out of town and it will be my turn to show what southern hospitality is all about.” As she gave me a wink and a kiss. “Di told me of a meeting close to where you live next month that she has to attend. I’ll let you know more about it. Maybe we can meet then.” I said. “I’ll look forward to it” she said. As she wrote her email and home address and gave it to me. Then she went to the car and left. I stood there until her car was gone from sight. Then I was left with my thoughts of what happen last night and our next encounter.A few days later Di told me that she has been talking to Contessa concerning the car accident with the deer. My heart once again stopped waiting to see if she knew what else happen that night. Di told me that Contessa thought you were a perfect gentleman. My heart started beating again when she got on another subject. Hank you, our secret is still klasbahis giriş save.When I contacted Contessa about Di’s meeting. Contessa was relieved because from the minute she left me she was waiting for my call about our next rendezvous. I told her that “I will be free from 11:00 to 3:00 next Saturday and that I look forward to spending some time together. That Di suggested that we have lunch, go to the aquarium or something. I would rather do the something” … I added.During the trip to Di’s meeting place I could not travel fast enough. After dropping her off I called Contessa to tell her I’ll be there in about 25 minutes. 15 minutes later I pulled up to her Condo. After giving the secret knock she told me too she said “come in the door is unlocked”. When I open the door there she stood in a yellow sleeveless sun dress. Behind her was a open full length glass door that allowed the sun to show through the dress. The breeze allowed her to enjoy the feel of coolness on this warm day. I wondered if she was wearing anything under the dress. The sun dress allowed her marvelous breast to be revealed and tight enough to outline her perfectly shaped backside. Once in I closed and dead bolted the door. Within seconds we were holding klasbahis güvenilirmi each other in a tight embrace. As I felt the sweat of her skin and smell the scent of perfume. As we walked to the couch we talk about what we could do during the next few hours but we knew what was on each others minds. Contessa stood up put her dress about 4 inches from my face and ask “do you want to see under the dress?” My response was “You do not know how much ?” I put my hands on her knee and started to slowly make my way up her thighs until I reached the bottom of the dress. As I lift the short dress I could see that there was nothing between me and her pussy. I lifted her dress more so that my head could be closer to her. As I pressed my hands against her backside I could smell her pussy as she got closer to me. “Your pussy is so sweet” I mumbled. Contessa said “do you like what you see?” Before I could say a word my tongue started licking my approval to her question. After a few moments, Contessa shuddered and said “that feel wonderful, it’s better than it was my dreams”. This was the first indication that Contessa had been dreaming of having sex with me again. A man could get use to what Contessa has to offer!It felt like seconds later (her pussy was so good) but it was longer than that Contessa backed way leaving me “high & horney”. She took my hand and took me over to the kitchen where she made me lunch. While I was eating my mind wondered what’s next. Soon I would find out. After the meal I was given a tour of her Condo.

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