my wifes nephew goes camping with us

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my wifes nephew goes camping with usWe were preparing to go camping and had rented a 30 foot mobile home. Duriong the final preparations the night before we were to leave, Peggy got a call from her brother. His mother in law was ill and they need to go to illinois. They didn’t want to leave Todd home alon since he had a bad track record. He had previously been arrested for possession of marijuana. and he also had several parties that mom and dad came home to a trashed hous. He begged her to take him with us. Todd was going to be 17 the next day and found this situation appalling. he was 17 and should be allowed to stay home. his mom and dad told him go with us or go with them. he chose us. Peggy apologized for giving in, but knew there was no other choice since they got along so badly.We figured we could let him have a good time partying with his aunt and uncle since we brought our own stash.We picked up todd on our way to the north the following morning. It was 6am and we pulled in to find a grumpy, groggy todd wandering out the door. he climbed in back and laid down on our bed and went to sleep. she kissed her brother and sisterinlaw and jumped back into the van. She showed me a was of cash and said bbo said let me help out with gas and food. We werent considering this and figured kewl we win.Todd was out for 4 more hours before he finally got up and asked if we could get some breakfast. I said sounds good to me but I already had mine so I was gonna eat lunch. We pulled in to a diner and went in to order. As we sat down we decided to have a long discussion with todd and let him know that his being there was as much of an intrusion into our privacy as his being there was an invasion into his privacy. we told him that we could have a good time together or it could be torture and it was up to him to decide. he looked at us like he didnt understand. I explained that if he wanted a good time he should agree not to ever tell anyone what goes on . He said why. I told him if he agreed he would have a good time. he agreed and then peggy leaned over and said as long as you are in agreement not to tell anyone about our private lives, we can smoke a little while we wre gone. He grinned from ear to ear and said or a lot. Now it was our turn to look like we didnt understand. he said he had a quarter pound. We all looked at one another and laughed. I said good, then we are in agreement… what goes on this weekedn stays between the 3 of us. he said fine with me. We ate and then jumped into the RV and peggy lit one up. Todd was imopressed bursa escort with the quality and was feeling good in no time.I refrained since I was driving. We reached our campsite by 6PM and parked and leveled the trailer and got the awning out. We borrowed a neighbors bike for todd and had our bikes on the rack. todd wanted to scout out the area. we told him we would be eating in half an hour and he said I’ll be back cause I’m hungry.We finsihed getting everything out about 15 mnutes late when todd pulled in. I said its a good thinkg it took us longer otherwise you would have been getting your own dinner out. We sat and ate and he told us the place was full of little k**s and no too many girls. We said wait til tomorrow and that could change. We finished eating about 8 and todd hellped us clean up. I got a bonfire going and todd sat down next to me and was rolling one. I told him to roll it in the rv next time so nobody would notice. Peggy walked out with 3 beers and handed him one as tod lit one up. we passed it and todd said wow I sure didnt expect any of this as he held out a beer and a joint. We said just remember our agreement. Peggy went into the rv to use the bathroom. Todd said he ahd to go and I agreed. I said the back of the trailer is not lit up we can go there. we walked around to the back and as I fished out my cock todd did too. we were both aiming under the trailer so as we stood along side of each other Todd still had the joint and handed it to me as I pissed. I glanced as he handed it to me and couldn’t help myself. I said Damn todd do you have a license to carry that thing. he looked at me and realized I was looking at his cock. he grinnedfrom ear to ear and said yeah it is kind big isnt it. I said dont let your aunt peggy see that or she’ll be all over it. he laughed and I said i was serious. He laughed again and shook it a few timew more then was necessary as if he was showing it off now that he had an audience. He left it hanging as I tucked mine back in and he took a few more tokes. then he haded it to me and he shook it some more. I swear it was getting stiff. As it is it hung about 6 inches totally soft. it looked more like 7 in a semi state. I said that thing is growing. he said yeah I am horny as fuck and with no girls around I’ll probably spank ot a lot. I said how big is it hard. he said wait, Ill show you and he was tugging it and leaning back from the trailer and in a few seconds it wa about 8 or 9 inches. I said damn boy you should have no problem getting that thing taken vare of. We bursa escort bayan went back and sat down and noticed peggy wasnt back yet. I said Im going to get some fresh beers. I went in and she kissed me like she was hornier than fuck. I told her that obviously she overheard our conversation. she said yer and I could watch it on the security cams on the screen since they had nitevision. she said I am gonna get some of that during this vacation. I said go out and hand him andother beer and I would be right out. she sat down in the chair closest to hm and said have another. She noticed he was rolling another and sat his beer next to him. she said I am going to get to know my nephew this vacation. I brought out a cake and it had 2 candles in it and a bottle of jaigermeister. I started sinfing happy birthday and he realized it was after midnight. he was now 17. He blew out the candles and I poured 3 shots. We toasted his birthday and then he lit his joint. we smokedit again and peggy was feeling no pain. she said she was going to go to bed. Tod said first lets do one more shot. I poured and we toasted he said to my uncle and aunt. 2 of the coolest adults I know. we drank em down and peggy said good night and she kissed me and then she bent over in front of todd and kissed him like she was his girlfriend. She got up and walked intot he trailer and then Todd said wow she is smoking hot. then he realized she was my wife and said I am sorry. I sat down nect to him and grabbed his thogh and saont you worry about it. Even if she strayed out on me I know she is mine and she would be right back. he said really that wouldnt bother you. I said no she has done it before. he was staring at me and I slowly stroked his leg. I then poured another shot and since the glasses were black I didn’t pour any in mine but it looked like it. he finshed his joint and I lit one of ours. I took a few hits and poured another shot and did the same as before. I went int ot get 2 more beers and checked on peggy. she was under the covers snoring. I lifted the covers and saw she was in her pajamas, so i slid them off and left her naked. i then walked out with one beer and another that was only water in an empty bottle.I handed todd his beer and figured he should be feeling no pain soon himself. I took the joint which was almost gone now and then poured another shot and said her is to getting to know your auntie a whiole lot better. we drank em down and i passed the joint back to Todd and he finished it by himself. I sagged down in the chair hoping he escort bursa would relax and pass out. he nudged me and said ucle. I didn’t move. he got up and walked to the door and said I am going to bed. I ignored him and he went in. I wated a while and as it was very quiet, I went in. he was sitting on his bed and laening back all passed out. I undressed him and pulled the sheets off paeggy and kind of slid him over to her baed. I positioned them so he was spooning against her back and I stroked his cock hard with very little trouble and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. I left them like that and went outside and laid back in the chair. I heard some rustling and figured they must be fucxking. I went to sleep and stayed there until the mornnging. it was well past 10 when I woke up. I glanced in to see if anyoine was awake and found them facing each other with her hand on his cock and could see they were still out. I laid back down and tossed a stick against the side of the trailer. I heard some noise and heard todd say omg what did I do. Peggy didnt say anything and then I heard some rustling and snuck to the other side and looked in. he was fucking her like a rabbit. she was getting into it and I wondered if sher realized wo she was fucking yet. He hunched hard against her and was coming real hard when she said omg that is one of the biggest cocks I have had in a long time. Todd realized she was awakes and froze. she said Ummmm thank you Todd I needed that. I realized everything was now open between them and went to lay back down. I heard todd say where is uncle at.she said dont worry about him. when he has been drinking he sleeps forever. todd got up to see where I was and fortynately I was in the chair. I then heard themm fucking again. I was hard again and althrough I wanted to see, I stayed there.She told me later they sucked and fucked eachother 4 times and then she said she needed a showere. Todd said there is a big stll in the back of the shower buikding. she said ya want to ? he said I would love it. ?they kissed and partially dressed and went to the shower. I got up and straightened everything up and got breakfast going. when they came back I mentoned to todd that we needed some orange juice. he volunteered to get some at the camp store and left. I asked how everything went and she said you couldnt have planned it better. we laughed and she told me what a good time she had in bed with him and how he fucked her bent over as she held the faucets. she said Todd is a great lover. I kissed her and said I love you so much and she said me to babe. Todd showed up and we ate and I made myself scarce that night so they could enjoy some alone time and then I returned and let him in on our secret. We had a lot of fun that 2 weeks.

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