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My wife’s sister- wowMy wife and I had met in college in Kansas. We both were good students and were employed when we graduated.I took a job at an architectural firm near Santa Barbara and Linda is a flight Attendant.We both really enjoy the California lifestyle although it a bit crazy for me. Linda is more of a free spirit. I remember our first real vacation in Spain. We headed to the beach the first day there and I was shocked as she started taking off her top.”What are you doing” she said as I tried to pull her suit back on”Are you really going to show the world your tits?”Yes, look around, everyone here does it.I did look around and many of the women were indeed topless.”That doesn’t mean you have to””Jim, we’re two thousand miles from home. No one here knows us. In Spain, the women go topless and so am I. Now get over it.”I knew that Linda was proud of her big tits but I didn’t realize she had a hidden desire to show them off.I relaxed and took in the scenery. Most of the women in Spain did not have near the tits Linda does.Linda took great pleasure in parading back and forth to the water to cool off. It was obvious she was drawing most of the eyes on her as she mad her many trips.That night I got one of the fucks of my life/. Linda loves to lay on me and drop her boobs into my mouth. I take turns sucking on her nipples that get fully engorged. I came with a force and thrust my hips upward into her.Most of the hotels and apartments in S;pain don’t have air conditioning so the locals take a nap in the heat of the day, around 4. We did the same. W went out to get some dinner around eight and we both drank too many glasses of wine.We came back to the room and I passed out.I woke up and noticed Linda on the balcony, completely nude.I walked out to be with her.”Wow:”Yeah she said, its dark so I don’t think anyone can see me.I rub her ass and she moaned. I reached around her body from behind and p[layed with her stomach and then her pussy. She pushed back.I bent her over on the balcony and slid my full length inside her.”mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..” she purredI had never done anything like this and it was a huge thrill. I felt my member getting bigger and I exploded in her. I felt her quiver and she had a big grin.Our place in California is west of the high prices in Santa Barbara. We’re about 400 yds from the beach, near one of the paths that only the locals know about to access the beach.One week, Linda notified me her youngest sister, Nikki, was going to spend some time with us.”What’s up?” i said”She just graduated from high school and she wants to have some from before she starts college in Princeton. You know how dull k\Kansas can be, let’s show her a good time.””OK”Nikki has a shorter body than Linda. She also has a great spunky personality although I didn’t know her much because she is about seven years younger.Nikki arrived on a Friday and settled in before I got home from work.The next morning, Saturday, Linda and I had our ritual before she had to leave to work as a flight attendant. She has to be at the airport at 09:00 so w get up earl;y and have some “don’t forget me” sex.It always ends with her on top grinding her pussy into my crotch. I wait to make sure she has a good time and then I explode in her.Linda always jumps into the shower and then leaves.I woke up about two hours later and took my own showerI made it a long one to soothe away the week’s work. I grabbed a towel and headed back towards the bed”I need your help”I pulled the towel away from my head and quickly tried to cover up. Nikki was laying on our bed, dressed in her pajamas.”You don’t need to cover, Linda always lets me see you when you’re asleep.”(There betist giriş is some plausibility in her statement. Linda is very mischievous)”Help with what?””I’m going to start college and I haven’t’ had sex.””Oh come on now; a great looking girl like you.”Nikki is about 5’7″, 120 lbs, blonde and a tight ass. Her tits are small but they don’t sag at all.”All of my life I’ve been involved with Volleyball, I’ve never been with a guy.I walked back towards the shower and grabbed another towel to finish drying.As I ran the towel around my head again she made her move.Before I could stop her she had slid off the bed, onto her knees and was running her hands under my towel and reaching for my shaft.I tried to move her away (not real good effort) but she quickly took me in her mouth.I grew immediately. Nikki started sucking. She wasn’t lying, she was actually sucking, not much else, no hand strokes. licking our anything. Not the best BJ.”Nikki, I can’t do this” But I didn’t push her awayShe took a pause and looked up at me”I really want to fit into college and do well. Princeton was hard to gain admission,”She took me back into her mouth without any assistance form her hands and resumed suckingI soon found myself getting bigger and I came buckets.She moved away and most of my load ended up on the carpet.My knees went weak and I sat down on the bed, Nikki sat next to me.”What do you think, do you mind showing me the ropes?”How could I turn her down?She slid off her top and revealed her great titties. I forgot how great small firm titties can be. Her nipples looked like erasers.She then slid off her PJ bottoms, no panties. She has a great tight ass and lean legsI told myself I could have it worse:)”Can we try 69 first.””Okay”I laid down next to her legs and gently slid them apart”Before you start sucking, take it in your hand and look at it” I instructed.”It’s big”My ego grew”Then hold it in one hand and run your tongue around the end”She did just as instructed.”As you suck, run one hand up and down the shaft.She is a perfect student. I moved in between her young legs and just stared at her beautiful pussy. She did not shave it, that kind of caught me by surprise. I blew on her lips and she moaned. I gently parted them and tan my tongue up and down the length of her young lips. Her legs clamped on my head.”Relax”She loosened her grip and i licked inside.”Nikki was really getting the technique and I came in her mouth. She started to pull back.”Try to swallow”She did her best but some of my come ran down her cheek and chin.I moved back in and she quickly came; her legs bucking up.”That’s just as good as I hoped” Nikki exclaimed.She got up and headed towards her roomShe looked back”Can we go all the way tonight?””Sure.”I went to the gym and worked out and bought some groceries. When I got home Nikki had left a note that she had gone to the beach.We ate dinner together and I told her I needed a napI stretched out on our bed and fell asleep.The phone woke me up, it was Linda.”Hi Honey” she remarked. “Let me talk to Nikki”I was surprised to see Nikki laying right next to me on the bed. I handed her the phone. She spoke to Linda for a few minutes and then handed the ;phone to me.”Nikki says your not showing her around”I grinned as Nikki was in the act of removing my shorts.I lifted my butt up as she slid off my shorts and briefs.”No Honey, I’, going to show her around, today was just the day I needed to get caught up.”Nikki took my shaft in her hand and ran her hand all around it.”Well there’s a lot to do in California and I want you to help show her some fo the fun spots. You could at least take her to betist yeni giriş the beach”Nikki took me in her mouth.”Okay Honey, I’ll take her to the beach, the fair and Disneyland”Thanks Honey””I’ll be back Monday as usual”As I hung up, Nikki was getting me ready for our next round.”Can we go all the way?””If that’s really what you want””it sure is””Okay, let me get you ready.”I moved into the 69 position and once again blew on her lipsI then spent a good five minutes licking, sucking and nibbling on her sweet puss. She came again, once again thrusting her kips up and shaking at her knees.”Now you’re ready”I moved back around to face her and moved her legs apart. She smiled as I felt her moist slit.I moved my shaft up against her puffy lips and she closed her eyes.”Yes, I’m ready”I moved inside her and I had probably the greatest experience of my life. Once again I was doing it for the first time.I only slid abut two inches in. She tensed. I just waited. She relaxed and I slid in two more inches. I could feel her moist tightness and I almost came right there.Then I was able to slide in the full length. I waited again and then moved in and out.Nikki came right then. I could feel her pussy quivering around my long shaft. Then I came.We both lay there panting”Thank you so much” Nikki panted”you’re welcome”I fell asleepI was somewhat surprised when I woke in the morning and she was laying next to me. I assumed she would go back to her own bed.I got up, took a piss and got in the shower. I could hear her taking a piss and she joined me.She enjoyed scrubbing my shaft and I enjoyed scrubbing her.We headed back to the bed and more 69What a way to start the morning!I took Nikki for a drive around Santa Barbara and Malibu in my Porsche. To my great joy, she took of her top in the hills above Malibu (check off another fantasy)That night we fucked again and we fell asleep.Monday morning I had to get up and go to work. Nikki gave me a great BJ to send me off.”I saw how Linda sends you off when she’s leaving for her trips””She told you about that?”?No, I was watching”Monday I made an effort to leave work early so I could help Linda entertain Nikki.I came through the kitchen entrance and didn’t see them in the houseI looked in the bedrooms and didn’t see them. I was beginning to think they weren’t homeI looked out on the deck and they were both tanning- nudeI didn’t know this about Linda, I assumed she went to a tanning bed.The thing that bothered me a bit is the swimmers have a little view of the deck on their way to the beach on the path. I wonder how many stop to take a look at my wifeBefore I let them know I was home I took a good look at Nikki’s body in the sunShe is simply stunning. She is lean, great tits, great smile and a really tight ass.”Hi Honey”Linda and Nikki covered themselves with robes”Hi Honey, we’re out on the deckI walked out on the deck and kissed my wife.As I squatted down to talk to Linda, Nikki show me a view of her titties. What a tease.The next Saturday morning Linda and I repeated our weekend goodbye fuck. I glanced over at the bedroom door and saw Nikki looking in. My shaft got hard and I came quickly.”Hey, wait for me””Sorry. Do you want to do it when I can?””No, I don’t have time”Linda left and in a few minutes Nikki came in the room,”Take a shower first””Okay:She wanted for straight sex and I was happy to obligeAfter I had to run a few errands.When I came back she was reading the local newspaper”Did you know Santa Barbara has a nude beach?””I’ve heard that, I don’t think Linda is into it (Maybe she is)”The location is in the paper, can we go?””I don’t know”She looked at me with betist güvenilirmi those cutey eyes and we were on our way.I parked and locked the Porsche and we headed down the slight cliff to the beach”I hear we need to get away from the nearby parking lot””Yeah, Okay”After we hiked about half a mile we ran into some couples enjoying the full exposureWe spread a blanket out and Nikki quickly took off her bikini”Come on”I took mine off and sat on the blanket trying to still cover my assets.We sat on the blanket and watched as the couples trolled by. Most of them were older. Regardless of the age, most of the couples wanted to get a god look at both of usI felt like I was on displayThen a couple of young guys came by, they waved at Nikki to join them with a frisbeeI really enjoyed watching her run around, completely naked, chasing the frisbee into thew waterShe finally came back”We need to go, I’ll burn””Okay””I thought you might want to hook up with one of the cute guys””Are you k**ding me? Those guys are cute but they don’t have the package you do” She smiledWE got back to the house and she repeated her tease when Linda called.”Did you take Nikki sigh seeing?””Yes, I took her to the beach today””The beach, that’s 400 yds. away!””We’ll do more tomorrow” As Nikki was taking me in her mouth.After I came Nikki slid up next to me. I started caressing her body all over.”Want to try something a bit kinky?”Like what”I rolled her over and ran my finger around her anusShe tensed up and looked at me”Does Linda do that?””To be honest, only a couple of times when we first met and she was real;ly drunk”I kept running my finger around her tightness.”What if I just poke my finger in?””Okay, stop if I say so”I slid down between her legs and started sucking and licking her sweet puss. She moaned.I then ran my tongue up and around her anus, she tensed a bitI alternated between her puss and her anus, working her excitement. I slowly worked my finger into her tight holeShe actually enjoyed it and she loosened upI worked my finger in and out and sucked on her clitoris. She came with a shake”Wow”I kept rubbing her body. I spread her ass cheeks and noticed she has a beautiful pink anus.”Maybe tonight””Okay, I can wait”That night we showered together and she practiced her BJs again,. She’s getting much betterI flipped her over and strolled to the sink to grab some lotion. “Easy””I know”I spread her cheeks and ran some lotion around her anus”I like that”I grinnedI worked my finger in her for a good ten minutes, I didn’t want to alarm her.Then I positioned between her legs, she spread them apart.I couldn’t help but take another look at her cute little pink anus- WowI moved the head of my shaft up against it. I pushed in slowlyShe tensed”I’m going slow”I just waited. I wasn’t really in yet, just at the opening.As her breathing slowed I ran my head in. Her ass is really tight. She squeezed her legs together.”I’m not sure about this””If it hurts we’ll stop”I waited again until she relaxed. I slid about three inches in and stopped. She was tense and clamped down on my member. I was about to come just looking at her beauty and feeling her tight ass around my shaft.”I don’t think we can go any further””Okay”I didn’t moveIt took awhile and she relaxed againI didn’t try to move in any further, I just slid back and forth. I came immediately, shooting my load in her assI pulled out slowly and lay next to her”If I do that at Princeton it will have to be with a guy with a smaller dick”I laughed”That was wonderful” I exclaimed. Thanks for letting me try”WE fucked and sucked for two more weekends. Saddly she had to go back to Kansas and pack for Princeton.For another 3 months she would send me texts of her tits or pussy. I knew she had a boyfriend when they stopped.Sex with Linda is great and I’m looking for another great vacation location where we can get kinky but I’ll never forget this wonderful summer with Nikki.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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