Nancy Ch. 06

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Nancy grabbed a fresh pair of panties and a feminine pad. It seemed such a shame to throw away the creamy load of sperm Del had filled her underwear with, but she needed absorbency now. She had known that her period had been imminent, but would have preferred that it waited just a little longer. Sighing, she rinsed out her dirty underwear and tossed it into the laundry.

When she got back downstairs, she sat back down next to Del on the couch. He looked at her, uncertain. She sighed again. “Del, I’m sorry…Michael and I have been having problems lately, and it was unfair to bring you into the middle of this. You’re like a son to me, and here I am…molesting you!”

“You…you haven’t!” he responded. “Nancy, I wanted this too!”

“You’re still a teen boy. You’d have said yes to pretty much any woman throwing herself at you,” she countered.


“No buts! You’re just starting out in life, and I’m interfering with that. You’ll find someone your own age, I’m sure. Can we just be friends, Del?” She held out her hand.

Del looked hurt, but sighed and shook it. “Yeah…I’m sorry I wasn’t stronger.”


He grinned at her. “To resist your feminine wiles.”

“Oh, you.”

They continued to play the video game, though she made sure that they sat at opposite ends of the couch.

Nancy didn’t stop being friendly with Del, but restrained herself from inappropriately touching him, or wearing overly tight or revealing clothing. Not that she had any interest in showing off her body during her period, which had cooled her ardor like a glass of cold water in the face. She shook her head at the irony of one of the most defining traits of femininity being the thing that made her feel the least feminine.

When artemisbet yeni giriş Saturday rolled around, Del headed across the street to Trista’s house in shorts and a polo shirt, ready to work. It was Fall now, but they were getting lucky with a final series of summery weekends.

“Ugh,” Trista’s strawberry-blonde daughter Helena said as she opened the door for him. “She’s in the backyard again.”

Del noted that today the slim teen was wearing sweatpants and a half-top that showed off her flat tummy. Instead of leading the way this time, though, she just closed the front door and watched him as he made his way through the house. He found Trista by the pool, once again in a swimsuit, though this one was a more revealing white bikini.

It had been a couple of days since Del had cum due to Nancy spurning him, and the sight of the older blonde, her body firm and toned, as if she’d never given birth (other than the teardrop-shaped boobs pushing out her bikini top), made his cock lurch in appreciation.

“Ah, Del, right on time,” she said as she rose on those long, shapely legs. “Come with me.” She hooked her arm in his and pulled him into the hedgeway. However, this time she turned left instead of right.

“Uh, Trista…”

“Ah ah ah,” she admonished him. “I’m in charge here, Del, so you listen to me, okay?” Without waiting for his response, she continued as they strolled into the hedge maze. “So I’m going to need you to go through the maze, here, and look for any branches that are being naughty, sticking out where they shouldn’t.” She turned left and pointed one such branch out. “Cut them off and put them in the wheelbarrow, which you’ll find behind the shed.” Now she pulled him down a right turn. Soon, she artemisbet giriş stopped. “Oh, poo, we should have gone to the shed first. Now we’re lost.”

“Err, well, actually…”

She turned to him. “We could be stuck in here for days, Del! We’ll eventually starve.”

“Um…” Del couldn’t keep his eyes from drifting down to the older woman’s healthy cleavage.

She looked down at the erection poking out his shorts. “I’m getting hungry already. Do you have some…protein for me, Del?”


Trista knelt down and quickly unfastened his shorts. Soon they and his underwear were on the ground, and his thick 8 incher was pointing right at her. She crossed her eyes to take it in, the tip having flopped out close to her face. “Holy shit! I thought you said you weren’t used to handling large tools!”

“Oh, I thought you meant…ohh…uhh!” She moved her mouth forward and took his cock to the root. Nancy had had trouble taking more than half of it, so he was very impressed. “Oh, wow, Trista…”

“Mmm…” she moaned around his member, making him thrill. He had started to have misgivings about this, but with Nancy breaking things off, and this sexy MILF wanting his cock, well, why not? he figured. He closed his eyes, lifted his head up to the warm sun, and enjoyed the expert oral ministrations of his new employer.

Trista moved one hand down into her bikini undies to play with her clit. She probably wouldn’t be able to fuck Del right then, she figured, but baby steps; she didn’t want to overwhem him right away with her tremendous libido. She pulled back, keeping just the head of his cock in her mouth, and then took all of it right into her throat again. Del gasped, and she did it again and again.

Del, not artemisbet güvenilirmi knowing what to do with his hands, put them on her head. As he got closer to cumming, he started to push and pull her head a bit. “Trista…ohh…I’m gonna…”

She grabbed his butt and deep throated him one last time, gulping in order to stimulate the tip.

That pushed him over the edge. “Ohh! Oauhh!”

Trista felt his first volley of cum go straight down her throat and she started to cum as well, her fingers now dipping into her hot box. As her orgasm calmed down, she backed off to let the rest of his cum fill up her mouth. She gulped some down and then let him go.

Del staggered back, breathing heavily.

She got to her feet. “Mmm! Scrumptious! Nothing like young cum. Now, head on back to the shed and grab those tools, hm?”

He nodded, pulled up his shorts, and headed back the way they came, a little unsteady on his feet.

Trista stood there for a moment, listening to the soft gasps coming from around the next corner. She strode over and found her daughter Helena, her eyes closed, leaning against the shrubbery. One hand was down her sweatpants and the other was playing with one of her B-cup breasts, the half-top pushed up to give her better access. Trista stepped up to the masturbating 18-year-old, and as the girl’s eyes opened, her mother pressed her lips to hers.

“Mmf!” Helena gasped, and then her mother’s tongue pushed warm liquid into her mouth. Upon tasting Del’s sperm, Helena’s orgasm exploded around her fingers. “Hgg! Mmm!” She broke the kiss and sagged against the wall of the hedge maze.

Her mother wiped the last few drops of sperm from her own face. “Too bad you aren’t wearing that cute little skirt today, Helena, or I’d’ve shoved that cum right up your tight little cunt instead.”

“Oh gaahd…” Upon hearing that, Helena moaned and dropped to her knees, shaking as another orgasm washed over her.

Her mother stood over her, grinning. “Like mother, like daughter.”

To be continued…

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