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Subject: Nephew plays Horsey chapter 1 This is a work of fiction, there is no relation to anyone living or dead. It’s a fantasy only, the author reserves his right to this publication and reproduction in full or part is prohibited under copyright. Nifty is a great site let’s keep it going and donate what you can. My first attempt at erotic writing, constructive criticism welcomed. M/b Nephew Plays Horsey chapter 1 I loved my sister dearly – she looked after us all when mum and dad died unexpectedly in a car crash. I wish I could say the mortgage got paid and we had a huge settlement but that never happened. We lived in a crappy three bedroom house with a roof that leaked and heating that worked when it felt like it. I was just fourteen then, and I sat my sister give up college to go to work, she sacrificed her dreams for so her two younger brothers could all stay together. I vowed that I would one day try and repay her kindness, I’ve told her that countless times and today she’s called in that favour. So here we are nine years later, my sisters divorced and now a single parent and her son, my nephew is the most amazing kid. He’s maybe forty pounds maybe less and stands up just past my knees. He has amazing blue eyes that sparkle like the Caribbean Sea and the darkest brown hair which is just touching his shoulders is soft as silk with just a light curl in it. His skin is that pale white, almost alabaster and his face is that of a cherub which would make Michelangelo weeps with its perfection. He’s always smiling, it’s infectious you just can’t help looking at him and find you have a huge grin upon your face. His lips which are a deep ruby red are that of a perfect Cupid’s bow – he is beautiful a child I just can’t say no to, and me? I’m uncle Mike, and as off today chief baby sitter. My sisters out on an overnight date trying to rebuild her social and love life, after what she went through with looking after us as kids for all those years I have no problem stepping in to help her out. Looking after Ben is probably the earthing I’ve ever done, tonight I’ve cooked. Though clean up is a bitch, I’ve blocked the sink and here I am of laid on my back with a wrench try to take the sink apart. I’m already wet, the T-shirts drying the radiator, all that water had to go somewhere. So here I am laying on a towel tightening the pipes when Ben comes and sits in my lap. He sits there watching me peering at my hands working the pipes, the water has soaked me and my chest gleams with sweat and water. The droplets beaded in my chest hair, sparkle like many faceted jewels. He looks at the water and brushes his şişli travesti fingers through the soft hair surrounding my nipples. It takes me by surprise and a soft sigh escapes my lips, I involuntarily push my hips up grinding into him. He giggles and puts his hands over his mouth to stop the sound escaping. Horsey he says as he takes them away and begins to softly bounce up and down. He leans forwards and rests his pudgy little fingers on my chest, each hand covers my nipples. His gentle rising and lowering on my lap makes me laugh and his giggle becomes louder, he bounces a little more firmly. And now, I can feel my cock begin to slowly wake up, the swelling is slow I place the wrench down and try to get him off me, but the little bugger is adamant I’m his horse. He’s going to ride me, his soft ridding has got me hard now, he can feel it under his ass. You can see in his face that he’s confused by it. But he doesn’t stop, his hands are now smoothing over my chest feeling the soft dark hair. My nipples are hard, with each pass over them I sigh and he smiles. I smile back unable to say no, he’s making me feel so good. I know it’s wrong I’m hard as hell and his ass is no longer bouncing on my hard cock through my jeans, he’s now sliding back and forth. His pyjamas helps him glide smoothly, my hands have somehow found their way to his hips and are help him to move. My cock is throbbing, I can feel the pre-cum leaking I know if I look it will be pooling under it. I’m breathing a little faster, the perfect valley of his soft his ass is getting me so hot. We’re both silent now, he’s stopped giggling. He’s full of concentration as he works his hips back and forth. His fingers gliding over my chest, the sensations he’s sending from my nipples to my cock are driving me insane. My heart is pounding, my balls have that pleasant ache of finally getting a good work out. I smile at him and he smiles back, I raise my head, my stomach muscles clench as I partially sit up. He looks at me as I move in closer, he leans towards me my lips meet his. They’re so soft, like velvet. I slip my tongue in to his mouth his eyes open wide in surprise as I began to search out every crevice of his small mouth. He begins to suck on my tongue, my saliva fills his mouth and he drinks it down. I moan gently and keep kissing him, my hands cup his face and now I’m fully sat up holding him tightly in my arms. His arms are wrapped around my head holding me tightly, does that feel good I ask him. He smiles and nods his head, I look into his eyes, I can see a multitude of questions flying round his head. I smile and pick him up, my cock beylikdüzü travesti has obscenely tented my jeans out. But I don’t hide it, I take us into my room. I let him slide down my body my hard cock straining as his feet hit the bed. I lift his arms high and take his pyjama top off throwing it to the floor. I let my hands sweep over his body, as they glide over his nipples his eyes open wide with surprise. I smile as I see the intense pleasure it gives him, I lean down and let my tongue lap at the soft pink nub. I gently blow on it and watch the skin tighten from the coolness of my breath. I can make you feel really good I tell him. If you want me to nod, I ask him. He looks intensely into my eyes and nods. I lean forwards and kiss him again. My hands slide down his small waist, I feel the soft cotton from his pyjama bottoms I slide them slowly down his legs and he steps out of them. He’s looked continually into my eyes, I raise my hand and gently grasp his cocklett, it’s so small and delicate. I lower myself and for the first time in my life I let a cock slide into my mouth. It’s soft and as I begin to work it with my tongue I feel it begging to get hard, instinct takes over and he gently grasps my head with his hands as he begins to pump my face. He pulls out then slides it back in, small gasps escape him, his rhythm at first erratic now becomes smooth as his slick cock glided in and out of my mouth. My own cock is hard as rock and I loosen my belt and unzip my fly, I slide my jeans and briefs down und hook them under my smooth balls. Bens lost in his own pleasure as he now begins to pound my mouth he’s moaning gently now his breathing is becoming faster. My lips suck gently on the boy nub buried in my mouth, I raise a hand from my smooth balls and slip it behind him, I run my fingers over the soft valley of his soft ass. I look up at him blissfully unaware what’s about to happen. I bring a hand round to my mouth, I momentarily let his cock slip from between my lips and spit on my fingers. I make sure they’re slick before I again begin working on his cock. I Let the tip of my index finger slip into his hot pink rosebud, he’s so lost in the intensity of his first blow job he’s completely unaware of what’s happening. I begin to slide into him, God he’s so hot and tight, his tight anal chute feels like silk, I begin to finger fuck his small anus. I want more, I lean over to the bedside table open the drawer and get my lube, I slather my fingers and again begin to work on that tight hole. I’ve never felt something so amazing, my finger glides in and out going deeper and then I feel it. He istanbul travesti feels that special place inside get touched, I work my finger over his prostate again and it happens. A moan from deep in his chest, it gets louder as he begins his first dry orgasam he clutches my head as his cocklett sinks as deep as he can get it into my mouth. I bathe his glans in my saliva, they’re firing sensations into his synapses he’s never had before. Still my finger is working his ass, sliding in and out over his prostate gland keeping his pleasure going. I smile at him, he smiles back. I know that felt good I tell him, he nods his agreement, now do you want to make me feel that good I ask? Again smiles and nods. I point to the floor and he jumps down off the bed. I stand up and his head is level with my aching hard cock, drooling precum. I let my finger slide over the piss slit and sweep up the drooling cock snot. I slowly take my finger to his mouth, which he opens and I deposit it on his tongue. He closes his lips around my finger and I draw it out. He savers the flavour , his eyes widen and he smiles. I point the head of my cock down and he leans in close and slowly opened his mouth. Watch your teeth I tell him and he covers them with his lips like a natural. I see the head of my cock slip into his mouth, the heat is so intense I feel his tongue working over the glans feel his suckling drawing out my precum. Savouring the nectar his breathing is heavy his eyes closed in focused concentration. I’ve had blow jobs before but none as amazing as this. Try and get a bit of of my cock in your mouth I tell him. I watch as he struggles, his mouth is stretched as far as it will go. I look as it bulges obscenely out his mouth. As he trying to work more in, sucking furiously drawing his uncle’s salty precum out, I know I won’t last, I can feel my balls begin to pull tight to my body, I can feel the most intense sensation as I fight it. The pleasure is so unbelievably good that I can’t stop I push forward and see his eyes go wide as I reach the back of his throat. He almost gags but I push again, his hands grasp my thick thighs and I almost scream as my cock explodes. I feel the head expand as my piss slit violently erupts filling his small mouth with my cum. There’s so much it’s seeping out the corners of his mouth and he’s even snotted it out his nose. He looks beautiful dripping in my baby batter. I gently pull my cock out, of his mouth. I smile at him, he’s unaware of the most amazing pleasure he’s given me. But I’m not finished yet. I turn him around with my cum dripping down his chin and bend him over at the waist. I see his pink rose wink at me. I spread his ass cheeks and and press my face close to his boy hole. I let my tongue sweep up it, then plunge it in. This pink rosebud will be in full bloom by the end of tonight of that much I’m certain. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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