New Career at 40 Part III

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I am addicted to orgasms. The problem is they make me hornier for more. I love my husband to distraction and he is incredible in every way. He has only one fault. He is married to a secret slut.I am also a serial cheater. I cheat on those with whom I cheat. I am just past my fortieth birthday and my 36DD-28-34 body is fit. If I do say so myself, I am still super hot.My husband is a senior vice president for a Fortune 500 company and travels to Asia for seven to ten days a month. That gives me plenty of time for mischief.Recently, I ended up way over my head. I lost twenty thousand dollars in poker to someone. I should have known better. I confided this to a girlfriend who lives by herself in my neighborhood. Her name is Gina.No one had any idea of how she made a living or where her money came from but people were too polite to ask. Including me, and we had been sleeping together off and on for a while when my husband was on his trips. She shared me with several different well-hung men as well.When I told her of my problem she told me she had a solution that would be perfect for me. It turns out she was a porn star. The solution she offered was for me to become a porn actress. I really do love sex and was desperate, so I agreed.She took me to meet a Mr. Malone and he offered to help. After I blew him of course. My first job was to let an “investor” fuck me.I have to admit I loved it. Mr. Malone had taken care of payment arrangements so I didn’t need to rush through the four pornos I agreed to do. That was four days ago. I had six days before my husband came home from this trip and I went with Gina to work each morning and we fucked every night.Each day at work Mr. Malone had me start the day by sucking him off. Then various porn stars, male and female, fucked me as I learned the business. Learning how he liked his sluts to react on camera. I have to admit I did enjoy it.  Finally, it came time for my first film. I was to become Lynn the Trophy Milf. I basically was to be myself, a rich executive’s wife gone slut.The first day’s filming involved me driving through the wrong part of town and having a flat tire. I wore my own clothing, albeit my sluttier stuff. A form-fitting red pencil skirt cut to mid-thigh and an overly tight white silk blouse showing lots of cleavage. Underneath were a matching black lace bra and thong. Then some black silk thigh high stockings and finishing with five-inch pumps.We really shot part of it outside on the south side of Chicago. We went to a very seedy bar aptly named “Brothers Bar.” To be honest, it was such a rush that, in addition to the three black men in there that were actors and would eventually have their way with me, there were about fifteen regular customers.Mr. Malone had learned that he didn’t have to pay these men other than allowing them to ogle. Mr. Malone told me that when I came in one side of the bar there would be the camera crew and to ignore them. On the other side would be the customers and actors. I didn’t really have a script and was told to be stuck up and a snobby white bitch. I was to resist and be stuck up at first. Then get aroused, lose some bet, and go with the flow. I smiled and got to it.We filmed just a bit outside, showing my car “stalling” and, through OnStar, me calling a local garage. The voice told bahçesehir escort me to either wait in my car or let them know where I was. I told them I would be in the bar I was parked next to.I got out of the car and went in. All conversation came to a halt as I came through the door. Every eye in the place was on me. I haughtily walked to the bar and ordered a martini. The overweight bartender laughed at me and said, “What kind of place do you think this is, snowflake? I’ll get you a beer and shot. First one is on the house.”The three actors I only knew by their first names, even though over the previous four days of getting ready I had fucked them all. Jamal and Mike gathered around me and started touching me. They were saying all kinds of rude things to me, sliding hands up and down my back, ass, and boobs.I tried to order another shot and beer but the fat bartender told me he only took cash. I didn’t have any. Jamal piped up and said he had this one and moved closer. We toasted with the shot.They deemed me Snowflake the Trophy Milf. I didn’t correct them or give my real name. I must admit this whole scene had me very aroused as well as very afraid since I didn’t know most of the men for real. They weren’t being shy either.I kept the snob act going, talking down to them even as we all became more flirtatious. Jamal was on my left and was playing with my hair. “This would be so good to look down at while you kneeled and sucked on my black python.”I gasped and the memory of sucking his eleven inches flashed into my head but I had been instructed at this point to be a bitchy prude. I snorted and said something about in his dreams.I was looking up at him trying to stare him down. Suddenly I yelped as Mike, who was on my right, had snuck his hand to my right breast and pinched my nipple hard. I about came but turned and tried to slap him. He laughed, grabbing my hand and “tsking” me.About that time the door opened and in walked a well-built black man in a mechanic’s jumpsuit. His name tag said “Tyrone.” He was the third actor and he leered at me as he walked up and asked if I was Mrs. Lynn. He told me it was a two hundred dollar charge before even looking at my car. I protested that it was covered by my policy and he was to bill the insurance company. He laughed, telling me he would but it was still two hundred dollars in cash before he would do anything.As the scene developed I actually forgot about the cameras.“I don’t have any cash!” I exclaimed. Laughing he told me I better find some fast or he was going to leave. I looked around. Jamal walked up with two one hundred dollar bills. He flashed them and then laid them on the pool table.“How about a game of pool. If you win you get the two hundred bucks. If I win…” He grinned, his white teeth flashing. He paused for a moment then laughing, “I get your blouse and skirt.”I gawked. “YOU BASTARD!”  But I had no choice so I agreed. “I won my sorority’s charity pool tournaments in my junior and senior years back in college,” I bragged. “You’re on.” I lost and lost badly. I stood in the middle of the room full of black men and now had to strip off my clothes. “Double or nothing,”  I yelled.Jamal walked up and circled me “Oh, no, Snowflake. Pay up.” My hands trembling, I undid my blouse and skirt. Now I was beylikdüzü bayan escort standing in just lingerie in a bar full of black men. My chest rose and fell as my breathing became ragged with lust and nerves.“Okay. Bra and thong against my skirt and blouse.” My plan was to get even and then win the two hundred dollars back.Jamal racked up the table and announced he would break. I stepped back to sit down and found myself sitting on Mike’s lap. I jumped up and stared between his legs at the hard and extremely large bulge he was sporting. I was so turned on I could barely stand.When my turn came my pussy was on fire and the thong was wet. I bent over to shoot and everyone was cheering and making lewd comments about my ass and tits. This so distracted me that I scratched the eight ball.Jamal grinned and arrogantly snapped his fingers and pointed to my bra and thong. I obediently stripped. Now I was in stockings, heels and wedding ring only.Mike stepped forward and offered Jamal what seemed to be the going rate for everything. Two hundred dollars for my bra and thong. Then he looked at me. “If you beat me you can have this back. If not, you suck me off right here in the middle of the bar.”Once again I agreed. Mike broke and sank a couple balls. When I bent over to shoot, with my bare ass and pussy out behind me, I suddenly felt a large hand and fat finger go between my legs. It was Jamal and he found my shaven pussy sopping wet. It was so lubricated he simply slipped it in. My knees buckled. His finger was so big it felt larger than a couple cocks I had fucked.Laughing, he cried out, “Snowflake is sopping wet.” The whole bar cheered. I missed badly and then Mike ran the table.He turned to me. Without a word he picked me up and laid me on the table on my back with my head hanging over the side. Playing with my huge firm tits he said, “Pay up, Snowflake.”I found myself reaching for his pants and undid them. As I pulled his cock out I moaned, “Holy fuck.”  He laughed and slapped my right breast hard. I uttered a guttural groan of pure lust and opened my mouth and throat. My hands went to his ass and I pulled him to me, letting his black cock sink into my mouth and right into my throat.I felt myself being moved and my legs hiked up over someone’s shoulders. All I could see was Mike’s huge balls moving to and from my face as he began fucking my mouth. Suddenly my pussy was slapped and I screamed. Mike timed this perfectly and as I screamed he thrust. I gagged a bit in surprise as all eleven inches slid into my throat with his balls hitting my nose.I was thrashing a bit as it felt like a baseball bat had been inserted in my throat. Just as I got used to it and began to settle down I felt a mouth on my shaven pussy. I felt someone sit on my chest and another large cock settle between my large boobs. Hands were squeezing them together and the body began to thrust up and down my chest. The hand began pinching then twisting my nipples hard and it wasn’t long until I spasmed into a mind-blowing orgasm.From down between my legs I heard Jamal laugh out, “Snowflake is squirting, She’s a real black cock whore.”Mike pulled out and shot a massive amount of cum that coated my face. I managed to look up in time to see Tyrone, the mechanic, start coming on my tits. As escort beylikdüzü he climbed off, Jamal flipped me over with legs dangling from the table. Without any hesitation, he crammed his twelve-inch cock into my pussy. He held my hips and didn’t stop.I saw stars and babbled incoherently as he did it without mercy. He started pounding hard. The entire bar was cheering him on. It didn’t take long until I was coming again. I have no idea how much time passed as Jamal fucked me but suddenly I felt empty as he pulled out. I then felt what seemed like a gallon of cum hitting my back and ass. I lay there panting.The three men’s cocks were still out and almost at full mast as they threw my clothes onto the table. Tyrone said he would consider fucking my tits in payment.Breathing hard, covered in cum and sweat, I began to relax. I had come hard several times and my car was going to be fixed.Suddenly I heard a stern lady’s voice. “What the hell is going on here?” I raised my head and saw a statuesque female cop. It was Gina. My three lovers pointed at me. “She fucked us to pay gambling debts and to fix her car.”I gawked with Gina grinning at me. “So the Trophy Milf thinks she can come to the South Side and be a whore. I think you need to explain yourself to the judge.”I stared in horror. “No, please, no. I will do anything.” Gina openly leered at me lying naked, now on my back and still on the table.She strode towards the table. “Did you willingly agree to anything?” I moaned and pleaded yes.She rolled me on my side and cuffed my hands behind my back and then rolled me back. Stripping herself she then got up on the table and straddled my face. I immediately began to eat her. I felt her shift and then something hard pressing my pussy lips.It was her nightstick. It slipped in and she began to fuck me. I heard her moaning after a while. She then pulled the stick out and pulled my legs back, bending me in half. She put my calves under her arms then crammed the nightstick into my ass. I screamed in yet another explosive orgasm up into her pussy covering my face. Even through that, I could hear the men cheering. I felt Gina’s thighs tremble and her pussy convulse around my tongue before I heard her scream, coming. She rolled off of me.  “Cut,” I heard Mr. Malone yell. “That’s a wrap for today.” My mind returned to reality. One half of the bar was full of horny black men. The other half was filled with cameras and lights.Mr. Malone walked to the bartender carrying a check to pay for the use of the bar. However, as the bartender talked to him, I saw them shake hands. He walked back.To the cameramen, he instructed them to pack up. He motioned to the makeup and hair girls to follow him. Undoing the handcuffs, he helped me up and led us all up the backstairsWe entered an apartment. To me, he said, “Go shower and let the girls clean you up. Mo, the bar owner, said instead of cash he would like you to dance for the night. He told me he had rented the place for two K and he would give you one K. Plus, Mo said you could keep whatever you made in tips.” I agreed. Even with the budget my husband gives me, any woman can always use an extra grand. Plus, I was really loving the idea of being naked for all these strange men and getting money for it. He smiled and started to strip himself.“However, I do get so fucking horny watching you get fucked. Time to please the boss.” We got into the shower together. I was still in my heels and stockings. I figured the first one thousand would pay for the shoes I was about to ruin in the shower with Mr. Malone.

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