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Nice fantasy story I found onlineCouple’s Fantasy Goes WrongI’m Mike, a 46-year-old reporter for a newspaper in a Southern city of 35,000 people. I’ve been with the same paper for 23 years and have established myself a solid reputation as hard-nosed investigative journalist who worked his way through the ranks from sports writer to senior news reporter. I’ve ruffled some feathers in our town with my reporting and columns. My wife of 23 years, Rose, is a looker at 45. Her 5-foot-4, 125-pound body, short brown hair, perfect ass and youthful looks make her look 10 to 15 years younger. She loves it when she has to show her ID to a male behind the counter at out-of-state nightclubs, giving him a good view of what a hot mom looks like. Our two daughters attend college in another part of the state, so that gives Rose and I time plenty of time to do more things together, and that includes doing more sexually.In the past year, I’ve noticed Rose has been spending more time on the computer. I looked at the browser history after she was on the computer for what seemed to be hours, and discovered what she had been reading: It seems the stories she read the most were under the NonConsent/Reluctance category. It seems so out of character for Rose, a nurse with a conservative upbringing, to be turned on by stories of women who allowed themselves to be ravished by men. Then again, it may just be that she’s hitting a peak in her sexual drive; I sure don’t want to be the one holding her back. She had been acting more submissive, as if she wanted someone to forcibly hold her down and fuck her. She enjoyed being called by a nickname, “Roseybabe,” when she takes on a more sexual persona. “Roseybabe” can be quite the naughty woman, giving great lap dances and blow jobs before allowing my out-of-shape self to drive my cock inside her.I came up with an idea where I would surprise Rose with a nonconsent fantasy one Saturday night. I was in the living room when she came out of the bedroom wearing the green stripper g-string bikini I bought for her six years ago during a visit to an out-of-state stripclub. That set everything in motion for me to act: I sneaked up behind her, pretending I had a gun. I ordered her to stand still while I cuffed her wrists with padded handcuffs. She played along, probably wondering what my next move would be. I ordered her to not say a word, and then blindfolded her. I walked her to my car, opened one of the back seat doors and guided her into the back seat. I demanded that she lay down so no one would see a blindfolded woman in a tiny bikini sitting in the back of my car. I got into the driver’s side, cranked the car and backed it out of the driveway. Days earlier, I scouted the area near our subdivision home where I could take Roseybabe and force her to do so many things for my pleasure. I found it three miles away, an abandoned cotton gin on the outskirts of town. It had been abandoned years eariler; it sat on a large tract of land surrounded by a chainlink fence. However, the property was easily accessible because there was no gate.I drove Rose around for five minutes, finally driving into the gin property and parking the car in a thicket next to the building so no could see it. It was about 10 p.m. and there was a slight breeze in the warm August evening. Not saying a word, I reached for Rose’s cuff hands and pulled for her bilecik escort to get out of the back seat. Still blindfolded, she walked as I led her into the dusty insides of the building. In the back corner of the gin was a mattress I found near the gin, apparently someone threw it out along with other junk. Rose acted as if she was struggling to break free, but didn’t give much of a resistance. It was a sign she was playing along with the fantasy.”I’ve been watching you, Roseybabe,” I said to her in a gruff voice. “You have been such a cock tease. I’ve been wanting you for so long, and now I have you where I want you.”I freed her hands from the cuffs and forced her to kneel on the mattress. I stood in front of her, my cock pressing against the front of my jeans. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my thick, 6-inch cock, and gave her the orders. “I want you to suck my dick, Roseybabe,” I ordered her. “Suck it good or else…”Rose, still blindfolded, responded by licking up and down my cock with her tounge, even going down to tease my balls. She then pulled her head back and opened her lips to take in the head my dick. After playing with that for a minute, she opened her mouth and slowly took my cock into her warm mouth. Her head began bobbing as the pace of her sucking increased. Man, what a feeling, I thought. She’s so good. It’s taken Rose years to perfect the art of oral sex. “Keep sucking it, baby,” I growled at her, puting my right hand on the back of her head to force her down onto my shaft. “You like sucking cock, don’t you, Roseybabe?”She pulled out long enough to respond. “Yes, I love sucking cock,” she replied. She sucked a few more seconds before saying, “Please, don’t make me suck anymore. I’ll do anything you want. Please?”I didn’t give it a second thought. “Keep sucking, honey,” I said. “You’re not going to …..”Suddenly, a door about a dozen feet behind Rose swung open, and five young white males came storming out. I pulled my cock out of Rose’s mouth, but two of the men grabbed me – one quickly opened a switchblade. The other three men surrounded Rose, grabbing her by the arms and body as she tried to stand up. I had no idea there were others in the building. I didn’t see any other vehicles around the building when I pulled up. I tried to fight off the guys holding me, but my resistence ended when I felt the switchblade pressing against my Adam’s apple.”Stop it, don’t touch me,” Rose begged the three men after they removed her blindfold. She then looked in my direction and cried, “Mike, is this part of your game? Did you set this up?” I shook my head no, careful not to let the blade slice into my neck.Right away, I recognized one of the men surrounding Rose – Damon Hathcock. Damon was an blue chip all-state quarterback for the local high school football team eight years ago. He was a prized signee by the state university and played there three years, starting two. However, he was ruled ineligible when it was discovered someone had taken the college entrance exam for him and that he had accepted a large sum of cash, a new sports car, sexual favors from wives, daughters and girlfriends of boosters and many other freebies for his signature. The state university football factory was put on probation and Hathcock banned from college football. He wound up dropping out of school. I knew about Hathcock’s bolu escort case quite well, because I was one of the reporters who helped expose the university’s cheating and Hathcock’s generous gifts. He bounced around some minor football leagues for a a couple of years before returning to his hometown to a life of thuggery. Still possessing the fit athletic body from his playing days, was known to get in fights here and there, but escaped prosecution of the law with the aid of his father and uncle, both wealthy business owners and community powerbrokers known to control the law here and there in their favor.”Hey, Mr. Newspaperman. Remember me,” Hathcock snapped at me. “Yeah, you know who I am. You fucked up my life with your snooping around. You bastard. I ought to kill you and dump you in Dalton Creek.” But then he looked down at my wife, and changed his mind. “I’m just going to have to take it out on her,” he said, using the left hand that threw for some many touchdown passes to grab my wife’s brown hair and jerk her back down onto the mattress.One of the three next to Rose was Damon’s cousin and closest pal, Skeeter Hathcock. Skeeter grabbed the handcuffs I had on Rose earlier, pulled her arms behind her and cuffed them again.”Mr. Newspaperman, we were watching you as your wife was giving you a blowjob,” Damon Hathcock said. “We were watching y’all in the back room when y’all came in. Now, she’s going to do the same for us, and you’re going to watch it.”The five began laughing as Rose began crying. I was filled with rage and wanted to break free to save her, but the guy who didn’t have the knife to my neck gave me a roundhouse punch to the stomach. I fell to my knees, the blade slightly slashing the right of my neck. I felt the blood and the pain from my neck, but it didn’t compare to the pain and sickness I felt as I was about to watch my wife perform sex acts for the pleasure of the five hoodlums.Beginning it was Damon Hathcock. After all, he was always the leader – on the football field and off it. He declared he would be the first to have his cock sucked by this pretty wife of a reporter he dispised. He unzipped his pants and exposed a thick cock that had to be at least 9 inches long. It was stiff, and he wanted it sucked.”Guys, force this slut to open her mouth,” he ordered Skeeter and the other guy, whom I didn’t recognize. They reached in front of her and each pulled down her bikini top, exposing Rose’s natural 34B breasts. She continued to cry, but it was likely she would never be heard outside the gin. Damon walked up to her. “Suck it. Suck it like you sucked your hubby’s cock,” he ordered, his breath smelling of beer. “We watched you do it, and I know you can do the same for me. Skeet, make her do it.” Skeeter pulled out his own knife and held it against her neck. “Suck me, I said,” and with that order from Damon, Rose proceeded to tease his cock with her tounge before going down. Skeeter and the other guy had their hands on the back of her head, and forcibly pushed it farther down on Damon’s manhood.I was in shock seeing my wife being forced to suck Damon Hathcock’s dick. He moaned in pleasure as she continued to suck every inch of it, hoping this would allow the men to go easy on us. She tried spitting out Damon’s precum, but her head was pulled back onto Damon’s cock. “Oh, oh, yeah,” Damon said aydın escort in pleasure. “God, she’s a great dicksucker. Reporterman, looks like she’s been practicing on other guys besides you.” And with that comment, Damon reached around Rose’s head, grabbed her hair and began trusting his cock harder into her mouth. Rose began gagging, but Damon didn’t let up. I thought he was going to cum in her mouth. Instead, pulled out and ordered Skeeter to take his turn. A few minutes later, it was the third guy. …. then the two guys who were holding me had their turns while Damon and Skeeter took turns punching me in the ribs and threatening to castrate me if I ever told anyone about what was happening.After all five had their cocks sucked, Damon got in my face and said, “We’re not done with her, yet. The best is yet to come, and I do mean, come.” He laughed, and I knew what he meant. He told Skeeter and one of the guys to unlock the cuffs, pull her arms in front of her and recuff her. Damon wanted Rose in a doggie sex position with her butt sticking up in the air. “Man, she’s got a fine ass,” Damon said, “And that pussy hair….mmmm….I love that hairy pussy.”Damon took a knife, sliced off Rose’s bikini bottom and pulled out his dick once again from his pants. It was stiff and slippery from Rose’s sucking. “It’s going it deep,” Damon taunted her and me, and she began crying again. And with a couple of thrusts, Damon Hathcock’s rod was inside my wife’s vagina, and he enjoyed it. His anger toward me was channelled into every powerful pump of his dick inside Rose’s cunt. I was the only man who’s ever made love to Rose, and now she is being forced to take on the cock of a man who’s much bigger than my average penis. “Oh, oh, stop it. Please, stop it. I beg…..” Rose tried to say, but could finish it. Fifteen minutes later, the maddening fucking by Damon Hathcock ended when his dick exploded cum inside my wife’s pussy.”OK, guys,” Damon said after withdrawing his spent cock from Rose’s cum-filled cunt. “I’ve greased her up for ya. You can take her now.” Once again, the other four – beginning with Skeeter, of course – took turns with her. Instead of one at a time, they gangbanged her. One would fuck her while another forced her to suck his cock. A third reached underneath Rose’s body to twist and pinch her nipples, causing her to moan in agony. They rotated their positions, and even Damon jumped back into the action by sucking her nipples. One of the guys who held me did the unthinkable, something Rose never wanted to do – anal fucking. She liked me slipping a finger in her anus to simulate anal intercourse, but thought I was too big to penetrate it. The guy didn’t listen to her begging them not to fuck her there. After fucking her cunt for a few minutes, he pulled out and slid his cock into her other hole. She screamed in pain, but that only motivated the guy to, in his words, “ride” Rose. The remaining four guys took turns cumming in or on Rose ….. in her pussy, her mouth, her face. Throughout Rose’s ravishment, I laid on the floor of the gin in pain. They found a roll of duct tape and bound my hands behind my back and tapped up my mouth. Hours passed until all five were finished with Rose. By this time I had passed out, and I think she was passed out too when it was all over. When I woke up, the early morning sun was shining through small holes in the metal roof. Rose was laying naked on the mattress, her hands free of the handcuffs. I managed to remove the duct tape from my hands and mouth, staggered over to Rose, and lifted picked up her limp body. I carried her out to where the car was parked, put her in the backseat and drove home

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