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NICOLE’S STORYIt’s a warm musty evening and Nicole and I are sitting in her favourite restaurant enjoying a wonderful meal and a full body bottle of wine (very much like Nicole). Gazing into Nicoles eyes and holding her hands across the table, I suddenly feel her foot rubbing against crotch and gaining momentum, she then gives me a wink, when the waiter asks me if I would like anything else, I ask for the bill and the Town Car be brought around. Opening the door Nicole jumps in and the driver gives me a wry smile and we head for home, I look at Nicole and gaze at her magnificent breasts in the dress that she is wearing, reaching over she grabs me by the face, pulls me in and we kiss hard, very hard while my hands reach down and massage her breats her hand reaches my crotch and she begins to rub my penis, before unzipping my pants and lowering her head onto my dick and kisses the head before engulfing it ito her mouth and sucking nice and hard, I reach around and guide my hand between her legs and to mu shock Nicole has gone commando, her wet aching pussy is crying out for my tongue and dick.We are nearing home so we staighten ourselves up before arriving, the car stops, the driver opens the door and Nicole jumps out with her heels in her hand and runs inside, as I get out the driver gives me a smile and wishes me a good niight and thanks me for a wonderful show…As I lock the door the house is lit by candles and I walk to the kitchen to get a nice chilled bottle of chardonay and some fruit,I turn the cd player on and put some Chris Issack on before entering the bedroom where I see Nicole istanbul travesti naked on the bed rubbing her pussy feverously, she is moaning with delight before to my shock out walk s Samantha from the bathroom, now this is going to be alot of fun now. With Nicole playing with her aching pink pussy she has’nt even noticed that Samantha is there, so I walk to the bed while Sam is in the background and I kiss Nicole with passion from deep within, biting her lip and pinching her nipple at the same time she moaned with ecstasy and delight before I reached into the side table drawer and pulled out a blindfold and a set of handcuffs, Nic was so far gone with be over powered that I handcuffed her to the back of the bed and then blind folded her.This is where Samantha joined in and began kissing and sucking on Nics nipples making them hard, while I undressed releasing my throbbing penis Nic opened her mouth and took me again sucking on my penis like it was a lollipop, then sucking on my balls, ohh how magic this was, then while I was having my balls and dicked sucked and licked, I watched Samantha run her tongue over Nics belly and working her way down to her juicy wet throbbing pink shaved pussy, suddenly Nic cum, her body shook while she cum again, she arched her back and moaned with delight, Sam had finally arrived at Nics pussy and flicked it with her moist tongue, while I ran a chilled strawberry over her breasts she moved her hips from side to side before wrapping her legs around Samantha as she sucked on her pussy before cuming again. Now it was my turn, Sam moved up the taksim travesti bed and slowly lowerd her wet pussy over Nicoles mouth while grabbing the back of the bed and began to gyrate her hips back and forth while Nic was licking and sucking on Sams wet pussy, Sams brunette hair was swaying as she moved back and forth, then from side to side, then I began to lick on Nics dripping wet pink pussy and what a magnificent sight it is, slowly I kissed her hood while watching Sam getting her pussy licked, I then buried my head inside Nics pussy sucking hard and licking and gently nibble on her clit that was very full and purple, when all of a sudden both girls screamed as they cum. Moving my finger in Nics dripping wet pussy I began to slide another finger deep inside of her while licking on her, then to my surprise Samantha grabbed my dick and began sucking on it, oh this was so magical, 2 goregous women each other having the pussys licked and sucked on and now I’m getting my cock sucked. “Take her Brad” whisperes Samantha, so I spread Nics legs open a little further, placing my hands under her arse, lifting her I slide deep inside of her “OHHHH” this is magnificent, Nic is so wet yet so tight, I begin nice and slow watching the expressions on her face while my manhood slides in and out of that magnificent pussy, Sam is now sucking on Nics pert tits while Nic is fingering Sams shaved pussy, I move faster and faster now and I can see the juices drip off my manhood as my throbbing member works like a sledgehammer driving deeper and faster, faster and deeper inside of Nics dripping istanbul travestileri wet pussy till she cums again. I slap Nics arse as I continue making love to her, driving my member faster and faster as the sweat drips from my brow and I watch my throbbing member work hard, very hard as the girls are still playing with each other, this is driving Nic insane as she cant see what is happening or move her hands and she is moving from side to side gyrating her hips, and now arching her back as she continues to cum, now Sam is on the verge of climaxing and while Nicole contines to suck hard Samantha cums and her body shakes as she was having an epilleptic fit. While I continue to thrust hard inside Nicoles wet aching throbbing pussy, Sam jumps off Nicole and begins to suck on my balls as I continue thrusting harder and harder, till I can feel my self on the verge of no return, I can feel my self about to cum as Samatha continues to suck my ball sack, I quickly jump onto the bed with Samantha quiclkly laying next to Nicole, and I explode shooting my warm man juices inside the girls mouthes and across their faces, I continue to cum while Sam releases Nic from the cuffs and they both clean my cock with their moist warm tongues, the beads of sweat are now dripping off me as my heart is now racing, looking at the 2 girls as they clean my cock I cant believe what a magical night it has been.I take Nicole into my strong arms and hold her tight embracing her as we kiss passionately, our tongues wrestle in each others mouthes, then not forgetting Sam we kiss, then the 2 girls embrace each other and kiss then we all kiss as I collapse onto the pillow, the girls rest there heads on my broad chest while holding hands and placing them on my stomach. We all fall asleep together waiting for the morning sun to welcome a brand new day, then maybe we can all play again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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