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nmdwji wants to cum inside….You’ve strapped a huge dildo to my mouth and while you lie on your back I’m forced to fuck your pussy Lateshay! “Faster, you slut. Is that the best you can do?” The whip cracks across my ass, causing me to increase the speed of my fucking. My hands are tied behind my back and I’m on my knees while my head moves back and forth fucking your now engorged clit. You moan in ecstasy as your pussy juices flow down the sides of your muscular thighs. Finally you command me to stop, but my rest is short lived. “You didn’t really think I’m done with you now, did you Cock? You untie my hands and put me on my back and mount the dildo reverse cowgirl so that I can see your magnificent ass up close. The huge twin globes are as firm as steel as they move up and down on the dildo. My mouth and teeth are taking a terrific pounding every time your huge ass comes down on the dildo and you continue to increase your speed. “how do you like my ass up close and personal Cock”? Despite the pain, my cock hardens at the sight of your magnificent ass moving up and down on my mouth. You grab my cock with one of your latex covered hands and begin to slowly move it up and down on my now engorged cock. Your hand and ass are moving in rhythm at great speed. Suddenly you stop and get off, but your hardly done with me. “I want my tits played with Cock while I continue to fuck your mouth”. Your humongous tits begin to bounce up and down as you renew fucking my mouth, while reaching behind you to renew your pleasuring of my cock. You can sense that I’m about to cum, and yell. “Don’t you dare cum until I’m ready for you to cum, you little slut. Your just my little fuck toy for me to do with as I please. I want your cum in my pussy,slave.” You dismount the dildo and mount my huge, throbbing cock. Your tits are gigantic and the areolas are dark and the size of a saucer. The nipples are as long as my thumb and thick. You begin fucking me, moving like a machine and now lean forward. “Play with my tits and suck my nipples worm.” I grab the left tit with my left hand and wrap my mouth around the gigantic nipple and moving my tongue over it. “Suck faster slave,” you command. At the same time my hand is kneading the other tit. It’s weight is such that I can barely lift it now, and my arm is growing weary from its weight. You orgasm as I can feel your pussy juices running down my leg, and I can hold off no longer and explode my cum inside you.I’m at the bar drinking when I notice you sitting at a table by yourself. You’re wearing a tight top that looks like it’s going to rip at any moment from the weight of you’re obviously huge tits. The black latex pants look like they’re also ready to rip from the strain of your magnificent ass and muscular thighs. All of a sudden you get up and start walking towards me. You have to be at least 6 and a half feet tall. “I couldn’t help but notice your eyes bulging out of your head as you were looking at me. So you like big women with big tits and muscles huh? Why don’t we go back to my place and I’ll show you how big they really are?” I could barely believe this was happening to me and I stammered out “ah ah ok”.When we got to your place you had me sit down on the sofa and you went to the kitchen to make us some drinks. When you returned you handed me a drink and said “here sweetie, drink this. It will help you to relax. I’m going to get out of these constraining clothes and put on something more comfortable.” After about 15 minutes, you returned wearing fishnet pantyhose that tipobet365 güvenilirmi were cutout in the crotch and ass and a bra that was cut out revealing huge nipples adorned with nipple rings. My cock got instantly hard and it was obvious to you as you said “lets go up stairs to the bedroom and we can let that big cock come out and play”. By this time, I was starting to feel a little tipsy from the drinks at the bar and the one you had given me. When we got to the bedroom you turned on the light and said “I’m going to give you the fuck of you’re life.” Suddenly I noticed several bird cages hanging from the ceiling and each cage had a little man about a foot tall in it. What in the fuck is going on”?, I said. “Oh, you mean the little men”,you said. I mixed a shrinking potion in your drink. These are my human dildos. In about 5 minutes you’ll be one also”. Suddenly I had a strange feeling and you appeared to be getting bigger and bigger. Actually I was getting smaller though. When I finally quit shrinking, my sight was level with the middle of your calf. “My, my. Look at you little man. Now were going to have some fun. Well, at least I am.” While your tits looked huge before they now looked like mountains. You bent over and picked me up and put my mouth even with a gigantic nipple. “Start sucking slave”, you demanded. “Make me cum and maybe I won’t use you to fuck my pussy,” and you laughed loudly. “I go to the bar once a month and pick up a new slave. I knew as soon as you looked at me that you were my next victim. I love to entrap men with my body as use them as a human cock. Now suck on that nipple like your life depended on it.” I began to suck with all my might, but not good enough for you. “You better make me cum slave or your going head first in my cunt. I sucked on the huge nipple as fast and deep as I possibly could until I was nearly choking on it. You began to moan louder and louder and it turnrd me on so much my cock was throbbing. After several minutes you pulled me off your nipple and placed my throbbing cock in your mouth and sucked so hard it felt like my cock was in a vacuum cleaner. I came in no time. “That was a good job slave, but I need to cum some more”. You laid down on the bed and wrapped one hand around me and rammed me head first into your gigantic pussy. Your massive cunt muscles began to squeeze me tighter and tighter as you rammed me in and out with greater and greater speed. Finally, you exploded in a huge orgasm and your juices flowed all over me and I nearly drowned before you mercifully pulled me out. “Good job slave, but I’m not done with you just yet. My big ass needs to be cleaned and your just the man for the job.” Your ass was two magnificent, muscular globes and I got another hard on from looking at it. “Well, from the looks of that little cock of yours, I’d say your an ass man as well as a tit man. I’ve got an idea little man.” You took a container of chocolate syrup and poured it on your ass while lying on your stomach. “Now crawl up their and lick every bit off and when your done with that get that tongue in my ass crack and clean it out good.” I began to lick the syrup while holding on to the muscular globes with each hand. They were as hard as steel and my cock got even harder at the feel of them in my hand. “Ok, that’s enough worm. Now get that tongue in there and clean my ass crack good. Do a good job or you’ll spend the whole night inside my pussy.”Conan the Barbarian Part1:The amazon maiden woke up and found herself tied tipobet365 yeni giriş to the bed spreadeagle style with her wrists and ankles strapped to the bedposts. She was completely naked and what a magnificent looking woman she was. Her arms and legs were ripped with muscle that would embarrass most men and her tits were gigantic with areolas the size of a platter and nipples an inch long and just as thick. She began to remember now. The men had come through her amazon village on horseback in the middle of the night and surprised the amazons. She had managed to grab her sword and kill a few of them before she was overwhelmed. One of the barbarians tied her hands behind her back and threw her over his horses back so that she was lying on her stomach. She heard one of the other barbarians call him Conan. “I thought you said no one left alive Conan? Why are you saving this woman?” “Because she is the queen and I want to extract information from her”, he replied. Once back in the barbarian village, he forced a drink down her that caused her to go into a deep sleep. Now awake, she wondered if any of her fellow amazons were left alive, and what plans they had for her. She would rather be dead than a slave to these pigs. But her thoughts were interrupted as Conan entered the room. He was a huge man, at least 7 feet tall. He was wearing very little, just enough to cover his genitals. His long hair was tied back and flowed down his back and his chest, arms, and legs were more muscled than any man she had ever seen. She couldn’t help but admire his magnificent looking body and handsome face, but she had to find away to get away and an idea began to form in her mind. If she could get him to fuck her, when his cum mixed with her pussy juices he would begin to shrink, and then she would get her revenge. Oh, she would make this heathen pay for what he had done to her village. She thought, “After i shrink him, I will make him my little cunt slave.” Conan looked on her, and immediately began to lust for her . Her huge tits were unbelievable and he could not wait to get those huge nipples in his mouth. He removed the loincloth to reveal the largest cock the amazon had ever laid eyes on. It was 12 inches long limp. She couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of it. She had to get this man inside her so she could shrink him. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck me infidel”, she yelled at him. She couldn’t help but marvel at his magnificent cock. Fully erect now, it was 18 inches long and as thick as a normal man’s forearm. The engorged cock was laced with purple veins and the head was the size of a man’s fist and dripped with precum. He gazed with lust upon her magnificent tits and pussy with the engorged clit that was an inch long. Unable to contain himself any longer, he fell upon her and began kneading one of the monster tits while placing the huge nipple of the other in his mouth. The amazon moaned in ecstasy, but she would have her revenge on this heathen. “Fuck me heathen. Fuck me hard”, she screamed at him. Conan needed no further urging. His loins burned with desire, and his balls ached for relief from the buildup of cum. His monster cock entered her pussy and he began to moan from the pleasure. She smiled as she knew she now had him trapped. Her cunt muscles were unbelievable strong from years of doing exercises to strengthen them and once a mans cock entered her pussy there was no escape until she allowed it. She would wait to spring her trap until he tipobet365 güvenilirmi released his cum and then she would clamp down with all her might so that his cum would mix with her pussy juices and the shrinking would begin. She laughed to herself at how she would make this savage pay for what he had done to her village.Conan Part2: Conan couldn’t believe that this amazon was taking all 18 inches of his ginormous cock. He was thrusting all the way up to his balls and could hear them slap against her pussy-something he had never experienced before. This was without a doubt the greatest fucking experience of his life. He sucked voraciously on the gigantic nipple. So intense was his sucking that you could hear the slurping even above the slapping of his balls on her pussy. He had never sucked on a nipple even a quarter this size. “suck my big tit Conan”, she screamed at him. “You’ve never sucked on nipples like these, have you”? She was right of course, and her encouragement caused him to suck even harder and faster. Meanwhile, his one hand was kneading the other gigantic tit. He thought it had to weigh at least 25 pounds. This amazon had made him hornier than he’d ever been in his life, but if he knew what fate awaited him he would shudder in fear. It wouldn’t have mattered though, such was his lust for her. He had to have her at any price, and he would soon pay a great one. For her part, she was enjoying it tremendously. She had never had a man’s cock push against the back walls of her cunt before. She almost wished she didn’t have to shrink this barbarian, but then she remembered what he had done. She was going to make him beg for mercy. She squeezed her pussy muscles a little tighter to increase his pleasure even more. Soon he would not be able to stop the explosion of his cum inside her cunt, and then she would clamp down. She couldn’t wait to see the expression on his face when he tried to withdraw his cock but could not. Her cunt muscles were so powerful that she had literally crushed the cocks of many men, causing them to never be able to fuck again. She had other plans for this barbarian though. The pounding inside conan’s cock was now unbelievable. He had never felt such pleasure before, and just when he thought it couldn’t possibly get any better she would tighten those powerful cunt muscles a little more. He knew he couldn’t last much longer before his cum exploded inside her. “Come on wimp! Fuck me harder” she said to urge him on. He responded to her mocking with even faster and deeper thrusts, now moving at an incredible speed and crying out in pleasure. Finally, he could withold it no longer and the cum came out with such force it shot against the back of her cunt, and the amazon struck. She clamped down with those mighty cunt muscles so that Conan could not withdraw his huge cock, and his cum began to mix with her pussy juices. “What is going on slut? Let me go”. “Oh, I’ll let you go Conan, but not until your about a foot tall”, and she roared with laughter at her triumph. Conan thought it some kind of joke and again tried to withdraw his cock, but the big amazon’s cunt muscles were too powerful. A strange sensation began to come over him, almost like he was in a dream. The amazon seemed to be getting bigger somehow, but then he realized he was getting smaller. “What’s the matter little man? Don’t you like how I look to you? I’m going to use you as my cunt slave. You’ll be my human dildo and at night you’ll sleep in my cunt”, and she again roared with laughter. She then pulled on the bed posts with both arms and snapped them like a toothpick. Whenever a man fucked her, not only did it shrink him, but it made her even stronger. She lifted the now foot tall barbarian and held him up to her face. If you beg me, I might only use you as a dildo and not also as my toilet slave.

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