No Early Birds

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Note from Slick: A woman in my office complained the other day about her sex life since she got pregnant. Sure her body gained some weight and the baby sleeping nearby messes up a sex life but these women still have their desires. Wake up men!!! If you do not like a story with spouse cheating stop here, get yourself a drink and go to the next story. All rights reserved.

No Early Birds

Lou Johnson’s wife Sally hated yard sales to the max. She thought the stuff sold was a bunch of junk and getting up early Saturday morning was a good waste of her precious sleep. It was Lou who got up at 6:00AM and headed out to try to be the first one when the garage doors opened. He had been doing it for about 5 months when he noticed a younger woman moving along the same yard sale schedule he did.

“You know we should just go together,” he joked with her as they waited at the street until the magic time of 7:00AM arrived. Some of the sales said “No Early Birds” which meant do not come up the driveway until the announced start time.

But the woman just smiled and blushed. He noticed she wore a wedding ring but he really was not trying to pick her up…or was he? As they moved around to the various sales that morning he noticed she normally purchased old china or decorated plates. It was later that morning when he saw an old plate and was holding it up when she walked up to the table.

Tina saw the familiar man holding the plate and was waiting to see if he would put it down. The man had grey temples and a handsome face and smile. She moved next to him and heard him talking to her.

“I noticed you collect plates,” Lou grinned. “I grabbed this one for you because that woman was getting ready to pick it up.” He handed her the plate.

Tina took the plate and saw the woman frown as she checked out the bottom. It was an authentic antique piece and probably worth at least $50. “Thank you,” she grinned at the man. She moved over and paid the house owner $4 and as she walked back to her car she saw the man standing by it.

“I’m Lou.”

Tina stopped and wondered if she should be talking to a strange man she had just met that morning. But the man seemed so nice and sincere. “Tina,” she smiled as she held out her hand for him to shake.

“I was serious about carpooling to these sales,” Lou said as he moved to her car door and opened it for her.

“I don’t think my husband would like that,” she smiled as she moved into the car and waited for him to close the door. But he just held it open.

Lou glanced down at Tina’s body under the too tight cotton shorts and tee shirt. It was summer in Virginia which meant the temperature would rise up around 80 degrees by 9:00AM so most yard sale fanatics wore very little as they raced around town for bargains. “Your husband is a very lucky man,” he grinned as he closed the door.

Tina quickly drove away with her heard racing because after being pregnant for most of the last year she had not felt desirable and since her husband had basically stopped any kind of sex she was excessively horny. She smiled as she moved down two blocks to the next sale. As she got out of the car she saw Lou’s car pull up behind hers. She could feel his eyes on her ass as she walked up the long driveway.

Neither said anything as they moved from table to table looking at the stuff. She got a better look at his face when he was paying for some old baseball cards and realized he was probably as old as her father. Nevertheless she felt good about a man coming on to her even if he was a lot older. A few minutes later she saw a fold up baby playpen in great shape. After getting the woman down from $20 to $10 she started to pick it up but Lou beat her to it. “Let me,” he grinned as he picked up the playpen and started walking towards her car.

“I can carry it,” Tina said as she raced to catch up to him. She now noticed his strong shoulders and biceps. He looked really good for an older man.

Lou ignored her and waited until she opened her rear door. As she leaned over to move some of the earlier purchases around he got a nice view of her buttocks when her red shorts pulled up into them.

“Let me help you,” she said as he leaned down to push the box into the back seat. As the box moved onto the seat her left breast pushed into his arm. Both froze before pushing it in the rest of the way. “Thank you again Lou,” she smiled as she pushed back her hair which was a mess. Normally she got up and threw on whatever before running out of her house on sale day.

“Most of the sales are over,” he grinned. “Stop and have a cup of coffee with me.”

“I..can’t…” She said nervously. But she didn’t want to go home because Saturday mornings while she was at the sales her husband watched the baby.

“Just one cup,” he begged. “The coffee shop is just around the corner.”

What possessed Tina to accept was beyond her but she did. “OK, just a quick cup.” She waited for him to get into his car and followed him out of the neighborhood. She felt guilty etiler escort as she pulled her car next to his by the coffee shop and then followed him to the door which he held open for her. But it was just a cup of coffee.

After they sat down she said, “I don’t make it a habit to go to coffee shops with strange men.”

“I’m not that strange,” Lou laughed. He noticed her thin bra did little to hide her sharp nipples from pressing out her tee shirt.

They ordered coffee and a couple of donuts. “I shouldn’t be eating this,” Tina said before biting into her chocolate cream-filled pastry.

“You don’t have to worry about what you eat,” he grinned.

“Uh…..yes I do. I……uh..just had a baby and the extra pounds are not coming off very fast.”

“You look terrific,” he smiled as he peeked down at her raised tips again. “But if you want to do some walking I normally walk through the park on Wednesday mornings.”

Things were moving too fast for Tina. First she goes for a cup of coffee with a man she just met and now he was inviting her to walk with him. “I’ll pass.” She noticed his wedding ring and wanted to change the subject of her weight problem. “So you are married I see.”

“Yes, 28 years,” he grinned. “You can’t be much older than that.”

“Nope……..I just turned 28.”

“So what do you do besides taking care of the baby and yard sales?”

“That’s pretty much it right now,” she frowned. “Pretty boring huh?”

“Life is what you make of it. You can have fun everyday if you try.”

“Where do you work?” She asked feeling safer with this man.

“I own a photography studio and mostly work part time right now.”

“That would be fun,” she said. “I mean taking photos of people.”

For the next twenty minutes they told funny stories about the various yard sales they had been too and were laughing when Tina looked at her watch. “God, I have to go.” She reached into her purse to pay but he stopped her. “My treat.” He paid and walked her to her car. “I’ll be at the park front parking lot on Wednesday at 8:00AM in case you want to join me.”

She was about to say no but said “Maybe” instead. “If not I’ll see you at the sales next week.” She quickly closed her door in case he had any inkling of hugging her and waved as she exited the parking lot.


When she got home she found a note that her husband Todd had taken Abby, their baby, to his mothers so he could go golfing. She tossed the note in the garbage and was upset because it was the only day he spent helping out with the baby. She moved into the master bathroom and undressed before getting into a hot shower. As she soaped over her body she thought of Lou and how he had looked at her body. Yes, her thighs and ass was bigger than normal but Lou didn’t seem to care unlike Todd who made sure she knew about her extra weight every day. Today was the first day in a long time that Tina masturbated and the first time ever she really imagined a man she knew fucking her.

Later that afternoon when Todd came home they got into a nasty argument because he was upset that she didn’t come home as early as usual after the sales. She was upset because he ditched his responsibilities again. It was cold in their bedroom that evening and the next three evenings. On Wednesday morning Tina took Abby to her mother’s house around 7:30AM and was in the Park parking lot when Lou pulled in next to her.

“I’m glad you made it,” he smiled as he moved out and opened her door.

“Me too,” Tina said while stepping out in her very tight running shorts and top. She knew every curve of her body could be seen and knew Lou appreciated it.

“Wow!” He exclaimed when he saw her shapely buttocks and breasts.

“Stop it!” She giggled as she moved around him. “Where is the path?”

“Over here,” he said as he moved up next to her. “Are you sure you are up for this?”

“No, but I have to start somewhere,” she answered as they took off into the thick woods. His nylon running shorts were just as tight and she quickly noticed the large package he was hiding under them. Since he was wearing a sleeveless shirt his arms and shoulders looked even more muscular than last Saturday.

The path weaved through the forest and around a small pond for about 5 miles. Tina made it a mile before she was huffing and puffing. “Why don’t we take a break?” Lou suggested.

“Good idea,” she smiled while following him to a large rock near the path. Since they left the parking area only one other person had passed them. “So when do you work at the studio?”

“Mostly late afternoons and evenings,” he answered. “My clients are families and models.”

“I bet you like the models part,” she giggled.

“It does make it rough on an old man,” he replied. He glanced at her perfect smile and blue eyes.

“You’re not that old.”

“Compared to you I am.”

“You’re only as old as you feel,” she laughed and right now I feel older than you.”

“Don’t eve gelen escort worry I’ll have you in shape in a week or two.” He stood and held out his hand.

Tina started to resist taking it but found her hand reaching for his. When her soft fingers touched his strong ones they both felt the electricity and the excitement. She squeezed his fingers as they walked back to the path. Neither wanted to let go but knew they had to. Tina made it another mile and had to stop again. This time it was by a water fountain. “God I need this.” She leaned down to take a swallow as she turned on the valve. The water shot out striking her fully in the face while splashing down onto her tee shirt. Her whole front was covered.

“Sorry I should have warned you,” Lou said trying not to laugh. But it was Tina who laughed.

“I needed to cool down but not this much,” her smile dropped when she saw that her tee shirt was almost transparent and the dampness of here white sports bra caused her dark nipples to pop out at him. She quickly pulled the shirt outward to hide her excitement.

Lou knew he was getting hard also but didn’t turn away to hide it. He wanted her to know how much effect her succulent body had on him. “You can take off the shirt if you want.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” She blushed before glancing down at his bulge. He looked to be so much bigger than her husband.

“A lot of women just wear the sports bras.”

“Not wet ones,” she said as she lightly smacked his arm. Again he had made her feel desirable and excited. “Come on we have three more miles.” She moved out ahead of him knowing he was looking at her ass.

The rest of the trip was pretty much the same as Tina stopped a few more times. They told more about their families and started feeling more at ease with each other. She knew her nipples were hard and he knew his libido was on display as well but neither cared. As he walked her to her car he pulled her into his body and hugged her. At first she was surprised but didn’t pull back. His hard front felt so good against her. Finally she pushed him back. “I….better go.”

“Wait… card,” Lou said before handing her his business card which gave the name and address of his studio. “In case you want some family photos.”


Saturday morning at 6:00AM Tina found herself in the shower. Although she normally didn’t shower or fix herself up she wanted to look good for Lou. She really wasn’t planning on messing around with the older man but she did enjoy his compliments about her appearance. Plus she had lost almost six pounds since last Saturday.

She arrived at the first one at 6:50AM and realized it would be luck if they were on the same schedule. Although the sale did not have anything she wanted she took her time and waited almost fifteen minutes before he pulled up next to her car.

“Good morning,” Lou grinned. “I was hoping I would run into you today.”

Tina was holding a very short sundress she had found on the clothing rack. Now that her body was smaller she was looking for some smaller size clothes. “Me too,” she grinned.

“Buying clothes now?” Lou asked. She was still wearing her normal cotton shorts and tee shirt but her hair was nicely styled and it looked as if she was wearing makeup.

“I lost 6 pounds,” she whispered. “I think most of it was from the five mile walk we did.”

“Very nice,” he said now looking down at her tanned thighs and smaller butt. It was good having a reason to check her out.

“Have you considered carpooling with me?”

“Is it safe?” she smiled.

“I promise I’ll be a gentleman,” he grinned.

“OK but I can’t leave my car here.”

“My studio is only a few blocks away. You can leave it there.”

Again Tina found herself following a man to a meeting place. She thought of the argument she had last night with her husband and how he wanted her to drop the baby off at her mothers so he could go golfing again. The good thing about it was that she didn’t have to rush home that morning. When Lou pulled into a parking space behind his studio she pulled in next to him.

“Would you like to see the studio?” He asked as she walked up to him.

She knew they were running out of time to get to the yard sales early anyway. “Yes……I’d like that.” Her heart raced as she followed him through the back door and down a small dark hallway. He moved into a dark room and turned on the overhead light. She peeked inside and saw his studio. Three bright light reflectors stood on tripods in front of a large blue canvas that served as a back drop. A small sofa sat in front of the canvas.

“This is nice,” she smiled nervously. Being alone with him was causing goose bumps on her arms. In the corner of the room was a fold up screen that she figured was where people changed their clothing.

“Why don’t you model for me?” He asked noticing how nervous she was.

“I only lost 6 pounds,” Tina said now trembling. She knew she fatih escort should turn and walk out of there but her feet were glued to the floor.

“You’re much more beautiful than most of the models who come to me for portfolio shots.”

“I……..uh….think we need to see the rest of your studio,” she said smiling.

“OK,” Lou said as he moved back into the hallway. “Over in this room I have some of my photos on display.”

Tina moved cautiously behind him and froze when he turned on the light and she saw the many photos of models on the walls. They went from very little clothing to topless women. “I hope you don’t show these to the families who come in here,” she giggled.

“Nope those photos are out in the lobby,” he grinned. He saw her raised eyelids at the young and older women. “You are much more beautiful than them.” He said moving up behind her.

“God how old is she?” Tina asked when she saw a very young topless girl. Her breasts were barely forming.

“Eighteen. I don’t take topless of anyone younger,” he smiled.

Tina moved closer to a few photos in the corner because that woman was wearing a tiny thong over her vagina. She almost gasped when she realized the thong was almost transparent. She could see the lips of her shaven pussy. “It must be tough on you taking these kinds of photos.”

“At first it was but now it’s just business. I really don’t know them. I have some other photos in those books over there.”

Tina felt slightly dizzy being around all the naked breasts as she sat on the chair next to the table and picked up the first book. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the first series of photos that showed a woman completely naked on her back, front and even standing. The woman’s pubic hair was only a small puff of red hair over her exposed lips. She quickly turned the pages seeing more and more totally naked women. “My husband would pay to see these.”

“There’s one more,” he grinned. He could see the sweat pouring from her forehead.

Tina opened the next book expecting more women but instead saw naked men. “Oh my God,” she gasped when she saw a man’s limp penis lying across his thigh as he leaned back on the small sofa. “These are porn pictures.”

“Not really,” Lou said. “They wanted them and if you notice they are not hard.”

Tina was noticing them all. She had only seen her husband naked before and was hypnotized by the various shapes and lengths of the men’s penises. She knew her body was on fire, her nipples hard and her pussy dripping wet.

“Sometimes I get just regular people who want me to take them naked. Some of the women do it to excite their husbands.”

“Maybe….that’s what I need,” Tina joked. But when he didn’t laugh she realized he was considering it. “No……I could never do something like that.” She quickly closed the book and stood. “I think we should leave.” Her desires were about to betray her.

“I need to use the restroom first,” Lou said. As he moved out of the room he said, “You didn’t look at all of those last photos.”

Tina wanted to run out but her hands pulled open the book again and flipped through the pages until she turned the last page. She gasped when she saw Lou bare ass naked and posing. His eight inch soft cock dangled under a thick dark bush. His body was one that any younger man would die for. She stared at his penis trying to imagine how big it would be if it was hard. She felt faint and had to sit down.

Lou waited to give her enough time to check his photos out. He had put those photos in the book last night with the hopes of getting her to the studio today. The photos were a last ditch effort to get her to pose for him.

“Are you OK?” He asked seeing her head back against the wall behind the chair and her eyes closed. His hand moved to her warm arm and rubbed up and down.

“Yes………no,” she whispered keeping her eyes closed.

“Put on the sundress and pose for me,” he whispered as his fingers caressed up her bicep.

Her breath was ragged and uneven. She only nodded her head before she opened her eyes and stood up. She took his hand and followed him across the hall into the studio. Since she had put the dress in her large purse it was available.

“Go behind the screen and put it on,” Lou said while leading her.

Tina was drunk with lust as she pulled off her tee shirt and then her shorts. She felt the front of her white bikini panties to find them soaked before stepping into the sundress. She stood behind the screen and took a very deep breath. “I’m ready.”

Lou had his digital camera ready when she moved slowly from behind the screen. “God you are breathtaking.”

“Really?” She giggled as she pushed down the front of the dress. It barely covered the bottom of her moist undies. “How do you want me to pose?”

“Just stand in front of the screen,” Lou grinned. He peeked down at her round hips as she did as he said. “Relax.”

Tina tried to relax but her body was about to explode. He moved around her taking various shots and then lower up her legs. She knew he could see up under the dress but didn’t care.

“Nice……..wonderful……..oh yeah,” Lou commented. He was looking up the back of her dress at her pink buttocks with the thin panties barely covering her crack. “Turn.”

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