No Nut November – Journal

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No Nut November – JournalDay 1Alright everyone, so I’ve decided to take part in No Nut November, or NNN for short. I think it’ll be interesting to see what the side effects are for this challenge, and to see if I have the will power to abstain for a month. Unfortunately that means that there will be no uploads, sorry to all my loyal fans out there, but this is important to me and my family. Also its because my printer broke, so I can’t print out the pics anyway, like fuck inkjet printers man they’re dodgy as hell like i mean I can print 20 pages and then printer machine broke. So how this is going to work is that this is going to be a journal documenting my journey. If I can, I’ll edit this one story multiple times, adding new entries in at any certain time, except i’m not sure if I can edit this, since this site sometimes doesn’t let you edit stuff, like the time I forgot to capitalise a ‘C’ in one of my video titles, and I can’t fix canlı bahis it, and it’s getting on my nerves. So if I can’t edit this, then I’ll just make a part two story and go from there. I might post multiple days at a time, because I need to hit that 3000 word limit for stories if this is the case.Anyways, if anyone knows how to edit stuff, then let me know in the comments down below. Also don’t forget to smash that like button harder than when you smash your stepsister (or stepbrother) in a porno, press that big red subscribe button, and tap that bell icon to get the latest updates on my channel.Also leave any feedback down below, except for constructive criticism and insults, because then you shouldn’t be reading this, my story, my rules, don’t like, don’t read XDDDDDDD :)))))))))Day 3So far so good. I’ve managed to not nut for three days so far and I think I got it in the bag. I still browse porn bahis siteleri and shit but I just don’t touch my dick like it’s really simple. Also I have god-levels of willpower.But here’s an ethical dilemma I had, so the challenge is called ‘No Nut November’ not ‘No Fap November’, because alliteration makes it sound better right? So what happens if you have a wet dream? Like you’ve nutted, but it really isn’t your fault like you didn’t touch your dick or anything right, it was involuntary since you were asleep. so does a wet dream mean that you’ve failed No Nut November? This has stumped me and philosophers for thousands of years, so let me know down below. Day 4I wrote a digimon fan fic. I’ve never even watched digimon.Day 5I’m holding back my libido, but it’s growing slowly. I haven’t really felt the urges yet, but it only gets worse from here. bahis şirketleri What I find is that sometimes when I don’t have stuff to do, you just end up wanking right? Well as they say, idle hands are the Devil’s workshop (Proverbs 16:27-29) and if I do idle my hands, then I might find myself shaking hands with the man himself (metaphorically speaking of course). Luckily I have stuff to do though, like reading, or video games. But no parties for me, because i must refrain from intercourse with women, including spoken intercourse. Gotta stay clean y’know right. My mum tried calling me today, but I hung on her, because well, I already said the rule. But guys are alright, because I’m straight so intercourse with guys isn’t homosexual and therefore i don’t find it arousing, ergo, no urge to nut. I think I’m at the 3000 word minimum for posting a story on this site, so I’ll wrap it up here for the moment, and I’ll keep you all updated on this journey of utmost scientific importance, or something like that.Yo by the way this is my second time posting this because I posted it before, but it got removed like instantly so apologies for the reupload.

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