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Office CumslutI walk into my office, put my stuff down on my desk, turn on my computer to check my e-mail, daily checklist, average everyday things. Behind me rubbing my shoulders and chest is my cum slut. Everybody in the office knows about her, I tell everyone. The blowjobs she gives, her amazing tits, her sexy lips, amazing body. “Are you done checking everything?” she asks”Yes I am, are you ready?” I answerShe doesn’t respond, she gets on her knees and starts to unzip my pants. She reaches in and pulls out my semi hard cock. She kisses the tip then starts to lick all around the head. Teasing me with her tongue.”Mmmm, yes, that feels good” I tell herShe continues to lick and kiss my cock. Going from the tip to down the shaft of it. She strokes my cock as she does this.By now a crown starts to gather near the windows. She starts to notice.”We have an audience” she says”Yes, I told you I talk about you” I say”Let’s give them a good show then” she saysNow she starts to deep throat my cock. I grab her head with both hands and slowly push her head towards my body. As her nose hits the belt on my pants I keep her head there, making her gag.”Mmmm, fuck yes baby, feels so damn good” I tell herAt this time one of the woman has entered the room and is standing close to us, watching. “Have everyone else come in” she tells me. I wave everyone in now.The first woman who entered has always wanted to suck my cock. She tells me all the time. A man and woman have now begun making out while watching my cum slut suck my cock. They start to feel each other. Another man has started to feel his cock through his pants. The first woman asks if she can suck my cock. I tell her that my cum whore usually does but it’s up to her. “I’ll make an exception this one time if only I can suck everyone else and they cum on me” cum whore says”Deal” I tell herShe stays on her knees and I get out of the chair and walk over as so the woman can get on her knees. Cum whore waves over one of the men. He walks over, stands above her as she unzips his pants and pulls out his already hard cock. It’s about 7 inches and she takes it into her mouth right away. I look over and his head is looking at the ceiling with his eyes closed. The couple that were making out, the woman is sitting on the edge of a chair while she unbuckles the man’s pants, pulls them and his boxers down and takes his cock into his mouth. He grabs her hair as she does a good job. The last woman of the group sits next to the cum whore and just watches her suck the man’s cock. As she watches she starts to undress herself. First the button up top, revealing her cleavage, then the black bra comes flying off. Her tits are a good 34C. She plays with them, rubbing them, playing with the nipples. She reaches down her skirt and into her panties and starts to rub her clit. The young blonde sucking my cock is going slow, taking every inch deep down her throat, no gag reflex, she is enjoying sucking me and wants it to last as long as possible. The man has now started to give the woman some nice oral before he puts his hard cock istanbul escort in her pussy. The man being sucked by the cum whore now grabs her head with both hands and controls the pace he wants her to go. Pushing her head hard and closer to his body. He tells her that he’s starting to get close. “Where can I cum?” he asks”All over my face. Cover it. All of it” she saysHe continues to control the speed of this blowjob.Meanwhile the couple are now fucking hard. Her back on the table, legs being held by the man. Her blouse is open but bra still on, not massive tits but good handfuls. My woman still sucking me. Still taking her time. She knows what she is doing. The lone masterbating woman still fingering/playing with her clit. She is moaning loudly, enjoying all of this. The man getting sucked is moaning loudly as well, you can tell he is going to blow his load soon. The couple have now switched positions. The woman bent over the table, her face laying on the flat surface, the man pounding her very hard from behind. Both almost screaming it feels so good. The man getting suck pushes cum whore’s head towards his body, holds it there and using his hips to push his cock down her throat, finally releases and pulls out his cock and starts to stroke. The cum whore, on her knees, letting out the spit that had developed while sucking his cock all over her tits. Her eyes watering, tears rolling down her cheeks, waiting for her reward that she deserves. He strokes his cock hard and fast. He grabs her head to hold her still. The masterbating woman watching gets ready to see this load get dumped on this cum slut. “Ahhh! Fuck!!!” he yells as he shoots the first 3 spurts all over her face. Not even looking at her, he doesn’t see where it’s landing on her. The rest of his load dribbles out and now he looks down and sees that his spurts have on the right side of her face covering her eye and cheek, some on her shoulder and hair. He rubs the rest of the dribbles all over her face. She opens up her mouth and cleans off the tip. He squeezes the tip to get the last bit out of his cock. She happily licks it right off as he breathes heavily, knowing he just got one hell of a blowjob. The woman next to the cum whore happily starts to help rub the rest all over her face. My woman still sucking me slow. She knows how to edge a man and is doing good with that.The couple still fucking hard doggy style but the man says he is getting close. There is one more man in this group and he’s a very young and shy one. Cum whore waves him over and he hesitates at first. “You don’t have to be shy. It’s ok. You just come over here and I’ll take care of everything” she tells him Finally he slowly walks over. He stands in front of her and she reaches into his pants and pulls out his cock. It’s somewhat hard, probably too shy to do much as he watched all of this. “Ever get sucked off much?” she asks him”No, girlfriend hates doing it. Only wants me to eat her pussy and fuck her missionary. I don’t even like eating her pussy avcılar escort all that much, bad taste.” he says”Well, don’t you worry. This will be the best blowjob you will ever get. You do whatever you want while I suck your nice cock” she saysShe starts by slowly licking the tip and shaft, as she did with me. He lets out a soft moan, knowing he doesn’t get that much. The couple have now moved closer to the others. The woman gets on her knees and starts to suck the man’s cock, cleaning off her pussy juices after having cum many times. “You better cum on my face when you are ready” the cum whore tells him”You got it” he saysThe woman sucks him harder and faster.He gets ready. Cum whore gets in position. The man is behind her. His balls sitting on her forehead as she strokes the young man. She moves her head around, rubbing the balls against her own forehead. “Oh fuck baby, I’m close. You ready?” he asksShe just let’s out a nice moan. She moves lower the the floor, not knowing if he’s a shooter or a dribbler. Doesn’t want the young man to get blasted. He directs the tip over her nose and starts to shoot. Spurt after spurt. 9 spurts to be exact. The first 6 are very thick. Very white. The load starts to rub down her face. Covering her cheeks, nose and mouth. As he backs up wanting to sit down, the cum whore licks her lips to clean off the cum so she can suck the young one. The masterbating woman still going now has 3 fingers in her pussy and with her other hand rubbing her clit. She has cum 6 times. Her clit starting to hurt but she is loving all of this. Now cum whore starts to suck the young man’s cock and she does it good.He stands there with his hands and arms to his side. I reach over and grab his hand and place it on her head.”Make her do what you want her to do, don’t be shy” I tell himHe grabs her hair and start to move her head towards him at a slow pace. He wants this to last.”I haven’t cum in over a week so I might now last long” he tells her”No worries baby, if you cum fast don’t feel bad, I just want you to feel good and enjoy this” she says I look down and my woman has taken off her top and bra. Nice tits! 34DD. I reach down and grab them, playing with the nipples, pulling them, twisting them. She grabs my cock and starts to lick my balls. She knows that I want to cum soon but doesn’t want me to just yet. The young man now has put both hands on her head. Still a little hesitant on controlling her. “Push her head towards you, make her take your cock deep” I tell himHe does what I tell him, making her take it deeper, making her gag. He’s now making her go faster and faster. She closes her mouth some to have more suction. This nearly sends him over the edge. “Oh my god, I’m getting close. Where should I cum?” he asks”Wherever you want” she struggles to say as his cock is being stuffed in her mouthThe woman who has cum many times now has grabbed the cum whore’s tits. Holding them up, rubbing the nipples softly, feeling her body. “Oh god! I’m going to cum” the young man saysHe pulls his cock out and şirinevler escort places it on her face as he cock just shoots out cum. Strings and streaks of cum covering her face. Very thick load. Massive. 11 spurts. Just covering the rest of her face. “Oh man, I’m sorry it’s a lot” he says “Oh my god don’t be sorry! I fucking love it! The more the better! I’m called a cum whore for a reason!’ she tells him”Now I want you to do something. Grab the tip of your cock and shovel some cum into my mouth” she saysHe stands there a little confused but seems to really like this idea and does what she asked. He grabs the tip of his still hard cock and shoves some cum into her mouth. She cleans the tip of his cock while swallowing what he puts in.He takes the cum from her eyes and puts it in her mouth.”Ok you can stop if you want” she tells himThe rest of the group is now sitting while watching the blond suck me and looking at the cum covered cum slut. The woman still feeling up her tits. Now that everyone else has finished I tell the blond that she can make me cum anytime she wants.The blond looks over to the cum whore and asks if she would like this load too”No, you can have it this one time” she saysNow she starts to stroke and suck harder than she has before. Besides her tits I haven’t touched her but now I push her head closer to me, making her take it deeper and deeper now. Now I grab both sides of her head and start to pound her throat. She seems to be really enjoying this. “Are you ready for this load? I know you’ve wanted it for a long time””Mmmhmm!” is all she can get out while my cock is buried down her throatEveryone now watching her. The cum whore reaches up and holds the back of her head, making sure it doesn’t move. I use my hips to get extra thrust. “Ok I’m going to cum soon” I tell her, as I continue to fuck her mouthI pull my cock out and I use my left hand to hold her head still while cum whore is still holding her head. I stroke my cock until I finally release. I control where I want my spurts to land. I want this blond to become a cum slut. The first one I shoot on her left side, landing on her eye, forehead and cheek, then quickly to the other side where it covers the same area then I aim the next one down the middle as this spurt lands on her forehead, nose and lips. The next 2 are on her left side, next 2 on her right, trying to go back and forth everywhere on her face. I unload 11 big, thick, lumpy spurts. “Oh my god, it’s so thick! I fucking love it!” she gets out of her cum covered lipsThe cum whore crawls over and licks the remaining cum off my cock. The blond wipes the cum off her eyes. “Holy shit! I came so hard when that first spurt landed on me. I came again during your unloading” she says “Good” I tell herWith everyone having cum, everyone starts to get dressed, some have left the office and gone to work. One of the men brings in two towels and gives them to the cum covered women. They wipe off their faces and go into the bathroom to clean themselves up. The woman who got herself off stands up, walks up to me, grabs my cock just to feel what it feels like, I grab her tits, she kisses me quick and she gets herself dressed and leaves the room. The blond walks out of the bathroom and goes to work. The cum whore walks back in the office and gives me a long kiss and thanks me for letting them use her and tells me we should do it again.

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