Oh, No!Oh, Yes! – Part 2

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Well, my sister-in-law and I finally had a chance for some more fun when our families got together again. We had seen each other one time after the events that took place in the cabin (Part 1) but nothing happened due to the circumstance surrounding us. We didn’t want force the issue and end up getting into trouble. However a few weeks back my wife told me that her sister and husband along with the kids were coming to stay with us for the weekend. I chatted with my wife’s sister on messenger while we were both at work a couple of times about their upcoming visit (we only chatted during the day while we were both at work. We promised never to do it on our home computers). They were short and sweet, but we left off with her writing… “maybe we can play if it works out.” The week prior to them arriving my heart raced every day thinking about scenarios were I might get to see and touch that sexy body of hers. Our agreement of no sex, still stood, but whatever else happened, happened. So they arrived on a Friday evening with the usual fanfare of small chit chat and hellos. Our kids ran off to other parts of the house to almanbahis ransack through toys and do what kids do. Seeing my sister in law instantly turned me on, knowing that we both discretely explored each others body’s as we stood there amongst our spouses. What a fun weekend ahead!The first night they were there came and went without any excitement due to the fact we were never really alone and didn’t want to force anything. After a few drinks later that night, my wife and I went off to bed as did our guests.I woke up early and walked into the kitchen where I saw my sister-in-law and wife having some coffee, chatting and reading the paper. The kids were already up watching cartoons in the living room. My brother in law was still asleep. I poured myself some coffee and stood next to my sis-in-law as she stood leaning up against the island in the kitchen. After a minute or two my wife left to check on the children and I was finally alone with her, even if it was only for a minute. Not wasting any time, I asked her if she slept well as I gently placed my hand on her left ass cheek. She gave a huge smile and almanbahis yeni giriş said she slept great. Feeling her soft ass instantly got me going. I wish we were alone, but I knew my wife was coming back any second. I removed my hand from her ass and went back to my paper still standing right next to her. I then heard my wife walk right by the kitchen, down the hallway into the rear bathroom, which I knew gave me another minute or so to discretely do whatever I could. I placed my hand on the lower back of my sister-in-law and she didn’t do anything but keep pretending to read the paper. She slowly stuck out her butt with her elbows rested against the counter and I took that as a go. I lowered my hand beneath her cotton pajama bottoms and felt her slightly cold sexy bare ass cheeks. She continued reading as if nothing was happening. My right hand rubbed and squeezed every part of her ass that I could. Still listening to my wife in the bathroom, I placed by hand between her legs and let my middle finger part her ass cheeks a little bit. I pushed by hand down deeper until I felt the lips of her pussy almanbahis giriş on either side of my finger. Her legs parted slightly and with only seconds to play I started fingering her. With my hand down the back of her pants, I fingered her as much as I could until I thought we had to stop. I stared down at my hand beneath her pajamas pressed against her ass and finger fucked her as much as I could. I got deep enough in her pussy to really feel her getting wet. I knew I hit a spot when she gave out a little gasp. She was just leaning over giving her ass and pussy to me for as long as we could discretely get away with it. I heard the toilet flush and I gave her pussy one last rub and squeeze as I removed my hand from her pants and went to sit on the other side of the kitchen counter. I needed to sit for a moment until my hard cock had a chance to go down.So we managed a quick little morning play session without incident and we loved it.Fast forward through a day of activities with the families and we were all back at the house later that night. The kids were in bed and the four of us were up playing some games, talking and having some more drinks. Not assuming anything was going to happen again, I stayed alert to any possible opportunity that might arise for us to be alone. Even if it was only for a minute, sometimes those minutes were all that we needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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