Oh Son!

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Sean’s mother wasn’t due home from work for another hour. He had plenty of time to sneak into her room, grab a bra and underwear from her hamper and jerk off to his heart’s delight. Sean had always been hot for his mother but ever since the forced family orgy, his desires were out of control.

Lately, all Sean could think of was the way his mother’s massive, saggy breasts heaved on her chest as he was forced to fuck her. Even better, he couldn’t forget the way he made her moan and toss her head back and forth. He made his mother want it.

Despite his mother’s obvious joy, Sean knew she was a proud woman and would never give in to such a forbidden passion. So for now, all he could do was grab a bra, bury his cock into it and jerk off while he smelled and licked the crotch of his mom’s dirty panties.

Sean was busy masturbating in his bedroom and unfortunately, he did not hear his mom come home. Bianca had gotten off work a little early today and came home sooner than expected. When Sean didn’t greet her at the door, which he usually did, Bianca figured her son must be taking a nap upstairs. She decided to check his bedroom.

As she made her way upstairs and approached his room, Bianca heard her son making strange noises…

“Oh yeah, that feels so good…yeahhhhhhh.”

Bianca’s initial reaction was to burst into his room but she decided to open the door a crack and keep quiet. When she opened the door, she was shocked. There was her son, sucking on her panties and shooting load after load of his seed into the cup of her 38D bra, the same bra she wore yesterday. Her mouth nearly hit the floor. In the past, Bianca would have started to scream at her son and demand him to stop. But times had changed. Bianca couldn’t take her eyes off her son’s massive penis as he fucked her bra. As she watched the display, Bianca felt her body react. Her pussy began to tingle and her breath quickened. She ankara escort almost liked the fact that she turned her son on like this.

The poor lady tried to regain composure as she whispered to herself, “Damn. What’s wrong with you. Never again will I have sex with him. He’s my son.”

With that, Bianca went to her bedroom and changed. But still, she couldn’t take her mind off her son’s passion for her. At dinner that evening, everything was pretty much normal. But Bianca couldn’t help but notice how Sean would try to catch a glimpse of her plump booty when she would walk by.

Bianca had had a rough day at work so she decided to turn into bed early that night. While she was lying in bed, she couldn’t stop thinking about her son’s penis, it was so big and it felt so good the way he had filled her with it. She struggled mightily with her feelings but soon, once again, she gave in. After all, the poor woman had fucked both her children and had been raped by her own daughter, she didn’t have much pride left. Bianca lowered her hand to her moist, overly-hairy vagina and began to rub her clit eagerly. Her mind was filled with images of her son.

It wasn’t long before her hairy crotch was drenched in her own juices but it wasn’t good enough. Bianca needed her son, she couldn’t take it anymore. She got out of bed and hurried to Sean’s room. The door was closed but his television was on. She decided it was now or never.

She opened the door…”Oh my god Sean, I’m so sorry.”

Bianca had walked in on her son masturbating, once again. She tried to act surprised or sorry but it wasn’t working. Her eyes were fixed on her son’s dick. Bianca lost all resistance and she made her way in the room.

“Son, baby, let me help you.” With that, Bianca wrapped her hand around her son’s penis and began to violently jerk him off. Sean was in paradise. His mother wanted him after all. All he could do was escort ankara close his eyes and lick his lips. It felt so good.

“OH MOMMY! Yeah, don’t stop, it feels so good.” Within minutes, Sean shot load after load on his mother’s hand and wrist. Bianca’s body ached, she needed him inside her. With that, she slipped her nightgown off. Bianca’s fat tits, fell down to her naval and she exposed her extremely hairy pussy. Sean couldn’t take his eyes off her. She sat down on his bed and brought his head to her massive aerolas.

“Lick my tits baby, suck on Mommy’s boobs. Please Sean.” Sean did it without any hesitation. He wrapped his mouth around his mom’s massive nipples and sucked like a baby. Bianca closed her eyes and moaned slightly. She pressed his head closer to her bust and felt the pleasure over her body.

“AHHHHH, Sean, that’s it. You make Mommy feel so good, oh yeah, make me feel good!” Bianca’s body began to shake as Sean took his hand and fingered her hairy cunt as he sucked harder and faster. Bianca soon reached climax.

“OH SON! DON’T STOP! MY BABY!!!!!!!!” Bianca’s body shook and she moaned as she reached an orgasm. Sean wasn’t done with his mother. He spread her legs apart and brought his head in between her hairy bush. Unlike during their forced orgy, Sean had no hesitation. He buried his head into his mom’s crotch and wildly thrashed his tongue in and out of her.

Bianca had never felt such an intense pleasure. She instantly began to thrust her hips up and down, she was literally fucking her own son’s face. Her droopy breasts began to bounce up and down. The older woman’s belly slammed into her son’s face and she lifted her fat, cellulite filled ass completely off the bed. Bianca gave new meaning to the term female ejaculation…


Bianca’s body went limp and her juices covered her son’s face. She was panting as she lay ankara escort bayan on his bed, lost in passion and ecstasy. But she still needed more. Sean brought his massive, 10 inch cock in between her legs and pressed it up against her immense pubic hair. Bianca was desperate.

“Fuck me son, fill me with your penis. Please!”

That’s all Sean needed. As he slid his penis into the bush of pubic hair, you could hear the sloshing noice. Bianca brought her massively fat tit to her mouth and sucked on her own nipple as Sean viciously fucked her. Bianca thought he would rip her in two and she loved it. She tossed her head back as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She raised her hips to meet her son’s body and once again, her pussy juices shot out of her body.


Sean continued to thrust his cock in and out of his mom until he shot load, after load, after load into her hairy cunt. Sean’s body collapsed on top of his mom and he lay, pressed up against her enormous titties.

The mother and son lay there, drenched in sweat, both of them covered in Bianca’s juices. Sean had one more thing to do.

He picked himself up, grabbed hold of his mom’s 38D, heavy hangers and slid his cock in between. He was going to titty-fuck her!

“Oh Mom, I love those fat titties!” He began to thrust his cock in and out of her cleavage. Bianca thought she would die, the feeling was so good and intense. Before long, Sean’s semen was all over his mom’s massive tits and face. Bianca once again called out in passion…


Sean lifted himself off his mother, exhausted but in sexual bliss. Bianca looked to her son with loving admiration.

“Hey son, how am I going to clean your juices off me?” Bianca held her tits in her hands.

She offered a suggestion…”Why don’t you lick it off for momma.”

Sean didn’t need to be told twice. Her kneeled down in front of his busty older mother and licked her titties clean. Bianca rolled her head back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the best sex she ever had…thanks to her son.

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