Oily Evenings Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

If you haven’t read chapters 1 and 2, please go read them first. The story here takes off from where it ended in Chapter 2.


Movements on the bed beside me woke me up… but I didn’t open my eyes yet. Have you ever woken up in the middle of a dream and wanted to go back to sleep just so you could finish the dream? I do that often.

Today, I desperately wanted to finish that dream… coz it was about mom. Me and mom were in some sort of a pond… water up to our waist… playing with water… splashing each other. Both of us were naked. Mom’s wet body was a sight to die for. Small droplets of water dripping down from her hair… sliding down her neck and over her breasts. Her tits wiggling as she tried to beat me in our water splashing contest.

But I couldn’t fall back asleep. Faint rustling of clothes kept pulling me back into reality. I opened my eyes a peek. The first rays of sun were slipping in through the window. I followed the rustling sound and found that mom had woken up. She was sitting on the edge of her bed. Even in my groggy state, I found the sight of mom’s bare back arousing. She stood up slowly and stretched up on her toes, raising her hand high. Then she dropped her hands and turned back to find me enjoying her nakedness.

“Did I wake you darling?” she asked smiling the way only she could smile. I smiled weakly and nodded. I looked at the clock. It was 6 AM. Slowly I sat up on the bed. Mom hadn’t moved. She still stood there looking at me with those lovely eyes full of love.

“I had a lovely dream,” I said, my voice raspy as it used to get every morning.

“What about?” mom asked.

“About us mom… the two of us were swimming around and playing with water… splashing each other and laughing… we were happy,” I said and looked at her beautiful face.

Her face brightened up as she heard me describe my dream.

“In a pool?” she asked.

“No… it was a pond… walled on all four sides… with steps of stone leading down to the water,” I described it to her, “like the one at gramma’s house.”

‘Gramma’ as I called the old lady was my mom’s grandmother. She was ‘ancient’ years old and lived in a village in Kerala with her even more ancient husband. They lived in a huge house built around fifty years ago… surrounded by trees on all sides. They stayed there alone, except for a maid that came every morning to cook and clean. There were all kinds of trees around the house… mainly coconut and jackfruit… and some rubber trees too. The upkeep of the estate was looked after by the couple’s youngest son who lived nearby. Though he was my mom’s uncle by relation, he wasn’t much older than mom. I used to call him uncle when I visited. Mom had spent a few years in that house growing up.

As I emerged out of these memories, I saw that mom was lost in her own.

“Mom?” I called. That brought her back.

She spoke, “Gramma’s house huh? I was just remembering my childhood years that spent there. That old house… all my cousins… running around the backyard with them… oh… and swimming in that pond at the edge of the property. But that place’s all but empty now… only gramma and granddad.”

As she spoke, I couldn’t help but run my eyes over her pussy. I really wanted to feel it’s warmth. I remembered how my face had been so close to it last night, when I had knelt in front of mom.

But a change in mom’s tone brought my attention back to her words.

“Hey… how about we visit gramma? Today’s Friday, you can take the second half off from school… I’ll write you a note to show the teacher… then if we leave the city by the afternoon train, we can reach there by evening… and isn’t Monday a holiday for you? We can come back by Monday evening… huh… how about that? You up for a trip darling?” she asked with an expectant face.

Three full days and nights alone with mom… I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I nodded enthusiastically and jumped down from the bed to give her a hug. I put my arms around her and pressed her body to mine. Her tits squashed on my bare chest and my semi hard dick covered by my shorts rested on her abdomen. My hands caressed her back.

I heard myself say, “I love you mom,” and I put my lips on hers. Our lips blended, moving urgently… kissing passionately. We smooched for a long minute before she broke the kiss. Giggling, she pushed me away.

“Not now… go and do your homework… I’ve got to get dressed and get started on breakfast,” saying this she shooed me out of her room.

I went to my room and hurried through my homework. Afterwards, I took a bath. I gathered all my school stuff in my bag and went to the dining table expecting breakfast. I found dad instead. He was munching on the piping hot idlis mom had prepared.

As I sat down on a chair, dad smiled at me and said, “so… off to mom’s village for the weekend huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I wanted to see gramma.”

“Mmm… ankara escort say hi to her for me will you?”

“Sure dad,” I said. Mom brought me a plate of idlis with sambhar and I wiped the plate clean in no time.

“Bye dad,” I said and went to the kitchen.

“Bye mom,” I said for dad’s benefit and planted a peck on mom’s lips. As I parted she handed me a note.

“For your teacher,” she said.

I rushed out clutching that note in my palms.

Uncle had come to the railway station to pick us up. The train journey was dreadful due to the heat. As we made our way to gramma’s in uncle’s car, the AC kicked in, providing some respite. Mom and Uncle made small talk all through the journey. As for me, uncle only wanted to know if I was doing well in school. I had replied in affirmative.

While mom caught up on the lives of different relatives of hers, I looked out of the window at the landscape of the village… so alien to that of the city where we lived. All around, greenery filled your eyes. Green fields running out to the horizon… small rivers and irrigation canals… beauty of nature wherever you looked… but for the summer heat, it was paradise… and I was there with my angel.

As soon as I entered the old house and greeted gramma, she pulled me into a hug. Then she sat me down beside her on a bench and proceeded to tell me how long it had been since she’d last seen me… how little I was then… how grown up I am now… how mischievous I used to be… and a hundred other stories.

Mom had greeted her before me and had gone to keep our bags in the room uncle had gotten tidied for our stay.

Five minutes later mom rescued me from gramma saying, “gramma, he’s tired from the journey… let him change and take a nap.”

As I was about to leave, mom said, “Go say hi to grand dad before you take a nap.”

I went to the adjoining room and found grand dad reclined on the traditional armchair. He was even older and frail than I had imagined. He couldn’t walk much. His speech was more of a mumbling. I spent a couple of minutes with him before retiring to me and mom’s room.

It was a spacious and airy room on the first floor. Two beds had been brought there and mattresses readied. I went and collapsed on the smaller one near the window. I was truly exhausted. Before long, I was dreaming… about swimming with mom.

When I woke up, it was dark outside save for the moon. I made my way downstairs looking for mom. I found her in gramma’s room going through some old photo albums with her.

“Finally you are up, you sleepyhead,” gramma teased when she saw me at the doorway.

“Come… let’s go and have supper,” she closed the album and led us into a big room with a dining table at the centre. I sat down on one of the chairs as Mom and gramma brought in plates. Then the three of us had porridge and lentils for supper. When I enquired, I was told that grand dad had already slept after an early supper. Apparently, he had a routine.

After supper, I kissed gramma goodnight on her wrinkled cheeks and came back to my room. I lied down on the bed, looking out at the moonlit sky through the window.

Mom came in an hour later and sat down at the foot of my bed, looking out at the moon with me. Everything was so beautiful here. Outside we could hear some night birds, and the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. We spent some time in silence, looking out of that window… me and mom in our own world… a cocoon of sorts.

After some time, her voice came like music into my ears, “Darling… you want to go swim in the pond with me?”

“Right now?” I asked, not believing what I heard.

“Yeah… now… no one’s going to be there at this time,” she confirmed, “only thing is… we have to sneak out of the house and slip back in without waking up gramma… you up for some sneaking?”

“Oh yeah!” I grinned naughtily.

We packed some towels into mom’s handbag and sneaked downstairs… taking each step carefully, not to let some creaky stairs spoil our fun. We opened the main door without making a sound and slipped past it, latching it from the outside. Barefoot we tip toed on the mud path that led to the pond. After some distance, we relaxed and walked leisurely. The pond was a fair distance and I held mom’s hand as we walked.

We reached the pond and stared in wonder at the beautiful sight waiting for us. We saw the moon reflected on the surface of the pond… as if it had drowned in it.

The walled-off pond had two entrances… a private entrance from the house… and a common entrance for the public. The first thing mom did was to go around and ensure that the common entrance door was latched. Once that was ensured, I witnessed my dream begin to take form in real life.

Mom and I went down the steps and stood and the final dry step. She put the bag down.

“You get in first… take of your clothes,” she told me.

A little shy and tentative, I undressed. I took off my t shirt escort ankara and shorts and stood there in my underwear.

“Take off your underwear too… don’t be shy… it’s only fair that I get to see you naked,” she said, her voice sultry.

I wrestled my hesitation away… pulled my underwear down and stepped out of it. I stood there naked in front of mom, my semi hard cock dangling between my legs. I still was feeling shy and could not look up at mom.

“Mmm… I see… get into the water now… don’t go too deep,” she told me.

I was quick to oblige, wanting to somehow hide my growing member. I waddled down the pond till the water came up to my chest. The cool water tickled my body. Then I turned around, excitement written large on my face about what was to follow.

Mom swayed a little, wearing her long nightdress, as if to some imaginary music only she could hear. She then bent down and reached the hem of the nightdress at her ankle and started pulling it up. It was slow and sensuous. Still swaying a little she pulled it up over her hips… giving me a look at the grey panty which we’d bought a few days ago. With each passing second, more of her skin got exposed… her belly, her grey bra… and the she pulled it off her and dropped it on the ground.

Then she reached behind her and unhooked her bra in a swift motion. The little grey number fell to the floor. It was time for the grand finale. She hooked her thumbs inside her panty and pulled it down her legs… bent at her waist to take it off. She put it among the pile of our clothes on the steps of the well. She stood there naked, the moonlight highlighting the magnificence of her gorgeous body.

With that little sway on her hips, she took the steps down to the pond one by one. Each step she took, more of her body got immersed… and the closer she came to me. A few more steps and she was right in front of me, water up to her nipples. I stood transfixed… unable to move at how perfectly real life had mirrored my dream.

“Now… How about we finish that kiss we broke midway in the morning?” she said, as she closed the final step and leaned on my body, her lips finding mine. We kissed madly… like long lost lovers. I tasted the sweet nectar of mom’s lips as I put my arms around her and pressed my body into hers. I ran my hands all around her back. My dick rested on her abdomen, rock hard and pointing upwards. My hands and mouth expressed all the love that was brimming inside me for mom. I was so excited that my hands slipped down from her back and rested on her ass. I felt a little shiver in her body as I did this… but no objection. I squeezed her ass cheeks with both my palms and mom moaned inside my mouth as we kissed. She held my face in both her hands as she planted deep kisses on my mouth. We were both hungry for each other’s lips. We kissed and kissed… like there was no tomorrow.

Many minutes later our lips separated and we took a tiny step back, panting. My hands rested on her hips and hers on my chest as we took deep breaths staring into each other’s eyes.

“Is this how you dreamed it?” she asked, her eyes full of love.

“It’s even more perfect than my dream was,” I said, and I could see that I had filled her heart with joy.

Then in a sudden motion she pushed me into deep water. I lost my balance and fell over backwards. But I quickly regained and started swimming. Mom giggled as she started splashing me with water… her breasts jiggling captivatingly with the forceful movements of her arms.

It took me a while to recoup from her sudden splash attack… but when I did I gave it back to her in equal measure, splashing her face and breasts with cool water. We played around splashing each other till our hands got tired. Then we swam around a little… naked under the peaceful moonlit sky.

After some time, both of us swam towards the steps and sat down side by side, placing our naked asses on the first submerged step. Water came up to our belly button. We leaned back on the next step behind us and looked up at the sky.

The sheer beauty of the moment… the moonlight, and the woman beside me was overwhelming. A strong feeling was forming itself in my chest and was forming into words that were keen to make themselves heard. I couldn’t hold them in any longer.

“I am in love with you mom,” I heard my nervous voice, “and I don’t say this as your son… as your son I love you more than anything… but this is different… somehow this love defines my entire existence… I’m so full of this love for you, I feel like I’m in paradise when I’m with you… I think about you all the time… and all my dreams are also about you… you are an amazing woman… and I am really lucky to be able to be this way with you… and I want to be with you this way, all my life,” I was breathing nervously as I finished my piece.

Mom was still as she took in my emotions. It scared me a little not knowing what she was feeling. Then I saw the thin hair on her arms stand ankara escort bayan up in goosebumps… and a tiny pearl of a tear trickled down from her left eye. Slowly, she shifted towards me and curled up in my arm, resting her head on my shoulder. She was quiet. I could sense that she was finding it difficult to put into words what she was feeling.

“I am in love with you too son… in exactly the way that you are with me… my darling boy… I wish I had the words to show you what’s in my heart… I wish I could tell you how deeply I am in love with you… this closeness with you over the past weeks has completely changed me… I’ve become this new woman… or is it my true self which I had suppressed all these years to adjust to your dad’s life… I don’t know… but this woman that I am now… I love her… my love for you has made me love myself… and I too hope that I can be this woman at least when it’s just the two of us… I too hope for the same future… where I can be with you this way, all my life,” she said.

My heart was beating so fast that my entire body was shivering with the feeling that had enveloped us with our confessions of love for each other. My left hand lifted her face up by the chin and I saw her lips beckoning. I planted my mouth on hers and we kissed… a kiss that was more soul than body… a kiss that transcended the realm of pleasure and found itself in the realm of peace.

Afterwards, we dried ourselves with the towel mom had brought and dressed up. We walked the way back to the old house hand in hand. We tiptoed our way back into the house and up the stairs… taking care not to make any sound. It was 2 o’ clock when we reached our room… and we were tired. We both slept in mom’s bed cuddled up like young lovers.

When I woke up, I was alone in the bed. The morning rays of the sun though not too bright albeit hurt my groggy eyes. I sat up on the bed, yawning and stretching. Within seconds of waking up, my mind was filled with images from last night… swimming around naked with mom in the pond… embracing her, her breasts pressed against my chest… squeezing her plump ass… and kissing her soft lips to my heart’s content. My cock started growing in my shorts.

I shook my head smiling to myself. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom to pee. I brushed my teeth and washed the grogginess off my face with tap water before heading downstairs looking for mom. I found her with gramma seated at the dining table sipping hot tea from small steel cups.

“This one has a habit of sleeping in till late… doesn’t he? You are too lenient with him,” gramma said fixing mom with a mock accusatory look. Her lips then turned into a grin looking at me. I sat down at the table sheepishly. Soon, the maid came out of the kitchen and served the three of us crispy dosas and coconut chutney. She brought me my cup of tea too.

“I am leaving now amma,” she told gramma, “I’ll be back in the evening to make supper.”

I ate my breakfast slowly, relishing each bite of the crispy dosa dipped in thick coconut chutney.

“So, what have you planned for today?” gramma asked mom.

“Nothing much… he told me he wants to see the school that I went to,” mom said, gesturing at me. I nodded, trying to hide my surprise at mom attributing the plan to me.

“Mmm… that’s a good idea… and being Saturday, you’ll be able to give him a tour without all the buzz of a regular working day. But get back here before lunch. Some of our relatives are coming over in the afternoon to see you two,” gramma told us. So the plan was fixed. I finished my breakfast and put the plate in the sink.

“Go and get ready now… I’ll be up in a moment,” mom said.

I went up to my room and rummaged in my bag for a pair of clean t shirt and pants. I put them on and stood in front of the mirror judging whether I looked presentable, in case we encountered some of mom’s acquaintances on our way. I ran the comb through my hair making some order in my wild curly hair. Mom came in at this.

“You look prim,” she said with a lovely smile, “now go and talk to gramma… I’ll get ready and we’ll go see my school.”

I was glancing at the clock, counting second after painful second, looking for a way out of gramma’s old tales. Luckily, mom came down to fetch me and we were off. She was wearing a light blue kurti top… that had buttons at the front. She topped that with a shawl over her chest. She had worn comfortable white leggings below. The school, apparently was at walking distance, and as we walked the tail of her shawl flew around in a gentle breeze that brought some respite from the scorching sun.

The rusty iron gates of the old building were closed. Luckily we heard sounds coming from the watchman’s shed. Mom went over and knocked on the door, while I stood there taking in the view of the dilapilated building… the muddy walls with intermittent greenish discolorations… the small playground with football goal posts at either end… the red soil reflecting the sun’s heat back up… a small cement parapet at one corner of the ground, which I assumed was were the daily assembly and the Annual day would be conducted. It was totally world’s apart from the posh private school that I went to.

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