Olivia’s Smelly Socks & Slippers

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Olivia’s Smelly Socks & SlippersThis is a true story and was my first ever foot fetish experience. This very experience at the age of eight was what gave me my fetish for female feet, especially white socks.It was late afternoon on a summer day, and I was outside playing in my neighbourhood. I was sitting on the kerb alone, directly opposite my friend Ken’s house waiting for him to finish his dinner. Ken had a few older sisters and one of them was a girl called Olivia. Olivia at the time was about 18 and she was very pretty. She had long blonde hair, sparkly hazel eyes and a lovely cute smile. She was petite in stature and had an hourglass shape to her figure. Even though she was about 10 years older than me, I sort of had a crush on her and I really enjoyed every time I saw her because she was very sweet and very cute. As I was sitting there looking down at the ground, I heard Olivia’s voice as Ken’s front door opened. I looked up and saw Olivia showing out and thanking a plumber who had finished doing some work in their home. I saw that she was wearing a white t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and white slippers. She stood near the end of Ken’s driveway and waved the plumber goodbye as he got in his van and drove off. She turned to the side and walked over to sit on the knee-high brick wall which separated their drive from next door’s. I sat there and enjoyed watching her as I knew she hadn’t seen me from across the road. She lifted her right leg up and pulled her foot up to her lap and slid off her slipper, revealing her white socked foot. She held her slipper in one hand as she rubbed her other hand over her sock. I could see that her sock looked a little dirty, it was quite grey under her toes and around her heel. I watched her rub the dirty area under her toes of her white sock for a few seconds, after which she put her fingers up to her nose. I saw her wrinkle up her nose and make a disgusted grimace at her foot. I watched on, completely entranced for some reason. Suddenly, she began to look around and she caught me staring at her from across the street. She cutely smiled at me and slowly wiggled her finger at me, beckoning me to come over to her. I was nervous to go over because I knew from the look that she was giving me, she could tell I had been watching her. But I felt obliged to go over because I couldn’t look away from her and I couldn’t get up and walk away either because it would’ve been obvious that I was trying to get away from her. “Come here Anthony”, she giggled as I walked over to her. “Hi Olivia”, I shyly said whilst trying to avoid eye contact with her. “Hiya”, she replied with a lovely smile. “Come here and sit next me.” She patted the wall with her empty hand as she was still holding her slipper in her other. I sat down next her as she started to massage her socked toes. For some reason I couldn’t help but stare at her lovely, white socked foot. Her sock was quite worn with lots of little white baubles of cotton all over it. The cotton looked very thin especially around her toes and the bottom of her heel, and her sock only came up to just below her ankle. This was the first time I had ever seen ankle socks and I can remember thinking that these must be a type of sock that girls wear. “What were you doing sitting there all on your own?”, I heard her ask sweetly as I watched her slightly tug at the cotton that tightly hugged her toes. She let it go and began slowly wiggling her toes to which the worn, greyish white cotton on her sole produced lots of wrinkles as her toes gently moved back and forth one after the other. I was absolutely transfixed at her flexible toes! I could not move my toes as flexibly as she was doing, and there was something about the flexible way that she wiggled them in her worn, thin, cotton white ankle sock that for me just matched the extremely feminine cuteness that she already possessed. “I’m waiting for Ken to come back outside”, I answered once I eventually was able to break my gaze at her teasing toes to look up at her face. She gave me a knowingly looking smile, I could tell she knew I was enjoying her foot show. “Yeah Ken’s still having his dinner, he’ll be back out to play very shortly sweetie”, she replied looking down at her sock. “I’m just letting my feet have some nice, cool, fresh air. I have worn these little white socks all day yesterday and all day today and now look at them. They are not so white anymore, aren’t they? They’re a little grey and dirty now.” I nodded my head in agreement as she smiled at me. “While you’re waiting for Ken in the meantime and seeing as you’ve not got anything to do,” she cutely said as she grabbed her ankle and pulled her socked foot up near to my face as she still softly wiggled her delightful toes. “Do you want to smell them for me, and you can tell me what they’re like? I’ve had my cosy slippers on all day today and I’ve just took this one off a few minutes ago, so it should be really smelly and stinky.” I didn’t have time to answer as she was basically forcing me. “Smell that dirty, grey bit under my toes for me”, she said as she spread her toes and put them right up to my nose. As my nostrils touched her soft, white ankle sock, I quickly found out that it was very damp. “Ugh your sock is wet Olivia”, I said slightly pulling away from her foot automatically. “Hmm yeah it feels really sweaty,” she said as she scrunched her toes and then spread them again. “Come closer sweetie and put your nose there, I want you to smell it.” She moved closer and placed the damp, sweaty, dirty part of her sock up to my nose again and I took a few little sniffs. The aroma was strong! It was so pungent and very vinegary! I backed away slightly from her socked foot and grimaced as I shook my head. Olivia let out a soft giggle. “What’s the matter sweetie?”, she asked with a sweet smile as she gently wiggled her socked toes against my cheek. “It’s really smelly”, I replied with a smile as I enjoyed her soft, sensual, cottoned toes lightly tickling my cheek. “Is my sock quite stinky?”, she asked rhetorically as she gently put her toes back over my nose again, not giving me time to answer her. “Hmm sniff it more sweetie, you’ll grow to like it.” I took some more sniffs of the thin, cotton which tightly hugged her toes as I inhaled more of the sour, sweaty, pure vinegar smell from her soft, damp, white ankle sock. “Yuck it’s too smelly!”, I exclaimed as I secretly started to quite like the smell for some reason. Olivia laughed. “You’ll get used to it,” she said very assuring. “It won’t be that bad if you just keep smelling.” I continued smelling her soft, smelly toes more as she sweetly smiled at me. “My sock doesn’t look so dirty further down my sole”, she said as she slowly moved her foot up my nose so that now my nostrils were at the more whiter and cleaner part of her sock which covered the curvy arch of her sole. “Is it just as smelly there Anthony?” she politely asked. I smelled her soft, cotton sole which I discovered to have just a hint of the vinegar scent, but nothing compared to what it was like at her toes. “A little bit”, I told her. “But it smells a lot better here.” She smiled and then moved her foot up to the more dirty, greyish heel of her sock. “And what about there?”, she asked as she gently rubbed my nose with her heel in a slow, circular motion. “My heel looks istanbul escort quite dirty. I think that might be a little stinky, is it?” I sniffed the thin, worn, dirty cotton and found that it was relatively smelly with that same sour, vinegary aroma. As I smelled her heel, Olivia scrunched up her toes which made about a dozen wrinkles appear all the way down her white socked arch. For some reason I found myself loving it when she made those wrinkles appear on her thin, white ankle sock. “Yeah it’s a bit stinky there too”, I confirmed as I started to become more relaxed and get more into it. She softly rubbed her wrinkled socked sole up and down my nose before she un-scrunched her toes again. “I actually quite like how your sock feels Olivia”, I said as I started to really enjoy this. She giggled in response. “Does the cotton feel nice and soft?”, she asked sweetly with a cute smile. “Yes”, I happily replied as I sniffed the white, cleaner, lightly scented cotton that hugged her arch, which she was gently rubbing up and down my nose. “Yeah I can see you’re starting to like it,” she said softly. “My toes will feel nice too, especially if I make them all wiggly.” She stopped rubbing her sole on my nose and began lightly tickling my cheek again with her talented, wiggling toes. The thin, worn cotton around the tips of her toes felt delightfully sensual. “Does that tickle?” she teased, as the tickly sensation forced me to smile and move my face away. Olivia chuckled and moved her wiggly toes back over to my nostrils. “Hmm smell”, she softly commanded with a quiet whisper. The aroma was now becoming so overwhelming. It was so smelly and pungent, but I was enjoying it so much for some reason. I just kept sniffing more and more as she continually wiggled her damp, vinegary scented, socked toes on my nose. “You see I was right, you’re really liking the smell now”, Olivia said with a cute smile. “What is my stinky white sock like, is it a horrible cheesy smell?” I shook my head as she scrunched her toes over my nose which gave me a chance to indulge myself in all those cotton wrinkles down her sole which I loved. “No?”, she giggled as she looked at me with raised eyebrows. “Vinegar!”, I exclaimed. “It smells really, really like vinegar!” Olivia laughed as she looked up to the sky momentarily. “Ew yuck! That’s way worse than cheese I would say”, she said looking at me with a grimace. She spread her toes again and gently and delicately rubbed them over my nose. “You must love the smell of vinegar then?”, she asked sweetly with a smile. I shrugged my shoulders as I sniffed the thin, stinky, greyish-white cotton that covered her spread out toes. “Well if you didn’t, you’re certainly going to like it now after smelling these!”, she giggled. She then looked at her white, fluffy slipper that she was holding in her other hand. “Do you want to smell inside my slipper too?”, she asked as she wiggled it in her hand. “It’ll definitely be really smelly inside there for sure,” she said. “I’ve had these for ages, and I wear them every morning and whenever I’m in the house.” As she moved her white slipper closer to my face, I could see a grey imprint of her foot inside on the fluffy, white fabric. “I just love these slippers,” she continued saying, as she put the opening of it right over my nose to which I instantly felt quite a warm atmosphere inside it all around my nose. “They’re so fluffy and soft and they keep my feet lovely and warm.” I took a good sniff and it was the exact same pungent smell as her sock, but it was muskier and sourer inside her slipper. It was like a cave of her foot smell! “Really smelly in there?”, Olivia asked. “Yep very smelly”, I replied as I nodded my head. “I bet you can smell lots of vinegar in there, huh?”, she asked with a cute, girly giggle. “Uh huh”, I answered in agreement. “Yeah it gets quite hot and sweaty in there,” she said as she tried pulling the opening of her slipper wider as she held it over my nostrils. “That’s where all that vinegar smell comes from sweetie, all the stinky sweat from my little feet.” I retreated from her slipper after smelling for a few more moments, to which Olivia held it in front of her and studied it with a smile. “Well thank you sweetie for sniffing out a lot of the stinky smell from my foot,” she said as she gently glided the fluffy slipper back onto her socked foot. “But you know, I haven’t aired out my other foot yet so now you can give the other one exactly the same treatment for me.” She stood up and moved over to sit on my other side. “And then you can decide and tell me which sock and slipper is more stinky okay”, she said as she pulled up her left leg and put her foot onto her lap and began wiggling her toes inside the fluffy, white slipper. “I think this one is sweatier”, she said as she moved her foot around and slightly dangled the slipper which exposed her white socked heel. “And the sweatier it is, the more stinky it’s going to smell.” I could see the heel of this white ankle sock looked just as grey and worn as her opposite one. “Alright let’s slip this off and let you smell it”, she said softly as she slowly started sliding off the fluffy slipper from her white sock. She let out a sweet little exhale when her toes were free from her slipper, to which she immediately scrunched them up. This sock was the same as the other in terms of worn and thinness. It too was adorned with lots of little white cotton baubles and was very thin and worn in, especially around her toes and heel. So much so that as she scrunched her toes, I could see her pretty, aqua blue painted toenails through the almost sheer white fabric. Her wrinkly cotton sole looked even better than her other, but this sock looked dirtier and greyer. She gently ran her fingers over all the wrinkles down her perfect socked sole. “Oh yeah, feel how damp this sock is Anthony”, she said. I touched her sock and how she was right, it was extremely damp, and it felt very warm. I knew that I didn’t really want to smell this one while I watched her un-scrunch her toes and spread them. “Feel my toes too”, she said as she took my hand and gently massaged my fingers into the very damp, greyish part of her sock underneath her toes. “Can you feel all that sweat there at my toes?”, she sweetly giggled. “Yeah”, I answered with a chuckle of disgust. She took her fluffy slipper and held it up to my face. I could see that it didn’t look as dirty inside as her other one, but there was still a reasonably greyish outline of her foot. “There you go sweetie,” she cutely whispered as she put the opening of her slipper over my nose and held it there. “Have a good smell inside there for me Anthony.” I braced myself and took some sniffs of the warm air escaping from her sweaty slipper. The smell was much stronger than her other slipper for sure. So much so that I thought it would make me cough a little, but it didn’t. The vinegary aroma was amazingly powerful! With every sniff I was getting more and more into it, but why? I couldn’t understand it. Her foot scent was so horrible! It was so pungent and stinky, but for some reason I was loving the smell so much and trying so hard not to make it apparent. “What’s the smell like inside this one sweetheart?”, Olivia asked as she cutely smiled avcılar escort at me. “Very stinky Olivia”, I replied as I scrunched up my nose. “Is it smellier than my right slipper?”, she asked. “Yep for sure!”, I exclaimed. “That will be because it’s nice and fresh from my foot,” she said as she continued to hold her smelly, fluffy slipper over my nose and watched me inhale more of the sweaty, sour, musky air from deep inside. “I had my other slipper off for a while before you smelled it, so it would’ve aired out a bit.” I moved back from her pungent, white slipper to have a breather of fresh air. “Uh, no, no, no, no sweetie,” Olivia softly said as she quickly moved forward and placed her vinegary slipper back onto my nose. “If it’s more stinky than my other one, then you need to smell it quite a bit more for me”, she said as she focused on me with her mesmerizing, sparkly, brown eyes. “I don’t want my slippers to smell really stinky, so see if you can smell it so much that you sniff all the horrible, sweaty smell out of there for me.” I was really enjoying the tone of her voice because it was almost hypnotic with how gentle and soft that she was ordering me to inhale her sweaty foot aroma. “I know it’s so stinky and smelly but, you know, someone has got to smell it for me”, she continued with the lovely, hypnotic, softly spoken tone. But I was getting the feeling that she was starting to enjoy this a little too much going by what she had just said. I gave her a confused look after her last remark to which an amused smile crept across her face. “What do you mean by someone has to smell it for me?”, I asked as she started laughing. “No, they don’t Olivia! You can smell your own feet you know.” “If they smell like vinegar then I’m passing thanks,” she began after she had recomposed herself. “But seriously, you seem to be really enjoying doing this and you’re doing such a good job sweetie.” After a few more moments, she removed her pungent slipper from my face and turned her attention to her dirty, white ankle socked foot. She took hold of her ankle and she lifted her foot and held it over my lap, slowly wiggling her cute toes. “Can you smell it from there?”, she asked as she smiled at me. “Yeah I can actually”, I quietly replied as my nostrils detected the faintish vinegary aroma that was wafting up from her sock. She moved in closer to me as she lifted her white socked foot up by her ankle and held it close to my face. “Hmm, no you need to get nice and close, right there under your nose will do just fine”, she said in a very teasing tone as she softly wiggled her white socked toes directly under my nostrils. “I’ll give my toes a nice, good wiggle for you so you can really smell all that vinegary flavour sweetie.” I smelled her pungent, wiggly toes and the scent started to become intoxicating. This sock was like as if she had literally just poured vinegar all over her sock, the smell was that sour and strong. I just had to keep sniffing her extremely sweaty, worn white sock. Even though it was so horrible, it was just so good! A smell that is so stinky, that it just becomes so intriguing. Olivia smiled at me and she let out little giggles as she alternated between wiggling her lovely, little socked toes and keeping them perfectly still while I orbited my nose closely around them as I inhaled more and more of her sweaty, stinky, cotton sock. “Hmm lovely and fresh from my warm, sweaty slipper isn’t it?” she cutely whispered. “Press your nose into all the greyish, dirty areas for me sweetie. Like right there under my toes.” She sensually rubbed over my nostrils the most filthy, greyish part of her sock that was located at the ball of her foot. “Hmm, that should be really stinky because of all that sweat there.” I sniffed the filthy, sweaty, soft, moist cotton as I took in more of her overpowering smelly foot scent. “Is it really smelly there Anthony?”, she quietly asked. “Yeah,” I answered. “It’s really stinky and damp there.” “Yeah I thought so,” Olivia replied as she very slowly rubbed her soft, cotton sole up and down on my nose. “This sock looks dirtier than the other one for sure, it’s absorbed so much sweat from being inside my slipper for the past couple of days”, she said as she gently started rubbing the dirty, damp, sweaty grey imprint on her socked heel over my nostrils. “Is my heel really sweaty too?” Her heel was just as bad as her toes, very sweaty and smelly. “Just as sweaty”, I confirmed. “Yeah?”, she cutely replied. “Is it nice and stinky there too, it looks it?” “Yeah this heel is definitely smellier than the other one for sure”, I told her as I nodded my head. Olivia smiled at me in understanding. She grabbed her foot and turned her sole towards her and she studied it. “So, would you say this foot is the more stinky of the two Anthony?”, she asked with raised eyebrows. “For sure Olivia,” I replied. She smiled at me and then looked back at her foot, her eyes moved up and down as she studied the dirty sole of her white ankle sock. “Ok so now you’re going to do a smell test for me sweetie”, she said as she held up her fluffy, white slipper again. “So, I’m going to get you to tell me what’s better.” She held her pungent slipper over my nose again. “Get a good whiff of all the smell inside there again Anthony”, she softly ordered. I sniffed up the musky, sweaty, vinegary aroma again for a few moments until Olivia removed the slipper and placed her damp, sweaty white sock on my nose again and slowly rubbed it up and down from heel to toe. “What’s better?”, she asked as I smelled the much stronger, pungent smell from her ankle socked foot for the next few moments. “Obviously, what I mean by better is what’s smellier and more stinky?” She pulled her foot away slightly, so that it was close to my nose, and she held her slipper right next to it. The aroma doubled as I could smell the scents emerging from both her fluffy slipper and her white sock. “Well, what’s your verdict sweetie?”, I heard her ask very sweetly while I was lost in the smell of the lovely mix of aromas escaping from both sources. “Hmm? Is it my lovely, warm, smelly slipper? Or my nice, stinky, sweaty white sock? Whichever is the more stinky, is what I hold at your nose for you to really give nice, deep smells.” “Your sock is definitely what stinks more”, I told her. “Okay, my stinky sock it is then”, she said as she dropped her slipper on the ground next to her other foot. “I’d rather smell your slipper”, I said. Olivia giggled as she held her foot up by her ankle and wiggled her socked toes under my nose again. “But Anthony sweetie, my sock has soaked up a lot of sweat from my little foot over the past two days”, she said softly as she spread her smelly socked toes. “You have to give it a nice, good smell for me.” I turned away from her and faced her house. “Ken will surely be out soon Olivia”, I said as I looked at their front door and windows as I tried to make sure nobody was watching us. “Yeah, he surely won’t be too long now Anthony,” I heard her answer as I suddenly felt her gently tickle the side of my neck with the tip of her index finger. I quickly turned my head back to her to stop her tickling me. She smiled at me and softly wiggled her toes under my nose again. “You can keep sniffing my smelly socks and slippers until şirinevler escort he comes out to play again, okay?”, she sweetly told me. I quickly looked back at her house again. “But Olivia, what if Ken or your parents sees this?”, I said quietly. “It’s fine I’m keeping an eye out to make sure sweetie”, I heard her answer as I maintained my gaze up at her house. I wasn’t so sure, and I certainly didn’t want us to be seen. “Come on sweetie”, Olivia said very teasingly as I felt her wiggly toes gently tickle my ribs. I immediately turned back around again, and Olivia quickly retreated her foot away from my body before I could try and stop her from tickling me. She smiled at me and cutely giggled. “If you don’t smell my feet, then you get tickled!”, she teased as she held her pungent sock back up to my nose again. “Ugh my toes are so damp and sweaty, so I just want you to only smell them for me”, she said as I hesitated but eventually started smelling the engulfing, vinegary smell from her sweaty, socked toes again.”Hmm, just sniff it all up with that lovely little nose sweetie”, she softly whispered. “Does this sock smell nice and vinegary too, just like my other one?” “Yes,” I replied. “But this one is stronger!” “Yeah, this sock looks like it’s smellier”, she said with a sweet smile. I nodded my head at her as I grimaced at the tangy, sourness of this sock. “See for yourself”, I said as I moved back from her stinky toes. “Ew, no thanks”, Olivia chuckled as she budged up towards me to put her sour, vinegary white ankle socked toes back up to my nose again. “Believe me Anthony, I know how hot and sweaty my feet get when they’re in my slippers, so I am NOT smelling my socks that I’ve worn two days straight in them! I can tell just from looking at them that they smell very stinky. Anyway, you just said you want to smell my slippers. And you are clearly enjoying the smell of my feet, aren’t you sweetie? You’ve already described it as vinegary which I think you quite like.” “I never said that I liked it!”, I exclaimed. “But I can tell you like it because you keep smelling”, she answered as I continued sniffing her toes that she began to slowly wiggle again. I rolled my eyes and smiled at her. “Yeah because you’re forcing me to smell!”, I argued. She looked down at the ground with a guilty smile and shrugged her shoulders. “Well I have never had someone smell my feet before and I’ve got to be honest, I’m really enjoying this. It’s quite nice having you smell my stinky, smelly feet.” She suddenly glanced behind me with a serious face as she looked at her house. “I thought I heard Ken but it’s ok, he’s not there”, she said with a look of relief on her face. I quickly looked back but Olivia was right, there was no one there. “Before he comes back out though, I want you to smell both of my feet together”, she said as she put her leg back down and slipped her socked foot back into her empty white slipper on the ground. “If it weren’t so risky, I would get you to lie down there in front of me so you could be under them. I would’ve held both feet over your nose and you could’ve smelled both socks equally.” She shuffled down the wall a little. “Move down a little so I can get my feet up here sweetie”, she said as she gestured me to move up the wall. I edged up a little to create more space between us to which Olivia turned in my direction and brought her legs up. She was now sat facing me with her knees up to her chest and her feet in her fluffy, white slippers next to me. She slipped both of her socked feet out and rested them on top of her empty slippers. She raised her soles up with her heels kept pressed down on her white slippers as she once again wiggled her lovely, flexible, little toes. She looked at them and smiled. “Let’s see if you can handle all of my smelly toes”, she said as she smiled at me. “I’m going to make a Venus fly trap for your little nose to go into.” Using her hands to help her, she pressed both of her soles together into each other and she spread both sets of toes wide, so they were like an open book. “Put your nose right in there but don’t smell until I say so”, she said. I leaned in and placed my nose in between her spread out toes. “Oh, looks like my trap has caught a nose”, she teased as she closed all ten damp, socked toes snuggly around my nose. “Okay, now breathe in deep through your nose for me sweetie”, she gently ordered with a whisper. I thought it wouldn’t smell too bad as I had already given both of her socks some good sniffs, but the combined stink took me by surprise. I had two little sniffs of her damp, sweaty, vinegary, cotton encased toes that she sandwiched against my nostrils before I realised the smell was much more intense. “Ugh!”, I exclaimed with a grimace. “Hehe does that smell good?”, Olivia giggled as she started wiggling her stinky toes around my nose. “Oh my god!”, I exclaimed. “I wasn’t expecting both at once to actually be that much smellier.” I sniffed some more and soon I got used to it and once again I started to enjoy the stinky, pungent, vinegar aroma of her sweaty white ankle socks. “That’s it, smell my feet Anthony”, she softly whispered in her cute, girly tone once more. After a short while, she un-clamped her smelly toes from my nose and turned her slippers around, so now the insides faced me. “Now you can enjoy everything before I have to go”, she said as she rested her heels on the slippers and hovered her toes and soled above the openings of them. “Come on, come smell before Ken comes back out”, she cutely smiled. I leaned back down and sniffed her smelly, fluffy slippers again as she wiggled her toes over my face as she tried to make sure I got a whiff of her stinky, pungent socks too. “I need to get you to do this for me more often”, she said as she began to gently rub my cheek with both of her white ankle socked feet. “I think you would like that. I should get you to smell my leather school shoes and nylons after school. There would be a lovely leathery hint to go along with the vinegar smell, those would be nice to smell after a long day. Or if you want to smell something even better than these slippers then it has got to be my Adidas sneakers. They would smell good, especially on the rare occasions that I wear them barefoot. They get so stinky when I don’t wear socks because there’s nothing to collect all the sweat.” A noise from behind me interrupted Olivia. “Anthony, Anthony stop, that’s Ken just came out”, she whispered as loud as she could. I leaned back up as Olivia quickly turned her slippers around stuffed her feet into them as quickly as she could. I turned around and saw Ken close the door behind him and start to walk towards us. “Now remember,” Olivia began as she whispered into my ear to which I turned back and faced her. “You don’t tell Ken or anyone about this, this is just between you and me. Okay Anthony?” “I promise Olivia”, I said as I nodded my head at her. She gave me one of her lovely smiles in return. “Aw you’re so sweet”, she said as she quickly gave me a little kiss on my cheek. “Thank you for enjoying the smell, I’ll get you to do it again sometime.” She stood up as Ken reached us and waved and said goodbye as Ken and I went back to the park to play. When I was younger, I hoped she never would make me smell her feet again to which I was relieved when she never did. She left for college the following year, so she was at home very much and so I hardly seen her at all. But now I really enjoy looking back on this experience and realise that she blatantly had a foot fetish and I now wish maybe just once or twice we had another foot smelling session. I did keep Olivia’s promise, until now of course.

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