On the Patio Part 16

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Waving hi to everyone. It’s time for a mixed drink as we all get off work and have a desire for relaxation. My blue-eyed blonde wife, Renee has been using her Ashley Madison account periodically for over two years and has cuckolded me with thirty-one men.Mmm. Sipping my favorite Bacardi and Coke with a lime wedge…I am not sure but around four months ago, Renee was heavily flirting with Jeremy. As usual, they teased each other with sexy pictures, texts, and short video clips. The guy appeared to have a huge cock in his photos. She was very interested in meeting him but he became too excited one day and sent too many back-to-back messages.It annoyed my wife while she was working and she thought to herself this guy is too aggressive and could potentially get out of control bugging her. She didn’t contact him again. It was during this time she was also flirting with Jason and selected to entertain him instead of Jeremy. I posted the meeting with Jason in “On the Patio bulls Part three.”In February, Renee sent me a quick text: “Hey, baby. Can I suck a new dick?” She never fails to surprise me. She just met a new man, Marcus, yesterday and fucked him, lol! My reply was, “yes, baby. Please enjoy yourself.” My blue-eyed blonde wife responded, “his name is Jesse, he is local and he wants to meet now.”An hour passed before Renee called me laughing, “smoke break time, baby!”Renee answered the door wearing a T-shirt and panties. She led Jesse to our bedroom and had his thick seven-and-a-half-inch dick in her talented mouth within moments. Jesse didn’t even last five minutes before he came into my wife’s mouth and she swallowed his cum.She took a screenshot of his text message to her and shared it with me: “Did you enjoy yourself?” she asked.”Omg, yes!! Best blowjob I have ever had.”Wow!! It is amazingly easy for Renee to use her Ashley Madison account for quick random meetings with new men. At the beginning of our cuckold lifestyle, I had imagined we would try meeting new men using casinos, clubs, or bars but no need for that.For the last six months, my wife has only been entertaining Mike regularly. She desires Hunter or KP’s company yet both men claim to be working too many hours. Will Marcus or Jesse possibly become new regulars? Only time will tell.I am still curious if she is going to meet the horse rider Isaac from Arkansas or another man Alan who almanbahis is local. Both of which she shared with me that she was flirting with and has not set a meeting up yet.”Mmm”, I thought as Renee text me while I was working today that she and Jesse are planning to meet at our house tomorrow for his lunch break at eleven-thirty. I teasingly asked just another blowjob or does he have a chance for pussy. Renee quickly responded, “probably both but depends on his schedule and how much time he has.”Renee and I are in our middle forties while Jesse is thirty. I am teasing my wife and encouraging her to wear lingerie for Jesse’s second visit. She laughed and said, “she didn’t want to spoil him just yet. I will save the lingerie for you to see me wearing if he comes over late at night.”Renee just drove to Mike’s job this morning and fucked his seven-inch dick. The naughty thing is that Jesse’s dick is slightly longer and a lot thicker so he will never know my wife got fucked earlier today if Jesse fucks her.Renee just text me that she and Jesse are now meeting at three-thirty instead of eleven-thirty. She has plans with a new man named Doug, age forty, at our home for twelve-thirty. She texted, “she didn’t know how big his dick is yet but she will soon find out.”Will it be just a blowjob or will she fuck Doug? My dick is hard and leaking precum in anticipation. It seems like my naughty wife is on a roll today.Renee called me at two p.m. while she took a smoke break on our patio. Doug was an enjoyable experience and she fucked him. When he arrived at our home, Renee lead him straight to the bedroom and had her new lover lay on his back.She unzipped his pants and Luckily for Jesse, Doug’s dick is five inches long. So, if my wife fucks Jesse he will never know with his thicker longer dick that he is the third man to fuck her today.Time passed slowly for me as I watched the clock. At four, Renee called me bubbling with excitement. She said, “I got called a badass!” I laughingly asked, “Why baby?”Jesse had entered our house and went straight to our bedroom. He stripped off all his clothes and Renee had him lay on his back on our bed. He admitted to Renee he had wanted to jerk off badly but had waited to save his cum for her. She sucked his thick seven-and-a-half-inch dick for several minutes and Jesse was saying, “That’s awesome how you can deepthroat almanbahis yeni giriş my whole dick.”Renee paused and laid on her back on our bed with her head hanging off the edge and had Jesse stand in front of her. He was super excited as he thrust his dick into my wife’s mouth repeatedly for several more minutes.Jesse said, “Damn. This is the stuff I watch in porn movies and never had done before.” Renee couldn’t help but laugh and she changed positions to kneel on her knees on our bed. She had Jesse stand up on our bed and resumed sucking his thick dick.When his legs started trembling and Jesse’s moans let Renee know he was close to cumming, my wife held his dick and looked him in the eyes, and asked where he wanted to cum.Jesse was surprised and asked, “Where? What do you mean?” Renee casually stopped sucking and stroked his dick to ask, “do you want to cum in my mouth, on my tits, or my face?” Jesse was flabbergasted and eagerly said my wife’s face. Oh, if Jesse had only said her pussy!!Renee sucked just the head of his dick and continued firmly jerking him off until he started cumming. She pulled his dick out and allowed his cum to shoot onto her lips and cheeks as she stuck her tongue out. She then took his dick and rubbed it all along her cum covered lips and face while sucking his dick clean.She told Jesse, “to stop jacking off and save his cum for her.” Jesse chuckled and said, “I jack off almost daily so we will need to meet often.” Renee laughed with him and simply replied, “We will see.” All I can think is Jesse may be the weekly man she has been looking for.I came home and fucked my slut wife bent over our bed. Her pussy was tight! I dirty talked to my wife complimenting her on being such a sexy woman and having three different dicks in her mouth today. I would have had no idea my wife just cuckolded me with three men in one day unless she had told me.The next day, as we spoke on the phone, Renee told me, that Hunter ( On the Patio Part Nine ) has been texting and asking her to come over. He wants her to meet him tomorrow night at his house. It’s been three months since they last met but if they met again I will create a second chapter for their story.I was working the following week when my wife texted, “Jesse is meeting me at four.” I quickly replied, “Enjoy yourself, baby. Maybe let him record you?” Time passed until almanbahis giriş around five before my wife called me with a smile in her voice.For their third visit, he drove to her job during her hour-long lunch break. Jesse pulled out his phone and set it beside them on a nearby chair. He stripped off all his clothes while my wife stayed dressed. I watched the video with excitement as Renee easily deepthroated his seven-and-a-half-inch dick. She did it so skillfully: holding his balls, stroking his shaft, licking his dick like candy!Renee paused and pulled her shirt up to reveal her thirty-four D breasts in a red bra. My wife pulled her titties up out of her bra. She smacked his thick dick against her tits and would suck his dick before popping his dick out and rubbing the head against her nipples. Back to deepthroating his dick for several strokes then smacking his dick back against her breasts.This cycle continued for less than ten minutes before Jesse grabbed my wife’s head and thrust his dick deep into her mouth. She swallowed his cum and then licked the head of his dick with a smile.I am looking forward to when Jesse and Renee start fucking. Of course, I will encourage her to ask her lover to record it. Their fourth visit occurred two months later in May. My wife called me while she was driving home and said she had decided to accept my naughty idea.Long ago, I had requested that Renee call me and place her phone beside the bed while I muted my phone to allow me to listen to her pleasuring a man. She was giggling and told me “to be damn sure my phone stayed on mute.” I took a break from working and pulled over at a nearby park to focus.My wife pulled into our driveway and told me Jesse was already parked at our house. She told me she was putting her phone in her purse. I could hear her Dodge Challenger door opening as she got out. Renee greeted her lover with a friendly hug and hello as they walked inside our house.They talked for a moment as she offered him a drink. Jesse declined and I could hear my wife placing her phone down on our coffee table. I heard her giggling as she said, “let me help you get comfortable.” It was fantastic hearing her unzip his pants and ask him to sit down on our couch.Jesse said, “Hell, yeah. That feels good.” I could hear my wife licking and sucking on his thick seven-inch dick. Rhythmic slurp, pop, slurp…my cuckold dick was straining hard in my shorts as his blowjob continued. Jesse would occasionally moan with pleasure. He didn’t last very long at all. Seven minutes was all it took before I heard Jesse saying, “Here it comes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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