On the run into a new future…part 05

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On the run into a new future…part 05the next morning,Fingers caressing my cheek, whispers in my ear, body against mine. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was a smile formed by a pair ofthick, soft, incredible lips. I glanced up and stared into my mom’s bright blue eyes. I leaned in and kissed her. The first kiss of the day. “Good morning mom.” And it was a good morning, the first in a long time.She grinned. “Indeed.” But she had a worried look in her eyes. “Last night was amazing Stephanie. I… I just hope it doesn’t make things weird or…”I put my finger on her lips and silenced her. “Mom, what happened yesterday was weird. There’s no denying that. But I realized something yesterday. Something I should have realized a long time ago. You are the one. I love you. I have always loved you, I just never knew it was this much. From now on I know I will only be happy when you’re near me, when I hold you close, when I feel your body against mine and when we make love. Your body is what I want and it’s you that I need.”Her eyes watered again. “That’s beautiful Stephanie. I… I don’t know what to say.””You don’t have to say anything mom. Just show me that you love me.”She threw herself on me. A long, passionate kiss. Deep, deep into the unknown. Just this kiss drove me crazy. “I love you Stephanie.””I love you too mom.”We showered and I got to wash her again. This time I didn’t stop when my hand reached her vagina and she moaned. No, this time I took her further. I made her climax, scream and tremble. I told her how beautiful she was, what a great body she had, how I couldn’t wait to be inside her again. She returned the favor. She used her mouth and hands to draw me to my orgasm. She shared my cum. She whispered loving, dirty and naughty things in my ears. She caressed my body, my breasts, my penis. Her hands wrapped around my stomach, her lips and hot breath on my neck. I craved her.Still, we had to go. We had to leave and drive further, further into the unknown. But the drives were better, far more enjoyable. We laughed, we teased and we talked. I looked at my mom. She had turned my entire life around. No more abuse, no more fists, no more name calling. I thought to myself that I had to look strong, to help my mother through the event, through the actions that sometimes still haunted her. But it was in fact she that was strong. She was the reason we were finally happy. It didn’t matter to us that much anymore that we didn’t have a home to stay in and return to. We were together, that’s all that mattered.We stayed at a lot of motels. She had a good job which meant she had a lot of money on her credit card which meant food and a place to sleep. I didn’t know how long we were on the road. Days or months. Time was something I had lost. I didn’t know what day it was or what month it was. The days were of course long, but the nights were amazing. Full of love and passion. Then we found a trailer park near a remote village. We managed to settle there for a long time. No one seemed to recognize us so we figured that either they didn’t announce anything on TV or they forgot about it, even Janet never sent a text message asking about that monster. It didn’t matter what the reason was, the important thing was that we were safe. No one knew we were mother and daughter. There was an age gap but people didn’t pay attention to that.My mom managed to get a job selling flowers in a shop. She didn’t make nearly the money she made at her other job, but it was enough. I worked weekends and part time and together we bought a house somewhere close to the village, but just far enough to have privacy. I always had trouble really believing we had made it. After the horrible events, the questions that rose between us and the loving time that followed, we had a home far away. There was no college in sight for me immediately but that didn’t matter much anymore. I was still shy, nervous and insecure and that would probably never change, but we were happy and safe.However, I still had nightmares sometimes. Always the same one. That monster standing behind me, his dick pressed against me, ready to **** me. I still woke up screaming when I dreamt of it. My mother’s words konak escort and body always calmed me down, but it didn’t go away. I had to face it, I had to get that mental picture out of my head. Then, one evening after we made love, I had to ask her.”Mom, I have to ask you something.””Sure, what is it honey?” she asked as she was snuggled up close beside me.Face red, shy, nervous. “Could you make love to me. To my ass?”She looked at me, worried. She of course knew about my nightmare and about my fear so she wasn’t really sure. “Are you sure? Do you want me to?”I nodded. “I think the nightmare won’t stop otherwise. I have to face my fear and you’re the only person I trust.””Are you really sure?” I nodded. “Okay then honey. I will go to a sex shop tomorrow and find something and then we’ll take our time.I kissed her. “Thanks mom.”We fell asleep. No nightmares. Thank God.My mom went to work and I had a day off so I decided to relax in the garden and read a book.But I couldn’t concentrate. My mind kept drifting off towards my mom and what was about tohappen that evening.I was scared, but I had to do it. It was the only way.After what felt like a long day, my mom came home with a bag. “Hey mom,” I said after I kissed her, “what did you get?” hoping it wasn’t something too big. She first pulled out a bottle of lube and then a pink/purple toy.”It’s a sort of strap-on that pleasures the one who wears it as well.This part right here is meant to fit in my vagina so it stays where it is, and this part right here is… for you.It pleasures both users.”I took it in my hands.”I bought a pretty small one to begin with.”It was a bit smaller than my own penis. It looked a bit too big for me, but I trusted my mother.”Thank you for doing this mom.” She smiled and hugged me.”Anything for you Stephanie.” We soon found ourselves sitting naked on our bed, me holding the strap-on in my hands.”How do you want to do this sweetie?” she asked. I put it on the nightstand.”I want to start by making you feel good first. I want to work my way up to it, I don’t think itwould be best if we used it immediately.” “Whatever you want honey.”We both moved our heads and engaged in a kiss. Our tongues found each other’s, saliva mixed.I savored her lips and her taste. Her soft lips always made the world around me disappear.I could only focus on her kiss. She put her hands on my cheeks and the kiss got more intense.I pushed her on her back with my body, not letting the sweet warmth of her lips leave mine.She glided her hands over my lower back and pressed me closer against her. I melted in her body.Her breasts against mine, my hands over her body. She drove me wild.I broke the kiss and gently bit her lower lip, I knew how much she loved that. I made my way south, kissing every inch of her body I passed. I wanted to taste it all, to feel it all.My head reached her breasts. I kissed all around her nipples.After a long time of love making, I knew she loved to get her nipples sucked and pinched butI decided to tease her. Her nipples hardened with every kiss and I enjoyed the feeling as I let themslide against my cheek.Her hands started to move towards her breasts, but I stopped them and took them in my hands.She gasped and squeezed my hands. My lips closed around her nipple, the taste was incredible.I licked it, I nibbled it, I let it pop out of my mouth. She shivered. I moved one of my hands to her other nipple.Her free hand was now already gliding along my side. I nibbled her one nipple and pinched the other one.Her tender and gently fingers dug in my sides as she got lost in pleasure. But I wanted more. I moved down over her tummy and over her now clean shaved pubic area.I kissed it and moved a bit further down. There it was. My mother’s vagina, her juices, her taste.I craved it. I knew how much she wanted my tongue inside her, but just as with her breasts,I teased her an licked her clit. She shivered and juices flowed.I nibbled it, I licked it, I did whatever I could with my mouth and tongue.She moaned, she panted and shook. Sweat dripped down her inner thighs, juices rushed out her pussy.She smelled so divine. Then, without any warning or any hesitation, I konak escort bayan drilled my tongue deep inside her.She gasped and moaned and screamed.”Oh, Stephanie”Juices ran into my mouth, onto my tongue. I moaned as I savored them.I swirled my tongue around against her walls. The taste made me lose my mind. I needed more.I glanced up and saw she was kneading her breasts and pushing them together.When I would drill my tongue deep, she would pinch her nipples.I noticed her clit and it was aching to be pleased.My tongue kept filling her pussy and I moved my hand and brushed her clit with my thumb.”Oh, Christ!”She moaned louder now, screamed louder, shook harder. I picked up the pace.My movements got faster and she panted and sweated, her vagina contracting around my tongue.”Stephanie, there, right there.”I lost control. My body moved on its own.My tongue drilled deep, my thumb brushed her clit. Her body stiffened.Her lips contracted around my tongue and a silent climax washed over her body.Juices running down my tongue, covering my lips. Delicious. I moved back up and lay down next to her. I watched her as her orgasm continued.It finally subsided and she turned to me and smiled.She pressed her lips against mine and our tongues entwined once more.She left my lips and moved down. She paid a lot of attention to my breasts.She squeezed them, groped them, caressed them. Her lips pleasured them.I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the feeling of her mouth sucking on my nipples.After she was finished with my breasts, she made her way to my penis.It was swollen, throbbing and twitching waiting for her. She took it in her hands and admired it.I gasped as her lips planted a kiss on my head. Precum was already oozing out and dripping downmy shaft on her hands. Her lips closed around the head and immediately engulfed my entire penis.She swirled her tongue around my shaft, making me moan and tremble.She massaged my balls and began bobbing her head up and down.My eyes rolled back in my head as her mouth pleasured my member.I moaned and whispered my mom’s name as her lips glided along my shaft over and over again.She let go of my balls and rubbed my inner thighs, my tummy and my sides only to return back to my balls.She drove me crazy. I felt this warm feeling inside, but I didn’t want to come yet. “Mom?” She stopped sucking me.”Yes honey?” Still a bit nervous I continued.”I… I think I’m ready. Do you want to lick my ass and prepare me first?” She moved up to me and gently kissed me.”I would love to honey. If it’s too much, please tell me to stop.” I nodded and kissed her. She moved back down and gave another kiss on my penis.She smiled to comfort me and she moved a bit down. She placed her hands on my inner thighs and rubbed them.She did everything she could to make this as easy and comfortable as possible for me.She pressed her tongue against my hole. I gasped. A bit shocked and scared at the same time.But she didn’t penetrate yet. She licked the outer rim of my hole, letting me get used to that first.It felt wonderful. My God this felt good. I moaned, I twitched and shivered.Her tongue softly and gently sliding against my rim. Her hands rubbing my thighs, relaxing me.She went so slow, so soft, so perfect.”Mom, please push your tongue in.” She did as I asked. Her tongue slowly opened up my hole as it slowly slid in deeper inside me.I clutched the bed sheets when her tongue was all the way in. She glided it along the walls of my insides.I sighed and shook when she pleasured me ever so softly, ever so gently. Christ, I’ve never felt so good before.I bit my finger to stop myself from moaning. Her tongue was magic.Waves of intense pleasure washed over my body. My penis had never throbbed like this before.My nipples had never been this hard. My body tingled and I lost control over my body. “Mom, can you use your fingers to get me ready?” She slid out of me and smiled. I gave her the lube from the nightstand and she squirted a lot on her fingers.She moved in to kiss me again.”Just try and relax honey.”I did what she said and felt her lubed up finger gliding along my rim, getting my entrance wet.I nodded and she slowly slid in her index finger. escort konak My muscles tensed and my ass contracted around her finger.”Relax honey.”I took a deep breath and relaxed. She moved her finger around inside me.I gasped, sighed and moaned softly at her touch. She stretched my hole and slid her finger inand out over and over again. “Use a second finger mom.”She complied and slowly slid in her middle finger as well. My ass was full now.Relax, relax. She kissed my inner thighs and moved her fingers around.A soft moan escaped both from pain and pleasure.She stretched her fingers, up and down, left and right, loosening my ass.Then she found my prostate.”Oh God!” I yelled.She gently pushed it and glided her fingers along it. I shivered and moaned.My mint went blank and her fingers kept pleasing my ass. I arched my back and I think I was ready now. “I… I think I’m ready now mom.” She slid her fingers out of me.”Are you sure.” I nodded.”Will it hurt?” “Only at first honey, then the pain will disappear and pleasure will fill your body.” She kissed me.”I’ll be gentle.” I smiled.”I know you will mom.”I took the strap-on and gave it to her.She pushed one end inside her own vagina, moaning as she did it. It looked so erotic.Then she took the bottle of lube and squirted a lot on the other end.She lay down on top of me and aimed the strap-on against my entrance.I got scared now, but I also wanted this. I wanted my mother to be the first, the only one.”Try and relax your muscles honey.”I did as she said and she kissed me.I felt the head of the strap-on stretching my hole as she slowly entered me.Pain shot through my body. My mom immediately stopped.”Are you all right sweetie?” I nodded.”Yes, just go really, really slow.” Now, even slower, she slid further into me.My insides were burning up and pain was mixed with pleasure.Her thighs touched mine and she was completely inside. She kept herself there.”Tell me when I can move honey.” I let her wait for a minute. I let my ass get used to it first.I was still scared, but her body, her warmth, her breath, it all calmed me down.I put my hands on her cheeks and kissed her.”Please move mommy.”Her hips moved. I moaned and tried to relax my muscles.She reached the end and slowly moved back in.The first few thrusts were pain, but then it slowly disappeared and just as shepromised me, pleasure took its place. I moved my hands on her back and dug my fingers in her skin.We both moaned as the toy pleasured us both. She filled me up and it felt wonderful.Her thighs sliding against mine as she moved in, her hands on my body, her lips on mine.Everything was pure ecstasy. All the pain was gone. Pleasure, love and lust took over.My body had never felt so good before. “I love you mom.” “I love you too Stephanie.”She rolled us over and I was on top, my body still pressed against her. She wrapped her hands around my lower back and kept thrusting slowly and gently. My cock throbbed, my nipples were erect, I had goose bumps over my entire body, sweat was dripping down my skin and my mother made love to me. We moaned into each other’s mouth. Her body trembled as the toy rubbed her insides as well. Our tongues entwined, saliva mixed. I groped her breasts and kneaded them. The soft skin melted in my hands. I moaned. And now that I knew it didn’t hurt, I straightened my back.The toy had never drill so deep inside me before. I rested my hands on her tummy and took over control. I slid up and down the toy, filling myself up over and over again. My mother dug her fingers gently in my sides as I kept riding her. My tits and cock bounced up and down. The toy hit my prostate. “Christ!” I yelled and rode faster. Lust, pleasure, love. My insides felt so good. My butt slapped against her thighs. We moaned, we panted, we yelled each other’s names. “Oh, mom, mom I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come!” No control, faster, faster, faster. “Aaah!” I shook like never before, my ass contracted around the toy, it hit my prostate and cum shot all over my mother’s body. It landed on her stomach, on her breasts, on her face and in her hair and the rest dripped down my shaft.I trembled, I shook and I collapsed down onto her, the toy deep inside. Panting, sweating, heavy breathing. I wanted to speak but I couldn’t talk. My climax didn’t end. With trembling lips I managed to kiss her again.”Thank you mom.”I had faced my fear. I found pleasure, I found lust and I found love. The nightmares never came back.To be continued……

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