Once in a Lifetime – Grocery Girl

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Everyone in this story is 18+. There are mentions of farts, some extra slight and respectful racial comments, very tiny allusions to scat-related content. Enjoy!

Once in a Lifetime, or, Meeting a Strange Girl and Smelling her Farts

This past Saturday afternoon, I had to run out to the grocery store to get supplies for a small party I was hosting, the first since splitting with my ex. Just a few friends and their partners. Being newly single, I am not sure how ready I am to dive back into a new relationship. After Rachel left, all my kinks sort of went with her. This past Saturday, though, I got to return to my life of filthy perverted fun, but only for a short time. What makes it better, perhaps, is that my horny encounter in that grocery store was with a complete stranger, a younger woman I’d never seen before and who I will likely never see again (but maybe?). I never even caught her name, but I got two things that are even better: Her sweet farts and her magnificently tiny pussy.

When I first saw her, I was struck by her body, that of a skinny former cheerleader. Taut and strong-looking, with long legs that went on for seemingly ever. She wore black athletic sandals and as I passed her with my cart, we made awkward eye contact as I quickly gave her body a quick, sly scan. It is not important to note here that this beautiful woman was Black, with long, perfectly raven-colored hair and big, wonderful eyes that immediately looked sorrowful. I’d come to find out what those eyes looked like when she was embarrassed, and what they look like as she takes a cock in her pussy. I was hard from the second I saw her.

We crossed paths again, and I couldn’t help but coyly look at her as she reached up high for an item on the top shelf. I got lucky to see the bottom crease of her butt, where her cheeks meet her thighs, as she stretched her body on her tip toes to get salad dressing. At this point, I knew I was destined to jerk off in the bathroom, covertly and so as to not bother anyone else. But instead, at that moment I walked and got close to her and kneeled down slightly, looking at salad dressing, too, but my face was now only a foot or two from her ass. She was still trying to grab the right dressing when I heard her fart, long and loud, as if her straining to reach pushed it out with my percussion. At that point, all I had wanted, in a miraculous way, was to fuck her from behind as I marveled at her tight back and pert ass cheeks. Sure, I would have loved to watch her pink butthole wink at me uncontrollably as I slid into her pussy, but I was still just in fantasyland. But now, with her fart hanging in the air between us, I looked up and met her eyes. She was horrified.

“Oh my god!” she said in a loud whisper. She grabbed my upper arm in a comforting way and said, “I can’t believe–oh my god.” She stammered and even with her gorgeous dark complexion, I swear I saw her blush. “I am so sorry. The couldn’t have been worse timing for you.”

I tried to not make things worse for her. I decided to play dumb or cool or both. Not sure which one won out.

“What do you mean?” I asked, smelling her gas and watching her also smell her own fart.

“I just farted, like, in your face. Totally by accident! I swear. I never fart.” She said this with a conviction that was really hot. My cock was now a hard rod in my pants.

“It wasn’t that bad,” I say, smiling, hoping there is some charm in this. “I really don’t mind. I mean Bostancı Escort it. Not a big deal. Kind of even like it.”

She gave me a look, one that said, OK pervert. “Again, I am sorry. Have a good day.” She walked off and I stared at her butt. I was horny enough that if she wanted me to watch her poop, I would do so gladly, covering her pile with a thick coating of my cum. But talk about a long shot. I was happy enough with her gas in my lungs, in public no less.

I decided to go for broke. I would find her again in the store and approach her one last time, and if she wasn’t into it, then I would go pay for my groceries and leave her alone. There is no room in this world for unwanted advances or coercion.

I found her in the frozen foods aisle, crouching, sorting through the frozen fruit offerings. I put my cart to one side and walked over and looked into the freezer as I said, “You might not believe me, but what happened back there was really actually quite hot.”

I looked down and met her eyes again. She waited a beat or two and then stood and said, “I’m so hungover. I can’t stop farting. You’re telling me you like this?” As she said that, I saw her slightly lean away from me and within a few seconds, her fresh fart wafted up and I breathed in deeply. No one else was around so I gently rubbed my cock over my pants. She looked down and I couldn’t tell if she was horny or disgusted. I know now it was both. Much like my previous experiences with this sort of fetish, this girl was anonymous and in it for the pleasure of pleasing me.

“I am telling you I am loving smelling your farts, yes.” I want to kiss her but that is wildly inappropriate.

She grabs my hand and says into my ear, “I am visiting my sister. I go back to Philadelphia tomorrow. I haven’t been fucked since my boyfriend and I split.”

“Same here,” I offer, too joyfully, I think, “My girlfriend–ex-fiancee–left not too long ago. It’s been a while for me.”

“But you’ve already smelled my farts, and are not disgusted. That is more than Michael could ever say for himself.”

“I’m clearly very horny for your butt, your farts, for you. Is this insane?” I ask, meaning it, truly. What a strange encounter.

“It is way past insane.” She looks around, and up toward the ceiling. Apparently there were no cameras that she saw because in that instant, she put her cart on one side, blocking view from one side of the aisle’s mouth and I did the same with my cart. We were temporarily guarded from view as she put her ass toward me and looked over her shoulder and said, “Give it a sniff if you really want. You like sniffing strange girls’ asses?”

I got on my knees and pulled her tiny blue athletic shorts up slightly. She has no panties on and I could easily maneuver to where her perfectly shaved, pink butthole was looking straight back at me. I couldn’t believe how little it was. I immediately thought my normal thought when seeing such a little hole, *How does she even poop from there?!*

From the mouth of her side of the aisle, it must have looked like she was rooting around in her cart for something. I don’t think anyone could have even really seen me with my nose up this girl’s pooper. I sniffed five or six deep breaths and tried to lick the hole but it was too difficult from that angle.

Within a minute (maybe less) she swatted me away playfully and said, “Well that was fun. Hope you enjoyed!”

She sort of waved Ümraniye Escort as she walked away and I saw her again in the crowded self-checkout area. She never even looked at me, though I kept intently staring at her ass as she placed her items in her cart. She looked to be sweating slightly.

The grocery store’s parking lot is in a garage situated below the store, so it is dark and dank with a few really dark corners I joke with myself (formerly with my fiancee) that that is where bums fuck each other.

I come out of the elevator and load my grocers into my car and am just about to get in and drive home to cum a massive load when the girl from the store who let me smell her farts and then push my nose into her little shit pipe approaches. I am not sure where her car is parked but as she appears all I say is, “Oh. Hey…” trailing off like a proper dolt.

She looks at my car. A mid-sized SUV. I have a habit of putting groceries and other things in the back seat and not the back-back. Glad about it, too. I am parked on the far side. There is only one car between us and the far entrance to the store. On the other side is a thick white cinder-blocked wall. Again, we are miraculously alone and shielded.

“Hey,” she says, almost panting. She fumbles to open the back hatch to my car and once she does she crawls in and lays on her back as she pulls off her blue, cute shorts. “I leave tomorrow and a chance to fuck a stranger doesn’t happen often for me. It’ll probably never happen again if I have anything to say about it.” She quickly waves for me to crawl in with her. “But that remains to be seen.”

“Is this…OK?” I ask, gaining consent.

“Come on!” she sort of yells. She is now naked from the waist down. Her feet craned in the air slightly as her tiny pussy opens up. I unbuckle my pants and crawl in with her as I also take the pants off in one actually pretty smooth action. “Just no cumming in me, got it?”

I can see her little butthole from my angle as I go to lick her delicious pussy. She grabs my head and moans. I rub her butthole as I lick, feeling her anus tense and loosen, tense and loosen in between her moans.

The back hatch is shut and we are locked in. It is hot back there and we are both sweating as I grab her slim hips and position her on her knees facing out so I can see if anyone is approaching. “Get all the way down,” I command as I push her tiny shoulder blades down. Her face is now near the latch for the rear door. “Let me see that shit hole.”

As I say that she follows suit and says in a hush, almost whine, “You love that little shit hole. You love how dirty it is.”

I slide my cock deep into her Black twat and we both moan loudly. I pull out and push back in, somehow her pussy getting tighter around my long shaft. We are both grunting as I pick up the pace. I spread her ass wide open and look into her butthole as it slightly gapes.

“Come on! Fuck me!” she yells, taunting me, “Ugh come on!”

I am now absolutely plowing this stranger in the back of my car in a grocery store parking lot on a hot Saturday afternoon. Her pussy smells sweet and I am sure she has farted. So I as, “You just fart for me?”

“Yesss…. uh yes! I love my farts. I love farting for you.”

I pull out and douse her pretty little pink poo hole with eight or ten long thick ropes of my cum. I yell out in pleasure, maybe too histrionically, and she rubs her pussy as we let my cum run Anadolu Yakası Escort all the way down her crack. I have paper towels in the way back (they’re useful in more than one way) and I wipe her asshole the way I wish I could after she poops but no luck on that. Yet.

I position myself next to her, our backs now against the opposite side of my back seats. She is panting, out of breath. After she gets her shorts and sandals back on, she says, “That was a once in a lifetime thing, you know.”

I ask then, “All of it?”

“All of it.”

“But how did you know I would have loved your fart, that first time, the accident in the salad dressing aisle?”

“That was no accident. I have been so horny lately that I figure, maybe dumbly, that if I can fart near a guy and he likes it, then that is an easy fuck. As evidenced by the last half hour.” She motions all around, as if telling me this is all her world and I am just a pawn. “If I can get to that level intimacy with a pervert at the grocery, I don’t need to fuck around with all the emotional stuff. I am so lonely.”

“Did you at lest enjoy yourself?” I ask pulling my pants and boxer briefs over my still-hard cock.

“It was great. But wow, my farts?!” She says in mock horror, “How can you love those? It smells like I literally just pooped all over the place!”

I pause. hmmmm. “So, is that something you’d like, too?” I ask.

She hits the internal release button and as the door pops open this beautiful girl gets on her hands and knees like she is part of a huge human pyramid and lets out another long fart.

She then hops out and says, “If you want to watch me poop, then you’ll have to find your way out to Philadelphia.”

Fuck, I think. Is that even doable? Is this truly a once in a lifetime thing? Is this all just a tease?

Then as she walks away, I panic: I don’t know her name or how to find her.

I pull out, mad at myself for not getting her information. I pull out of the parking space and as I am about to take the ramp up to the street, I notice a car parked perpendicular to the other parking spots. Hazards on. As I pull up and look over, I see the girl whose tiny anus probably still has my cum residue on it. She motions me to roll down my window and I do.

She is holding a business card but I can’t reach so I get out and approach her in her car. “Already miss me?” I ask, smiling like a dope.

She puts the card in my face, playfully, I think, and says, “Text me if you’re coming to Philly. I’ll make sure to save up for you, you little pervert.” She smiles back, like a she-devil.

“Save up? Save up what?” I ask.

“If you think I can make you hard with my farts, just imagine what I look like pooping like a princess…”

Then she drives off.

Later that night a friend of a friend, Michele, stayed the night after the part wrapped up and she and I fucked hard over the course of two or so hours, cumming twice, but whenever I tried to touch, sniff, finger, lick, or do anything with her butthole, she said, “Nope! That is for intimate lovers only! Until we can get there, that door is a one-way exit–for me only.” She was the exact opposite at my grocery girl. (One thing she was really into was looking me in the eye as I fucked her and telling me what a pathetic slut she is. it was fine, but still…”

Yesterday, I booked my flight to Philadelphia for Memorial Day weekend. I found out through a few short bursts of texts that the girl from the grocery store is named Malinda and that she masturbated on her flight home wishing I was in he bathroom with her, with my cock down her throat.

Part II of this story coming after I get home from visiting Malinda for a Twice in a Lifetime hook up.

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