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Subject: One Boy’s Tale Robert Thomson ail} writes: This story includes recollections of sexual activity between teenage males. Anyone likely to be offended by such content should quit this site at once. To ensure continued free access to Nifty stories, please remember to donate by following instructions on the website. ONE BOY’S TALE Running totally by chance into Pete, a close friend from our schooldays, our conversation as we sat in a quiet corner of a pub almost inevitably turned to masturbation, more or less a boyhood obsession, and how each of us had learned to do it. In his own words, here’s what he remembered vividly. Wanking? Sure, I knew just from boy chatter at school how I was supposed to do it. Maybe from age 11, I used to rub away at my dick. Where? Mostly alone in the shower and sometimes even in the school lavs. Nothing ever happened except a kind of shiver. I tried often enough, giving myself something of a sore cock. Same as you, Rob, I didn’t have any hair there until later. I knew my balls were OK, not that they ever hung down like some others my age. Remember the way our cocks used to go hard at all the wrong times? When we were all changing for PE or getting ready to swim in that school pool, there was plenty of times when we thought nothing of comparing cocks and balls. Do you remember freckly Smithy, ginger-headed? He had some hair round his cock before anyone else. Proud he was of it, I’d say. Kept saying he wanted to join the Royal Marines. Wonder if he ever did? My first time of seeing my own spunk? I owed that to my cousin Tommy. Here’s what happened, Rob. He was more than a year older than me. The two of us knew each other pretty well. Right at the beginning of the school hols, very warm summer it was, he rang me asking whether I wanted to come over to play volleyball. He had a net set up in the space close to one side of his house. He told me to be sure to bring my swim shorts & trainers, so that day I got on my bike to go to his. There were two other boys şişli travesti there, classmates of his. All four of us got all our clothes off, dumping them in a heap on a garden chair. I had my swim shorts on underneath my other things. The four of us played volleyball, two against two, then swapping sides, maybe for something like an hour or more. We were all left sweating. Tommy went in, coming back with cold cans of soft drinks, all four of us sitting on the ground. The other two boys found their clothes on the chair, got dressed and went off home. That just left Tommy and me. I went with him upstairs to his room, both of us still in our swim shorts, me carrying the rest of my clothes, hoping he’d ask me to have a quick shower. That’s when he said something like `OK, but there’s no hurry. We can do something else first.’ He pulled off his swim shorts, signing for me to do the same, so I did. Tell you what, Rob, he had a lot of hair there round his cock. When he got a big towel, spreading it on top of his bed, I was wondering what he was meaning to do next. Then he waved to me to lie down on the bed, getting on it beside me, both on our backs. Tell you honestly, I was a bit nervous, so much so that my cock was only the slightest bit hard. Not that I was scared of my cousin, just nervous. He took hold of one of my hands, putting it under his balls, saying something like `Now, just you stroke my balls for me, gently, mind, roll your fingers round them, one at a time, and feel right down under them, yeah, like that. Don’t touch my cock!’ I did like he said. He had really big balls, and the place right under them, it was like a line of muscle. Tommy was lying there with his eyes closed. As I went on stroking his balls, his cock started moving, getting harder & harder, longer & longer, with his skin going back all by itself until it was all the way back, showing the red swollen top of his cock. Just doing that for him made my own cock stiffen, although mine was nothing like as big as beylikdüzü travesti his. When it was really hard and I held it flat down, it went past his belly-button. I wasn’t ready for what happened next. He climbed on top of me telling me to open my legs, shoving his hard cock right down under my balls, then getting me to close my legs. Just for a moment I was scared he might try to get his cock in me, but no, once my legs were closed together, he got his arms round my neck, pumping away with his hard cock there, right under my balls. I remember the way my own stiff cock was rubbing against his stomach and the hair round his cock. I put both my hands on his backside. It’s so long ago, Rob, I can’t remember how long he went on thrusting his cock between my legs before he gave a couple of loud gasps close to my face. All I remember is how I felt his cock kind of jerking over & over again, then a wet warm feeling there. He was still clinging to me with his arms round my neck, breathing hard. I didn’t move. After a few minutes, he slowly got off me, up on his knees. He was fingering his cock, like squeezing it gently. Looking straight at me, he just said something like `You OK, cousin? I spunked. It’s always messy like that. Anyway, suppose you know how good it feels, when you lose it?’ I shook my head, still feeling very sticky down between my legs. `What? You past 13 and never spunked? Wow! Time for me to do it for you, OK? Stay right where you are. Put both hands behind your head, legs wide apart. Forget about the mess I made in there.’ I did as he said, waiting for him to grab hold of my cock. Before that, I’d never had anyone take hold of my cock. But no, he began by stroking my balls and running a finger under them, before fastening his fingers right round my cock, drawing my skin up & down, up & down. He was doing it quite slowly, nothing like as fast as I’d been doing. It felt very good. He was doing something like holding my balls up, so that every time his hand went istanbul travesti down, it struck them. When he took that hand off my balls, he put it flat against my belly just above the little patch of hair I had. With the way he was doing it for me, Rob, it felt so good, like I was getting a kind of numb feeling, something sort of moving somewhere deep down. He was watching my face. The warm feeling got stronger & stronger. When he ran a finger over the top of my cock, it made me gasp out loud. Almost right after that, it felt like my cock was going to burst. Tommy suddenly speeded up the way he was doing it, not like gripping my cock any harder, but with his fingers tight on the underside of my cock. The next time he drew my skin all the way back, holding it there, my cock started to jerk and at that moment it was like the first of these amazing spasms went all the way through me. Something shot from my cock at the second of these spasms, landing just past my belly-button, then another spasm. This time a big spurt went further up my belly and the next, some more, all warm, even further. I was gasping and like swallowing. Tommy went on doing it until it started to hurt me, grinning at me, squeezing my cock very gently. I was short of breath and my heart was pounding. `There you go, big load of spunk, so easy, just over ten minutes. Nothing to it. You were needing to get rid of all that, if you ask me’. It was on his fingers. He licked it off. `Salty, same as mine. Not so thick, but yours is going to get like that, just keep on wanking. Lie still, it’s running down.’ He wiped the worst of it off me with some tissues, including the little pool of it in my belly-button. `Now, time for that shower. Here’s a clean towel for you. Never mind about that one on the bed. It’s soaked, mine & some of yours. I’ll sneak it into the washing-machine.’ I couldn’t get under that shower with him fast enough, making sure mine was all off me, not to mention all that of his down between my legs & on my balls. Suppose I was glad he taught me how to do it properly, Rob. That was just the start of about three years of regular wanking, a lot of fun, and never had a wet dream again. I had to agree with him. No one ever showed me. I found out for myself. (End)

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