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Subject: One More Present Seems Disclaimer This work is of pure fiction and any resemblance of the characters and settings to real life persons, events, circumstances, etc. is purely coincidental. The following story is completely fictional. If you have any thoughts on this story please send them to : samtheham _at_ dex. One More Present by Sam the Ham There is nothing more joyous than kids on Christmas morning. My three little ones getting up shockingly early all grinning and excited. The sound of their bare feet heading downstairs. The few seconds when they just stop and take it all in unsure where to attack first. The ripping into presents, the shocks of excitement and the pure joy when they find that special thing. With all of the presents unwrapped the inevitable comparing, seeing if someone did a little better than someone else. I always spend the same amount on each of them but that doesn’t always translate into kid logic. Still there are no tears, at least at my place. There are not mine in the biological sense. Two of them are full brothers, and the four of us have bonded into a family. I love them in every way possible, even when they’re angry at me for punishing them for one thing or another. I think I’m pretty laid-back but kids need boundaries and sometimes just explaining how they’ve disappointed me is more than enough punishment. Still they bring me more joy than I can possibly imagine. I’m sitting at the counter watching them. My oldest at thirteen, Robert is currently laying on his stomach next to his ten-year-old brother Zach looking at a holographic book together. There is a sudden interruption of giggles from Zach and I smile knowing exactly what it’s from. There’s a picture of a monkey scratching its butt. I knew he would like that. My twelve-year-old Ethan is walking around with the garbage bag, picking up the discarded wrapping paper. He’s a neat freak which is a trait I wish the other two would pick up. He walks over after hearing the giggling and chuckles himself. I smile enjoying the moment. Just as Ethan is about to go back to work I speak up. “Boys, you each have one more thing.” Their heads twist around to look at me like meerkats. “They’re in the playroom.” The playroom is a bit of a euphemism. The boys can roam throughout the house but there’s a small room downstairs concealed by a false wall. It’s the one place to take their friends. They called it the sexroom. The boys proceed downstairs, Zach waiting until it has cleared to jump the last three stairs, landing in a crouch before popping up twisting around giggling with excitement. By the time I get down there they are waiting by the entrance. Robert can reach the latch but he waits until I come there. As he reaches up I speak. “Don’t tear into them. They are each wrapped in your favorite color. I want you to open them one at a time.” There’s the expected complaining and whining that I ignore. As the door opens, I reach in and turn on the light allowing the boys to rush forward. There are three boxes on the ground and they each cater to their owner. Robert’s is a dark green, Ethan’s is pink and Zach’s is a bright orange. They kneel on the floor and look up to me waiting for me to say to open them. “All right, Robert you can open yours first.” His box is the largest and he tears into it with the same enthusiasm he did with all the other presents. It’s a clothing box and he rips the lid off before throwing it behind him. He looks down at what’s inside, carefully reaching down and lifting it up. “What is it?” I don’t answer right away. It’s made out of leather and as he unfolds it, he can see the sleeves and what looks like little shorts attached to it with a hole cut out in the middle. gaziantep travesti There are several stainless steel rings on it and then Roberts says, “It’s for suspension!” “You got it! I made it myself, why don’t you try it on.” Robert smiles and leaps to give me a quick hug before pulling away. It doesn’t take long before he’s naked, showing his hot athletic body as he climbs into it. I have to help him a little, zipping up the back before he moves around a bit. “It’s a little baggie.”‘ As he spins around I can see his crotch poking through the hole. It’s hairless but that’s only because he shaves it to cut down on sweating. Even without touching his dick, it’s already half hard. Supposedly not having hair adds some length but he is still below average. I know, I check. “Well, unless you plan on stop growing that’s kind of a good thing. Want to go up?” In response, Robert lays down on the floor under the bar. The floor has rubber mats that are heavily padded so it’s not uncomfortable. I walk along to release the latch that allows me to pull the bar down. The bar is about a meter long with several attachments on it. I take two off the Velcro wall. I put one around his ankles before securing it so his ankles are tied together. There’s a small stainless steel ring and that’s where the first carabiner goes. There’s a second and a third around his waist and another one closer to his shoulders. I put another strap around his forehead. It lets head rest against it and that’s where the last connection goes. It’s more to hold his head up so he doesn’t get a sore neck. Then I roll him over and secure his wrists to the front of his chest before rolling him back over. I start raising him into the air. He could go all the way up to the ceiling but I only raise him about halfway. His head is slightly higher than his feet so it’s more at an angle than absolutely flat. When I stop and secure him, his two brothers who have been relatively quiet throughout get up and walk over towards him. Ethan’s hand shoots out and immediately grabs his older brother’s now hard penis and pulls on it. Robert gasps and Zach giggles going around to tickle his brother’s feet. Robert is the only one who likes bondage and in a big way. Not sure why he likes it and his biological brother doesn’t. He tried it but it was obvious he was uncomfortable. The truth is this is all for them. I don’t deny that I enjoy this, but I never put my own desires above theirs. This room is for experimenting, learning about yourself. When I was looking to adopt, I did look for boys who would be so inclined to be interested in things like this, but it’s not what defines our relationship. It’s just part of it. Growing up in an extremely dysfunctional family I spent so much of my childhood hating myself for some of my desires and no one should ever have to go through this. I’m not trying to make like the boys gay. Robert has a girlfriend of sorts and I’m happy for him. I’m also happy that my voice feels free to tell anything and only ever receive love in response. I let the boys play for a bit. That’s exactly what it is for, having fun. Roberts is wiggling and telling them to stop, but he’s not using the Safe Word so he doesn’t really mean it. There’s part of me that wants to join in the fun but there are two more presents. “Ethan, it’s your turn.” Ethan releases his brother’s dick and practically dives on top of his gift. The wrapping paper doesn’t stand a chance, being ripped to shreds by sharp little nails. Inside is a brown box longer than it is wide and he takes off the top before dumping out the contents. A small bottle of lubricant drops out. His eyes light up and after a few gaziantep masaj salonları shakes, a narrow vibrating butt plug slides out. He looks up, giving me a curious look. “We are these?” There is confusion I can sense the disappointment in his tone. I give him a few seconds before replying. “Those are for personal use. But, you can play with it with a friend, if he wants to try it too.” His eyes light up and he grins. It’s not a secret that he has a crush on his best friend and it’s not really a secret that they’ve mess around a bit. Ethan is most likely gay or so he says, but his friend is having a little more reluctance deciding. While I hope with all my heart that is best friend does have the same feelings for him, I’m always cautious whenever the subject comes up. “Thank you, dad! I’m gonna try it!” Like his brother before him he quickly undresses before applying lubricant to the butt plug. It’s the type that has a flat bottom and he tries to sit on it at first but can’t get it upright. Without being asked Zach comes to his rescue placing his hand on the bottom so his brother can sit on it. Of course he immediately shows his devilish side by reaching for the controls and turning it up all the way, causing Ethan to let out a yelp of surprise and fall backwards, his feet going into the air and the bottom of the plug briefly appearing like a little sensor covering his rear. He bounds over quickly, snatching the remote control and turning it down. I braced for the possibility of a fight but Ethan seems to be lost in his own world at the moment even after turning it down. He’s hard as can be and is much bigger than his older brother. Interestingly enough he doesn’t take out the plug right away instead deciding to play with his nipples and occasionally reaching for the controller to turn it up or down. It’s something I’ve noticed with him. He likes to climax without touching himself. I turn my attention towards my smallest, Zach. He is sitting in front of his package waiting for permission to open it. “Go ahead.” I say nodding at him. He looks down at the package but instead of going into it immediately starts to undress. He takes his top off first before rolling onto his back and peeling his pajama bottoms off. Unlike his two brothers, he still has some baby fat which makes his penis smaller even when erect. I tried to get him into different activities but he didn’t have an interest in any of them. All he cares for is playing with his friends and video games. Honestly I think he’s cute that way but I make a New Year’s resolution to find him more activities to do. Carefully ripping apart the packaging paper, he finds a brown box much like his brother’s only much larger. He has a bit of trouble opening it and I’m just about to go in to help when he finds it and releases the latch opening the front of the box. He stares at it not responding at first and Ethan must be paying more attention than I thought because he turns the vibrator off and goes over to see what his brother has. After several long seconds, Zach carefully takes it out of the box. It’s a long dick with a few straps on the back. He slowly turns it around trying to figure out what it is before looking at me for help. I kneel down and take it from him. “It’s a strap-on for you.” I say. The words mean nothing to him and he looks at me blankly. I carefully undo some of the straps of the back. “Here, let me show you. Stand up it goes on you.” He does and after getting everything untangled I carefully hold it out to him like a pair of underwear. He gets the idea and steps into it. Before going any further I reach for Ethan’s bottle of lubricant which gaziantep escort bayan is just lying on the floor and apply a little to the inside of the strap on before reaching up and doing the same to Zach’s penis. He giggles at the touch but I try to be quick. I then pull the strap on the rest of the way and walk around the back securing it to his chubby cheeks. The straps push his cheeks in a little more and I can imagine how tight his passage must be. Pushing the thought aside for now I reach around and gently push it against him. He lets out a little gasp. “It feels good.” This was the present I was most worried about and I’m glad to see it’s working as I had hoped. “Yes, now you can top anyone you want.” He giggles and moves away jumping up and down holding onto the erection squeezing it against his body before suddenly stopping and looking down at it. Truthfully I think it’s smaller than my own and they’ve all experienced that but I’m going to be very cautious at first the few times he uses it. Zach looks over at me. “Anyone?” “Within the rules.” The rules are rather simple; never do anything your partner doesn’t want. Always respect the Safe Word. This room is about fun and exploring not hurting. Zach bites his lower lip for a moment looking at his two brothers and I wonder which one he will ask to try out his new thing. To my surprise, he points it at me. I’ve taken things up the butt before sometimes just to show them how it’s done and sometimes when we play truth or dare. Robert’s too small and Ethan’s more of a giver than a receiver when it comes to pleasure. However, who am I to say no? I undress in front of them and ask how it should be. Zach thanks me and says on all four but then immediately changes his mind and says on my back. This is a little hard to do because I can’t exactly put my legs up on top of him but then I remember the stirrups and all is good. He remembers to put lubrication on his new toy. This is the last thing he remembers to do right. About half of it thrust into me right away and I let out a little yelp. After that his strokes are small and short. He is more grinding against it than anything else. As I lay there taking it from my youngest son, I think it is probably the best outcome. He does not have the experience or the control and I tell him to slow down or do this but I don’t want to take away from the experience of his first time. I can teach him better later but really this gift is for him. As I lay there on my back I watch as he stands up and without saying a word walks over to Robert taking his erection in his mouth and sucking him off. I can hear and see Robert climax. His feet are the only thing he can wiggle, they move back and forth as he unloads into his brother’s mouth. Ethan must’ve swallowed because when he turns away, he simply wipes his mouth and stares down at me. Zach climaxes with some strange little sound between a yelp and a sigh. The thing doesn’t come out of me but I do feel a hand fondle my erection. “You didn’t do it.” Zach announces sounding disappointed. “That happens a lot.” Ethan says coming to my rescue. “Here I’ll help you finish him.” Ethan kneels down on either side of my head and leans forward. As I feel his body lay across mine, I am thankful for the rescue while also noticing that his penis is lining up perfectly with my mouth. I suck on the little prick as Ethan and Zach take turns licking my erection like a lollipop. Even with the double action Ethan shoots first and I swallow the tiny load. Seconds later I erupt. I’m pretty sure it is Zach’s mouth sliding over the tip to take the load. By the time Ethan gets off me I can’t be sure and don’t ask. We let Robert down and after cleaning off the toys we all go upstairs not bothering to get dressed. The shower in the master bedroom is big enough for everyone. However, by the time I get to it the only one who is still there is Robert. We shower together and get dressed. I still have to visit my parents and the kids are the only ones looking forward to that because it means more presents.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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