Open House

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Open HouseIt’s the summer and just for the fun of it I decide to go to a real estate open house for a garden apartment in a newly renovated brownstone. It’s beautiful place, everything is brand new with a landscaped garden in the back. The owners have paid someone to stage the apartment with new furniture.You are there in sun dress and you’ve been showing the apartment for the last two hours; the open house is coming to an end and I and another guy are the last two people there. Just as we get ready to leave the sky blackens and the rain comes pouring down. It’s so hard that you can’t see out the windows and it just keeps coming. You tell us that we can wait until it stops and we all go into the living room. You sit on one end of the couch, I on the other and the guy sits in an easy chair. We all listen to the rain hitting the deck in the garden.The guy looks at me and then at you. I look at you and then at him. You look at each of us for a moment. “What?,” you say.The guys says, “Well, it looks like we might be here kaçak bahis for a while. Any idea about what we might do to pass the time?” As he’s talking I slide over so that I am sitting right next to you. Then you realize what we are talking about. “Get real, that’s not going to happen,” you say. He gets up, walks over and sits on the arm of the couch. You don’t move but the look on your face tells us that you’re beginning to consider it.The zipper on your dress is on the side and I pull it down. He reaches across and pulls the top of your dress across your body, releasing your breasts. They are large and your nipples are erect. I slide my hand down and pull your knee so that your legs are apart. You open your mouth as if to say something but no words come out. The rain keeps pounding the deck.He leans over and cups your chin, tips your head back and kisses you, his tongue playing with yours. I start to pinch your nipples and I hear you groan. I lick the left one, roll it around with my tongue and then my lower bets10 güvenilir mi lip. You arch your back. He stops kissing you and I pull you to the center of the couch so that we are each sitting next to you. He and I trade places and he plays with your tits while I explore the inside of your mouth with my tongue.I slide my hand up your leg and discover that you aren’t wearing any panties. Your pussy is wet and I use that wetness to slide my middle finger around your clit and then tease it. He pulls your dress up to your waist. You are completely exposed. I stop kissing you and swing your legs up on the couch as he pulls your dress up over your head and off. He then lifts you by the shoulders so your head is on the arm of the couch and I push your legs open so that one foot is on the floor. He takes out his cock, turns your head and starts to fuck your mouth.I put my tongue in your pussy and use my fingers to pull the lips of your vagina open so that I can lick the inside of you. I use your mobilbahis wetness to lubricate your ass with my finger. Your reaction tells me that I have found what you like. I put my hands behind your knees and lift them and then slid my hands down your thighs so that I can hold you in place and I use my tongue in your ass. He keeps fucking your mouth.Then I stop and so does he. Instinctively you get on your hands and knees on the couch. Your ass is glistening with your wetness. You look back at me and then turn back to him. Holding yourself up with one hand you take the other and grab his cock and put it in your mouth. I mount you from behind, pushing my cock into your ass. I can hear your groan even though you are sucking him. We begin to rhythmically fuck you from both ends. I thrust and he stands still as you rock back and forth.The guy pulls his cock out of your mouth, strips off his pants and slides underneath you. He pulls your hips down and pushes his cock into your pussy. I am still in your ass. We both fuck you with a rising intensity. Your moans become almost screams and I feel your legs start to vibrate. And then your cum, loud and long and we cum.We are still inside you. All we can hear is the sound of each other breathing. The rain has stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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