Operation Build a Pet

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I rolled over in bed and stretched until my heart was perfectly content. There was a moment; I hit that spot and my breath caught and I shook as I came down. I felt good. I had the day off. I’d gotten laid the evening before. What wasn’t there to love about life?Okay, there was a long list, but life was good.I checked my phone and opened my messages to find a picture of Audrey, probably from early this morning. Her hair was up in its messy golden bun and she was blowing a kiss at me, pushing her tits together with her arms. I smiled and saved it to my phone. Then, lying there, I caressed my cock. This early in the morning, the picture was more than enough to make me stiff. Jack: Good morning, gorgeous She wouldn’t get the message until later. She, unlike me, had to work today.I clicked out of my messages and into my picture file. It was becoming extensive. One by one, I flipped through the images of Audrey. There were so many, and she always looked delectable. I pulled on myself, flipping through the pictures, and then stopped at a video she had sent me with her in the shower. She gave herself a nice spank. I smiled, kept stroking, and kept scrolling.There were pictures of Kassidy peppered through the collection here and there. She was so different from Audrey, younger, nubile, and cocoa. I took her in as I continued scrolling.I passed the spot where the photos of Audrey ended and I came across a video of my ex, Meredith, sucking my dick, and stopped to let it play. Damn, she was so good at that. I wondered how many dicks she had sucked since making it to college, probably not many. She always was shy. Either way, I watched the video of her sucking me off. I played it again. My balls were getting tight. I wondered briefly to himself why I’d never taken a video of Audrey doing exactly this, or why I’d never taken a video while I fucked her tits. It was a situation I would have to rectify. I went back and started scrolling through the pictures again. I got to a picture of Audrey, lying naked on her bed, spreading her pussy, and I had to snatch a tissue from the nightstand as my cock burst with cum. “Oh, fuck yeah.” I cleaned myself up and tossed the evidence.I hopped in the shower before getting dressed and heading downstairs. “Good morning, sweetie,” Karlie called. I turned into her office. She was working on some photos, not for OnlyFans this time, or at least they didn’t appear to be. “Morning, mom.” I kissed her cheek and stepped back out.“You’re in a good mood today. Are you doing anything? Big plans with Audrey?”That was odd. There was no bitterness when she mentioned the name. “No, not today. Just in a good mood. I have the next three days off, so there’s that. Got to sleep in. You know how it goes.”She nodded. “Well, you enjoy your day.”I smiled and left her to her work. Heading to the kitchen, I secured myself a bowl of cereal and then went to sift through the movie collection, settling on the first phase of Marvel before taking a seat. I was making my way into the third movie, watching them chronologically (which is the only way to do it) when the doorbell rang.I groaned and was on my way to the door.“I got it, sweetie?” Karlie called. Not that I wasn’t already halfway there when she opened the door. I stopped, almost paralyzed.“Can I help you?” Karlie asked. There, Ankara bayan escort framed in the doorway, was a petite, cocoa, nubile goddess, who was patting her cloth pants down her thighs.“Hi, you must be Karlie. I’m Kassidy.” She smiled. “I’m just down here visiting my stepmother for the weekend—she’s not home—but I was wondering if I could borrow Jack. I was hoping he’d help me study.”   “Yeah, he’s around here. Jack, sweetie, girl’s at the door for you,” Karlie called. “So, what are you studying?”“Umm…” Kassidy pursed her lips and patted her pants down again. “Massage therapy.” “Oh, are you sure I can’t help you practice? This one has been making me crazy.” Kassidy laughed. “I’ll keep that in mind for next time. Hi, Jack!” “Hey, Kassidy.”“It was nice meeting you, Kassidy, and I’ll hold you to next time.” Karlie turned away and closed in on me. “You just have them knocking down the door now, don’t you?” Karlie flirted in my ear. She was in a good mood, too.I chuckled as she walked away. Kassidy smiled at me. “What’s up? I had no idea you were coming down this weekend.”“I thought I’d surprise you. I was hoping to entice you into a massage. I need to practice. So, do you want to come over?” Kassidy asked, raising her eyebrows just so. She nibbled at her lip.I shrugged. “Sure. Give me a minute.”“I’ll wait.”I went and turned off the TV and put my shoes on before heading out the door. “Seya later, mom.”“Be safe, sweetie,” she called as I closed the door. “Your mom is hot. I think maybe I will ask her over next time I need to practice.”“Can you please not?” I begged.“What, you don’t think she’s hot?”“She’s my stepmom. Besides, why didn’t you just text me if you wanted me over?”“I said I wanted to surprise you. So, have you liked the pictures I’ve been sending you?”I chuckled. “I love them. It’s always a surprise, makes my heart flutter.” She smiled as we stepped up to her door and let ourselves in. “I love that I can make you feel that. A lot of guys don’t, or won’t, confess to it, at least.”“You’re sexy as hell. I can’t help it. It’s a rush.”She chuckled. “Thank you. Now, lose the shirt and go lay on the bed. I’ll heat some oils. You just work on relaxing.”“Wait, so you were serious?”She gave me a shifty look. “Duh, I need to practice. I have a practical coming up.”I shrugged and went to do as I was told. That surprised me. Did Audrey just have me that whipped? I mean, she whipped me regularly, but here I was not even questioning. I didn’t understand what was happening. Oh well, I’d never had an actual massage before. I tossed my shirt, laid down on the bed, and did my best to relax. I closed my eyes. I smiled. The bed smelled like Audrey. I breathed deep and settled in.It wasn’t long before the lights dimmed and a soft melody played. It put me in the mind of waterfalls and moonlight, helping me relax that much more. A weight fell on the bed, and Kassidy straddled my thighs.“Are you ready?” she asked. “Sure.”She chuckled. “Okay.”She applied a few drops of the oil to her hands and then rubbed gently into my back, pressing into the folds of each muscle. I took a deep breath.“Breathe, breathe, breathe, don’t forget to breathe,” she advised.“I’ll try to remember that.”“You’re going to want to drink plenty of water once we’re Escort bayan Ankara done, too.”“Okay,” I agreed.“Now breathe.”I took a deep breath and settled back in. Her hands worked their way up and down my back. She worked on my lats and shoulders mostly, moving her fingers and hitting muscles I didn’t even know I had. It was different from when any of the other girlfriends I’d had had given me a back rub.“It doesn’t tickle.” I expected it to.“That tickle that makes you want to squirm away is deep tissue bruising. It’s not the goal. A trained masseuse knows how to navigate the muscle and can penetrate more deeply into it without damaging it. You ease into it. There are, of course, more aggressive approaches to the therapy, but I’m not here to tenderize you like a side of beef. Don’t let me hurt you.”She pressed her hands up my back, starting at the bottom, and cracked each of my vertebrae one by one. I had to remember to breathe. Fuck, I felt ten feet tall. Kassidy worked the muscle beneath my shoulder blades and then higher on my shoulders.“You are carrying a lot of tension. That surprises me. Judging by what I saw on that movie night, you and Audrey have few inhibitions.”“Mmm… standing all day at work, dealing with shithead customers. You might be surprised,” I gasped as my shoulder popped. That felt like five years’ worth of pain disappearing.“Sorry,” Kassidy winced.“No, thank you,” I breathed.She rubbed my back down once more. I felt different. I didn’t understand why, but I did. She paused for a moment and stood up on her knees.“I’m going to ask you to roll over onto your back for me,” Kassidy said.I sighed, wanting to lie there forever. I wanted to take a nap and wait for Audrey to get back, but I supposed I couldn’t have it all. I rolled over onto my back and froze, looking up at her. Kassidy was straddling me, and she was topless. She stared down at me, looking in no place but my eyes. I couldn’t help but take in her small, perky breasts. Holy fuck!“You appear quite relaxed.” She brushed her hand up and down my chest. “I really wanted to give you that happy ending, though.”“Oh, I love happy endings.”Kassidy smiled, and I gazed as her dark body fell upon me. I tasted her lips for the first time. Her tongue was in my mouth and I pulled her deeper into me. Her breasts were small and firm and they pressed into me. Fuck, she was warm.I pressed my tongue against hers and tasted her mouth. She pressed her hand into my body. She worked it all the way up to my chest, where she dug her nails into me. She bit my lip and pulled back, staring into my eyes, as she worked her hand back down my body. She palmed my dick in her hand.“I have been thinking about this since that movie night. You saw me watching you. Do you remember?” “How could I forget? You were getting off, watching Audrey suck on me. It was so hot,” I confessed.“She didn’t see me, and I’ve been dreaming of sucking this cock ever since.”“Mmm, then suck it, baby.”Kassidy chuckled, kissed my chest, and then worked her way down my belly. She undid my pants and pulled them down around my ankles, before wrapping her hand around my cock and staring up at me. She gazed up past my cock, stroking me, her mouth agape. Her hair fell around her like a dark curtain. She breathed Bayan escort Ankara up my cock, and I gasped. She ran her tongue up the underside and then kissed the pink head. “Did you like that?”“Oh my god, lick me.”She chuckled. “You’re so much bigger up close and so much nicer than the pictures you sent me.” Slowly, she licked up the sides of my cock. Rivulets of saliva dribbled down my hard shaft as she worked her tongue and hand up and down my length. Her hand slipped through the lube of spit, and then she twisted her tongue around my swollen head and took me between her lips. “Oh, hell yes,” I gasped and wrapped my hand up in her hair. I was so perfectly relaxed between the massage and her going down on me, working my cock with her tongue. Her saliva dripped down my shaft. I looked down at her and her brown eyes were staring into me. “Take me deeper, baby,” I begged. I swear she smiled at me, even with her mouth full of cock. She ran her tongue up the base of my cock and then flicked it through my hole, lapping up the pre-cum. “You want to feel my throat, is that it?” “Oh, fuck yes, baby.”“Mmm… I want to feel you in my throat.” Kassidy went down on me again. She twisted her tongue around the head of my cock and slipped through my hole, flicking away my salty pre-cum. Then she slipped down my swollen shaft.I gasped as the head of my cock brushed her uvula. “Holy fuck!”Kassidy chuckled and pressed her tongue against the base of my cock. She licked up my shaft, twisted her tongue around the head and through my hole once more, and fell back upon me. She inhaled me this time. Her lips touched the base of my cock as she swallowed. My cock was deep in the back of her throat.I wrapped my hands around her head and thrust into her throat.Gwack! Gwack! Gwack!She stared up at me. Tears were dripping from her eyes, and she slapped my hip with her palm. I let up, and she gagged as she came off my cock, leaving a thick trail of saliva dripping down on me. She worked me in her hand, slipping through all of her saliva, as she gasped for breath. Each stroke made me want to cum. She was looking nowhere but my eyes with every stroke, as I gazed at her and her heaving chest. “Did you like that, baby?”“Oh, fuck yeah,” I gasped. Kassidy chuckled. She went down on me. Her lips slipped through all the saliva as she rode the sides of my cock and blew raspberries down my shaft. She pressed her tongue against me and licked me to the top, stroking me with her hand.My balls were growing tighter, and I fell back into the pillows of Audrey’s bed.“Oh my god, suck me,” I begged.“Mmm…” Kassidy popped off my cock. “You’re so big.” She pressed her cheek against my thigh and stroked me, staring. She chuckled again, smiled at me, and then wrapped her lips back around my cock. She rode me the entire way down and she breathed deep as my cock hit the back of her throat. Gwack!She swallowed again and took me deeper.Gwack! “Fuck me,” I gasped. I wrapped a hand up in her hair and thrust into her. I drove my cock deeper into her, forcing her to gag on my shaft.Gwack! Gwack! Gwack!“Oh fuck,” I gasped.I couldn’t take it. I drove my cock once more into Kassidy’s mouth and gasped as hot cum fired from my piece and down her throat. She looked up at me with wide eyes as my steaming seed filled her. I gasped as my cock gave one last pump, and I released Kassidy. She gagged, coming off my cock, leaving a trail of cum and saliva. She gasped and stared down at me, swallowing. “Oh, my god…” Kassidy gasped. “Oh, my god… Oh, my god…”She went down on me and rolled her tongue over my balls, then licked me the whole way up.

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