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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 117f IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS Copyright and content notice No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the author and publisher, nor be otherwise circulated without the author or publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent publisher. The rights of the author have been applied hereon. ******* This Story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Any references made to schools, castles, entertainers and aristocratic titled personages are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or personages named are true. None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ******* Finally, thank you again to my editor, Jim. ********************* I felt myself stagger, “Oh God, do I need to sit down for this?” Before he could reply, my eyes glassed up and a big tear rolled down my cheek. I knew something was terribly wrong. My head decided it knew what was coming. I looked round and sank down on to a nearby hay bale. “I knew something was up. You have been acting so strange.” I couldn’t help myself sniffing. No, I wasn’t going to show how upset I was. I rubbed my face, forcing myself to get back in control of my collapsing emotions. “Come on then, get it over with.” Forts looked at me questioningly. Dropping to his knees, reaching for my hands he murmured, “Shit, I am really crap at all this.” I couldn’t bare it, “Forts, please. Stop, you’re torturing me. Just tell me it’s over and I will go.” “It’s over?” His words hit me like a train. I staggered to my feet, pulling my hands from his. ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 117f � Whale watching Forts continues the story Fuck what was happening. I leapt up off my knees, “Davy, where are you going?” “You said, It’s over!” “No, I didn’t! What are you talking about? I just repeated what you said.” Davy stopped. I grabbed hold of him. “Davy, I brought you here, because it was here when I first realised I loved you and the first place we had sex. I wanted to bring you back here to tell you how much I love you and always will. I want us to arrange our life partner ceremony as soon as we can.” “Forts, I don’t understand, is this why you have been acting so strangely?” I managed to get Davy to sit back down on the hay bale. This time, I wouldn’t let go of him. “Davy, I am sorry, my head has been all over the place. After what happened in Aberdeen, I have been told more than once to get my act together or I risk losing you, I couldn’t bare that to happen.” I felt the tear roll down my cheek. I took a deep breath, “I don’t want to lose you. I promise to try harder. Please say you still want to be with me.” I watched as Davy’s eyes filled with tears as he listened to me. He sat silently for a moment. Tears rolled down his cheeks, mirroring my own. He breathed in deeply, “Forts, I love you. I have since I first met you. You really frightened me, you have been acting so strangely and you don’t trust me.” I took hold of his hand, squeezing it tightly. “Davy, I do trust you. It was Leith I didn’t trust.” Davy shook his head, “But Leith wasn’t ever going to be allowed to do anything. I wouldn’t have let him. I didn’t, let him!” “Davy darling, Leith drugged me. That’s why I was worried, I just didn’t want that happening to you. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust you.” “Forts, I am not stupid. I know what he did to you.” Davy was right by not trusting Leith, the implication was I didn’t trust Davy not to respond to his advances, either. I bit my lip, “Davy, I see that now. I can only say sorry.” We sat in silence, “So where do we go from here? Don’t you want to be with me, both of us, together forever?” Davy rubbed his eyes, “Of course I want to be with you…Forever, Forts.” He leant forward and embraced me. We kissed, like it was our first kiss, slowly stripping each other. I lay my kilt material over some hay bales and we made out like new lovers. * Davy smiled at me, getting himself up off the bales, “Forts, I have to be getting back to class, lunchtime will be over soon.” I smiled and nodded, “Come on, let’s get you back.” We both dressed, and then together, holding hands, we walked back up to the Castle via the paddock, so we could see Daphne and Pegasus. As usual, Pegasus was standing protectively next to Daphne, you could practically feel their bond. Davy chuckled, “They are like us. Smooching all the time.” I kissed him, “Which one am I? Davy laughed, “You’re Daphne, of course.” I began to tickle him, “Hang on, I am the one hung like a horse.” “And with a bighead just like him.” With that remark, Davy made a break for it, running back towards the Castle, with me in hot pursuit. ** Athol continues the story Archie and I had just cuddled up on the couch when there was a knock on the door. Archie raised his eyebrows, “Oh, well, closest we have been for a while.” I nodded, mouthing, “I am sorry,” before calling out, “Come in.” The door opened and in came Maureen, carrying little Aaran. “Athol, sorry to interrupt you, but do you have a minute?” I jumped up, “Of course, come and sit down.” Archie stood, “Well, I will make myself scarce. Maureen, shall I take little Aaran? I have a few things to do, I can take him with me, let you and Athol chat in peace.” Maureen nodded, handing Aaran to Archie, saying, “Thank you. I could do with a break. He misses his dad.” She gave a little sniff and turned away, pulling an old hankie from her pocket. Archie gave an understanding nod and left, closing the door behind him. “Maureen, please come and sit down. Can I get you a cup of tea?” She shook her head and gently blew her nose. Without looking up, she mumbled, “It’s about Gary.” I sat down on the chair opposite. “Go on.” “Is he going to be allowed to come home? I see him in the walled garden, but I want him home with Aaran and me.” Her voice dropped, as she added, “Preferably alone.” How to play this? I asked her, “Have you spoken to Gary about moving back to the lodge?” She came straight back at me, “He said, that you said, he wasn’t allowed to.” I reached for her hand, “Maureen, that’s not exactly what I said. However, Professor Hamilton, who examined Gary, felt he had to be watched. No, sorry, that’s the wrong word. He wanted us to make sure Gary was not acting strangely. He felt that was best achieved by having him remain here in the Castle.” “So, he will never be allowed home, is that what you are saying? What about me and my son? Are we never to be allowed a family life?” Maureen’s line of reasoning was exactly what I had feared hearing the day I read the report. Keeping Gary in the Castle really was totally untenable. I sat listening to her tear the entire argument apart as ridiculous. Finally she stood, visibly becoming more agitated, “I want my husband home and I want my son to have a father, Mr MacDonald.” Whether or not I liked it, I knew she was right; I had been playing for time, and it had run out. “Maureen, I understand. Please sit down. I will speak to Gary now and get him moved back home. But Maureen, you must tell me if you ever get concerned about his behaviour. I can’t risk anything ankara escort happening to any of the boys.” She nodded, breaking down sobbing, “I know he is sick, but I still love him, Mr MacDonald.” I went to her and hugged her, “Maureen, leave it to me and if there is anything you think I can help with, please come and see me. And call me Athol, not Mr Macdonald.” She nodded tearfully, her words barely audible, “Thank you, Athol.” Gently blowing her nose, she regained her composure, “I had better go and find Mr Campbell and Aaran.” I smiled, “Maureen, it’s Uncle Archie and Uncle Athol, as far as Aaran is concerned, please. I will get Archie to bring him over when he gets back. You go and have a rest and a few minutes to yourself.” She nodded again and left. * I gave it a few minutes, then went to find Gary. I didn’t have to look far. He was in bed with Brian and Brookmeyer. The room had an unusual aroma of male bodies and cum. “Athol, good to see you.” He slapped Brian’s naked pert bum. “Are you here for some fun? Or is it a formal visit? “Formal I am afraid. Boys, can you leave us? I need to speak to Gary.” Brookmeyer and Brian both looked to Gary. He nodded. At that signal they got themselves up, and grabbing their kilts, vanished out the door. Gary propped himself up, his back against the bed’s headboard. “So, brother, you have finally come to see me.” “Gary, please don’t make this any more difficult than it is already. Maureen wants you home.” His dark eyes watched me, emotionless. So I kept going, “I have decided that your place really is at home in the lodge with your wife and son.” I felt like he was taunting me, as he sneered, “So I am no longer a prisoner?” “Gary, you have never been a prisoner!” “Oh, so I was free to leave here all the time, was I?” he scoffed. “Gary, you had to be examined. I had no choice, for God’s sake, you killed someone!” His dark eyes never left mine, his blank expression returned. “What about Brian and Brookmeyer?” I sat on the bed. “I think Maureen wants some time with just you.” He looked away, folding his arms. “And what I want doesn’t count?” “Gary, this is unfair. You married Maureen; you got her pregnant. You have a child together, for Christ’s sake.” He turned away from me, contemptuously saying, “Someone had to provide a legitimate Clan MacDonald heir. You certainly weren’t going to. You never cared what happened to the succession after our father died, any more than Drageon does about his family’s bloodline.” I felt that feeling in the pit of my stomach, which Gary was I talking to now? What did Professor Hamilton say again, ‘Nurture, support and removal of triggers’. “Gary, you have a beautiful son, Aaran, now to take over after us. He needs a father’s guidance, something only you can give. Something I am sad to say, neither of us ever received. It is for you to break that chain. Archie and I will help in any way we can, you know that.” I turned for the door before he could come back at me. “I will arrange for your clothing to be taken back to the lodge, and I will speak to Brian and Brookmeyer so you and Maureen can have some time alone.” I closed the door behind me, exhaling loudly. I was now surer than ever; we were all going to have to watch Gary, very closely. I stopped myself, correcting my thoughts. What I meant was ‘Nurture, support and remove all triggers’. I felt myself shaking my head as I headed off down the corridor. * I returned to my office. What a morning this was turning out to be. I sat down at my desk and picked up yet another file. A flash of light outside caught my eye, I moved closer to the window. It was Forts and Davy, both walking along the grass by the paddock, arms around each other. I watched them laughing together, their eyes barely leaving each other’s. They stopped and kissed by the paddock, looking at Daphne and Pegasus. I felt warm inside, ah, young love. ** Torcall continues the story “Whales?” Niki was nodding excitedly. “You want to see the whales?” I thought I had better repeat it, just in case I had misheard him. The door to the ‘Mess’ opened and McPhee and Brandt came back in. McPhee had obviously overheard Niki, “Athol, told him that if he came with us, he could see the whales.” Niki nodded again, “In the sea.” I was still somewhat bemused, I mouthed to McPhee, “What whales?” McPhee shrugged his shoulders and winked, mouthing, “I think Athol just wanted rid of him for a few days.” Ah, so that was what this was all about. I smiled down at Niki, “Shall we go and see if we can see any whales then?” He nodded again and took my hand, “Come on then. Chaps, we will be back once we spot some whales.” That got a few laughs. We had just got to the door when it opened, nearly hitting me in the face with its force. I stood to attention. “General.” “Carry on, Colonel, I came to see that hunk McPhee.” I was going to enjoy this, “McPhee, the Brigadier is here to see you.” McPhee had been laughing with Brandt, his face momentarily dropped and then fixed in a smile. He turned to the Brigadier, “Sir, how nice to see you again. Yet another person promoted again, I see.” With the Brigadier’s back now to me, I coiled my fingers round my nose in the universal sign of a ‘Brown nose’. I could see McPhee, trying not to laugh. Brandt, had to turn away. “Come on, Niki.” * It was a lot colder than I realised, even for late April. The sun was out, but wasn’t very warm, or perhaps it was our location, right on the estuary; it was a real wind tunnel. The other thing I failed to take into account was, being a senior officer, everyone I passed saluted me: my arm was up and down like a whores’ draws, which Niki found hilarious. By the time we had crossed the parade square, he was saluting back too, much to the surprise of the rank-and-file soldiers. Niki didn’t stop chatting and laughing. I was amazed at how quickly he was growing and how his English was improving. He was turning into a good-looking young man. Such a change from the wretched-looking youth he had been when I had taken him away from that bloody Communist Official who wanted him shot for alleged cowardliness; the bloody idiot. Niki was just a frightened, disorientated little boy, and now look at him. Today, when I saw him arrive, I was amazed at how he had changed and also a bit worried he may be uncomfortable. After all his first visit here nearly two years ago now, had not been a pleasant experience for him. Well, apart from the gang show in the Officers’ Mess, before they all left. I had to chuckle as I remembered Davy’s singing and Fort’s unforgettable ‘Can Can’. God, that had been a good night. I missed them both, Davy and Forts, and was disappointed neither of them had managed to visit this time. We made our way up on to the walls at the Prince Frederick Williams’s Demi-Baston and walked past the Garrison Chapel below us towards the Point Battery. It was even colder up here. There was a brisk breeze coming in off the sea. I helped Niki up on to one of the firing positions and together we began to scan the waters of the Moray Firth. He gave a little shiver and looked a bit disappointed, there were no whales. I wrapped my arm round him and pulled him closer, sharing our body warmth. He smiled and rummaged around in his pocket. Smiling, he pulled out a manila envelope and handed it to me. That took me by surprise, “Hey, you’re a Count now.” I gave him a little bow. He bowed back and then chuckled, “Forts made me one.” He prodded the envelope, “Read.” I saw the sender’s address, Buckingham escort ankara Palace, London. Niki was watching my eyes as I read the letter from the Princess Elizabeth. I looked at him, “You little rascal.” I gave him another cuddle. He carefully folded the letter and placed it in his pocket again. “My girlfriend.” He mumbled and resumed looking out to see. I could only imagine what was going through his head. We made our way along to the Duke of Marlborough’s Demi Baston and tried whale spotting again from there. Once more, nothing, no whales, not even a dolphin. Niki looked really disappointed, and was now shivering. So was I, actually, and my nipples were sticking out like organ stops. “You two look cold. Here, we brought you both capes.” It was McPhee, Brandt and Russel, all of them looking a lot warmer than us. I couldn’t resist it, “You managed to escape the clutches of Brigadier McKenzie, then McPhee?” Russel burst out laughing, “Only for now. McPhee and Brandt have been invited for dinner this evening.” He laughed again, thrusting his hips forward obscenely. Brandt looked at me with pleading eyes, “Sir, I don’t suppose you could get me out of it; put me on a charge or something?” McPhee looked round, “Hey, what about me?” I nodded and tried to look shocked, “What, and leave McPhee all alone with him?” Brandt grinned, “Oh he will be okay, Sir. He is a big boy.” McPhee laughed, “I don’t mind, Sir. Forts told me that McKenzie has an amazing bath tub.” “Ha, he does, it’s huge!” Russel blurted out. I winked at McPhee and Brandt. “Now, does he Major Martin? And how do you know?” Russel didn’t answer, just blushed, mumbling, “Brrr, it’s definitely getting colder, I think.” I put my arm round Niki, “You’re not wrong. Let’s get back inside in the warm.” McPhee had a quick look over the battlements, “Did you see any whales?” Niki shook his head sadly. McPhee ruffled Niki’s blond hair, “Well, maybe we will see some back at the Castle.” Niki just looked at him as if he was daft. ** Sergeant Bob Cook picks up the story. Speaking to Sgt. Conolly, Colonel Farquharson’s admin Sergeant, I learnt that some of the pupils from Castle Fraser School were visiting us. I hoped Davy and Forts were amongst them. I made my way to the Officers’ Mess, standing at the door I could hear someone inside playing the piano, it had to be Davy. I knocked. A Yank voice said “Enter.” That didn’t seem right. I opened the door and popped my head in, “Hello, I am looking for Colonel Farquharson.” One of the Yanks looked round, “You mean Torcall?” I nodded. “He’s taken Niki to see the whales.” He began to laugh. “Whales?” “Yeah, Niki thinks there are whales round here.” With that, the guy walked over to me, his hand outstretched. “Hi, I am Dexy, it’s Lance on the piano and Greg there.” “Pleased to meet you all, I am Bob Cook. Are you from the school?” Dexy laughed, “No, the US Camp nearby, but we are always there.” He gave a dirty chuckle. “Have Davy and Forts come with you?” He turned to Greg and Lance, “Guys, he knows Davy and Forts.” He turned back to me, “Narr sorry, they couldn’t come this time. How do you know them? Let me guess.” They all gave suggestive laughs. Well, they weren’t wrong. “So, are you guys staying overnight?” Dexy nodded. “Do you want to join me and a few of the guys in the Guard Room later? It will be better than staying here with some stuck-up officers.” “Sure, as long as you’re all wearing your skirts.” “Kilts!” “I know I am only joshing with you.” “Later then.” I left, pulling the door closed behind me. Well, if my sixth sense was correct, we would all be having fun later. ** McPhee continues the story We all ate in the Officers’ Mess. I was moved next to the Brigadier; I wasn’t sitting next to him originally, but when he saw me, he had everyone moved down one place. Torcall, sorry Colonel Farquharson, was still trying to console Niki about not seeing any whales. Me, I spent the evening trying to stop from groaning out loud as Brigadier Mackenzie’s hand pumped my cock under the table. As soon as the meal was over, I was invited back to the Brigadier’s residence for a nightcap. His batman Maitland had barely closed the door when Tarquin, the Brigadier, had me up against the wall, pulling at my clothing. He shouted to Maitland, “Fill the bath and get drinks; large ones.” Tarquin was all over me, we were both soon naked at the bottom of the steps. He kissed me again, “Right, you, upstairs.” I turned and felt his hand slap my arse as I ran up the stairs, with him close behind me. It was funny, once in the bedroom, Maitland stood quietly, saying nothing. I imagined he had seen it all before. I was pushed back into one of the large leather armchairs and my legs pushed apart, my knees hanging up and over the arms of the chair. My cock and balls, hanging exposed. Tarquin was straight on his knees, licking at my exposed bellend. He moaned, “I love an enormous cock,” as he took my bellend into his mouth. Was it the drink? I really don’t know, Tarquin was in his fifties, fit body, not really toned and pretty hairless. His cock a respectable fat six inches, he was cut too, something I didn’t come across very often. One thing though, he was really turning me on. My cock throbbed hard as his tongue ran up between my glans. I noticed like me, he had no frenulum, his circumcision was ‘tight’ like mine. My cock pulsed, dribbling out precum in a steady stream, his tongue hungrily lapping it up. “Fuck your gorgeous, McPhee.” I pushed down on his head, forcing his mouth further down on my cock. He gagged and pulled up, “Easy, I will take it all soon enough.” He winked up at me, “Brandt tells me your father is a cousin of the King.” I nodded, “That’s right.” I laughed drunkenly, “And you’re sucking his Baronet of a son’s cock.” “I am going to be doing more than that before the night is over.” He chuckled and resumed sucking on my cockhead. I lay back, my eyes closed, feeling his tongue teasing my cock ridge, sliding over and over my cock lips, smearing my precum all round his mouth. He pulled off my cock and slapped it, “Get your arse on that bed!” I clambered on to the large double bed, Tarquin crawling on after me. It was my turn to pleasure him. I rolled him on to his back and dropped down between his legs. His cock was thick and hard. As I said, tightly cut like mine, but not as long. His big balls hung low in their salt and pepper sac. His pubes bushy and unkept also a salt and pepper colour. I licked my tongue across his ball bag, tasting his sweaty musk. “Suck it, boy.” While I went to work on his large cockhead, he pulled and manoeuvred me round, until we were effectively sixty-nine’ing. He sat up, pushing me onto my back, his hand gripping my hard nine inches. “On your back. I don’t want to choke on this beast, if you get carried away.” As he drooled over my cockhead, he threw me a small brown bottle of what I recognised as poppers from my night at Leith’s. I took several deep breaths from the bottle. Quickly loosing myself in its magical vapours, I began sucking his fat cock once more. Tarquin had been watching me, waiting for the ‘Goon’ look to overtake my face. As soon as he saw it I felt him slide a finger under my balls and across my taint. His digit began tapping on my pucker and the surrounding skin. Starting slowly; a steady rhythmic tap, getting gradually harder and faster. My pucker was twitching to each tap, gradually relaxing, letting the tip of his finger steadily into me. I moaned pushing myself ankara escort bayan against his finger, easing him knuckle deep inside my warm arse. I heard him chuckle as I abandoned sucking his cock. His finger now tapping the sensitive walls inside my arse, circling inside me. He found my boynut. My body was jumping and I was moaning deeply. He chuckled again and tapped it harder. My cock was already oozing out precum; turning into a tap. My clear sticky juice was running in a steady stream down my thick veiny shaft. He gathered some up on his fingers and began using it to lube his finger’s path into me. Starting with just the one, he soon had three of his fat fingers working my hole, they began to saw back and forwards in to me. The waves of pleasure and pain, reducing me to a writhing wreck; holding his hand in place while I rode his fingers. I was close to cumming, when I heard a low cough, he let go of my cock as I opened my eyes. It was Maitland. “You’re bath is ready, General.” Maitland was standing by the bathroom door, a pile of white towels in his arms. Fuck, I had forgotten all about him even being there. Tarquin hopped off the bed, “Come on you. I want more of this!” He gripped me by my hard shaft and dragged me along behind him into the bathroom. I felt completely out of it, the waves of pleasure, the booze, and the poppers still fogging my brain. I glanced round the room. Fuck, Gary hadn’t been kidding, the room was huge, and right in the centre was a vast raised rectangular tiled bath. On one end was a small flight of four steps, allowing easy access. Dragging me towards it, Tarquin climbed the stairs, letting go of my cock, as I stood open mouthed, he entered the water. His hands slowly moving aside the clouds of soapy bubbles. He appeared to sit on a bench, he smiled, “Come on, in you get… Champagne Maitland!” I clambered up the steps and down into the bath, carefully entering the water. Tarquin was grinning, “Come and sit here.” There was a bench right round the bath! Just as Forts had said. I had seen nothing like it. I sat down next to Tarquin, his arm slid round my waist and pulled me closer. “You’re a gorgeous young man.” He leant forward, I turned, easing myself back across his knees. My head laying on his chest, my face looking up into his. Our lips met, his pressing hard to mine. His tongue pushed into my willing mouth. I parted my lips, pushing my tongue against his, revelling in the hotness within. We broke apart as Maitland appeared alongside the bath and placed down a silver ice bucket containing an opened bottle of Champagne, he handed Tarquin a glass and put mine on the side of the bath. Tarquin sat down his glass and reached for the bottle. He brought it to my lips and upended it. My mouth filled with the cold golden liquid, I swallowed as fast as I could, but the bubbles overcame me, causing Champagne to cascade down my chin and on to my chest before mingling with the bath water. Tarquin was laughing, and kept tipping the bottle as I tried to swallow. As the last dregs ran down my chin, he tossed the bottle to Maitland, “Get another,” he barked. Then began licking my chin and face, lapping up some of the spilled liquid. Tarquin’s hand holding me round the waist, took hold of my throbbing shaft. He squeezed it hard. “God, you’re such a big boy.” His tongue renewed its attack into my mouth, dominating me totally. He gripped my balls, squeezing them hard. I gasped, he stood, twisting my head to meet his hard cut cock. His knob broke the surface of the water surrounded by bubbles. Gripping the sides of my head, he pushed me down towards it, it slipped past my open lips. He thrust his hips upwards and began fucking my mouth. As I said, by no means was this the longest cock I have ever sucked, but it was one of the thickest. His cut cockhead flaring widely on its six-inch shaft, battered against the back of my throat, blocking it totally. I heard him above me, “Take it. Swallow that fucker.” He twisted my head as I tried to lick and suck his cock, his hips keeping up the power behind his dick as it ploughed into my mouth. I began to splutter; I had definitely not been getting all the air I needed. Just when I thought I might pass out, he ripped my mouth from his cock, “Get on the bench boy”, he barked at me. I clambered on to the bench, my upper body completely out of the water. He pushed on my back, forcing my head over the side and my arse to rise clear of the water and bubbles. His fingers went straight to my hole once more, forcing themselves inside me. He stretched me open again and then slapped my arse hard. “You ready soldier boy?” He shuffled up behind me. His hands pulling my arse cheeks apart. His fat cockhead engaged my pucker and he pushed forward, burying himself balls deep in one thrust. My eyes and mouth flew open in a silent scream as his incredibly thick shaft stretched me to my limit. Panting, I groaned and braced my hands on the tiles surrounding the top of the bath. Tarquin’s hand gripped into the short hair on the top of my head and he pulled my head backwards, causing my neck to arch backwards as he thrust deep and hard into me. “Fuck, I was looking forward to doing this again,” he hissed at me. Christ, so was I. Still keeping my neck back, he forced his knees on to the bench between mine, and started licking up my neck, his wet tongue tracing up my jugular. He sank his teeth into me and sucked; Shit, something else I would have to explain to the boys. He continued fucking me hard. I had nowhere to go, my cock was squashed hard against the side of the bath. As he thrust, waves of water were splashing over the side of the bath onto the floor. He didn’t last much longer. His breathing was getting faster, matching his thrusts into me. He bellowed out and thrust one last time deep and hard, his hips locking him deep inside me as his cock pumped his General’s cum deep in to me. The final thrust sent an even bigger wave of water over the side onto the floor. The noise of it splashing brought Maitland running through, “General!” Tarquin just burst out laughing, “We need more warm water anyway. Turn on the hot taps.” Picking his way through the deluge, Maitland nodded, “Yes, General.” We stayed in the bath as the water refilled. Why is warm water so comforting? I lay floating on my back, my hard cock waving above the surface of the water. Tarquin reached over and started wanking my cock hard. It didn’t take me long to feel my balls tightening and my cock pulsing. With the first spurt of cum from my dick, bursting into the air, Tarquin pushed me away, I floated down the bath, my cock still spurting out jets of cum as he roared with laughter. “You look like a whale blowing.” Then it came to me. Niki wanted to see whales. ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. Other Nifty stories by Blackscar. ‘NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters ‘Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest ‘Josh’s Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth ‘An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military ‘Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest ‘Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth ‘Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth ‘Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military ‘The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest ‘A Brother Used’ – Gay/Incest ‘A very English Trailer Park’ – Gay/Adult Youth ‘Special lube Oil’ – Gay/Adult Youth

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