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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 88d IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Remember you can make your donation in Honour of your favourite writer too. ?? fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. ******************** `You three, okay? They nodded, the water in front of them exploded and a little head appeared gasping `Sorry I couldn’t hold my breath any longer’ I peered at the kid `Hello, who are you? He stood up his naked chest glistening in the subdued light `Hello, I am Bryant’ ******************* Operation Pied Piper � part 88d Bryant continues the story My chest was about to explode, I struggled free of the hands holding me under the water and burst through the surface, bubbles and froth everywhere and there I was face to face with another cock. I knew the three guys who had told me to hide wouldn’t be happy, so I immediately apologised `Sorry I couldn’t hold my breath any longer’ The guy in front of me stared at me in surprise `Hello little guy, who are you? He sneered over at the three other guys in the bath `Hello, I am Bryant’ He grinned `Really? so, what are you doing in here little chap? I glanced back at the three soldiers sitting behind me, they were all shaking their heads, avoiding my eyes. The five new soldiers all clambered into the bath grinning. `Hello Bryant, we have heard all about you’ The soldier who had spoken, ruffled my hair and grinned. `Do you like the look of my cock? I nodded, as he eased my head to his swelling dick. One of the three MPs laughed `Hey he was doing us first’ `Ahh, and now he is sucking me, aren’t you little one. I’m Bob by the way and these are my friends, Tiny, Gaz, James and Harry’, The four of them all smile and grinned as they leant against the side of the bath, all now stroking their growing cocks. Bob pulled my mouth off his six and half inch thick veiny cock, and smiled down at me. `I bet those nasty MPs didn’t even tell you their names’ I shook my head and glanced back at them, they too were now all openly stroking their hard cocks, the one in the middle winked. He pointed at himself, `I’m Doc’ And these two are, `George and Dick’ My mouth was pulled back onto Bob’s now leaking cockhead, I felt a hand stroke my butt cheeks and then push between my legs and cup my balls. It withdrew slowly, the tip of the finger tracing up, between my cheeks till it found my hole, I groaned and pushed against it. `Fuck, this kid really does want it’ Bob chuckled `I told you guys’ The finger was withdrawn and I felt my cheeks eased apart, someone spat at my hole and then the finger returned, worming its way into me as Bob began to fuck my face, he held me while first one then two, then three fingers stretched my hole. `Fuck this kid is ready’ I felt someone shuffle in behind me and a blunt cock push at my hole, another sound of spit and the bellend pushed into me, spreading me wide, I gasped on Bob’s cock, he continued to fuck my mouth. `Hey come on Bob, you’re hogging the kid, it’s my turn’ The soldier called Gaz moved and stood next to Bob, wow, he had huge balls, his cock wasn’t as big, but as they swapped my mouth from one cock to the other, I reached for his balls and took one in each hand. I could hear Bob was breathing faster and as the guy fucking me buried himself to the hilt, bob gasped and began to cum, jet after jet, over my head and face, he rubbed it into my black hair. `Fuck kid your amazing’ * The water was starting to get cold; I had been fucked by them all and sucked them all too and was feeling rather pleased with myself. As they all dried off, I picked up my towel and headed for the door. `Hey, Bryant, where are you off too? Don’t you want to come back to our room and have some more fun? I grinned. `If you want me too’ ** Archie takes up the story Captain Leahy and I had a good look in the basement and worked out where he wanted to put the entrance tunnel to the shooting range and armoury. It appeared it was going to be easiest to go from practically underneath the front door of the Castle and head out into the courtyard from there. This would mean that the main entrance would be out of use for at least a few days. Following our inspection, we went back to Athol and explained what was to happen; work would start the following morning bright and early, so for us it was an early night. * `Christ is it that time already’ My alarm clock seemed to be having a fit on the side board, I heard Athol groaning `Turn it off, turn it off’ Poor guy was knackered it had been a hectic few days’, I clambered out of bed, knocking all the posters he had been working on before sleep, off the side table. It was a job for me, putting them up this morning, I quickly picked them all up, scanning one quickly, it read “All Boys will use the rear Castle Entrance until further notice”. I disappeared ankara escort into the ensuite and washed my face and had a piss, I would shower later after I had finished with the horses. Dressing quickly, I headed out of the room. `Morning Archie’ `Hi Fort’s, you look shattered, are you okay? Forts gave a cheeky grin, `Yeah, after Davy finished it was a bit of a late night, he winked and thrust his hips backwards and forwards. I clapped him on the back. `So, you two are all okay again? He nodded `Thanks to you and dad. Davy was so pleased with the ring and the inscription’ `Come on then stud, let’s see if Gregor is in the kitchen yet’ It was all dark in the kitchen, I flicked on the lights `Hello, anyone here? There was a crash and a cry from the corner of the room, then Gregor appeared from the kitchen office. `Oh, it’s you, Mr Campbell’ `Mr Campbell? Gregor looked worse than Forts if that was possible. `Good Morning Gregor, when did you start to call me Mr Campbell again?’ He groaned and rubbed his head `Oh please, shoosh a bit, not so loud’ Forts and I burst out laughing. Gregor peered at us through puffy eyes, his shirt inside out. `God what time is it? He tried to focus on his watch, but gave up. `What can I do for you gentlemen? `We were wondering if there was any chance of a mug of tea before we head off to the horses? Gregor looked like he was operating on impulse, he filled a kettle and placed it on the hob, turning on the gas, he gripped the hob and then slurred. `It won’t be a minute, excuse me, I am going to be sick’ Gregor rushed off back in to the office. Forts laughed again. `I had better make sure he is okay’, Forts followed Gregor into the office, while I watched the kettle and got a tea pot ready, I had just warmed the tea pot as I heard Fort’s voice. `Oh, good morning Lieutenant Brandt’ I looked over as Fort’s came back out of the office, he was chuckling `God, he looks like shit too, what is it dad says; he looks like he has made a few bad choices in life, and they all show’ My turn to laughed now `Looks like you and I missed a hell of a party, come on, I will make the tea, I don’t think Gregor is up to it at the moment’ I had just poured out the three mugs, when a face appeared at the kitchen door. `Good morning gents. Oh, is one of those for me?’ `Captain Leahy, good morning, yes, it is now, here you go’ I handed the Captain a mug, we stood chatting, drinking our tea, suddenly disturbed by another clattering behind us. The office door opened and Lieutenant Brandt staggered out, Fort’s description of him had been right. I reached for another mug and poured him a cup of tea; Captain Leahy didn’t look very impressed; his eyes looking the partially dressed Lieutenant up and down. Brandt hadn’t really registered who was there, giving each of us a casual nod, through his half-closed eyes. `I hope your men are in a better condition than you Lieutenant? The Captains tone, caused us all to straighten up. Brandt glanced up, the Captains rank insignia suddenly registering, he immediately began buttoning up his collar and straightening his uniform as he came to attention. `My apologies Captain, I will get the men assembled outside immediately’ Leahy winked at me `I think you had better drink your tea first Lieutenant, where is Major Farquharson?’ Brandt looked at me `I am afraid I haven’t seen him this morning Sir’ I looked at Malcolm, who was shaking his head. I smiled and “cheers” my mug of tea. `You will notice we run a bit of a lapse ship here; I am sure he will be down soon; I think he was with our Russian guests last night’ Forts, coughed and waggled the posters at me, his head nodding towards the door. `Yes Forts, your right, come on let’s get these up before everyone else starts to get up. Lieutenant, Forts and I will give your guys in the dormitory a knock, make sure they are getting ready. I will send them in here for a cuppa first’ Brandt nodded and mouthed “thank you” Leahy shook his head `I will come with you both’ I winked at Brandt, as he glanced skywards, we all left. We headed towards the number one dormitory where Forts had put the troops. I gave a sharp knock and opened the door, my senses met with a bit of a fug of men’s bodies, and was that cum? and a hint of something else. I flicked on the lights. `Morning chaps, time to get up I am afraid’ There was groaning and mumbling followed by some stirring from the various bunks, and then a little voice spoke `Hi Forts, Good morning Mr Campbell Sir’ Forts burst out laughing `Good morning George’ I looked round to see Bryant coming from the rear of the dormitory, he came towards us totally naked. He looked a mess; his black hair was caked to his head and the skin on his chest and legs looked scaly. `Good morning Mr Campbell’ I had to stop myself laughing `Good morning Bryant, all correct I hope? By the look of you, I trust none of these men are virgins any longer? Bryant blushed and grinned nodding, Forts collapsed laughing; Leahy stared open mouthed as Bryant stopped in front of him. `Hello, I am Bryant’ All Captain Leahy could say was `Pleased to meet you young man’ We followed Bryant out of the dormitory, Leahy was still looking at me questioningly. `I think it is best not to ask Captain’ He nodded. `Forts can you put up the posters and I will see you down at the stables soon, Captain this way’ ** Davy picks up the story I escort ankara lay looking at the ceiling; I felt warm and tingly, I pushed my hand out towards the rays of light coming in the window, the ring, flashed; it was beautiful. I repeated the inscription `To my beloved Davy, always yours Forts’ I grinned to myself and ran my fingers down my chest to my morning wood, my cockhead was sticky and wet, I smelt my fingers, definitely cum; I would have to tell Fort’s his tongue had missed a bit. I gave a little grin to no one in particular, my bum was still warm and tingling; again, I felt down, my hole seemed wet and puffy, I dabbed my fingers into the warm gooey cum that was oozing out of me. I pulled myself out of bed, I held out my hand with the ring on it and went for a waltz round the room admiring it; I don’t know who had cried more when he gave it to me, me or him; Oh damn, I felt my bum tweak, I had better hit the ensuite. There I was, sitting on the throne; glad no one else was there to hear the wind and cum leaving my body, I had lost count how many times he came in me. I was just using my fingers to count them off, then it felt like the building shook, the windows began to rattle; what the fuck? I quickly finished off and went to the window, pulling it up and open, the roar of engines and shouted commands grew louder, I looked down, there was a large mechanical digger clawing at the ground just by the Castle entrance. It was scouping up great bucketful’s of earth and stone and dumping them in a waiting dumper truck. I could see Captain Leahy standing next to Athol and Archie; I wondered where Forts was. I had better shower and see if they needed anything from me. Several minutes later, I was showered and dressed, I checked myself in our long mirror and crossed to the window once more, the hole was getting bigger, then lots of shouting and the machines went silent, I peered down trying to see what was happening; Captain Leahy had jumped down into the hole, he was digging at the earth with his hands and barking orders at two soldiers who jumped down into the hole next to him. I headed quickly downstairs, finding I was stuck standing inside the Castle doorway; the ground outside the door now gone. Archie and Athol, were standing at the edge of the hole and talking to Captain Leahy who was holding something up to them. `What’s happening? What have you found? I couldn’t stop myself calling over to them. Archie turned to me and shouted `It’s a horses skeleton Davy, and a bronze chest name plate’ `A what? `Morning what have you found? It was Forts on Pegasus, he came trotting up to the three of them; bloody hole, I couldn’t see or really hear what was going on. I had decided to head to the rear of the Castle, so I could make my way round to them. As I began to turn, I saw Athol rubbing the bronze name plate; it was precisely at that moment, my world went into slow motion, my cry stuck in my throat, my mouth open my face contorted in anguish. Pegasus, reared up and went berserk, he took Forts completely by surprise, I watched as he, tried to regain control valiantly holding on. Pegasus was screaming, I had never heard a horse making noises like that, Archie was trying to grab his bridle as Athol was knocked to the ground as the horse frantically danced about. Another blood curdling scream came from Pegasus and with a final buck of his back legs he unseated Forts, throwing him forward over his head into the hole, the momentum carried Pegasus’s back legs over, he similarly somersaulted crashing into the hole, dragging Archie with him, the Captain and soldiers scattered as the pit erupted in thrashing legs and clods of thrown up dirt. I now heard my scream, it was surreal, it was joined, by three others as Ouranoff, Niki and Dima came up behind me, Ouranoff collapsed to his knees, his head in his hands. `The Prince is dead, the Prince is dead’ Was all I heard, before babbled Russian took over, Niki buried his head into Dima’s body. I screamed back at Ouranoff `No, no he can’t be dead’ `Oh my God’ Digbey now came running down the stairs behind us, he peered into the carnage in the pit; he went pale. I looked at him, hoping for some kind of reassurance, my eyes pleading, but they were met with a look of horror. He put his arm round me and tried to turn me away, I pulled free from his arms and swayed at the edge of the pit. Suddenly all the noise was gone, replaced with silence, then groans, sobbing and a mournful whinnying. I scanned the hole, Captain Leahy began to bark orders at the soldiers, urging them to help. Pegasus was laying on his side, barely lifting his head; his eyes wild. Archie lay at the bottom of the pit, his body propped against the earth side of the hole, rubbing his side and looking dazed; where was my Forts? I couldn’t see him. I threw myself down into the muddy hole; as Digbey tried to grab me. I landed in the pit, at about the same time as Athol. I could hear my voice as I staggered towards Pegasus. `Where’s Forts? Where’s Forts’ I heard Athol barking at one of the soldiers `Take Davy away, quickly, NOW!’ I was screaming, tears running down my cheeks; I had lost my shoes and my long kilt was caked in mud, my fly plaid hanging from my waist. Bob the soldier came over to me, `Come on son’, I pushed him away, forcing myself past him `No, I have to see him, where is he? I got to Pegasus’s side, collapsing to my knees. `No, no, Fort’s where ankara escort bayan are you? The earth beside me began to break apart `Davy I’m here, I am under Pegasus, I’m okay just winded’ Forts, his face and body covered in mud, was slowly pulling himself out from under Pegasus I grabbed him `I thought I had lost you’ `There were more cries of relief from the doorway of the Castle as the Russians saw Fort’s emerging from the mud. He gave me one of his smiles; I knew he was okay. His face changed again as he looked down at Pegasus. `Davy I am fine, get Gary quickly and call for a vet for Pegasus, I think he is hurt’ We were joined by Athol and Archie; Archie was holding his side. `Captain, get my son out of this hole’ Athol grabbed Forts, hugging and kissing his head. `Dad, I am fine, I want to stay with Pegasus’ `That bloody horse’ Athol’s voice trailed off as Archie took hold of his arm and gave him a stern look, which said “shut up” and was reinforced with the following. `Athol, Forts is fine, so am I. But we need to get a vet here for Pegasus’ Athol, nodded, he knew Archie was right. No one could get Fort’s to leave Pegasus’ side, I don’t know who called for Gary, maybe Gregor, I really had no idea. Gary came running and panting from the direction of the walled garden `What the fuck happened? He launched himself in to the hole and joined Forts and Archie who were holding Pegasus’ head and gently stroking and talking to him. Forts deferred to Gary. `He is going to be okay, isn’t he’? Gary stood back, and then got down in the mud on his knees and began, slowly examining all of Pegasus’ limbs. He looked up at Forts `Well, nothing is broken; that I can see, I think he just winded himself, what the fuck happened’ Fort shook his head `I don’t know, I trotted over to see everyone, one minute he was fine, the next he went crazy’ Gary clapped Pegasus on the neck `We need to get him up on his feet’ Gary kneeled down beside Pegasus’ head, he whispered something into his ear and chuckled, the ear twitched. I watched Fort’s face it was tear stained, his white jodhpurs and riding jacket covered in mud, he stood up and pleaded. `Come on Pegasus, up you get boy, please’ Pegasus gave a snort and a little whinny and rolled himself off of his side, and after much effort in the soft earth; and lots of encouragement from us all, hauled himself to his feet. Forts was now sobbing tears of joy, his arms wrapped round the strong black neck. `Thank God, Thank God’ Gary looked sceptically at Forts `Yes, …Thank God, indeed’ With a bit of help, they got Pegasus out of the pit and back to his stable, Forts, Archie, Gary and I, remaining with him until the vet gave him the all clear. I had been standing by the stall door with Archie and Gary, while Forts assisted the vet. The vet recommended bed rest and a lot of tender loving care. As the vet drove off, Forts turned to me he held his arms open, I gave him a great hug. `I thought I had lost you’ Forts gave a little wince, `Easy lover, I think I have a cracked rib’ ** Athol takes up the story I was in a bit of a daze, Archie had taken over, he got me to the staffroom where we were joined by Digbey and the Russians. He cracked open the whisky and we all sat in silence, shocked yet relieved everyone was okay. Gary, came into the room. `Pegasus will be okay; the vet has just left’ `Where are Forts and Davy? `Having a moment together’ I could see Gary was not happy about something. `Gary, you want to say something else? `Yes, why are you digging there? You must have known that the 2nd Laird, had his horse, that had gotten him home that awful night centuries ago and that had died at the door of the Castle; buried there? I was a bit taken back by Gary’s tone; he was becoming really angry. `Gary, come on, that was all part of the old ghost story, I had no idea…’ `Doesn’t look much like it is a ghost story now, does it’ Archie came between us `Come on you two calm down, everyone is okay, the horse just got spooked by the heavy equipment’ Our attention was distracted as Captain Leahy, stared into his drink muttering `Are you sure, did you see that horses’ eyes, just as you rubbed the mud off the name plate, I would swear they flashed like red coals, then he went berserk’ Gary spun round `Name plate? you found a name plate? Captain Leahy nodded, `It was attached to some old leather part of the dead animals harness’ `What was the name? Athol stepped forward and handed the piece of bronze to Gary `It’s Gaelic I think, I can’t make it out’ Gary rubbed the last of the mud off the bronze and licked his finger, wiping it over the raised name; he visibly staggered. `It’s Gaelic for …Pegasus’ **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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