Opposites Attract

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It had been three weeks since the apartment opposite mine became vacant. The previous tenant, a middle-aged single man, had left on short notice.Curious as I was about who might become my new neighbour I had kept half an eye on the place during my off days, but those tended to be few and far between and when I’m working my days are long.Tuesday evening I got home from work, mid-evening and nipped in off the street pausing only for the automated gates on the garage to open before slipping my Mini Clubman into my allocated space.The neighbouring space that had previously been home to a gleaming grey Porsche 911 was now occupied by a grubby VW Beetle convertible.I checked the windscreen for a resident’s permit. To my surprise, a distinctive green disc was in place alongside the rear-view mirror.Grabbing my laptop and purse, I took the stairs to the ground floor reception where each apartment has a mailbox. As I stood checking my box, I caught sight of my reflection in the mirrored wall opposite. 172cm tall, slim and toned with straight shoulder-length hair I looked good. My suit fits like a dream, my slim tapered legs showing nice tan ankles above Louboutin heels made me very sexy.ooOOooIt took me twenty minutes to shower and slip into my sweats. Then as I was pulling together an avocado and green leaf salad, there was a knock at my door.It had to be another resident as all visitors would be announced by the concierge before being allowed past the reception.“Hello, I thought I should come and introduce myself. I’m Marlene, Marlene Van den Broeck but most people just call me Marley.”“Hello, I’m Nicola, Nicola James,” I replied surveying the woman before meA mane of curly black hair topped a not unpleasant face but oh my god what was that she was wearing?A short sleeve knit top over a black and green tartan skirt, black tights and platform DR Marten boots.I’m was standing there wondering how on earth this woman could afford to live in our complex when I realise that she was speaking again.“Pardon.”“Sorry, I tend to speak too fast, I almanbahis şikayet was saying that I have left a few collapsed boxes outside my door, but they will be gone first thing tomorrow.”I mustered a smile and with good grace agreed that it would be fine for the one night and wished her good luck in her new apartment before closing the door.Firing off a quick text to my friend Tabetha who had a top floor apartment to see if she knew anything about the new resident and that I had reservations about her suitability for our building I sat down with my salad and a glass of chilled Chablis.Just as I was slipping into bed, my phone pinged with a responseHi Nicola, all I’ve heard is that she works fora radio station and she’s moved from Brussels,must have a spa day soonTabetha ooOOooAnother week passed and I saw nothing of Marley although there were signs of decorators working in her apartment.Tabetha and I had a weekend at a Champneys spa deep in the Hampshire countryside which is always good for the soul and on arriving back found we had invites to Marley’s for the following Friday evening.It was described as a chance to get to know each other over a glass of wine and nibblesooOOooFriday came and I made my way across the corridor to Marley’s apartment. It was a warm early summers evening, and I had opted for a rather short pastel green Lacoste polo dress and wedge heels, cool and comfortable. I had gathered my hair into a loose bunch to keep it off my neck in the heat.Marley answered her door and waved me inside. I had been curious about how she would dress for the evening, and I wasn’t disappointed. A figure-hugging red leather waistcoat cut low over her full breasts that allowed a flash of taut midriff above a short black leather skirt, bare legs and then open toed black leather ankle boots, all straps and silver buckles.I must admit that she carried the look off with panache and the leather looked incredibly soft and supple it must have cost a fortune.I accepted a gin and tonic and mingled with my fellow residents.The apartment almanbahis canlı casino was freshly painted in pale neutral tones and it looked clean and fresh. Discreet spotlights highlighted large abstract prints around the room.I was listening to Delia from the ground floor who was listing the many shortcomings of our cleaning company and to be honest letting my mind drift when I realised just what I was looking at.The large greyscale picture that I had been staring at was not a hill or a mountainside but an extreme close up of a single breast complete with a large nubby nipple with a ring through it.Quickly I looked to the opposite wall and now being wise to the style recognized a pair of large swollen labia.“Not immediately obvious are they?” Marley was beside me grinning.“I can tell by people’s facial expressions when they tumble to the theme,” she giggled,“It’s the closeness coupled with the greyscale that disguises what they are.” I struggled to sound calm and nonchalant as I responded to her, my eyes now settling on the third canvas; a smoothly shaven vagina topped with a triangle of short cropped hair.I could feel Marley’s warm breath on my cheek as she leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “They are all of me.”I felt my face blush scarlet, the temperature inside my dress rocketing up at this revelation.“Another Gin?” Marley had stepped back and was smiling broadly.The next couple of hours passed quickly, my fellow residents all chatting and getting to know Marley who seemed to be winning everyone over.Eventually, people started to drift off and I made my way over to Marley to make my excuses.“Oh, are you leaving so soon, I was hoping you would stay a little longer.”I had pretty much decided that whilst Marley was okay for the building, I couldn’t see us being best friends, but at that moment George and Emma from the penthouse offered their thanks and talked of returning the invite before walking out the door.“So, it’s just us. Please stay a little longer. I have questions about the area and building etiquette.”I almanbahis casino sat and we chatted over coffee, Marley slipped off her boots tucking her legs up under herself.I followed her example but struggled not to flash my panties in the process.“Nicola, relax I don’t care if you flash me.”Another deep blush but contrary to my expectations I felt strangely comfortable in this woman’s presence.The conversation spilled over into fashion and music, then travel and cuisine. We really had nothing in common. I don’t shorten my name; I dress in designer labels and appearances are everything to me.Marley considers DR Marten to be a designer label, loves jazz and blues as opposed to my classical tastes and as she so sweetly put it did not give a fuck what others thought of her.After a while, Marley stood, shorter without her spike heels and reached for my hand, “Come on and see the rest of my artwork.”Still holding my hand, she pulled me into her bedroom. Again, plain white walls and like my own apartment large windows showcasing the London skyline but that’s where the similarities ended.Black silk bed linen stark against the white walls and oh my god a mirrored ceiling above the bed and a large bathtub mounted in a black wood frame with gleaming chrome accessories.My breath literally caught in my throat and then I saw her artwork. Large black my hand was moving in all that foam as my fingers teased my slit.Duke Ellington was deep into “The Blues with a feelin,” when my feet lifted out of the water to rest on the edges of the bath and I nudged that big powerful waterfall tap on.That full foaming torrent of water hit me dead centre of my pussy, right where my fingers had been teasing.Screaming over the Duke my hips bucked up sending a tidal wave of water over the floor as I gripped and stretched my aching nipples, riding my release for as long as I could before everything became too sensitive to touch.Drying off I wrap myself in a towel before heading into my bedroom.Dropping the towel, I settle onto the bed and start to open my packages; the first bag contained ultra-sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur.Slipping the first set on I stood before my mirror seeing my hard-stubby nipples straining against the sheer demi cups whilst the skimpy thong disappeared between my cheeks.

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