Our 5 day nude camping trip in a public campground

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Our 5 day nude camping trip in a public campgroundAs you already know I love outdoor nudity but combine that with our other outdoor hobbies and you have a real winning combination. Not too long ago we decided to spend a 5 day get away camping. We packed our camping and fishing gear but I did not pack one stitch of clothing. In fact I was naked when we left home until we returned home. It would be 5 full days of wearing nothing at all with whatever exposure that brought me.We arrived at the campground early the first day. The campground was only about half full with campers moving about when we pulled up to our campsite. Without batting an eye and just as natural as I could be I got out of the truck and helped hubby set up camp. First pitching the tent and then setting up the rest of camp. Yes my nudity was attracting quiet a bit of attention but no one was brave enough to say anything.Once the campsite was set up we entered the tent for an afternoon delight. We left the door and window flaps open as hubby and I had intercourse in numberous positions putting on a nice show for those campers who kept walking by and looking into the tent. Afterwards we simply layed there on our sleeping bags curled up satisfied with what we had just done yet still very much in full view of any one walking by. We finally cleaned up a bit (I keep those baby wipes handy when we camp) before grabbing our fishing gear and hitting the lake to fish. Our posted videos of me fishing in the canoe are in my galleries here. It is one of my favorite photo sets of me fishing in my birthday suit. We caught a few fish, mostly bass while hubby made the videos and took pictures. He kept hoping I’d hook into a nice one as he was making the video. He liked watching me land them. He said I was so much into landing the fish that I would turn and twist my naked body into some really fun positions for him to enjoy. Yes there were other fishermen on the bursa escort lake. Yes they would row closer to get a better look. Yes a few did row along side of us and made conversation. Yes I did join a few of them later during our 5 days there for some group sex time. I was taking names and campsite numbers. Upon our return to shore all that attention had me quiet turned on. I was very wet and already rubbing myself. Hubby suggested I go ahead and finish it. I might as well masturbate to completion. There were several of our newly found friends standing around with other campers on shore watching us as we rowed up. You know me the attention only added to the pleasure and I quickly got into it. Hubby began filming it unknowns to me as I was too into what I was doing but Im glad he did as this video is as real as it gets. I was fully into masturbating and I did climax at the end. He caught it all on camera. That video is posted here on this site for your enjoyment.Once back at camp it was getting later into the evening and we needed to shower. At the bath house one side is for men the other side for women. The shower stalls are divided by plywood almost like the showers you see in the TV show MASH. You can see over into the next stall but without purposely looking over into it you dont see the person next to you from neck down. There was a young woman showering in the stall next to the one I choose. She recognised me right off. She wasnt shy either. As soon as I entered the stall she was asking me about how I was able to expose myself as I do. Wasn’t I uncomfortable with all those people seeing me even taking pictures. I explained for me that was part of the excitement. She shared how her hubby and she had discussed my activities just before she left for the shower. Her hubby was saying how he wished she was more open like I was. They were also wondering just how open I was because they had always talked about bursa escort bayan him having another woman join the two of them. They had discussed swinging but had never gone there.I asked permission to join her in her stall promising to just wash her back and see how comfortable she could be with another woman’s touch. After washing her back she turned towards me and I continued on the front side. Going down to my knees as I washed her legs and feet, I took a chance and rubbed her pussy mound openning her lips with my fingers hearing only a gentle groan I began licking her clit and pussy until she reached down pushing my head into her grotch telling me to finish it. Before long she was squirting and practically screaming with delight as she had her first orgasm with another woman. She suddenly was a bit embarrassed as I returned to my own stall. She asked if I could join her and her hubby to give him his two women fantasy especially being I had already been with her. I told her I would but on one condition, she had to walk nude back to her camper along with me. She smiled and said she would if I walked ahead of her mostly concealing her from prying eyes. After we showered, I did just that I walked ahead of her as we both walked nude back to her camper. We had a tent but they had a really nice modern camper. When we got to the door her hubby greeted us with a huge smile as he openned the door for us. My new friend explained that we had a wonderful time of sharing in the shower and he missed it but now he would get to have his two women fantasy fulfilled. He sat on the couch fully clothed as she and I started caressing each other, kissing, and generally putting on a nice little show for her husband. He quickly had his hard cock in his hand stroking it as she and I moved into a 69 position. I was so into eatting her pussy once again that I wasnt aware her hubby was now ready to get into the act. He too was escort bursa naked and standing behind me. I felt him between my legs as he was getting into position to fuck me. As he was preparing to enter me his wife reached up and guided his cock into me as she started playing with his balls and watching him fucking me from below. We switched it up as he moved around to fuck his own wife with his cock covered in another woman’s juices. I moved away as I watched how passionately they were going at it. He pulled out and requested we both give him oral together something he had only dreamed about. So wifey and I fully fulfilled that desire for him as he exploded covering both his wife and myself in his well built up cum. He asked for one other position before I would leave. He wanted me on his face while his wife was on his cock. He wasnt as hard but his wife was able to get into position to ride him as I buried his face between my legs. Wifey and I were kissing and groping each other’s breasts when her husband had his second climax. Wifey and I continued until we also had one for ourselves. As we all layed there together in their queen sized bed they told me it was the first time either of them had stepped out on their marriage vows and I assured them it was okay because they did it together. Even if they never do it again they would always have this wonderful memory to remember. We promised each other that my hubby could join us next time before our camping trip ended. It was dark when I got back to our campsite and hubby had dinner ready. I gave him all the details of my adventure and invited him to join us the next day at their camper for dinner and a 4some. He quickly agreed. I knew the details of my adventure had caused a growth in his shorts so I helped hubby off with his shorts and gave him some oral relief allowing him to add his cum to that of the other husbands as he rubbed it onto my breasts. We left the door and window flaps open as we turned in for the night sleeping as much as possible on top of the sleeping bag so I would be exposed even in my sleep. So ended our first day.Do you want to hear more? Let me know.

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