Our Family Vacation Ch. 01

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor Todger65

Before We Leave

“Ok everyone wait just a minute before we all go our separate ways for the night,” mom said as the rest of us start to leave the dinner table, “Your dad and I have decided that the day after tomorrow we are going on a family road trip.”

“Oh come on mom I’m on break from school I was hoping to just sit at home and relax and meet up with some friends,” Danny complains.

“No mom not a trip now I’m going to be in several important tournaments over the next few weeks,” Jack whines.

“Ok both of you shut up!” Daddy yells over them, “I wasn’t all for this at first either but we’ve decided and we are going. And Jack you have no room to whine like a little boy you are 18 almost 19 and all you do is play dumb games with your friends online. Your brother at least has a reason to not be thrilled with all his classes and working his ass off last season he needs some down time, and he’s going to get it just with his family not his friends and on the road instead of at home.”

“Ok boys is it that much trouble to spend some time with your family? This may be our last time to spend any real time alone together,” mom said looking a little upset, “Danny you’re away at college and we hardly see you anymore and Jack you are always locked in your room playing games and Abby will be going off to college next semester. I just want to spend one last summer with all my babies before you are all out living your lives as adults.”

“You’re right mom,” Danny apologizes, “I’m sorry. I’d like to spend one last summer with you and dad and my little brother and sister.”

“Abby baby you’ve been quiet about this,” mom said to me,” How do you feel about going on this trip?”

“Well I didn’t have any plans for the summer anyway. So it could be fun to go on vacation like we did when we were little. Where are we going anyway?”

“Well I thought it’d be fun to do like we talked about when you where little and just drive. No set destination in mind and just see where the road takes us. What do you three think?”

“Sounds fun,” I answered.

“Yeah mom a family adventure,” Danny agreed.

“Sure fun and adventure,” Jack groans.

“Ok kids you can go now but don’t make any big plans for tomorrow we’ll need to spend most of the day packing,” mom told us. And we all went our own ways for the night.


Before I go on let me tell you about my family. First mom and daddy, they met in high school mom was a cheerleader and daddy was the star quarterback. They started dating their freshman year and well had Danny during their sophomore year, Jack right before their senior and me not long after bostancı escort graduating while on their honeymoon. Neither went to college, mom has always been a stay at home mom and daddy worked for grandpa’s business until a few years ago when he took over after grandpa retired, so we have always been comfortable.

Mom works out at least twice a week and it shows she has better abs than some models, her legs are toned but not so muscular to look manly, and she has the most beautiful blonde hair I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen her naked a few times changing and her boobs are very perky with no sag, which for 44 double D’s is impressive. But the part I’ve heard both her and daddy say is her best asset is her bubble butt.

Daddy on the other hand hardly ever works out so he no longer has his football body. Though I wouldn’t call daddy fat he’s definitely got a beer belly. And though he’s only 36 like mom the hair around his temples is almost silver instead of the jet black like the rest.

Now Danny though he only lets me and mom call him that, to everyone else it’s Dan. If you put a picture of Danny and Daddy from high school it would be hard to see that they are different people at first glance they look so much alike. Mom says she can tell easily because Danny has her eyes not Daddy’s but I’ve seen her mix up photos of the two before. He just got home for the summer break between college semesters. He’s one of the quarterbacks on their football team. As far as I know he’s still dating his high school girlfriend since they went to the same college. Danny gets along best with Daddy since they’re both jocks, though when we where little we were very close and best friends.

And now Jack the middle child. He’s kind of the odd ball in our family. He is one of the biggest nerds you’ll ever meet, but not a fan of the bigger things like Star Wars and Star Trek he goes more for things that never made it big and few have ever heard of. He spends most of his time in his room playing role-playing games online with his “friends,” people he’s never met outside an online chat room. With the exception of mom and me everyone calls him shrimp because of his looks. He’s shorter than me when he wears shoes and I’m barefoot, and he’s skinny with no real muscles to talk about. Ever since he got into online gaming he’s shut the rest of us out for the most part though we were all very close as kids.

And now I guess I should describe myself. I’m 5’7 I have my mom’s bright green eyes and her blonde hair though mine is a little darker. I just turned 18 last month, I plan to go to college to become a nurse, and I hope to finally meet a guy. You see I’ve only had one boyfriend and he broke up with me when I refused to sleep with him after Junior Prom. Even though I look ümraniye escort bayan very much like my mom there’s one thing lacking her cup size. I’m not flat chested by any means depending on what it is I’m wearing I’m a large B or small C cup, but guys see my mom and think less of me. Mom tells me not to worry for two reasons one a real man will love me because who I am not what’s in my bra and two because before she had us she had smaller breast than me so after I have kids I’ll be even bigger than her. Though she always jokes that she hopes I’m willing to wait because she’s too young to be a grandmother. Well that’s my family and me so back to where I left off.


After dinner Jack locked himself in his room like he always does, Daddy watched sports and drank beer in his man cave, Danny went out with his girlfriend, mom cleaned up then went to their bed room to read, and I went out after helping mom to meet some friends.

I met up with Angie and Beth at the theater where we saw the newest chick flick. After the movie we ran into some guys from school and they asked us to see something with them and since it was a little before 10 we agreed. We bought tickets for the new what I call a dude flick you know little story lots of cars, guns, explosions, and near nude woman. The guys sat us in the back row but not all together; Angie was sitting with Greg near one aisle, Beth with Brad near the other aisle, and me with Grant in the middle of the row.

The movie had plenty of the things that get your attention but nothing to keep it so I was soon bored. I look over to see how Angie and Beth where liking it but When I looked I didn’t see either of them. For a minute I thought they had left without me, but then an explosion lit up the theater and I found them. Angie was bent over with her head bobbing in Greg’s lap and Beth was on her knees between Brad’s legs with her top off and was giving him a titty fuck.

I had never been with a man in any way so seeing them do that in public got me wet. I figured if they could do it I could at least give Grant a hand job. So I started rubbing his leg each time getting closer and closer to his crouch, but before I got there he took my hand off him and put it on the armrest. I was surprised and a little hurt.

“Grant do you not think I’m attractive?”

“Well Abby no,” he saw the hurt look on my face, “now wait before you get upset let me explain. It’s not that you aren’t hot or sexy to most guys, it’s just you’re not to me.”

“But why what’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing is wrong with anyone. Look, see Angie and Greg?”

“Yes what about them?”

“Well to be blunt Abby I would rather be in her place than his.”

“Oh, you mean you’re…?”

“Gay. Yes I am. That’s kartal escort why I sat with you. Everyone knows you’re not easy or a slut, so I thought they could have their fun and we could watch the movie. I never expected you to want to do anything. I’m sorry.”

“No it’s ok it’s my fault if anyone’s and it’s not mine. Lets just watch the movie, but umm who knows about you being gay?”

“I came out a few months ago, we just haven’t seen each other since then.”

The rest of the movie went by with no more problems and afterwards Grant brought me home because the others decided to continue the night together.

As I was walking to my room I heard moaning coming from Danny’s room. I stopped out side and listened. At first I only heard Danny and I thought he was jerking off then I heard a female moan and knew he wasn’t alone. I knew I should go to my room and leave them alone but my body wouldn’t move. I stood there listening for what seemed like hours though I’m sure it was more like ten minutes. Soon I heard the groaning getting louder.

“Oh god Tina I’m about to cum where do you want it this time baby?”

“Oh yes Dan cum in me fill my pussy with your cum. Oh yes fill your slut’s pussy. Oh yyeeesssss!!”

“Here it cums, here it cums oh yes oh yes aaaaaahhh!!”

For the next few minutes all I heard was heavy breathing. I was about to leave when they started talking.

“Oh Dan that was amazing.”

“Yes it was baby.”

“Dan do you really have to go on this trip with your family? I was hoping to spend the summer getting fucked.”

“Yes I do. It means a lot to my mom so I have to go. And I was hoping to spend the summer fucking too you know but I’ll be with my family so no fucking for me and you’ll be home where you can fuck all you want.”

“Well that’s true but I was hoping that your cock would be in me every day.”

“I know sweetie but you’ll have my cock for the rest of our lives. It was your idea that we have an open relationship until our wedding day.”

“I know I know. Well I still have you tonight and tomorrow. And can I ask when will we be engaged anyway,” I could hear her giggle.

“Well I don’t know yet other than some time after we’re done with college, besides if you knew it wouldn’t be a surprise silly,” I hear a loud smack.

“Oh you know I love it when you spank me like that. But damn you’re not hard again yet.”

“No need to pout sexy I think that little mouth knows what to do.”

“You know I think you’re right.”

“Oh yea baby I love you and your amazing mouth.”

I decide to leave as I hear slurping sounds and my big brother moaning. I go to my room and undress not bothering to put PJs on. I’m so soaked I just have to masturbate. I cum so hard I have to stick my fist in my mouth to keep my scream from being heard. As I start to fall asleep I think about what turned me on more seeing my friends being slutty in public, spying on my brother, or finding out my brother is in an open relationship. I fall asleep not deciding which it was.

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