Owed by the janitor

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Owed by the janitorI lost my gf , she is leaving me , i look at her , in silence , getting her box out and it was over as she left me alone in one of her lil panty , my ass dripping lube from the morning fuck her vibrator on my bed ”its ok, you love cock, its ok you will be better without me”she caught me in panty looking at porn and after a long talk she made me suck on her toy, and fuck me up with lube until i cumits been a week , my ass is now a wet pussy needing it she kept telling me packing me full of her toy each night in the shower or our bedleaving me in panty sit on her toy looking at her move out box after box, calling me a pretty sissy girl”dont be sad, we both know this is better like it”her hands on my cock over the panty, rubbing me gently her eye locked with mine,making me feel …..useless dow there”we both know you prefer cocks”she kissed me good bye and i was alone, i felt like a fag , caught and help to realized i loved cocka week pass and i trully coudnt stop wearing her panty and use her vibrator in mei love it, i loved getting my ass fucki was loving the feeling of smooth panty so much that weekend i went shoppingi wanted more to wear and after a good shopping session at wallmart buying cheap undie i was back in my appart filling my drawer with frilly girly cute undie i tried em one by one thinking of cock and ply em in my drawer before trying another cute pantyI started walking at night in panty under my jeans, smoking weed and feeling horny walking my paty rubbing my shave sissy hole making me shiver and walk ass archit was 1am , walking back at my appart complex i saw him pack his tool in his big truck , the janitir next building cursing about something”fuck smell good , hey im sorry to ask but i had a shit day , a shit night and had to work on plumbering for that asshole lanlord, could i smoke one or buy some”i was nervoushe was tall, in his 40s at least, chubby bald head black guy”yes i have more at my place”we walk to my spothe was smelling swamp and he realised i was alone in a big appart for 2”you live alone””yes my gf left me ””oh sorry for you, look i smell bad i realised just now how bad the job was, could i used your shower quick””sure…”i was looking at him undress in his boxer showing him the place”thanks you are a nice boy””is these your gf panty you are wearing?”……he saw them when?”’i saw the lines as you walk , i wasnt sure until i was earing about your ex””……”he güvenilir bahis help me off my jeans , i didnt stop him”they are very nice, come in the shower with me, i think i know why she left you”his big strong hands removing my tshirt in panty , looking at him take my hand , the sissy new shy cock lover about to discover his place in the worldhe started the shower removing his boxer i coudnt see , his back turn to me waiting in the shower door he turn , i froze, he was big, realy big”my 8.5 inch candy black cock is for you tonight””dont be shy, no one will know , i think you want to suck me and invited me for this no?””here we, start slow see if you like it, iam no freak”he pull me , taking me in panty inside the sower , hot water flowing, both my hands help on his bbc”touch it, im big , you like my big cock?”i nod”keep stroking until you want to taste it””yes up and down like that, look at it, tell me when you want to suck , i could teach you ”i look at him ”you are making me all clean , ready to be suck clean big cock all for you””dont be shy, your legs feels heavy wanting to hit the floor, dont resist get on your knees and suck that cock, you want to, you wear panty because you love cocks, thats why she left , its ok, she gone you can do it”i was stroking him my legs really starting to feel weak, he was full off soap in my hand, it was a beautifull bbche rinsed his bbc infront of me …..waiting his cock back in my hands all clean smelling soaphe just put a hand on my head and i fell down mouth open , taking his hot strong cock in my mouth , moaning taking place on my knees , sucking like in the movies, ”mmmmm thats it, have fun, its all yours baby suck that biog cock””pretty sissy boy, in his ex gf panty sucking cock””mmm mmmmm oh yeah you are a good girl ”i look up eyes glowing his bbc in my mouth sucking him, him calling me a good girl , making me react my body shivering ”a very good gurl , mmmmmmm wow you want this bbc , you are so cute smilling like this ””stop sucking legs go out ”i never thought a guy would choose wich panty i have to wear until i open my drawer or himhe took the little pink string and my obvious ex gf vibrator , my lube too smilling at me , shy sissy caught at the deepest levelwalking me to my own bed by a strong alpha bbc in little string , a little white pet about to be tamehe sat and lubed the toy pulling me on his lap, ass up facing down, he talk to me güvenilir bahis siteleri as ”cindy””cindy must have been lonely fucking her little white cunt since her gf left”he put the toy in me slowly rubbing and calling me a good sissy faggot gurl”good faggot, cindy a good little cunt loving cock””moan all you want , its all you want to do faggot boy””i know your type, gonna give it to you wearing panty sissy slut boy”the vibrator was turn on and i giggle my ass popped up mopre lube the bzzzzz wet sound of my ass getting stretch , like i did oftenhe stopped and lube himself sit on my bed and order me to come backward to the cocki did until he was right o my holehe never moved, i did, i was moving back on him engulfing my ass with his bbcbouncing back ass down semi doggy him looking at me fuck down on his bbc”tell daddy how you like it””ohhhhh daddy i love your bbc, i love it””are you a gooood girl cindy””ohhhh yes daddy , iam a good girl ””yes you are yes you are a good girl”the wet bbc sound daddy made me do as i popped out and back on him made me moan each timeThe music of my ass becoming a hungry wet pussy was too sexy he repeated his bbc feeling harder and i recognized it at the same time he cum deep holding me down , wiggling moaning , getting breed by daddy for the very first timehe had me nowi watch tv cuddling on him massaging his bbc back to life infront of netflixdaddy smoking my weed , talking about his boring wife , saying story about him discovering how fun and nice faggot white boy are at 30 years old after a party drunk and horny after a night looking at stefanie a friend gf in her tight legginshe got in the uber and the Japanese boy in tight shirt and tshirt seemed shy and was stuttering while he talk”you look weird boy what is it””its nothing its cool ”he tried as hard as he could but the little asia boy tight short made a tiny tent his lil cock hard trying to act normalhe saw it, he was drunk and debatting it in his head”ive been asking myself why are you hard””is it the bumps in the road, or because you want to suck me ?”the second option making the uber driver twitch on his seata zipper sound later and he was looking hungry and shy parking the car in a dark spot”i never been suck by a guy better do it right”he talk too soonthe asian boy smile crawling in the back undressing in cute pale white girly one piece a flap to unsnap open as the asian boy bend and unsnap iddaa siteleri it, a cute diamond hearth buttplug was in ”omg you little slut”coming in the back his bbc engulfed by the sissy asian boy mouth moaning”i love bbc”his voice girly and sexy he coudnt resistflipping her ass up unplug and he started fuckingits all he wanted, a hole to fuckhe discovered how tight sissy cunt are , like a virgin pussy to stretch again and againsliding in the tight boy cunt , starting to believe this wasnt gay, that boy was a girlhe fuck and fuck in her , having all the time in the world he propose to the sissy, that he come sleep with himback in the comfort of his bed he discovered how nice and obediant he was legs spread smoking a blunt his bbc worshipped, understanding why so many bbc movie there is on porn hubthis was the best bj of his lifeno doubt about this,looking at the hungry asian boy working his slutty mouth on him a real hungry mouth for his bbche fuck in her all night , each new position making him love the sissy pussy more and moreyears later he was very good at it nowmeeting a new sissy was always the best he said after dumping in mescrolling on his phone he cuddle me infront of the tv , making me look at his phone screennadia she was calledjaleous of his picture of me ass bouncing back on him she sent picture of her little black sissy bodydaddy made me look at his other sissy and i felt like one of his gf”she is jaleous can she cum here she lives close”i nod yes feeling submissive to him and she was cutehe smoke weed watching us kiss and get to know each other sissy sisteri saw her panty get so much bigger than minei felt weak even compare to herher nice 7 inch cock now out and offered to me”suck your big sister cindy, she is big and cindy loves big cock just like nadia”the cute black teen sissy girl sucked by me the white sister smaller cocki was fuck by her moaning like a cute girl on to pof me fucking my cuntdaddy got hard and he came closerspitroasting me with her , bbc in both hole”i love you nadia, show the white sister you are better and a good girl ””yes fuck your sister white pussy, this is what you ask me? fuck her all night you deserve it sweat hearth”they were real lovers, i was just nadia fuck puppet sister she wanted when daddy cant see herhe left dumping a load in my mouth saying his wife was wating for himnadia still moaing fucking me i slept full of my big sister cumshe had me on my bed tied and not wating me to runi learn to dress better and make up my sissy face to be pretty cindy fucked by her sister, like a cute little white slut sherepeated and repeatedafter dumping in me and leaving me alone knowing i was just a real sissy now and forever

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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