Paradise Isle – Faun Pt. 07

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Paradise Isle, Faun, Pt 7

(fetish, cosplay, faun, chastity, non-consensual) Together again

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read the previous chapters of Faun, first.

Liam had spent a miserable couple of days, worried about his wife, and about his cock.

After he’d examined himself, as best he could, bent over, with mirrors, and with a lot of groping his own cock, he had pulled on the big, fluffy white robe he sometimes wore around the house. He now always followed Willow’s request to go without underwear, at all times. And usually, also at her request, he went naked around the house. The robe was used on occasion, when she wasn’t around, or when he felt the need for cover.

Finally, he settled down to study the subject of male chastity on the Internet.

Without much effort, he found several web sites dedicated to the topic and learned some methods for dealing with the damned cage. Izzy’s cage – his cage.

First of all, he’d have to sit to pee. Even though the tube up his urethra was hollow, his pee flowed not only through it, but around the thing as well, and came out in a directionless dribble. He’d also have to wipe himself, thoroughly, after he sat, just like a girl.

And he had to worry about a urinary tract infection, just as women did.

He also confirmed that the thing locked onto his sex was inescapable. Some guys reported that they could slip out of similar cages, with enough lubricant and when they were shrunk small. But apparently with the tube inside his cock, that wouldn’t be possible.

There were some reports of that insertion being a problem, but the other approach to permanent security, a PA piercing with the cage locked through it, sounded much worse. At least to him.

After learning what he could about life in chastity, he broadened his search to include fictional stories about guys in cages, and as he read them, he started getting hard, and it hurt! His cock pushed against its bars, and that pulled on the ring behind his balls and stretched and pinched them.

He had to stop reading and get his mind off of sex.

But even then, he was left horny, frustrated, and angry.

And worried too. Where was his wife and what were those two witches doing to her? When would she be home and how could he ever get this thing off?

He spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday in that state, laying around worried and miserable.

Finally, late Sunday, he heard the front door open and the clip-clop of Willow’s hooves on the entryway floor. He jumped up off the couch and ran down the hall toward her.

She saw him, and ran to him as well, and they hugged and kissed.

“I was so worried about you.” He mumbled.

“And I was worried about you.” She replied.

They kissed some more, as lovers do, and held each other for several more minutes, there in the hallway. They both felt relieved and happy.

Before she could ask him why he was wearing his robe, he stepped back and asked, “what’s with the collar?” He was afraid he knew the answer.

“Well, it’s Alexandrea’s. And I can’t remove it.”

“Oh God. What did she do to you?”

Willow sighed. “Relax my love, she didn’t hurt me at all. Actually, we had a lovely time. She’s a phenomenal woman. I like her a lot.”

“But she locked that thing around your neck? Did she beat you? Rape you?”

Willow giggled. “Yes, no and no. She is awfully kinky and controlling. But I did have a good time.”

She realized she was being awfully flippant. Not telling the whole story, but she wasn’t ready to go into all of the details, and how much she’d been affected by the woman. So, she changed the subject. “How about you? Did you have a good time with Isadora?”

He paused for a moment, not really ready to switch directions. “I did have a good time with Isadora,” he admitted, embarrassed.

Willow thought he looked cute, all apologetic, like a boy who’d eaten all of the cookies.

“But she locked me in this.” He suddenly added, and he pulled open the robe he was wearing and took another step back so she could see.

It took her only a few seconds to scan down his body to the glint of silver at his crotch.

“What the hell?”

“It’s a chastity cage. After we had sex, Isadora put it on me and locked it. Your Alexandrea has the key. I can’t take it off.”

“But why?” she asked, istanbul travesti confused. Why would she lock his cock up? She knelt down to get a better look, she’d found a long time ago that squatting in her hooves was difficult. Kneeling in front of him she reached out and gently examined his cage.

Humiliated and nervous, he stood still to let her inspect his poor sex.

“Isadora said that Alexandrea wants you, and that she can keep me under control and out of the way with this.”

Willow thought for a moment. It was a lot to take in. She knew what Alex wanted. A playmate. That was the term she had settled on. And even as she thought about it, Willow got aroused. She liked the idea.

But to deprive her of Liam’s cock. To deprive him of his cock, was diabolically mean.

She realized too what Alexandrea had been hinting at over lunch. She had no intention of becoming a full-on lesbian. She could handle bisexual, but she loved sex with her man.

She stood up and looked at him. “So, we both are locked into her steel.” She mumbled, sadly.

“Yes.” He said as they resumed hugging and holding each other.

“I’m so sorry, my love. I never expected it to go this far.”

He shook his head sadly. “I understand. I’m sure you didn’t plan on this.

“Let’s get dinner going, and then talk about it while we eat.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” She said enthusiastically.

They worked together on dinner, as they often did, and it felt nice and normal. He couldn’t help, though being distracted by the flickers of light off her chain as it swung in front of her. It was a frightening turn-on.

When the food was ready, they sat down at their little kitchen table to eat.

The familiar setting helped them relax, and they discussed mundane things while they ate.

While he was refilling their wine glasses, after they’d finished their meal, Liam reopened the important discussion.

“What did happen to you? You seemed to fall under some sort of witch’s spell.”

Willow took a sip from her wine before starting in. “I don’t know. Perhaps she really is a witch, and she did put a spell on me.

“At the convention, I was immediately drawn to her, Not only was she intriguing in her costume, but she seemed like someone I could trust and like. The more we talked, the more comfortable I became and the more I told her. Eventually, I explained all about my faun fantasy and how we’d turned it into a reality.”

She paused for a moment and took a deep breath. “And I mentioned that I was getting bored with my life.”

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, interrupting her.

“I’m sorry, I knew how much you loved me as a faun, as Willow, and I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“Oh, Willow, you’re my wife and my lover, first and foremost. That will never change whether you’re Willow or Finley. Faun or human.”

And he leaned over to kiss her and she kissed him back. It made her feel much better, and after the kissing, she took a moment to wipe her tears and nose.

Then she slid her chair around so she could lean into him, and continue to try and explain how this had all come to pass.

Alexandrea had listened and consoled her, for those long hours while they stood together at the convention, all the while pressing for details of her physical conversion and her life before and after.

“She knew about Paradise Isle, and said that she’s been there.”

“Well, she does seem kinky enough for that place.”

Willow nodded, and thought for a moment about all that had happened at that place, before continuing.

“The more we talked, the more attracted to her I became. It wasn’t like the love I feel for you, but something similar. Have you seen her eyes? They’re so beautiful. Big and blue; mesmerizing.”

“I understand. Isadora’s green eyes are that way too.”

“I saw you come back, and then go away again with her.” she added.

“She dragged me off,” he answered defensively. “And you seemed to still be busy talking to Alexandrea.”

“I was, she is so enchanting, I couldn’t tear myself away. It was awfully weird. She seemed to understand me. How I felt and what I needed. And she offered to help me get over my funk and find happiness again.

“Liam, I don’t really understand it. But in those few hours, she became my best friend, and I came to love her like a sister. An older and wiser one.”

Willow paused and looked at him, and he could sense that she was confused, and even frightened by it all.

“By the time you came back with Isadora, I was completely under her spell, and ready to go home with her to find myself.”

Willow then pushed her chair back, “forget this stuff I’ll clean it up in the morning. Let’s get into bed. I need you to hold me.”

He smiled, and followed her out and down the hall.

There she stripped off her bikini top and he took off his robe and they crawled in under the sheets to hug and cuddle. And they kissed for quite a while.

Eventually they settled back and Liam placed istanbul travestileri the always handy towel onto his chest so Willow could rest her head there, as she so loved to do.

A few minutes later, he thought she had dozed off, but she surprised him, by repeating, “I really don’t understand what came over me. How she did it, but I think I love her.”

Then she shivered, and settled deeper into the bed.

Soon thereafter, he realized that she had finally fallen asleep.

He hadn’t even told her about his time with Isadora. And she hadn’t asked.

That topic would have to wait. He was actually relieved to leave that alone. He wanted more time to figure it out for himself. What the hell was he going to do? How could he live without sex? Like any man, he needed to get off, frequently. And sex with Willow was wonderful! He needed it. And he wanted it with her, not that little witch. Even though she was fun and the sex with her had been good.

It was all so messed up…

He was too tired, to continue to worry about his predicament, and Willow’s too, so, he slowly and gently settled down to sleep himself.

He had to go into work in the morning, and they’d have plenty of time to talk and figure things out in the days ahead. He was still baffled, and very much afraid for the both of them.

Liam’s alarm woke them, and they were both startled and still dopey from their deep but edgy sleep.

Willow, extricated herself from her lover’s embrace and propped up on an elbow to give him a kiss.

“Was that a dream, or a nightmare?” she asked, thinking that it was somewhere in between.

She could feel Alexandrea ‘s collar around her neck and the chain hanging down, over a breast and onto the mattress.

Liam grabbed a horn and gently shook her head, chuckling as he did. “I think it was real, as real as your horns.”

She laughed. “Well, in that case, I guess I have some sort of a relationship with a witch. And as soon as she said it, she pictured Alexandrea, and she felt her pulse quicken, and she got a hot flash, or something like that.

“But what about you and your poor cock?” She said, concerned for her husband. And herself too. With his cock locked up, she couldn’t enjoy sex with him. That wasn’t right or fair. And she knew it would drive him crazy.

“I don’t know. I can’t get out of it. And Isadora took pictures, and said that Alexandrea would use them against me if I didn’t stay a good boy.”

“But why? So she could have me?”

“That’s what Isadora said. And she also said that guys denied sex, were much more submissive and controllable. But I don’t know why they want that from me. Maybe I’m to be the slave while you are the plaything.”

“Playmate.” She said.


She leaned in and kissed him. “Don’t worry, we’ll get this all straightened out. It won’t hurt our relationship. I won’t let it.”

They kissed again.

Liam finally began climbing out of bed. “I wish I could stay home with you today, but I have a lot to deal with at work. Several important meetings and a ton of paperwork to wade through.

“I wish you could stay home too.”

He shook his head, sadly, and took a step towards the master bath, but suddenly stopped and turned.

“I like your nails, by the way. Was that also something Alexandrea gave you?”

Willow blushed. “Yes. She took me to her salon on Saturday and they put them on. They’re cumbersome and I hate the color, but she insisted on it.”

“They look sexy as hell. Just be careful not to stab me with them, please.”

Willow cackled. “Only if you’re a good boy.”

He did a double take. It reminded him of Isabella’s admonitions. But rather than say anything further he headed into the bathroom to shave and shower.

Later, when he came out, headed for his closet, Willow was still laying dreamily in bed.

“Liam. It’s fine that you’re going into the office. I won’t be home alone. I have to go back to Alexandrea’s house. She’s sending a car at nine.” She told him this while laying back, staring at the ceiling.

He stopped and turned to look down at her. He had to admit that her new silver collar looked sexy, but it was clearly not a simple decoration, like her pretty necklace was. The ring at her throat and the chain dangling from it, made it clear, at least to him, that it was a slave collar.

“Do you have any idea where your relationship with her will take you?” he asked.

“No. But like I said. I won’t let it ruin what we have. Our love and marriage will always be there.”

She paused for a moment. “And, no, I don’t know where this is going. Yesterday, I thought it would be a good thing. Another fun adventure, like becoming a faun. But now, this morning, I just don’t know. I have to admit, I’m scared, but I really have no choice, I have to see where this leads.”

“Okay. What about me and my cock?”

“I’ll talk to her, today.”

“Please do.”

He then turned to get dressed. Felling uneasy and powerless by what was playing out.

They travesti istanbul met back up in the kitchen. After Willow cleaned up the mess from last night, they sat together to eat a quick breakfast; not talking much.

“Be careful today.” He said, kissing her one more time, before heading out to drive into his office. His caged cock giving him trouble as he crawled into the car. He sure hoped that no one would notice. Or that through some crazy accident, his condition didn’t come to light.

At nine, Isadora showed up, to drive them to the corsetier.

“I was expecting a driver, and to see Alexandrea.” Willow said as she climbed into the front seat.

“That’s me.” Izzy said chuckling. “During the day, I run errands for Alex, while she’s working. Just like a typical housewife.”

“You don’t look like a typical housewife. That dress is pretty, your make-up is perfect and your heels are tall and sexy. Oh, and are you wearing a corset?”

“Thank you. Alex likes me to look pretty, always. And, yes, she also keeps me in a corset. It makes me more feminine; don’t you know. You’ll see.”

While they drove, Willow prodded Izzy for more information about her and her relationship with Alexandrea. And as she had to Liam, Isadora explained how she had come to love and marry Alex, and how their relationship had developed.

“I love her with all my heart. And she loves me. And our relationship works.” She concluded.

“But where do I fit in?” Willow asked.

“Well, Alexandrea does like to take on challenges. Erotic ones and kinky ones. As soon as she heard about the real fantasy faun, that’s you, she wanted to meet you. You fascinated her. We tried to get to you at one of those bookstore events you show up for, but couldn’t find any time when you were approachable. So, we began attending those little conventions until we got lucky.”

“You mean you’re not really into cosplay?”

“Oh, we are. Aren’t our costumes perfect? We were at Comic-Con, but didn’t hear about you until it was too late. You weren’t there for the Sunday sessions.”

“No, we left early.”

“Hah! If you had stayed around, I’m sure my Alex would have scooped you up then.”

“But why?”

“To play with you of course. To make you hers.”

That put a stop to their conversation, and before long they arrived at the corset shop. It was tucked away in a small storefront within LA’s garment district, South of downtown.

As they walked from the car, Isadora explained that this store and the lady who owned and ran it, was one of the few, true corsetiers left in California. And that she made all of the corsets that she and Alex constantly wore. All were custom and comfortable, yet strict.

“It will take you a while to get used to them, but they will do wonders for your figure, your posture, and the way you move.”

“So, you like wearing them?”

Izzy laughed. “I didn’t say that. But Alexandrea loves them.”

It was clear from the moment they walked in that Alexandrea was a valued customer, and by association so was Isadora.

It was also clear that the proprietor, Elenore, was surprised and fascinated by the faun in her store.

She immediately began peppering Willow about her outfit and clothing preferences. And she was shocked when Willow explained that everything other than her bikini top was permanent, and how she always looked.

Once Elenore got over her surprise, and understood who and what Willow was, she got right down to measurements and design considerations.

Willow’s fur, running up thick and soft over her hips and ass, all the way to her waist eliminated the type of under-bust, hour-glass corset Alexandrea preferred.

It limited her options to a variation on the under-bust, waspie or waist-cincher categories.

“I’m certain that Alexandrea would want as tall and strict a corset as you can form and fit.” Isadora said.

Willow gave her a dirty look, to which Izzy smiled angelically.

“And I suppose, to fit her, um, character, it should be leather, perhaps even suede.” Elenore said, clearly the expert.

“Exactly.” Isadora said, enthusiastically.

“Wonderful. And you’ll leave the other considerations to me?”

“Of course.” Isadora confirmed.

“Well then, let me collect my measurements. Please step over here to my work station,” Elenore said as she waved Willow to the area.

From that point on, as the woman used her tape measure to gather Willow’s numbers, she began talking to Isadora, almost as if Willow was just a mannequin.

The only time she spoke directly to Willow was to ask her to lift her chain out of the way. Embarrassed, Willow gathered the links up and held them up by her shoulder, allowing Elenore free access to her chest. And holding her leash like that made her uncomfortable, as she realized she was violating one of Alexandrea’s rules.

“No front opening. No hooks. She’ll have to open the laces fully and then slide the garment up her legs to her waist, before lacing it closed.”

“And I’ll include the stiff boning you prefer?” Elenore asked.

“That Alexandrea prefers? Yes, of course.” Isadora replied.

“And the reduction?”

“As much as you can arrange.”

“Excellent. How many and what colors and finishes?” Elenore asked.

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